Addis’ Trip in Japan Day 1 and 2 (Tokyo)

I know I said I’d do this on Tumblr, but for some reason, Japan and Tumblr are not getting along for me.

Day one in Tokyo was pretty short. We got into the airport at about 2.30pm but didn’t arrive at our hotel until about 6pm due to traffic and some of our group getting lost after customs.

Total travel time to get to our Tokyo hotel from Seattle was around 26 hours. The flight was uncomfortable, so I wasn’t able to sleep and I was rather grumpy by the time we got to the hotel since the food on the plane was probably the worst food I’ve ever eaten in my life.

We went to a big dinner with around thirty of us and that’s what’s pictured above.

Day two started off smoother since I was able to actually get around 8 hours of sleep (albeit the waking up at 2am).

We started going around Tokyo after breakfast and left for Sensoji Temple at 8.30am. Which is pictured below.

After the Temple we went to Akihabara (Electric Town) where I, of course, bought some yaoi manga. That was kind of a weird experience because it was like New York but instead of all of the ads or posters being of real people (models/actors/actresses) it was all manga/anime.

The next stop we went to was the Meijin Shrine. This shrine is located in a 100 + year old man made forest. Before you get to the Shrine, you pass this wall of sake barrels.

After walking a bit, you begin to enter the actual shrine.

By this time, it was already noon and we ventured into Harajuku for around 2 hours. There we went into “Candy Town” where everything is kind of an over done pink.

Lunch came next at the halal chicken place that was actually quite good.

We decided to hit a few shops before we left, which happened to include a cat cafe.

To continue on, we traveled to the 45th floor of one of the main buildings in Shibuya so we could see the Tokyo skyline.

It was around 5.30pm at this point and we all headed back towards our hotel. To which four of us spent about an hour trying to figure out what in the world to eat. Since one of the girls was a vegetarian, we decided to try a vegan ramen restaurant called T’s Tan Tan.

Trying to get there…was absolute hell. (Tokyo subway system map pictured below).

We hit Tokyo rush hour on the way there, which meant sardines shoved into a small moving box. We had to transfer twice and by the time we actually reached the restaurant, we had already paid around 4 USD just in metro fees, just for one way.

We waited in line for the restaurant for around 20 minutes, and another 15 before they even came over to take our orders. It was past 7.50pm by the time our food finally arrived. (Around 7.5 hours since I had last eaten, I was a bit snappy at this point because I was running out of energy.)

Now, I’m all for meat, I like tofu, but I’d rather have chicken. This Ramen place has a fried “soy-meat” in place of any “real” meat. It might be because I was tired, hungry and grumpy, but I was ready to ditch my friends and go find my own food. (Legit, I was tempted to go across the way and go get a bento instead.) I persisted, despite my angry stomach, and stayed to try the dreaded “vegan” ramen.

It was, well, vegan. It wasn’t like the normal ramen I have, so I was, like I thought I’d be, disappointed. It was really, really salty. Probably had enough salt content in it for 5 people.

Enough ranting about began ramen. Lol. Afterwords, around 8.15, we decided to search for the Kit Kat store, and proceeded to get lost.

In the dark.

In a downpour.

Eventually, we found it, about 15 minutes before they closed.

By this point in time, the four of us were exhausted and decided to head back to the hotel. After a quick stop at a convenience store for some water (and matcha pudding) we made it back at about 9pm.

After over 12 hours of the tour and walking around, we had walked approximately 7.5 miles according to our fitbits. (Leaving a blister on the bottom of my foot, I might add. T.T)

And now, back at the hotel room, I say goodnight. I’ll be up at 6am to feed everyone their LMW chapter.



