Every Day, the Marshal is a Love Struck Fool For Me




Author: 山有瓜兮 (Shānyǒu Guāxī)

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Action, Slow Romance, BL

Novel Status in Original Country: Finished, 55 chapters

Translator: Addis, JayQue

Editor: KarateChopMonkey, Gwendolyn

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Marshal Heinz Lyon, who led the alliance to victory during the Century War, became so popular he turned into the dream lover of the whole alliance. The Alliance’s dream lover? He seemed to be getting married soon. In this regard, the people of the alliance have expressed their dissatisfaction.

Passer-by A: Oh, my God, the other party is an inferior gender? How can he deserve the noble Lord Heinz?

Passer-by B: Lord Heinz will divorce him in less than a year! He looks so ugly!

Passer-by C: Is there something wrong with the system? How can such a mediocre low gender deserve to be with the Marshal?

Chen Bai, the current one of public opinion, was not satisfied himself because he found out that the legendary Marshal was fooling around every day.

Heinz: Don’t talk. I’ll come first. My Bai is the best looking/awesome!

Chen Bai: …



EDMLSFM Chapter 1: “Rainbow is on its way.”

EDMLSFM Chapter 2: Fiance

EDMLSFM Chapter 3: Did you fix it without me?

EDMLSFM Chapter 4: Kiss You

EDMLSFM Chapter 5: This was the legendary Marshal’s fiance… Chen YiBai?

EDMLSFM Chapter 6: Was this really the useless inferior gender from the exploding forum?

EDMLSFM Chapter 7: “The name of this psychological manipulator is Wu Haiming.”

EDMLSFM Chapter 8: “Getting my wife from work.”

EDMLSFM Chapter 9: First impressions in front his wife must be handsome.

EDMLSFM Chapter 10: Is it too late to install high-temperature now?

EDMLSFM Chapter 11: On a roller coaster with the Marshal.

EDMLSFM Chapter 12: You can do whatever you want.

EDMLSFM Chapter 13: All my favorite gifts were given by brother XiaoBai.

EDMLSFM Chapter 14: “No one can do it!

EDMLSFM Chapter 15: It was Heinz.

EDMLSFM Chapter 16: The unexpectedly tangled feelers in Heinz’ brain suddenly froze.

EDMLSFM Chapter 17: Baibai, remember

EDMLSFM Chapter 18: “Hmm… Wife.”

EDMLSFM Chapter 19: His wife is making breakfast for him!

EDMLSFM Chapter 20: Heinz suddenly moved forward and hugged Chen Bai’s head.

EDMLSFM Chapter 21: Heinz whispered, then reached out and held Chen Bai

EDMLSFM Chapter 22: Chen Bai’s behavior in bed was only for him to see but also only his to imagine

EDMLSFM Chapter 23: I won’t let you stay at Aldia for more than a week!

EDMLSFM Chapter 24: I don’t mind appearing in front of him every day, disgusting him until he can’t eat.

EDMLSFM Chapter 25: “Honey, I’m off work. Where will we eat at noon later?”

EDMLSFM Chapter 26: Stone Recognition

EDMLSFM Chapter 27: Never let him feel that you are not devoted; you’ll scare off your wife!

EDMLSFM Chapter 28: Hand clasped around his slender and delicate neck, rubbing it over and over again.

EDMLSFM Chapter 29: Attract a bunch of peach blossom debts and see how Teacher Chen deals with you.

EDMLSFM Chapter 30: Black.

EDMLSFM Chapter 31: The warmth in his gaze…

EDMLSFM Chapter 32: “My wife seemed to tease me.”

EDMLSFM Chapter 33: And then, the kiss that landed on Chen Bai’s forehead.

EDMLSFM Chapter 34: “If you are expressing your concern as a spouse, I hope you can trust me 100% that I will get the best results I can.”

EDMLSFM Chapter 35: “Honey, I’ll pick you up for dinner later. Where are you?”

EDMLSFM Chapter 36: Eat

EDMLSFM Chapter 37: “You are mine; everything about you is mine! Who allowed you to be touched by another?”

EDMLSFM Chapter 38: As I said, there’s no need to worry so much when you are with me.

EDMLSFM Chapter 39: Delightedly

EDMLSFM Chapter 40: The Competition

EDMLSFM Chapter 41: F*ck f*ck f*ck! Chen Yibai counterattacked? What just happened!

EDMLSFM Chapter 42: Never thought Chen Yibai could… Take one out this quickly!

EDMLSFM Chapter 43: “He’s stronger than you.”

EDMLSFM Chapter 44: “Wow… Quick, slap me awake!

EDMLSFM Chapter 45: “Re-report! President Ru-Ruble has been kidnapped!”

EDMLSFM Chapter 46: Handsome Handsome Handsome

EDMLSFM Chapter 47: “Chen YiBai is unexpectedly strong,

EDMLSFM Chapter 48: All his intuitive judgment, together with instinctive fear, screamed the name shrilly like alarm bells in his mind.

EDMLSFM Chapter 49: He and Heinz had always had a shallow bond.

EDMLSFM Chapter 50: Send the doctor over

EDMLSFM Chapter 51: Meeting Heinz’ mischievous smirk behind him, Chen Bai’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pot.

EDMLSFM Chapter 52: I want to go in and have a look.

EDMLSFM Chapter 53: His heart suddenly pounded wildly

EDMLSFM Chapter 54: You’re not dead

EDMLSFM Chapter 55: Extra (END)

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