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Translated by lickNick of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


“That house hasn’t been tidied up yet. You can stay at my place for a few days. I am your brother. You need not worry about your reputation. My name is Gu Wen Zhu.” Gu Wen Zhu glanced over the name in the credentials, “Your name’s Xia Yi?” 

“Zhu.” Xia Yi immediately called affectionately, “I am Xia Yi. You can call me Yi.”  

Gu Wen Zhu nodded, “Take a bath in the bathroom. I’ll fetch you some clothes. We can go to the city to buy some new ones.” When mentioning bath, Gu Wen Zhu seemed a little jittery.  

The bathroom was a room divided from the bedroom. Xia Yi used the pig pancreas soap in the room to wash his face. 

“179, this body looks quite nice. This face is fine except it’s slightly feminine, not manly enough. I even have a red mark here. It’s fake, right?”  

Xia Yi looked closely at himself in the copper mirror. He used his finger to scratch and found the mark was real. The body was born with it.  

179 did not say a thing. 


After a while of rubbing dirt and dead skin off his body, Xia Yi relaxed and sat in the wooden bath barrel, with a towel on his head. 

This body looked malnourished. It was such a skinny and tiny body; the color of the skin was so light it nearly seemed white. He would start training his body after settling things. He would tanned his skin, adding some honey color to it, Xia Yi thought to himself. 

“179, let’s talk about the mission.” Xia Yi felt rejuvenated after stuffing himself, and began calling the system to account for the chaos that happened. 

“You guys made this mistake, took me to this damned place, and demanded me to farm. Farming, I can do. That cultivating mission, I can also fulfill it with farming. However…” Xia Yi pulled the towel from his head and slammed it into the water, “you need to compensate for your mistakes.” 

“Host, I have discussed this with the main system. We agreed to lower the difficulty of your missions as compensation. For example, the original primary mission requires an acre of potatoes being farmed, now you only need to produce an amount of 25 points of land of potatoes.” 

“How large is 25 points of land?” 

“A little more than 60 meter square.” 

“This is bigger than my home. How is this a compensation?” Xia Yi used his hand to wipe the water off his face, then he decided to just say, “Give me a cheat, then we are even.”   

“If it does not cost too much trouble. What kind of cheat do you want?” 179 was oppressing the arising annoyance. 

Xia Yi knew absolutely nothing about farming, he thought a bit and said, “I will tell you when it comes to my mind.” 

“179, what do you get if I complete the mission?” Xia Yi asked. 

“Upon completion of missions, the host may rate the system. Ratings directly affect our performance report.” 

“Trash system, how dare you talk about your performance report?!” Xia Yi was deeply shaken. 


Having finished the bath, Xia Yi put on some old clothes of Gu Wen Zhu’s which appeared to be oversized for him, making him have to turn up the sleeves of the shirt as well as the bottom of the trouser legs.  

Outside of the room, Gu Wen Zhu was chopping wood, his blue linen shirt was sticking to his body, fully soaked with sweat. The shape of his incredibly athletic and sturdy back muscles were showing with every move he made. 

Xia Yi felt that he had to greet him, and thus walked up and called, “Zhu.” 

Movement nonstop, Gu Wen Zhu just nodded as a reply and did not turn around. 

Since Gu Wen Zhu was not paying much attention to him, Xia Yi shyly walked to his side, and, with an intention of fawning, said to him, “Zhu, your body looks fantastic. Look at how buff you are. Your figure is great too.” 

Then he stared at Gu Wen Zhu’s rock-hard pecs, nodding and admiring. 

Having heard his words, Gu Wen Zhu stopped what he was doing, sluggishly looked up, flabbergasted.  His face gradually turned red. He opened his mouth but failed to speak. His countenance had been changing in only a few breaths worth of time. Finally, he straightened himself and walked into the house, banging the door heavily behind him. 

This made Xia Yi nervous and also stupefied, “179, what happened to him? Did I do something wrong to make him mad?” 

179 remained silent for a second, “People in ancient times are very reserved, they don’t like their body being praised.” 

“Then you should tell me what I shouldn’t do here, or else I may step on the landmines again. That farming novel was brief. The author wrote in an incoherent manner, they just wrote whatever came to their mind. At the end of the day, I only know that it’s about farming. Tell me more about this world.” Xia Yi started grumbling. 

179, equivocating, murmured, “I…am not sure…. You know, I am a cultivation system…. I guess it’s up to you to explore in the future.” 

Trash system, not only had it transferred me to the wrong world, it also skipped the world introduction. What is the use of this system besides telling me to farm? 

Some time had passed, Gu Wen Zhu, came out from the house and walked straight into the kitchen without looking sideways, not even paying Xia Yi a glimpse. Xia Yi ingratiated himself anyways, watching Gu Wen Zhu and discovered that he had changed. 

Under the setting sun, smoke curled up from the chimney. Xia Yi peeked at the door. 

Gu Wen Zhu was making a dough with his sleeve turned up above his forearm, revealing a few veins. A fire had been lit in the stove. There was a pot with boiling content bubbling. 

Xia Yi felt slightly shameful about himself making no contributions. He stood beside the door, rubbed his hands, asked awkwardly, “Zhu, do you need any help? Like, peeling garlic or picking spring onion or something?” 

