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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


“At the time, I really thought that you were good-natured and gentle, which made me only want to take care of you.”

“Actually, I’m not not good-natured, it’s just that those who are good-natured can only become prey,” Wen JingHan scoffed.

“Ha, before, I thought that your love for me turned into dislike because you hated me for sending you away. In reality, from the start, I was your prey, no?”

“Is it still interesting to bring these things up at this point? Do you really have nothing else to do?”

“I came here to thank you for informing me ahead of time.”

“I didn’t do it for you, I did it to reduce resistance for the police.”

“You’re always like this. You seem unscrupulous, but there’s actually a very soft place in your heart, and if it weren’t for that, how could I have escaped from the secret passageway? You knew about that passageway, right? Yet you didn’t tell the police about it.”

Wen JingHan said indifferently, “Aren’t you the same? Even now, the people left in your organization still don’t know I’m an undercover agent, right? Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been so undisturbed these past few years.”

The person behind him instantly became gentle and slowly walked up to him.

When Wen JingHan sensed the person behind him approach, he still didn’t move, even when the person reached out to hug him, placing his chin on his shoulder.

“If you think that, then I don’t regret anything.” His breath touched Wen JingHan’s neck.

The warmth behind him slowly disappeared, and Wen JingHan sighed before finally saying, “For some things, you should learn to cut your losses.”

After a long time, a light “mn” floated to him in the breeze.

So many years had passed, and although many things were still the same, people had changed. In the end, all that was left was their closure with each other, and they only remembered the positive things they had brought each other, which was the best ending.

Wen JingHan left the cemetery and turned a corner. Meanwhile, a shadowy figure was on a call. “…And that’s what happened. Boss, if you really told the Duke the truth, would it cause a world war?”

“With Wen JingHan there, he won’t be able to. Besides, they’ve bothered my Little Jin quite a bit, so I’ll give them some trouble in return.” Lu YunYang hung up the phone and made another call to the Duke.

“Just now, that person showed up. He had a brief heart-to-heart as well as a hug with your wife, and then immediately left.”

“That’s more like it,” scoffed the Duke.

Wait, what did he say?! They hugged?!?!


Wen JinHan returned to his house which he hadn’t entered for practically two years, and he was instantly filled with emotion. Everything that had happened seemed like he had been watching television, and when he thought back to it, it felt like he had only been an observer that hadn’t felt any of the emotions.

He quickly packed some things and rushed to his parent’s house, where he accepted his father’s scolding.

“Do you think that after I raised you, you’re a just a fucking independent person who can do whatever you want?! Did you even think about us?!” Minister Wen pounded the table furiously. “Do you think you’re James Bond or Rambo?! Charging into battle, saving the world by yourself! Do you think your father is the emperor?! Just because you’re my son, you think you can do anything you want and no one would care?!” The potted bonsai tree on the table shook.

“Dad, calm down, have something to drink.” Wen JinHan offered him a cup of tea, with a filial expression.

“No! Look, you don’t feel sorry at all! I’m going to kill you to get it over with, so I won’t have to worry about you anymore?!” Then, he picked up a stick he had somehow gotten.

Wen JinHan pleaded for mercy as he was chased around the house by his father, and his mother tried to calm his father down.

In the end, Wen JinHan was finally able to escape with his life, though he severely reprimanded for another hour.

“Stay in this house. If you even try to go outside, I’ll break your leg!” threatened Minister Wen, before walking away and slamming the door shut.

Wen JinHan sighed in relief.

“You really worried me, you know.” His mother began wiping away tears.

“Mom, I’m sorry. This was my fault, and I didn’t think prudently enough. I almost put myself in danger, and I was a burden on you and dad.” Wen JinHan hugged her. “In the future, I’ll remain by your side, and I won’t go anywhere.”

“You’re the same as your father when he was younger. When it came to decision-making, he always acted impulsively and without thinking. It’s good that you’re okay, just get some rest. You’ll have to deal with the investigation later.” She tousled his hair.

“Don’t worry, I can handle this, and I won’t get dad involved.”

The investigation came quickly, but it was very arduous, and Wen JinHan was repeatedly questioned and restricted to his house.

One night, he was lying on the couch in boredom as he watched television with his parents. Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

They couldn’t have come back to ask more questions at a time like this, right? Have some compassion, will you? Wen JinHan grumbled internally. He unhappily got up to open the door.

When he opened the door and saw the person there, he immediately thought that he must be hallucinating.

With a bang, the door was slammed shut. Perhaps he had gotten too little sleep recently…

This time, the door was knocked loudly.

Wen JinHan’s mother walked over. “How come you aren’t opening the door? Who is it?” This building was very secure, and the expression on her son’s face was only extremely confused but unwary, so she opened the door.

A tall, handsome foreigner stood in the doorway, and some men in black were behind him.

“…Who are you?” Wen JinHan’s mother asked in English.

“Are you JinHan’s mother? Hello, I’m your son’s man, and according to your country’s tradition, I’m specially paying a visit to his parent’s. Apologies for the inconvenience.” The man bowed elegantly.

