Nirvana Rebirth

Nirvana Rebirth

星盘重启 by 非天夜翔

Nirvana Rebirth by Flying in the Night Sky

Genre: Futuristic, BL, androids, dystopia

Novel Status in Country of Origin: Finished, 19 chapters

Translation Status: Ongoing

Translator: Vivian

Editor: Addis, UA

~~~~Brought to you by ExR~~~~


In the tides of time, humankind has lost their position as the wisest of all creatures. The Steel City that suddenly rose in the center of the eastern lands and a man-made god, ‘Father,’ have replaced them. Mechs have taken over the world of this petri dish, Astrolabe, that the ancient Creator has left behind. One day, a young human slave named A-Ka finds a black-haired male on a beach of Desolate Sea… The world of Astrolabe is about to reboot, so what will become of the future of the humans, androids, and machines?



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