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To Kill a Unicorn

Gladiator Warrior Hazma the Lion, was sold to a lord. The lord, in order to get Hazma ready, sends him to the red-light district Boss, Anes, to learn the ins and outs of pleasing one’s master. But these two don't realize what they have gotten themselves into. 

Nirvana Rebirth

In the tides of time, humankind has lost their position as the wisest of all creatures. The Steel City that suddenly rose in the center of the eastern lands and a man-made god, ‘Father,’ have replaced them. Mechs have taken over the world of this petri dish, Astrolabe, that the ancient Creators have left behind. One day, a young human slave named A-Ka finds a black-haired male on a beach of Desolate Sea… The world of Astrolabe is about to reboot, so what will become of the future of the humans, androids, and mechs?

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Pheromone AddictionThe First Emperor Said He Likes MeForced Estrus [ABO]End of the World [ABO]

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I’m Using the Interstellar Live Broadcast to Raise Cubs
To Kill a Unicorn

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