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Translated by lickNick of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis 


“Let’s go. Let’s get off the mountain.” Xia Yi had 179 and Kirin with him this time around, making him feel relaxed as well as his steps grew lighter and faster. But something got onto his mind right away. “179, Zhu watched me and Kirin vanished. Would he freak out?”

“I didn’t notice. I was transmigrating with you.”

“I hope he will not be too worried and just wait for me to be back. It is just that I don’t know how long I will stay here.”

As soon as he arrived at the Wang Zhu Yard, the knocking sounds on the front door rang, “Xia, Xia, are you there?”

Xia Yi quickly called Kirin who was scratching the bamboo in the yard, “Son, I am going to open the door. You should hide behind the bamboo and not come out to avoid being seen as a monster by others. ”

Kirin blinked innocently. It walked behind the bamboo as instructed and crouched, unmoved. From the viewpoint of Xia Yi, only a horn could be seen sticking out.

This kid was so obedient that it made its dad feel bad for it.

When he saw Kirin was hidden, Xia Yi replied loudly, “I am here. I am coming.” Then he went to open the door.

There was a gigantic Qi Shan apprentice with an earnest look standing outside. He grinned towards Xia Yi, showing his white front teeth.

“Greetings, Xia. I am Qing Xiu under the Elder of Tian Ji. I am living in the Fu Hua Yard not far away. My master told me to inform you to meet him at the Island of Flying Feathers when you are back to Qi Shan.”

“Thank you. My fellow apprentice. I will go right away.” Xia Yi said immediately.

At this moment, Kirin was doing something behind the bamboo, producing some rustling sound, making Qing Xiu look at that way out of curiosity.

“My fellow apprentice. What is that?” He could see the bamboo shaking all together and Kirin’s horn sticking out.

“That is a servant of mine who is tidying up the bamboo leaves for me. That is a broom.” Xia Yi explained quickly, then he shouted in Kirin’s direction, “Be more serious. Don’t let me see you playing around with the broom again.”

After saying so, that horn went back into the bamboo.

Just when one of the crises had been solved, Xia Yi saw two sparkling hoofs which seemed like wearing neon shoes glittered in the night.

Before Qing Xiu could ask anything again, Xia Yi said in a hurry, “Thank you Qing Xiu. I am going to the Island of Flying Feathers right now.”

The front door closed firmly with a sound.

“Good boy, come out now.” Xia Yi went behind the bamboo and saw Kirin huddled up with its front legs hugging itself.

In order to hide the horn, it had changed into an awkward position. It was looking up to the sky to let the horn face the sky. Xia Yi felt bad but wanted to laugh at the same time. He told it to get out immediately.

“Host. Let’s go to the Island of Flying Feathers to see what Liu Si Qian wants.” 179 reminded him.

Xia Yi nodded. He suddenly thought of something, “How do we get there? That island was floating in the air. We don’t have cable cars here. Last time I was brought there by somebody with his magical item.”

Thinking about Qing Liang’s bamboo slips, Xia Yi still felt the thrill.

“Host. According to my test, you are already at the Foundation phase. You are better than a lot of apprentices in Qi Shan who are at the Core-forming phase and the Virtuoso phase. It is totally fine for you to use your own magical item by now.” 179 said.

“I can use my own magical item? By myself?” Xia Yi was surprised.

“Sure.” 179 confirmed.

Xia Yi was hyped. Before all the transmigrations, he failed the same subject twice in his home world. On the contrary, he did not even need to have an exam or go to driving schools to have a flying permit. Suddenly he recalled something and the happiness was drained from his face. He seemed disappointed, “But I don’t have a magical item.”

Although I have a permit, I do not have a car.

“Host. In the cultivation world, every cultivator’s magical items are made of their favourite item refining.” 179 explained to him patiently.

“Refine? How to refine? I do not know the way.” Xia Yi was stupefied.

“There was some refining medicine in the awarded package from the second mission.” 179 was like an angel now, “Those medicines do not require you to spend time and spiritual energy to refine items slowly.”

Magical Item Making Medicine.

“What kind of magical item would you like to refine?” 179 asked.

Xia Yi’s mind was blank.

“Some people might love wine, then he would pick a gourd to be his magical item. Some people might love eating, then he would pick a dish to be his magical item. There are also spoons, chopsticks…” 179 guided him slowly.

Do you mean everyone in the cultivation world is foodie?

“I am not picking about my magical item. I don’t care what it is. The most important thing is, it could not be slim, it has to be round.” Xia Yi was about to say that he wanted it wide and fat, then he thought of the bamboo slips, so he changed his wordings.

“It better be like a car, able to contain me in a confined space, making me feel safe, comfortable to ride, soft and stable.” Xia Yi spoke his terms while thinking about it.

Looking at the yard, nothing suited him. There was plenty of bamboo, but the shape of it was not in consideration. There were a few simple pieces of furniture in the house, but one could not ride a bed with carvings to fly around in the sky, right?

