Rara Original Comic

Rara needs some opinions, if you don’t know, Rara wishes to eventually create original comics, but she is unsure of the reactions she would have. Addis suggested to use her novel, Never, My Alpha as the story line. However, we have some questions. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ybvxBB8vSOW8zrH8PPk14bDX2HZLoEUxqX9ciBIQwBc/viewform?edit_requested=true If you could please take the time to respond, we would … Continue reading Rara Original Comic

Boku wa Kimi no Pavlov no Inu

I am Your Pavlov Dog 僕は君のパブロフの犬 Artist: Nohagi Aki Language: English Download: Oneshot — Mediafire Summary: The Pavlov condition is where a dog is conditioned to look at a certain something or someone and expects the same thing every time that person or thing enters their line of sight. However, what happens if this response … Continue reading Boku wa Kimi no Pavlov no Inu

Sensual Reminder

Kannou Reminder 官能リマインダー Artist: Unohana Language: English Download: Chapter 1 — Mediafire Summary: At the end of summer, Tachibana Souhei went to the French countryside armed with only his camera after his heart was broken. However, while there, he got into an accident. Right after the accident, he meets a Japanese native on vacation with … Continue reading Sensual Reminder