There are three different types of Chinese cultivation novels:

Wuxia is a fictional stories about mortal humans who can achieve superhuman ability through martial arts training or internal energy cultivation. Wuxia is usually depicted in an ancient china setting. Despite any existence of supernatural elements, characters in a wuxia are rarely depicted reaching over 150 years of age. No immortality.

Xianxia is fictional martial art stories where the main goal of the population is cultivating to Immortality, seeking eternal life and the pinnacle of strength. Xianxia stories features supernatural elements, influenced heavily by Chinese folklore/mythology. Cultivation path in xianxia involves Taoism/Daoism elements. If the story doesn't mention the Dao, odds are that it is not a Xianxia.

Xuanhuan may contain immortal cultivation. However, unlike Xianxia, which is more focused on becoming immortal and tighter on Chinese mythology, Xuanhuan is a broader, more loose genre. Basically, if it's a cultivation-based story, yet it contain elements of western fantasy, such as sci-fi, or magic that's not inherently eastern, then it is a Xuanhuan.

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