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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


Days without seeing sunlight seemed to pass especially fast, and in the blink of an eye, over a year had gone by. Wen JinHan seemed to have forgotten his goal as he obediently played the role of an aggrieved but well-behaved lover. He became fast friends with Jiang Shu and the others, and he occasionally poked fun at Mo Ran; overall, his life was quite comfortable.

Not only did Ou Chen not get bored of him, he was even more pampering and protective. Sometimes, even Win JinHan would doubt himself; Ou Chen almost seemed like a harmless, gentle man.

“Your complexion is getting pale, it would probably be better if you got some sun,” Ou Chen said suddenly.

Wen JinHan’s heart jumped, but he put on a stunned expression and looked down in disappointment.

Ou Chen walked to his side and fondled his hair. “It’s not like I’m going to shut you in here for the rest of your life. There’s been some troublesome matters lately, but after it passes, I’ll take you out to relax.”

Troublesome matters? Wen JinHan had been lying dormant and patiently for over a year. Kill them with one hit, or there won’t ever be a second chance; he repeated this mantra silently to himself all the time and forced himself to be fully immersed in his role, not even wavering when there was an opportunity to obtain some information. Ou Chen’s organization was extremely well-run, and they were already the top in Southeast Asia, yet there hadn’t been any flaws in over a year. Now that Ou Chen had said himself that they had run into some troublesome matters, was this an opportunity?

Wen JinHan looked up, surprise and joy filling his eyes. “You’ll take me outside?”

Ou Chen was captivated by his shiny eyes, and he didn’t say anything, merely putting a hand around Wen JinHan’s waist and leading him into the bedroom.


“How come there are a lot more people today?” Wen JinHan quietly asked Jiang Shu as he set up the wine glasses.

Jiang Shu swished the wine he had just poured out and sniffed it as he replied casually, “There’s an esteemed guest, so Brother Chen and some other important people are coming.”

Wen JinHan widened his eyes. “What esteemed guest has this much influence?”

“It’s best if we don’t worry about that sort of thing, just focus on your job.” Jiang Shu looked pointedly at him.

Wen JinHan rolled his eyes goodnaturedly, but when he turned around, his expression darkened. Lately, Ou Chen seemed to be in a bad mood, and his calm expression was occasionally laced with worry. At the bar, the gossip drifting around would inevitably reach his ears. After a little analysis, Wen JinHan could guess that there had not only been a hold up of goods but also a chip in the foundation. This time, he was afraid he would have to make contact with this new “client” to deal with this crisis.

Even if he didn’t do anything, Ou Chen’s guard would be down as he would be too busy dealing with the problems, so it was a good opportunity to make a move…

“You’re dressed like a peacock today, are you going on a blind date or something?” Wen JinHan couldn’t help but ridicule Mo Ran.

Mo Ran had gone from hating to envying him, and then to being powerless to do anything to him after so many repeated failures. “Hmph, you have no taste. There’s an esteemed guest today, so I’m going to entertain them.” Mo Ran was too lazy to argue with him.

“Entertain? How?” Wen JinHan swept a dubious gaze over Mo Ran.

“You——” Who would believe that this little white rabbit that Ou Chen protected so dearly and was afraid of it being eaten by wolves was actually a sinister, cunning fox! Mo Ran merely humphed arrogantly and spun around to leave.


In the evening, the club was still peaceful, but there was a lingering feeling of tension. 

“Huh? Where’s my sandwich?” A waiter, Xiao Zhong, scratched his head as he looked everywhere for his dinner.

Wen JinHan pointed at the wine cellar. “It’s in a paper bag, right? Just now, when they were cleaning, they thought it was in the way, so they put it in the cellar.”

“Oh? Why didn’t they tell me?” Xiao Zhong frowned.

“It’s not like you can eat while working. If you’re hungry, I’ll help you keep watch so you can eat.”

Xiao Zhong originally hadn’t want to bother the boss’s treasure, but he was practically starving, so he thanked him and rushed into the cellar.

