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Author: Valentine

Genre: Fantasy, Interstellar, Romance

Novel status in Original Country: Finished, 1 chapter

Translation status: Complete

Translator: Addis

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Oneshot about two stars falling in love. 


When I look at you.

I noticed him 10 million years after I woke up.

When I was born, the Milkyway was still a young galaxy – of course, it is also young today, and the existing universe is only 14 billion years old. Everything is new. I’m at the edge of the galaxy, closest to other galaxies.

That’s why I noticed him.

I am a young star, because of the explosion of a massive star, I was born. That’s how our stars are. Often the death of other stars is a chance to be born.

The brightness of the stars on the edge of the galaxy is not stable. Compared with the center, the future here is bleak. The advantage is that the probability of being swallowed by black holes is low. If there is no accident, our bodies are not big enough to live for a long time. From the day I was born, I knew I could live for more than 10 billion years.

I often observed the universe. From my point of view, it is desolate and lonely. Most of the universe is dead. Every day, a new life is born, and one dies. The short life is as brilliant as fireworks. I have witnessed the emergence and death of civilization. The massive helium flash quickly engulfed the fragile human civilization on that planet. I have also seen an aircraft, like an octopus, passing by me, and I can hear the tremor of its core. The melody is gorgeous, which makes me feel a kind of emotion called happiness and sadness.

Andromeda is wider than the Milkyway, and its brightness is three times that of the Milkyway.

Then I saw him.

He came from the Andromeda galaxy and was born in a stunning blue nebula. On the day of his birth, a bright white light broke out in the blue nebula, and the whole universe seemed to be eclipsed. Despite the distance of 2.56 million light-years, I couldn’t help saying hello.

The communication between stars is usually represented by the fluctuation of photons. On the macro level, there is a small explosion on my surface. There’s a lot of information in it, moving in his direction at the speed of light.

I didn’t expect his answer. There are countless stars in the universe, but not all stars can evolve life, which is what human beings call soul. I say hello to him, just like human beings say hello to flowers, because of his beauty, I can’t help it.

I didn’t expect that after 2.56 million years, I received his reply, “Hello.”

The sound is so steady that it doesn’t seem like a new star at all.

I almost choked.

In the early years, I greeted many stars and planets, but I never got a response.

I feel what human beings call loneliness.

His photons are young. Judging from the influence on space, his volume is not significant, but it’s bigger than me.

I think about what to say. Our communication is separated by 2.56 million years. Any question has a considerable delay. Even if the other party answers the question in time, it will take 2.56 million years to come back. If we both say 100 words, we will go around the center of the galaxy. So I didn’t ask too many questions like ‘good morning, have you eaten?’ Instead, I introduced him to our galaxy.

But wouldn’t that just make me sound like a tour guide? But I couldn’t take him around the galaxy.

Once the box is opened, it’s not easy to drop it. After that, almost every time I find anything, I have to talk to him. For example, when a star blows up, a new form of civilization emerges in a certain place. At first, he seldom spoke, only occasionally asked a few questions. Later, he probably found that this was a bit silly because there was a vast communication delay. When I got the answers from him, it had been 5.12 million years since the question came to him, and the information was old – the answer had been obtained through his own observation for a long time.

So we began to communicate with each other as if we were talking to each other on our own channels.

The vast majority of the universe is desert, as if dead. When you look into its depths, you look into an abyss.

We are running around our own tracks. I have been circling the galaxy for more than 200 million years. It will take him 700 million years. We are sometimes far and sometimes near. I calculated that before our life comes to an end, the closest distance between him and me will only occur nineteen times. From birth to my inevitable explosion, like hundreds of billions of stars falling into the universe, we go towards our inevitable end.

I’m a little disappointed to think of it. I asked him, “if one day I disappear, will you miss me?”

The process of waiting for an answer is very long. For the first time, I realized what it means to spend the day like a year and what it means to be lonely like snow.

Also, in that time, I heard a cosmic symphony.

The symphony comes from the interior of the galaxy. Because of the gravity of the black hole in the center, there will be death and rebirth every day. That music is the symphony of destruction, but also with the new notes, I feel that their movement track has changed.

I’m a little closer to Andromeda.

