Bai Yun

Bai Yun

 by A Blue Whale (一隻藍鯨)

Chinese Information:白雲 


Year: 2022

Genre: BL, smut, yaoi, mature, non human, old lovers reunite, demon king, dragons, reincarnation, unreliable author, m-preg

Novel Status in Country of Origin: 10 chapters (complete)

Translator: Addis

QC: Rara

Editor: Karatechopmonkey

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Bai Yun (lecherous shou X strong sexual desire dragon gong)

There are only two protagonists; gong is a dragon with two pp.

Bai Yun(lecherous shou) x Nan Yibei ( strong sexual desire gong)

(Author stayed up and wrote it all at one go. 9 out of 10 chapters are NSFW.)



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