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That person wasn’t a stranger, it was Jiang Liu.

Speaking of him, You XiaoMo found that Jiang Liu appeared to be very low-profile, from the time they entered Paradise Realm until now, he hadn’t heard anything about Jiang Liu, or whether he had a contract beast or not.

You XiaoMo turned towards his two seniors and said something, then walked toward Ling Xiao. When he got near, he heard Jiang Liu, whose back was to him, say to Ling Xiao, in a slightly cheerful tone, “Lin-shixiong, congratulations on coming back safely.”

Ling Xiao slightly raised his eyebrows, looking somewhat surprised that he came over to talk to him, and immediately smiled. “You are…. Jiang-shidi, aren’t you?”

You XiaoMo almost spit.

Ling Xiao’s words were a little bit too cruel. Just by looking at Jiang Liu, you could tell that he is the “smiling Lin Xiao” fan. It might be difficult for him to take this chance to talk to Ling Xiao, but not only did the other party not remember him, he even almost forgot his name. Truly tragic!

Jiang Liu’s whole face almost changed color, but his ability to endure was not low. He immediately recovered, and put on a smiling face. This guy was tougher than the previous one. “Yes, Lin-shixiong, you might not really remember me. Tang-shijie and I are Shi Jie Di (t/n: big sister and little brother — disciple relationship only; he is her junior), we share the same master.”

Ling Xiao knocked his head, “Aiya, look at my memory. I remember now. During the big competition at WuShuang Mountain last time, I remember that it seemed like you went to my room looking for You-shidi, right?”

Jiang Liu’s face changed a bit, he didn’t know why Ling Xiao suddenly mentioned this matter again. He suddenly didn’t dare to keep staying here, and quickly found an excuse to go away. Up until the end, Jiang Liu still hadn’t found out You XiaoMo had been standing behind him all that time. Seeing Jiang Liu stuck on his own words, You XiaoMo almost laughed out loud.

Regarding Jiang Liu, You XiaoMo already discovered his true nature. Not only that, he remembered he was so dumb before, like the Wu Shuang Mountain’s incident that Ling Xiao had mentioned just now.

At that time on the Wu Shuang Mountain, Jiang Liu tricked him to go with him. Although he was exposed, Jiang Liu still deceived him by telling him that he was threatened by Tang YunQi. Now that he thought about it, those lies were really flawed, but he still didn’t realize it. Jiang Liu is Master Feng’s Heavenly Peak’s top disciple. With Master Feng putting a high value to Jiang Liu, there was no way Tang YunQi had bullied him. Even if Tang YunQi’s father was Tang Fan, with Master Feng from Heavenly Peak’s identity, Tang Fan was the one who must bow down to him. So there’s no way she’d bullied him. He must have been really stupid to believe that.

Now the more he thought about it, this guy really had too many faces. He looked harmless on the surface, but he was actually the most wicked person out there. Disguised as innocent and harmless, but he was actually very narrow-minded. The treacherous and cunning type!

Fortunately, he was not too late to realize it!

Ling Xiao patted his head, “Have you finished laughing?”

You XiaoMo nooded and said, “Ling-shixiong, did you really forget Jiang Liu?”

Ling Xiao raised his brow, “He harmed you three out of four times, how could I forget him?”

You XiaoMo’s face reddened, “The one he harmed was not you, I should be the one who remembered him.”

Ling Xiao’s eyes narrowed, “From your head to your toes, which part doesn’t belong to me? Harming you means harming me. Why shouldn’t I resent him?!” He said this firmly, absolutely without rhetorical question.

You XiaoMo stared at him. Damn him, from head to toe, which one belongs to me — He really wanted to shout that back at him, but seeing Ling xiao’s ‘Don’t you dare say no” expression, he could only swallow back his words.

After two hours, almost all the people who came into the Paradise Realm had arrived at the teleportation point. Although nearly half of the people were dead, there were many people who had survived. When the number of people had increased, the teleportation point started to give of a faint smell of blood. Finally, the spell that was under their feet began to glow and the transmission started.

One by one, the people at the teleportation port began to disappear. Since the transmission circle on the other end wasn’t very big, it could only transport around five people at a time and it transferred randomly.

When the people on the teleportation port lessened, You XiaoMo screamed. He felt that there was some kind of force grabbing a hold of him just before he got transferred. Just when he started to lose consciousness, his waist was hugged tightly.

— Wan Mang Yao Yuan Borderline —

A month had passed, the people who protected the transmission circle saw a light that kept on glowing, and the people continued coming out from the transmission circle. All they saw were the pale faces that continued to show some lingering fear.

And then, someone suddenly made a Yi sound, “Why are there six people this time?”