Son’s man… Wen JinHan’s mother and Minister Wen, who was walking to them, both froze.

Wen JinHan was panicking. What the hell is he doing here?!?!

Wen JinHan was still in shock, his mother was frantically pacing around by herself in the living room, wondering how her son had brought home a foreigner, not to mention a man.

Minister Wen was sternly interrogating the handsome foreigner in the study. She was very worried that her husband wouldn’t be able to control himself and end up murdering the foreigner, causing international conflicts.

“What do you have to prove your sincerity to my son?” At this moment, Minister Wen was regretting not having beat up that brat that time a few days ago. As the head of national security, he couldn’t be more familiar with the man in front of him. Exactly what had that brat done to provoke him?!

“I don’t need to prove anything. He’s mine, and there’s no other choice. I can guarantee that as long as I’m alive, no one will make him unhappy.” The Duke replied very politely, but Minister Wen really wanted to beat him up.

“You do know who I am, right? You’ll only bring him and me trouble.”

“No, I’m his protector. Your country really wants to be on good terms with mine, right? I don’t mind cutting you some slack for JinHan. If your government is still that obstinate, then I can only take him with me.”


After a long discussion, Minister Wen finally sighed. “As his father, I won’t meddle with you two’s feelings, but if you put him in danger or make him unhappy in any way, I won’t have any mercy. Remember this well.”

“Of course.”

The Duke left the room and ruffled Wen JinHan’s hair. “I’ll come pick you up in a few days.” Then, he bowed respectfully to his parents and elegantly left the Wen household.

Only then did Wen JinHan come back to his senses and ask his dad what had happened.

“What?! Dad, your son is only worth a few billion firearms?! Are you selling me just like that?!”

“Are you worth billions of dollars?”

“…Dad, you wound me.”

“Who did I do this for? Do you think the higher-ups will acquiesce in you dating such an important figure? Do you think they’ll let me off the hook? If I can’t get some benefits from him, then I can’t guarantee your freedom and safety.”

“What do you mean, dating him?! Do your research before you speak, dad!”

“…Why didn’t you say so earlier?!”

“You didn’t ask me!”

“My son found a foreign man… Is he very rich?”

“Mom, don’t make things even worse!”


When he thought about that period of time, Wen JingHan couldn’t help but laugh; it really had been a mess. Just like this, he and the Duke had ended up getting entangled over the years. He supposed that this was simply fate, and anyway, feelings were inexplicable. People just had to be a little more persevering, a little more persistent, and a little more tolerant.

When he opened the door, he saw that there was already a pair of shoes inside. He smiled as he walked in and saw the Duke sitting in the center of the sofa, his expression cold and his gaze furious.

“Hey, what are you trying to express?” Wen JingHan said casually, sitting down next to him.

The Duke was about to question him angrily, but unexpectedly, Wen JingHan hugged his waist and snuggled up against him. “You know, it doesn’t seem too bad that I’m stuck with you. Since I’ve made it easy for me, you have to treat me better in the future.”


“…Let’s go to the bedroom?” Only a fool would reject this, and as for the thing regarding so-and-so, he cast it aside.


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Sue R
Sue R
October 11, 2021 11:40 am

🥰🥰 as a mother I would be so shock at a man who said I’m your son’s man. But the Duke was great not only handsome but veryyyyy rich.

October 11, 2021 9:28 pm

So WJN in the end is “sold” by his dad to Duke🤣🤣🤣🤣

October 11, 2021 10:27 pm

Wen JingHan, the queen-bottom, even his Duke partner can’t do anything against him. 😂🥰

The Duke is really bold, to come to the Minister’s house, declare that his son is his and even make a subtle threat about taking him away if they won’t agree… 😲😳

Thank you for the chapter!!!

October 12, 2021 12:35 pm

LYY is so crafty! I do like this character.
WJH’s scolding made me giggle. The Duke was very arrogant (not surprised), turning up like that; he was lucky it didn’t turn out badly. WJH’s dad assumed the Duke was his son’s man too; oopsy.
Time proved Dad was right though.
Thanks for translating and editing.

Bigmama's Bosoms
Bigmama's Bosoms
April 27, 2022 10:32 am

This a quite a lighthearted novel hence, I don’t mind certain things. But in any other heavy one, it’d take a little more than that to simply forget or overlook some of the initial damage done. Sniffles. I truly wonder if tis only this peasant here who mourns those little mentioned, abused boys, the ones not so lucky. Or the forced intimacy that seemingly turned acceptance. Aiya, to each their own.

Aeanbelle Frost
Aeanbelle Frost
October 2, 2022 9:42 am

Lmao the parents reaction XD

August 1, 2023 7:31 pm

Hmm I really can’t get behind this couple. The Duke’s a shirt for balls arms dealer, he raped him, kept him captive & then came back to essentially forcefully take him. He didn’t even give him a few years to adjust before attempting anything. Not a love story in anyway.

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