After pets become fine, I become a rich generation

宠物成精后我成了富一代 by 西羚墨

Chǒngwù chéng jīng hòu wǒ chéngle fù yīdài by Xī líng mò

Genre: Pets, BL, Future, transformation

Novel Status in Country of Origin: Finished, 35 chapters

Translation Status: Ongoing

Translator:  Addis, Yu, Crystal, Heather, Anon

Editor: Kuneho, Kate, Addis

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Xie Guanze woke up to find that the world had changed and that pets had become elite people! His neighbor’s Alaskan Malamute is taking the test to become a civil servant; the cockroach is helping the bear child with his math homework; his sergeant’s monkey is helping teach his grandson how to fight to become a school bully. 

By contrast, his parrot is a good pet. He not only became the head of the food department with his cooking skills, but also led the osprey and seagull to start a business, hunted and cooked alive, and successfully launched a chain network Red Restaurant. After his rise, the parrot did not forget his original intention. He still went with him to eat and live together and took good care of his master with delicious food. 

At night, Xie Guanze was content to lie in bed, “Life is only three meals a day, enough… Eh?” 

In the quilt, the parrot’s voice was deep, “After three meals, we should do the rest.”

CP: humble and gentle vs. irascible, poisonous, arrogant and charming

  1. Many domestic pets in this article are forbidden at present in China, and specially set up the future time and virtual city; Although pets retain part of the animal nature after they become human beings, they have already belonged to the scope of human beings, as well as the habits and minds of human beings.



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