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Obey Me
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Obey Me

 “Kikuma, kneel.”

I don’t want to obey his orders, but somehow my body moved on its own. He fingered me, put a cock ring on me…I want to come, but I can’t!

After violating school regulations, the number one delinquent in his year – Teranishi Kikuma – is forced to change dorm rooms. Reluctantly accepting his fate, he heads for his new room, where he meets Uryuu Takasumi, the dorm leader. A strange feeling he has never experienced before overtakes him. His body tingles and he feels an urge to fight Takasumi…what the hell is this?

When he breaks the rules again, Takasumi sets up a few conditions, and their master-slave relationship begins. “If you follow the rules, you’ll get a reward. If you break them, you’ll be punished.” 

Current Manga Updated Weekly

Yasashi Kare to Fukigen Kitsune no Rennai Jijyo

Ever since he got lost as a child, Keita has been able to see ayakashi after being granted the ‘sight.’ How a working adult, Keita still sees people who would be considered normal human beings to others as something beyond human imagination. At a cafe, Keita sees a man who has fox ears and a tail. Surprised to see a male fox, Keita ends up on his bad side. However, these the kind boy and this moody shapeshifting fox have many more days ahead of them. 

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