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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze, Kiramekineko


Ding Fei did give Xie Quan her contact information, but she never thought Xie Quan would actually contact her. Especially after finding out that Xie Quan had become a prince. Entering the palace with Lilith, Ding Fei had never been to such an occasion before, but without a trace of restraint, she asked Lilith curiously, “Lilith, have you been here often before?”

Lilith was dressed in a goose yellow dress, looking gentle and beautiful. She walked slowly and said, “Her Highness Erica is my good friend. She still lives in the palace, so occasionally she would summon me to the palace to accompany her.”

“Do she and Mr. Xie live close to each other?”

Lilith glanced at the direction the attendant was leading and nodded. “This is also the direction to Her Highness Erica’s palace, so probably close, but I’ve never been to Xie…. I’ve never been to His Highness Caesar’s palace, so I’m not sure.” After she said she again instructed, “Ding Fei, now that Mr. Xie is a highness, you should call him His Highness Caesar.”

Ding Fei bristled, “You nobles are so troublesome.”

The two entered Xie Quan’s palace with the attendant leading them. The squire pushed the door open for her, but somehow the expression on the squire’s face changed slightly as he pushed the door open, then he clenched his teeth and the muscles in his arms bulged.

Only to hear a heavy and unpleasant sound as the door was pushed open a gap through which a person could pass. Then the door seemed to be stuck there, and could no longer be pushed.


Ding Fei looked at the attendant in confusion, then at the door, then at Lilith.

Are the doors inside the palace that heavy?

Lilith was also a bit puzzled, but did not say anything, but said to Ding Fei, “Let’s go in.”

Ding Fei then hesitantly walked through the door and entered the palace.

Then once inside, the two were frozen.

The palace was supposed to be a bright and spacious hall with expensive and exquisite furniture and decorations after pushing open the door. All around the hall they should be able to see the bouquets of flowers that have been carefully matched. However, the hall at this moment was not as bright or as spacious… The area was indeed still so large, but at the moment it looked very crowded. The hall looked like a hoarder’s apartment, with stuff piled up everywhere.

And it’s not just clothes and gifts.

It was all mechanical tools and parts.

She actually saw a machine tool in the middle of the hall!


Is this a palace? What’s the difference between this and the studio in her school?

Oh, the only difference is that the school studios were a little bit neater than this, because the students need to put things back in place and clean them up after each use. Here it’s a mess, and things were piled up to the door! And no wonder the door wouldn’t open, there was a box of heavy iron behind the fucking door!

Just when Ding Fei and Lilith were in shock, Xie Quan came out of the corner with a pile of draft paper. He was dressed worse than that day at school. The royal family prepared luxurious soft silk satin clothing, better for comfort, but also more fragile than ordinary clothes.

From just casually walking around these tools and parts, the original smooth surface has been scratched everywhere with silk threads showing. Plus, due to mechanical work, there were oil stains. So the east piece was black, the west piece was gray.

Xie Quan was good-looking, his body was also good, but his clothes were ragged and also worn with a maverick sense of art.

It was outrageous.

Ding Fei originally felt that Xie Quan was a prince with a sense of distance, but at the moment she felt Xie Quan was very close. So she was very straightforward. “Mr. Xie, are you converting this place into a studio?”

Lilith came back to her senses and watched as Ding Fei was instantly knocked back to her original thoughts. Immediately leaving behind the title she had originally dictated for half a day, she sighed and then bowed in a regular manner. “Your Highness.”

Xie Quan looked at the two girls and nodded in satisfaction. “You’re here.” Then he waved towards the two casually. “Come over here, don’t stand there.”

Ding Fei and Lilith silently glanced at the ground which was laid out like an obstacle course. Give them a way through! They now seemed to be surrounded by these steel creatures, like a lonely island.

Finally, Ding Fei took the lead from the gap in the items’ padded feet. Taking a big step at a time to go over, she also carefully helped Lilith to move things to the side in the process, so Lilith barely got a way.

Lilith maintained a smile on her face and followed Ding Fei to move next to Xie Quan. Then she couldn’t help but ask in confusion, “What is Your Highness doing here?”

Xie Quan replied, “It’s too boring here.” He looked at Ding Fei and Lilith and asked, confirmingly, “I remember that you are both students of the Mechanical College.”

Ding Fei and Lilith both nodded. And they were both top students.

The next second, Xie Quan asked, “Are you interested in taking orders?”

“…” Lilith held back her doubts for the sake of her image and was just silent. 

Ding Fei, however, did not hold back at all. “What?”

Xie Quan handed a few of the drawings in his hands to her. “Take a single, earn extra money.”

“…” Ding Fei lowered her head and took a closer look at the drawing in her hand. It was a detailed design of a mecha’s powerhouse. As she got deeper and deeper into the detailed part of the design, Ding Fei gradually realized that this thing was unusual. She looked up in shock and looked at Xie Quan. “Mr. Xie, this power pod, did you design it? Are you going to let me do it?!”

