Red Hood

Gold, a witch hunter, who had been mistaken as the witch's servant for the red hood he wears is attacked by wolves. Realizing that they are also targeting the witch, Gold calms down the werewolf, Fen, apologizing for the misunderstanding. Teaming up to kill the witch, Gold kisses Fen, by doing so he is able to absorb his healing ability. Fen is furious , but it is a journey where they live a life to conquer together. If Gold gets injured, all he needs to do is take body fluids from Fen.  Werewolf x Hyperbolic Little Red Riding Hood. The way of the witch killing journey is ─ ─ !?

GDC Chapter 77

Chapter 77: Nightfall—Part Two Translated by K of Exiled Rebels Scanlations In the past, there were only others who asked him what to do. Now, though, he was the one asking others what he should do, and nobody was able to give him an answer. Suddenly, Wei WuXian felt a faint pain at the side … Continue reading GDC Chapter 77

Memento Scarlet

Memento Scarlet メメントスカーレット Artist: Kusabi Keri Language: English Download: Summary: Amane Kairi is a lecherous but capable detective part of the Special Police Force. In one of their most recent cases, they have come across a drug dealer who is only known to wear a red coat. Kairi goes to look for the help of … Continue reading Memento Scarlet

Aniki to Isshoja Nemurenai

Eight years ago, our parents remarried and we became brothers. Haruto is six years older than me. We’re not related by blood, but he treats me kindly and takes care of me as if I were his real brother. Because of this, I started harboring this desire to monopolize him…. I don’t want him to find out about these dirty feelings! Although I live alone now that I started university, my brother found a way to come after me….!?