Wen JinHan grinned faintly and continued mixing wine.

After working for a bit more than an hour, Xiao Zhong suddenly rushed out of the bar and in the direction of the restroom. He came back after a bit, but before working even five minutes, he rushed back… After three back and forth trips, his face was pale.

“What’s up with you?” Wen JinHan asked in concern.

“I don’t know. I think that sandwich I ate might’ve tasted a little funny.” Xiao Zhong collapsed on the counter miserably.

“Was there something in it that you’re not used to?”

“Maybe. The chefs are always experimenting with new ingredients, who knows what they put in it…”

“Don’t you need to bring wine to the VIP area soon?”

“Ah! I nearly forgot!” Xiao Zhong picked up his tray, but he bent over again.

“What is it? Is your stomach hurting again?” Wen JinHan helped prop him up.

Xiao Zhong frowned and nodded.

“I’ll go for you, you can get some medicine from the doctor.”

“How could that work? There are guests in there…”

“Do you really think something can happen to me? There are people everywhere, it’ll be fine.”

Xiao Zhong reluctantly agreed and rushed to the restroom again.

Wen JinHan picked up a bottle of wine and calmly walked toward the VIP area that he had never stepped foot in.

“Why are you here?” When he walked to the room that had asked for the wine, he was stopped by a passing bodyguard, Kana. “The boss doesn’t let you go here.”

“The waiter who was supposed to bring the wine got food poisoning, and the others are too busy, so only I could help. I’m just delivering a bottle of wine, so it’s not like anything will happen.” Wen JinHan looked quite unhappy.

Kana remembered what Ou Chen had said very clearly, so he took the tray from him. “Go back to the bar, I’ll deliver this.”

Wen JinHan frowned and reluctantly walked back. When he reached the restroom at the corner, he looked around furtively and walked in.

There was basically no one in the corridor of the VIP area, and the restroom was just as quiet. The classic decorations and dim lighting made it seem like the restroom of a luxurious villa instead of a carnal club.

Wen JinHan’s plan had failed, so he considered waiting it out here and hoping he would get lucky. Although it was a bad idea, with all of the strict monitoring outside, this place was the safest.

He stood in front of the sink, staring at the mirror. Suddenly, the door opened, and a tall man walked in. He had an oppressive aura, and the air seemed to freeze.

Wen JinHan felt a chill on his back, but he calmed himself down and stared impassively at the man before looking away and washing his hands slowly.

The man was European, and his features were well-defined yet exquisite, especially those dark green eyes that left a lasting impression. Wen JinHan saw that he was wearing luxurious clothes and held himself with an air of superiority, yet there was a hint of danger in him as well. Wen JinHan’s expression didn’t change, but he knew it was too late to regret it now. He didn’t have to look back to know that those green eyes were looking him up and down right now, almost as if he was sliding a sharp knife across his skin.

The person behind him walked past him slowly and walked towards a stall. Wen JinHan’s tense muscles gradually relaxed as he walked away, but just as he was about to sigh in relief, a strong arm wrapped around his waist and pulled him backwards. Wen JinHan turned abruptly and bumped into his firm chest, and teared up from the pain.

Wen JinHan was about to rub his injured nose, but the man pinched his chin.

“I rarely see such an attractive Chinese person. From your height to your appearance, mn, a slender waist as well, and…” He pinched his backside, “a nice ass.” The man spoke with an elegant and classic British accent.

Do you fucking think you’re buying pork?! Wen JinHan realized that his temper that he had suppressed for a long time had been provoked by just one sentence.

“Sir, I’m not interested in gorillas, so would you please let go?” Wen JinHan glared at him.

When the man saw his shiny eyes that looked almost like obsidian because of his anger, he had the strange notion to reach out and touch them.

Wen JinHan took advantage of his blankness and lifted his knee to attack his vital area. However, the man reacted quickly and blocked his attack.

“I also like your personality,” he added.

Just as Wen JinHan was considering whether he should make a big deal out of this or not and maybe shout for help, the man suddenly let go. He gazed intently at Wen JinHan for around ten seconds before going into a stall without even looking back.