It seems to be wishful thinking, but from the day of birth, I began to observe the surroundings. I’ve seen things thousands of times, and I’m very familiar with the daily track. I’m sure the distance between him and me is getting closer.

At this time, I received a message from him, “I want to see you.”

That’s his answer.

For stars, meeting each other is not difficult but impossible. We are bound by rules, we have our own mass, we have our own volume, we have our birthplace, we have our own trajectory. At this time, the rule, like humans ‘discovering’ gravity, is just one of them.

It sounds like we are subject to the rules, but in fact, we are the rules themselves. The incredible unity of macro and micro in different dimensions makes the world as perfect and moving as 1 + 1 = 2.

I sent him the news that the Milkyway is approaching Andromeda.

Funny to say, I have never seen his real face, only vaguely saw the nebula he was in, gorgeous to the extreme, beautiful to the extreme. It’s the most beautiful nebula I’ve seen in two billion years. Although the matter of star eruption is almost the same, I just think he is the most beautiful and attractive.

“We’re close, four billion years away, and I can see you.” He sent a long list of words.

My heart pounded like a heartbeat.

Four billion years, almost half of my life, I only want to meet this time.

The collision of galaxies is rare and only occurs in the early stage of the universe’s rebirth, that is, the star generation era I am now in. At this time, everything is still new. The annihilation of the old system brings the birth of new things. And life and death shuttle between civilization.

Then there is the extinction era because the universe is expanding, and the distance between galaxies is expanding. Now in the early days, these galaxies can also be pushed close to each other by dark energy, and then gradually move away, expanding faster than the speed of light, and moving away from each other more quickly than the speed of light. If a star awakens his soul in this era, he may feel that the world is inherently dark, only a few dim stars can be seen, which are aging and dying stars.

There was no me then.

How lucky I am to be born in this era and meet the stars that can communicate with me. Maybe there are stars as far away as I am, waking up and evolving souls. Maybe one day I can say hello to them and get their response. However, before that, I first saw him and heard his reply. What’s more, our galaxy will collide in four billion years. That’s when I’m closest to him or farthest away. Maybe we will inevitably be swallowed or thrown out in this collision, and become a black hole, a gluttonous plate for lunch, or a lonely, eternal wandering star.

However, so what? Running according to the existing track, it’s only a few billion years of ignorance.

“Then, remember to get close to me and hold on to me.” He said.


For four billion years, if we say it’s long, if we say it’s short, there will be enough carriers of vicissitudes to appear and disappear. If civilization changes like fingertip gravel, the Andromeda galaxy in my eyes will become more and more clear.

I saw him.

The faint blue light has faded, and the nebula that gave birth to the stars is being blown away by the wind from a higher dimension, revealing his real face. His light is close to white, which is my favorite color.

We are here to watch.

“Like the ballroom dance you used to tell me?” He asked.

It’s a little bit like that. Music is playing, and 500 billion stars from two galaxies are dancing on this vast dance floor. It’s just that the rules of the dance are wonderful and cruel, because the vast distance between stars doesn’t make many stars collide, but many will pass by.

This dance will last for hundreds of millions of years when the whole universe will see this star show.

The ball begins.

The stars at the edge of the galaxy are swept up first. Under the influence of various forces, they are separated from the constraints of the galaxy, just like the rotating sand table, and directly thrown out.

Unfortunately, I’m the one who’s been dumped.

When I feel that a certain angle seems to push me out, I know my end. I’m going to be one of those expelled from this stage show, and I’m going to be a stray star.

I turned around as hard as I could and gave him a look.

Part of the inner core of my body has collapsed, like a heart, it trembles with pain.

I saw him.

He moved towards me.

The running track is subtly overlapped and separated at a certain point. I feel that he is getting farther and farther away from me.

But fortunately, we won’t bump into each other.

After entering a safe distance, his message came, “Hold on to me!”

His gravity pulled me.

We are like two balls revolving around each other, galloping all the way, leaving the center of the stage at a speed of 2600km per second from the place where the two galaxies meet, forming a new star binary system.

“I got you.” He told me when he was sure he was out of the danger zone.