Gu Wen Zhu did not make a sound; he kept making his dough. Xia Yi then slowly entered the kitchen, sometimes touching the firewood, sometimes laying his hands on the cupboard. 

The blue veins on Gu Wen Zhu’s forehead had become more prevalent. At the end, he threw the dough into the bowl and said, “Go outside and wait. I will call you when it’s ready.” 

Xia Yi felt relieved and went to the yard. He hung around doing nothing interesting for a short while then he went to observe the ants under the big tree in the yard. 

“179, I can keep playing this for a day.” 

“179, check if the team in the corner had set off or not.” 

Xia Yi crouched and poked the ants for a long time until a pair of feet in cloth shoes showed up in front of him. 

Raising his head, he saw Gu Wen Zhu’s stern face. 


Dinner included sliced sheets of dough in soup and handmade noodles. Taking a biteful, the alluring smell of wheat filled Xia Yi’s mouth. Xia Yi ended up eating four bowls of them.  

“Host, if you keep eating like this, I suggest you farm three acres of land.” 179 was worrying for him earnestly. 

With the chopsticks in his mouth, Xia Yi thought, ‘I know what I want now, my cheat is 25 points of land yields the production of three acres of land.’


Upon finishing dinner, Gu Wen Zhu tidied up the dirty dishes, “Xia Yi, tomorrow I’m going to the city to sell some goods. I am returning after noon. The rice and dough are in the jar, you can make something out of those. I’ll clean up the old house at the entrance of the village the day after tomorrow, by then you will be able to move there.”  He had some thoughts, then added, ”I’ll give you some food when you move. You should be good for a few months. I am also giving you some seeds, then you will not need to worry about living.” 

Xia Yi was truly touched, “Zhu. I will not say more, but from now on, if you need me, anytime, I’ll be there!” 

Veins were popping out again on Gu Wen Zhu’s forehead. 

With tidying up finished, Gu Wen Zhu carried a table to the main house. He put two tables together, went to the bedroom, took a bedsheet with him and placed it on them. 

“I’ll sleep here, you can sleep in the bed inside.” While he was laying down the sheets, Gu Wen Zhu said with his back towards Xia Yi.  

Xia Yi did not understand, he asked, confused, “Your bed is quite large and I am not too big, I don’t need too much space. I don’t move too much during sleep and I do not snore either. We can sleep together.” 

“Host!” 179 shouted out loud suddenly. Xia Yi almost felt a hint of despair in that robot voice. 

At the same time, Gu Wen Zhu’s figure making the bed had frozen. He did not move a bit, as if he had become a statue. A moment later, he said with clenched jaws, “Xia Yi, if you keep on behaving shamelessly like this, you will have to leave this house. You will leave me no choice but to let my father and your aunt down.” 

He then turned and walked straight towards Xia Yi without hesitation. He pushed Xia Yi out the door with a tense expression and closed the door with a heavy bang. 

Xia Yi, feet planted on the spot, dazed. As clueless as he was, now he came to the realization that something was wrong with this world. 

“179! You better set this straight! Tell me what’s going on. Or else I will report you!” 

“179! Come out you!” 

“179 you playing dead? Wait for me to complete the missions and give you minus points!” 

179’s robot voice tardily echoed a moment later, “Host, this is a farming novel.” 

“I know this is a farming novel.” 

“This is also a pregnancy novel.” 


“A pregnancy novel! There are men, women, and gers. 1Gers are a third gender. You can give birth to a child.” 179 explained with immense difficulty. 

Xia Yi was befuddled. After a while, he said, with a grim face, “So…” 

It was inconceivable to hear it from 179, but he said with a gulp, “…Yes, you are.” 

A moment of dreadful silence. 

Suddenly, Xia Yi started speaking at high speed, “Go, let’s go to the cultivation world. We go right now. I know you can take us there. We will cultivate. We will fly. You and I. I’ll spread our sect, then marry a fellow apprentice girl and we will have a baby. I’ll give you the highest rank. We go there, right now. Do I have to be unconscious to enter that world? Come. I am ready. Hit me.” 

“Host, please remain calm! Host…host…keep calm…” 179 tried to placate him. 

“Host, the world cannot be switched, so you can only farm here. But you can choose not to have a child, no one will force you to, as long as you finish your missions.” 179 said, persuading him to focus on the positive side. 

Standing in the yard, Xia Yi had gradually regained his calmness. He thought to himself, “This sounds right. Why am I panicking? I only have to worry about my farmland and complete my missions.” 

I will farm and wait for returning home. Even if this world is a perverted one, if I don’t budge nothing can happen to me. 

I am here anyways. 

Besides, no matter which world I am in, even as a ger, I, Xia Yi, will always be the one who impregnates. 

After standing in the yard for a while, thinking through about everything, Xia Yi took a long exhalation.  He was no longer anxious, but he still cursed 179 in his mind, and 179 just played dead and did not say a word until he finished venting. Finally, Xia Yi went back into the room and fell into sleep.


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Translator Notes:

  1. Ger are similar to the ABO world’s omegas except for the fact that they do not have heats, pheromones etc. Gers are usually depicted as having a red cinnabar mark somewhere on their body identifying them as a ger to anyone. All ger are male but can give birth to children.


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