His words suddenly caught the attention of most people, and everyone went to the transmission circle to see. This turn’s transmission circle actually transferred six people, it was really unusual. Six people came out of the transmission circle. The people who walked out last were surprisingly Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo, who heard these people’s whispers, suddenly looked up towards Ling Xiao. Don’t tell me the sixth person that they mentioned was Ling Xiao?

Luckily, the people didn’t look into this matter. The transmission circle probably could send out an extra person sometimes; and soon, everybody’s attention was drawn towards the people who just came out of the transmission circle.

Ling Xiao looked around, he didn’t find Tang Fan’s figure. Not only that, Qing Cheng Sect’s leader Luo Cheng was also not there. Originally since a month had already passed, the people from the two sects who were waiting shouldn’t be this little. Now there were so few and scattered, surprisingly not that many, something big must have happened.

Ling Xiao caught a young martial arts disciple from the Tian Xin Sect, and casually asked, “Why is it only you guys who came here, and the leaders didn’t?”

When the young disciple saw that the one who asked him was Ling Xiao, surprisingly he didn’t tell him at once. Instead, he hesitated a bit, and then his eyes flickered before saying, “The leaders are having an issue, so they told Xiao-shishu to come first and greet Da Shi Xiong.”

Ling Xiao made an ‘Oh’ sound and asked, “What issues are they having right now?”

The young disciple smiled reluctantly, “Da Shi Xiong asked the wrong person, my status is not high enough to know this matter clearly.”

Ling Xiao asked, “Then who knows about it?”

The young disciple suddenly choked up. Da Shi Xiong was usually not someone who loved to investigate things thoroughly, but thinking about the teacher’s warning, he decided to hide it.

Seeing that he wouldn’t say anything, Ling Xiao didn’t ask again.

The disciple immediately sighed in relief, and fled away. If he were to say something again, he’d definitely spill the beans.

Not long after, everyone had finished transferring back, they destroyed the small transmission circle. After that, everyone went away from Wang Mang Yao Yuan. When Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo were just about to go back, they saw Luo ShuHe, along with the disciples from Qing Cheng Sect, leaving in a hurry. Their expressions appeared to be very anxious, and they didn’t even say any greetings.

“Lin Xiao.” Just then, Lei Ju’s master came over and called Ling Xiao, and talked to him in an unusually polite manner. “There is a big problem in the Tan Xin Sect. The Grand Master asked you to come back with me at once. Let’s go back now.” He didn’t deliberately urge him, and without sarcasm in his words. This kind of manner made Xiao Long look so fake, that even made You XiaoMo suspicious, not to mention Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao smiled and nodded, “Let’s go, ba.”

Then he took You XiaoMo’s hand, prepared to go together.

“Wait.” Xiao Long suddenly opened his mouth and called them. When they looked at him, he explained, “This time, we have to go back immediately to Wu Shuang Mountain, and we don’t intend to stop halfway because it is urgent. Your junior shouldn’t come back with you. Let him go back with the people from the same division. Their destination is the same anyway.”

Ling Xiao paused, and then raised the corner of his lips, “That’s fine. Then Xiao-shisu please wait for me a little.”

Unexpectedly, Xiao Long didn’t make it difficult for him, and just let him go.

Lei Ju saw his leaving figure from behind, looking somewhat dissatisfied, and said, “Shifu, why did you let Lin Xiao go? He bullied me in Paradise Realm.”

Xiao Long sneered, “Don’t worry, he won’t be able to keep his cockiness for too long.”

Although Lei Ju didn’t know what had happened, he knew his Shifu couldn’t be wrong, so he became happy.

On the other side, Ling Xiao handed You XiaoMo to Fang ChenLe and Fu ZiLin. When both of them came closer, the Poisoned Flood Dragon that always lazed around on Fang ChenLe’s shoulder, suddenly behaved like it was afraid of something. However, because it was too small, there were not many people who realized it. However, because Fang ChenLe had become his contractor, he realized it. Before he even opened his mouth, Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo had arrived in front of them.

Ling Xiao said, “Fang ChenLe, please take care of You-shidi”.

Fang ChenLe was surprised that he handed You XiaoMo to him, but nodded anyway, “Don’t worry, I am his Da Shi Xiong, of course I will take care of him.”

Ling Xiao nodded slightly, and went away. When he looked at his back, You XiaoMo wanted to say something, but stopped. He felt that there was something weird about the whole situation.

The pressure of the atmosphere around the people became vicious.


Shishu (师叔) = Uncle (in teacher-master form) — disciples call masters other than their own master as ‘uncle’

Da Shi Xiong(大师兄): the eldest senior brother / the first to become the disciple

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