Wen JinHan hastily exited the restroom, relieved. Unexpectedly, Ou Chen and some people appeared in the corridor. Without even thinking about it, Wen JinHan ran into Ou Chen’s arms.

“What happened? Why are you sweating?” Ou Chen touched his neck.

Wen JinHan escaped from his arms in embarrassment. “N-nothing… I just met a foreigner in the restroom who kept looking at me, so I was startled.”

Ou Chen raised an eyebrow. “Didn’t I tell you to stay in the bar? Aren’t you scared of running into a pervert?”

Is there anyone who’s not a pervert here?

“I thought that since there were people everywhere, it would be fine…” Wen JinHan acted like he was still a little scared.

Ou Chen didn’t have the heart to blame him, and he ordered Lra to escort him back to his room.

It was fortunate that Wen JinHan had gotten out of that just now; otherwise, he would’ve been in big trouble.

When he returned to the room, Wen JinHan calmed himself down. Although he hadn’t obtained any useful information and it had been a close call, he didn’t get into any danger, and Ou Chen didn’t seem to suspect anything. Most importantly, that European man was definitely someone important, and he also looked a bit familiar, though Wen JinHan couldn’t recall where he had seen him before. Could that be the new right-hand man Ou Chen found?

Wen JinHan fell asleep for a while but was startled awake by some voices. He got out of the bed quietly and picked up a book from the nightstand. Then, he sat against a cabinet near the door, opened the book and placed it on his legs so it looked like he was reading, and pressed his ear to the door.

“Don’t act rashly and raise the alarm, it’s impossible for him to be the only one here. Perhaps we can get some information out of him.” This was Ou Chen’s voice.

It was really lucky that this door wasn’t very soundproof. Ironically, it was probably because of Ou Chen’s vigilance that he wanted to be able to hear what was going on outside of this room.

“Then why don’t we beat him at his own game? We’ll set a trap for him! In all these years, we’ve never had a mole get to our center before!” This was one of his confidant’s, Durin’s, voice.

Wen JinHan broke out in a cold sweat. Had he been exposed?!

“He’s probably only gotten in this building, not the center of our operations. It’s not like he can do much.”

It wasn’t him. It was someone else. Wen JinHan had disappeared without a trace, but knowing his father’s ability and understanding of him, he would definitely be able to find his whereabouts. He reckoned that his father had found a way to get agents inside to help him. Being able to get near the center of Ou Chen’s operation so quickly was quite impressive. Unfortunately, they hadn’t succeeded in making contact with him. Wen JinHan’s heart warmed when he imagined that his father had probably wanted to send assassins here, yet couldn’t in fear of putting him in danger. This time, he really hadn’t shown filial piety.

“Since you’re experienced in this type of thing, take care of it and be careful, he can’t be ordinary if he’s gotten this far.” After Ou Chen said this, the others dispersed.

Wen JinHan didn’t have time to get back into bed and pretend like he was sleeping, so he quickly rushed to the foot of the bed and leaned against it.

When Ou Chen opened the door and saw that there was no one in the bed, he looked down automatically. Sure enough, Wen JinHan had fallen asleep while reading a book. Ou Chen lightly took the book and carried Wen JinHan onto the bed. In the middle, Wen JinHan opened his eyes blearily, and when he saw that it was Ou Chen, he closed his eyes again and pretended to fall back asleep.


As Ou Chen stroked his hair,the worry and violence in his heart slowly disappeared.


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Sue R
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September 13, 2021 4:39 pm

These chapters about Wen JingHan are really good, but make me feel quite uncomfortable.
So this is how he met the Duke.
Thanks for translating and editing.

September 16, 2021 11:12 am

I really like WJH’s personality! He is determined, strong, cunning and witty! I wonder where he has met the Duke before since he had a recollection of seeing him before ! I wonder who is infiltrating the organization?? Looking forward to next chapter! ❤️

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Aeanbelle Frost
October 2, 2022 3:00 am

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