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Tanaka Kichirou is an omega, who, without his prior knowledge, is set as the homeroom teacher for an all alpha high school class. Kichirou tries to get out of being the homeroom teacher, but once he finds out that one of the other teachers, Fujima Natsuki, recommended him for the position, Kichirou concedes. Not knowing what to expect, Kichirou meets sixteen year old Arimori Jun within the classroom.

Follow the ups and the downs of the lives of these alphas, betas, and omegas. Maybe, even, in the road of life, they may find that red string of fate that connects one to their mate.

30 chapters

Keiran D’Arrow is not the normal human. He has a secret that he cannot tell others, only his mother knows. Keiran is a half-demon half-mage and this existence is something that has never been seen before in his world. Keiran’s powers are far from normal and he has yet to be able to control them. However, one fateful encounter changes this and his life will never be the same.

Follow Keiran on an adventure though his life as he finds his father, moves to Hell and falls in love unexpectedly with another man.

Just remember, darkness lies in everyone’s hearts.

25 chapters

Echo Sorrell has always been the odd man out. Adopted when he was merely three years old, he always experiences the hate from his twin siblings. However, life doesn’t always go the way it’s planned and there are always secrets somewhere within each sound that resonates within the world.

22 chapters

After a scandal three years ago, Hayato Ren has quit being a high school teacher and decided to open his own cafe. Life is going well, until the night he wakes up in an unknown man’s bed! It also seems this unknown man is an omega and somehow they have formed a pair bond! Terrified, Ren runs away, however, he doesn’t realize that that unknown omega may be more than he can handle!

23 chapters

On Malakai Deacon’s eighteenth birthday something completely unexplainable happens. He meets a mysterious man in the park that will forever change his life. He is transported to another world, one filled with humans who turn into beasts. What will happen to our unsuspecting hero as he dives into this brand new world? Will he find the love he never had before?


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