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46 thoughts on “Addis’ Trip in Japan Day 1 and 2 (Tokyo)

  1. A cat cafe~ ♡

    Getting lost’s kinda part of the adventure. I say this now but when I got lost and separated from my siblings on our first day on our first out of the country trip (in HK) with no means of communication.. I nearly freaked.
    Talking to people there’s kinda difficult when none of knew Chinese. Hoepfully someday when we do get to travel we’ll be more prepared and manage even some broken Japanese. XD

    Hope your enjoy your trip more the following days.

  2. This trip looks like soooo much fun! You are packing everything in and seeing so much already 🙂 love the pics. And like you, I get hangry if I don’t eat. Lol. I can’t beleive they still have a gotcha of saezuru Tori wa habatanaki (my absolute favorite manga ever) Have fun and thanks for sharing this trip with us 🙂

  3. Sleep well! Eat well!! and take care of those feet! It looks amazing out there 🙂 I think the majority of us are very envious!

  4. Sounds amazing so far, those pics are beautiful. Rest well and take care of yourself! Looking forward to hearing more about your trip!

  5. Wow, it looks like you’ve picked a beautiful time of year to be there from the pics. And I’m glad to know that you can find vegetarian restaurants there. Even in Canada I don’t have many options when I eat out (picky eater + vegetarian + hypoglycemic does not make it easy) and the vegan ramen look delicious. Also, don’t tire yourself out too much trying to release chapters on time, you need to save your energy so you can enjoy your trip!

  6. Afuri has a vegan ramen option but also regular ramen for the non-vegans haha. It’s a pretty popular chain. I personally like their tsukemen better than their ramen. Maybe you can get some fluffy pancakes at gram or shiawase no pancake for breakfast tomorrow (but I like American pancakes better lol).

  7. Looks like your having fun, despite the troubles. Be sure to pack some snacks before your next adventure out. Even if it’s some KitKats. Take care

  8. Thank you for the gorgeous photos and for sharing your adventures with us. I was drooling over all the BL manga pics. Akihabara sounds fun, I’ll make sure that’s on the list of places to visit on our trip to Japan. 🙂

  9. Wow everything seems amazing- well maybe except for the subway part. So jealous, I definitely need a vacation. Thanks for sharing, I really want to see more. Enjoy the rest of your trip!♥

  10. Thank you for sharing! I like the pictures and wow, I would be exhausted after walking that much and been hungry for that long. At least it’s not boring right? hehe. What flavor was that purple kit kat? O.O I want to try.

  11. Thanks for sharing! I hope you have tons of way more delicious food than the vegan ramen! Japan looks like a ton of fun! The cat cafe~~~ I’m so jealous!

  12. Woaaaah. That sounds an exhausting and at the same time thrilling experience! Thank you for sharing your moments, the pictures are truly wonderful and I enjoyed it. 😄

  13. At first glance Japan subway system was quite confusing but after a while we learn on how to used it. Tokyo is a great place but I prefer Osaka. Hope ur group will go to there. Enjoy ur trip!

  14. Thank you for sharing. My sister had been to japan so I’ve heard how fun and hectic and whatnot it can be. The amount of different types of Kitkats is a bit mind blowing too.Thanks for sharing the great pictures and your experience so far!

  15. Wow! AmaZing!! Looks too awesome! Have fun Addis and enjoy away, its an awesome chance to explore a country you might or might not visit again. I really wanna go to Japan too. Ah hopefully one day, lolol.

  16. A group tour? Havent been on one of those in a while. Japan is ridiculously fun so I hope you get to do as much as you can there hehehe. LMW releases have always been at 5am here so it doesnt make much difference to me but it must be really hard for you to wake up early specifically for this. Thank you very much for your dedication Addis and enjoy your holiday!!

  17. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Hope your having a great time there. I also want to visit Japan for my manga and anime. Enjoy and have fun!!!

  18. Now i really want to go to Japan too😍 Well, i dont think i will in the next three to ? years😥
    Anyway, your pics of food made me real hungry so i’ll have something to eat, prolly smth really boring compared to japanese specialities
    Thanks for sharing your trip with us😄

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