Every Day, the Marshal is a Love Struck Fool For Me




Author: 山有瓜兮 (Shānyǒu Guāxī)

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Action, Slow Romance, BL

Novel Status in Original Country: Finished, 55 chapters

Translator: Addis, JayQue

Editor: KarateChopMonkey, Gwendolyn

~~~~Brought to you by ExR~~~~


Marshal Heinz Lyon, who led the alliance to victory during the Century War, became so popular he turned into the dream lover of the whole alliance. The Alliance’s dream lover? He seemed to be getting married soon. In this regard, the people of the alliance have expressed their dissatisfaction.

Passer-by A: Oh, my God, the other party is an inferior gender? How can he deserve the noble Lord Heinz?

Passer-by B: Lord Heinz will divorce him in less than a year! He looks so ugly!

Passer-by C: Is there something wrong with the system? How can such a mediocre low gender deserve to be with the Marshal?

Chen Bai, the current one of public opinion, was not satisfied himself because he found out that the legendary Marshal was fooling around every day.

Heinz: Don’t talk. I’ll come first. My Bai is the best looking/awesome!

Chen Bai: …



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