We look at the danger zone, where the highlight is the brightness that will not exist unless it becomes a supernova at the moment of death, which is the only light in my life. Now, I’m in a relationship with a guy I’ve known for six billion years.

There was a great sense of satisfaction in me.

“Would you like to be with me forever?” He asked.

“Why ask? When I chose you, death cannot separate us.” I think he does more than that.

He said, “Because I want to kiss you.”

I am very embarrassed.

The kiss of stars is also known as the kiss of death. When two stars are too close to form a binary system, they either merge into a superstar or become two associated black holes, running for life on the road to death.

The fierce stellar wind blew all the burning materials to the depth of the universe. He looked hot and bright. I remembered that from the moment of his birth, I was attracted by his light. Looking at him was like looking at the other shore that I would never reach. He’s the moon in my mirror.

Now I have the moon and the flowers.

I’m near him.

He’s close to me.

We are like a pair of kissing fish.



The author has something to say:

The short story is based on my brain hole created by “the galaxy will collide with Andromeda in four billion years” and “double star system.” It’s full of unscientific places, so I write it at will. My knowledge of astronomy and physics is abysmal, so I don’t need to force its scientificity.  I wrote the process of universe experience before the end of time, which is verified by science and has a unique flavor.

If you happen to have trouble, look up at the stars.


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November 30, 2019 2:36 pm

“We are like a pair of kissing fish.” Because we all know what that means XD! But seriously could someone help me here

November 30, 2019 4:28 pm

Ah, this is so cute. It is rare to see oneshots like this. Thanks for the lovely story!

November 30, 2019 6:57 pm

Its so cute I’m melting 💕

November 30, 2019 7:42 pm

how cosmicly poetic. the kiss of death..thank you

November 30, 2019 8:37 pm

Thank you for this cute oneshot!

December 1, 2019 7:22 am

It was nice….. 😁😁😁 hmm….

December 3, 2019 4:07 pm

When planets have a better love story than you …

Hahah but i find this very cute and sweet

January 5, 2020 11:05 am

damn this story is too much 😍I cry all the tears of my body … this story really made me feel very strong feelings (I did not even need 100 chap to attach myself as in other novel)

In short the story is Instance and magnificent !

PS : I still have the heart when ….

saumya gaur
saumya gaur
March 30, 2020 4:15 am

this oneshot was extremely deeply beautiful. its one of its kind. its so philosophical, cute, fluffy, and complete.

April 7, 2020 5:26 am

I thought it was a story about two celebrities. Who would’ve thought I would discover this wonderful story about two stars? I luuuuuuuurve it! It was wonderfully written

May 18, 2020 7:49 pm

Awww. It’s so sweet, I cried. Thanks for the chapter! 😊😍

May 21, 2020 11:23 pm

Is it normal that I cried? For me the narrator sounded indifferent but I still feel the emotions behind and that made me cry because it’s as if they were trying to hide their emotions.

June 2, 2020 6:31 pm

That’s such a big brain hole you’ve got there. I love it. Thank you

August 19, 2020 9:05 pm

Would you like to be with me forever?”

October 20, 2020 12:19 pm

I cannot express enough feelings for this novel. It’s so overwhelming. The love, the loneliness, imminent death, acceptance of it, the love beyond death, the separation and meeting and finally the kiss, I can’t express enough of my feeling. It’s too much. This made me cry like a baby but still filled my heart fully yet, breaks it at the same time. It’s a foreseen tragedy but has such a good ending. The inevitability of everything, the long period, I just can’t stop thinking about this story over and over again. A true masterpiece.

December 12, 2020 2:04 am

This was cery nice ! Thank you

May 8, 2021 9:01 pm

Sweet one shot, definitely something different! The story is adorable, the intensity of their love is heartfelt across so many years! Especially “the kiss of stars is also known like a kiss of death” and yet it still wanted to kiss his partner.

January 21, 2023 4:29 am

… I want to cry…
I’m not joking… It makes me emotional…

January 21, 2023 4:44 am

“One shot” is the perfect description. They’re taking their one shot to be together. Honestly loved it.

January 22, 2023 1:18 pm

Proof that love, no matter how abstract or how far the distance, will always win. I love how you romanticized the heavenly bodies we all look to when dealing with our own existence.❤️

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