His Little Deer Wife is Very Fierce

His Little Deer Wife is Very Fierce

by Little Baldy

小鹿老婆他超凶 by 秃子小贰

Year: 2021

Genre: BL, fantasy, modern, entertainment, bodyguard, demons, ghosts, mystery

Novel Status in Country of Origin: 56 Chapters and 3 Extras (Complete)

Translator: Addis



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When Lu Rong was only four years old, he was kidnapped and taken to a small rural village to be sold to a family living there. After failing to find the buyer, the kidnapper left Lu Rong for dead. The village chief finds the little boy and cares for him like he is his own. But Lu Rong has a secret: he can turn into a small deer, with beautiful white fur and gentle eyes, and four clattering hooves. 

At the age of eight, Lu Rong meets an eleven-year-old outsider by the name of Shen Jize.  

Together, whether they understand at their young age or not, they go through many trials of life and death, caught between fantasy and reality, dreams and nightmares, demons and ghosts.

When they must part after a single summer together, the two make a promise.

“Rong Rong, I won’t leave you, I will never leave you.”



Authors (Spoilers): Lu Rong grew up knowing that he was a child who had been kidnapped to be sold into the mountains. He has a secret, he can turn into a small deer, with beautiful fur and gentle eyes, four hooves clattering.

–but is super aggressive.

The village has a small older boy visit from outside the mountain, who takes him to play and is good to him. Together they go through the dangers of life and death, but also go behind the village to the temple of the moon goddess to worship.

The young boy said, “When you grow up, you must go to the city to find me. We have been married, you are my wife.”

Lu Rong remembered and repeated, “When I grow up, I must go to my husband, Shen Jize, who lives in the city.”

Shen Jize thought of that little figure on top of the mountain.

The day he left the village, the little deer-like boy, who had followed the car a long way, stood at the top of the hill and shouted for his husband.

He had gone back to look for him, and there was no trace of the little deer in the village.

— Perhaps, he already had found his own forest.

The little deer waited until he was old enough to carry his bag and get on a shuttle bus into town to look for his husband.

However, his husband had become a big movie star, he had no chance to get close, and was so worried that his hair was going to fall out.

The movie star Shen Jize was recruiting candidates for personal bodyguards when he accidentally found a small cub-like figure.

“Are you here to apply for a job?”

Lu Rong’s face was serious, “Yes, I am here to apply for a wife, ah no, apply to be a bodyguard.”

Shen Jize: …

Shen Jize looked at the potted flowers at home that were eaten to the point of being gone, and fell into deep confusion. My bodyguard, ah no, wife, seems not quite right ah.



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