This was no ordinary power pod. The power pod design that day at the competition had broken through the unusual design limitations and discarded the energy locking instrument, while this time the power pod was more comprehensive compared to the design at that time, and some details had been better addressed.

If that was all, it would only have complemented the power pod design of the day.

But Xie Quan also added a more groundbreaking concept to this powerhouse design, as he improved the structure of the brainwave reading and analysis instruments, lowering the threshold of brainwaves that can be accessed and improving the screening function for fluctuations.

The reason only an alpha could become a mecha manipulator was because of their strong mental strength and physical body. A strong physique allowed them to take on the stress and physical load that came with the operation of the mecha, and a strong mental capacity allowed them to become completely integrated with the mecha, with a mental connection as a second level of control in addition to physical control, to make the mecha’s every move more precise.

This powerhouse had improved the analysis and processing of brainwaves, so that those who were not as mentally strong could also successfully transmit their thoughts to the mecha control pod. This was a completely new powerhouse design.

Ding Fei’s hands began to tremble with excitement at the thought that she could create such a work.

Xie Quan looked at Ding Fei’s excited look, and although her mouth was still asking him, her hands had already betrayed their master, holding the drawing tightly in her arms, as if she was holding a rare treasure.

Xie Quan did not intend to hang people’s appetite, he nodded readily, then he asked Lilith, who did not speak next to him, “Do you want to take the order?”

Lilith was not as innocent as Ding Fei. She frowned and asked with some confusion, “Your Highness, what are you planning to do?”

Xie Quan put the design drawings of the various parts of the mecha in his hands in a slow and methodical manner, and then said, “A gift for everyone.”

Xie Quan looked at these papers and secretly felt in his heart. He is really nice.


Yan Siyu also received a pile of design drawings. He originally only wanted to skim through them, but after opening the first one, he couldn’t resist immersing himself in them and studying them carefully. It was only when Ji Cheying urged him a few times with some impatience that he looked up from the pile of designs with reluctance. Closing the pile of designs, he pressed his palm against the paper, then looked at Ji Cheying in wonder and admiration and asked, “Did Xie Quan design all these?”

Ji Cheying raised his eyebrows. “What do you think?”

The seemingly ordinary answer was full of pride. It made people feel very indebted. But, how could this not make people proud?

Yan Siyu sighed. “Does he have an arsenal of interdimensional weapons in his head?” Then he touched the stack of papers and sighed, shaking his head with regret. “What a pity.”

Ji Cheying didn’t understand.

Yan Siyu said regretfully, “It’s a pity he’s your omega, otherwise I’d really like to chase him, I haven’t met such a brain that makes my heart flutter for a long time.”

Ji Cheying narrowed his eyes warily and said decisively, “No matter what you are thinking, put away the thoughts in your head.”

Yan Siyu tipped his finger to his glasses. “I know.” He stood up and said to Ji Cheying, “Tell Xie Quan that I’ll take this order.”


At night, Xie Quan sat in front of a computer that was connected to his terminal, a 36-inch screen filled with dense strings of data and equations. His fingers tapped rapidly on the keyboard, wading through the ocean-like strings.

“Hey, Xiao Bai, don’t worry, I’ll make sure you’re clean and clear and won’t let anyone defile you anymore,” Xie Quan muttered. “Just in time for an update, what did I say I was going to update earlier, oh… It’s too noisy… Yeah, I don’t know how much nonsense I’ve learned online, yakking every day…”

His eyes looked at the connection addresses within Xiao Bai’s data, which were the terminal addresses that generated connections with Xiao Bai. One of the strings belonged to Ji Ming, and one belonged to Ji Cheying. He looked at these two strings of addresses and then made no changes.

These two are kept, the rest were deleted.

Oh yes, the invasion capability had to be strengthened to the maximum. If it was not big enough, how would it be enough when the time came?


Two weeks later, Xie Quan’s princely ordination ceremony started as scheduled.

All of the empire’s channels began to broadcast Caesar’s knighthood ceremony live.

Bessemer, who had provoked Xie Quan in the mechanical cadets, watched the live feed, which showed only the magnificent auditorium and the terrace covered with flowers, as well as the crowd outside the palace waiting for the ceremony, which had not yet started.

Most of them were Xie Quan’s beta supporters. He wanted to scold the crowd for being annoyed and uneven. It was just a prince’s ordination, which had such a big show. This was clearly Ji Shanhong, that person with the outside force to force the royal family to agree.

But he did not dare to really curse out.

After all, people who were a little sensitive know that Ji Shanhong was ready to push the new prince to the throne. Only afraid that this suddenly emerged Xie Quan, would really become the empire’s next emperor.

Bessemer thought of the previous dispute between himself and Xie Quan, his heart was up and down, angry and anxious. Damn, there are so many people in the royal family, how can they let a Xie Quan jump up and down there!

Whether it was the third prince, or the eldest daughter, or Prince Lu Wu, why could they do whatever they wanted?!


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Uh oh! We get closer to the plan! Looking forward to it!

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Who will be assassinated? Will it look like XQ so that he can escape the palace forever?
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