Samurai Ice Cream

サムライアイスクリーム Artist:  Umiyuki Lily Language: English Download: Summary: Ichinose Kei has learned kendo from the time he was a child for one reason: to be Mita Hikaru's hero. The two were always together when they were children until Hikaru had to move. Now in high school, the two meet once again, but Hikaru is now … Continue reading Samurai Ice Cream

Renai Nante Yurushimasen!

恋愛なんてゆるしません! Romance Isn't Allowed! Artist: Suzaka Shina Language: English Download: Summary: Kirishima Naoto is handsome, hardworking, and popular with his female coworkers, except for the extreme brother complex he has for his younger brother, Hokuto. Swearing off love for his brother's sake, Naoto only really hangs out with his friend from college, Toudou. Though he … Continue reading Renai Nante Yurushimasen!