It looked offending to public decency.

“179. Is there something suitable that you can lend me?” Xia Yi could only get help from System.

“I don’t. Host. Everything I have here was your things in the system storage space.” 179 replied.

Xia Yi went silent. Then 179 and him screamed together, “Winter gourd!”

On the square table in the room, there placed a delicately oval winter gourd.

This was picked by 179 meticulously with the best look, roundest shape and the greenest color.

Xia Yi circled this lucky winter gourd.

“We need to empty it and make a door.” Xia Yi rubbed his hands happily.

Just do it. Observing around him, Xia Yi took a decorative sword from the wall. He began to carefully open a small door on the winter gourd and clear the insides of the winter gourd. 

When the inside of the winter gourd was clean, he took the door to carefully put it back on.

After that, he picked up the bottle of magical item making medicine, taken out from the storage space by 179, on the table.

This medicine was just like the foundation establishment drink. It was contained in a transparent jade bottle. However, for a bottle of foundation establishment drink as large as a bottle of AD milk, this one was only as large as a Taitai Jingxin Zhumian Oral Liquid.

“179. How do I use it? Let the winter gourd drink it?” Xia Yi asked with the bottle of medicine in his hand, feeling confused.

“Take one drop of your blood to mix it into the medicine. Then coat the winter gourd with it carefully. After the first layer dried, coated it once more. When you finish with the third layer, the winter gourd will become your magical item.” 179 explained. Then he emphasized, “Remember, three layers. And you should cover the whole winter gourd.”

Xia Yi looked at the small bottle in his hand and looked at the big winter gourd, feeling stupid, “With the size of this bottle, it is hard enough to cover every part with it for one layer. How am I supposed to paint three layers?”

“179. Do we still have this medicine? Take more out.”

“Nope. There is only this one bottle.”

“What if I only apply one layer?” Xia Yi walked around the winter gourd, thinking.

“I don’t know.” 179 answered honestly, “Why don’t you walk outside to cut a part from the bamboo and apply three layers onto it?”

Xia Yi imagined himself stepping on a slim bamboo flying in the sky, he shook his head vigorously, “Nevermind. I will apply it on the winter gourd. Let’s try it with one layer first. If it is not possible to make a magical item with one layer, I will just keep doing missions and make more medicine to complete the process.”

Then, he carefully pulled out the cork from the bottle. He lightly cut his middle finger with the sword and squeezed out a drop of blood to mix it into the bottle.

The drop of blood hit the content in the bottle. A cloud of white smoke came out. The blood mixed with the medicine in an instant and vanished.

Xia Yi slightly shook the bottle, poured a few drops on his palm, and began to coat the winter gourd evenly.

The whole winter gourd had been coated. The bottle of medicine also emptied. As the medicine slowly infiltrated into the winter gourd, the peel changed, the green color of the winter gourd glowed with a soft light.

The light was weakly glowing, from soft to strong, becoming more and more bright, making the room so bright that as if there was a laser in it. Xia Yi could not help but close his eyes.

After a while, the blinding light was deemed. Only a light as soft as the candle light could be felt, Xia Yi thus opened his eyes. The winter gourd on the table changed completely. It was transparent as if it was carved from one piece of jade.

“Is it done?” Xia Yi asked 179 excitedly.

“Yes.” 179’s voice sounded happy as well.

“Then teach me. How do I ride this winter gourd plane? Do I have to say some spells?” Xia Yi rubbed his hands, eager to try it out.

“There is no need. Your blood is already in the magical item. Now it knows you, you only need to think about it.” 179 answered.

“Go go go. Let’s try it in the yard.” Xia Yi swiftly carried the winter gourd away from the table.

“Host. Don’t bother. You only have to think about making it small, then it will turn into the shape you imagined.”

“Like this? Let me try.” Xia Yi hurried and thought in his mind, “Smaller, smaller.” With a winter gourd of a peanut size in his mind.

The winter gourd on the table vanished instantly, only a green jade peanut-sized decoration was left in the middle of the table.

Xia Yi almost jumped. He quickly grabbed the jade item as if it was his treasure and went outside.

“Now imagine it big.” Xia Yi placed the jade item in the yard and stepped back.

He thought with his mind, “Bigger, bigger.” With an image of the winter gourd as big as a small house.

The winter gourd expanded in a second in the yard. It looked as if there was an oval little house with green paint in the yard. There was even a door on the side of it.

“179. Hahahahaha. Gorgeous, gorgeous.” Xia Yi was extremely happy, “This is my RV.”

Xia Yi stroked the winter gourd as if it was his beloved car, then he said to Kirin who was following him, “Son. Papa is going to try flying around. Don’t go anywhere. Wait at home. When Papa is done, Papa will bring you with me. Okay?”

Kirin blinked, then it went back to lie down under the roof obediently.

“Let’s go. Let’s go. 179. Test ride.” Xia Yi opened the door of the winter gourd and went in.


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