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Chapter 190 Part 1 – Death Prison

After that day, You XiaoMo didn’t have to worry about picking up magic herb seeds any longer. Because of his “self-injury” ruse, SheQiu lead the other four demon beasts to initially help pick up the seeds that fell in the magic herb fields. Furthermore, they even started to help water them with spirit water.

You XiaoMo wrote down all the kinds of magic herbs he had, how frequent they should water them, and when they would mature then pasted it on the board. So if they found something they didn’t understand, they could just look at it and they didn’t have to look for him. After he finished, he felt that he was so clever!

Lead by SheQiu, not including PiQiu, all three of them feel that they’ve been deceived!

Ever since they helped to collect the seeds, You XiaoMo handed them this task. It was originally his task, but now it was all their tasks.

Even though they knew they’d been deceived, they still complete it. Otherwise, if You XiaoMo became unhappy, the thunder would be waiting for those who lived in the space.

In the blink of eye, it had been half a month since they came back to the Tian Xin Sect. Although it looked like the breeze was still, and the waves quiet (t/n: tranquil environment), everybody could feel it, whether it was the Tian Xin Sect, or the other sects, their relationships were reaching the limit.

The relation between the Tian Xin Sect and the Qing Cheng Sect is the most vulnerable. But the grand masters from both sides were not just leaders by name, they already had problems with constant disputes between the human practitioners and the demons. If they were still killing each other then the demons would just take advantage of it.

On top of everything, a serious thing had happened a few days ago. It was related to the people from Xing Luo. Rumors said the people from Xing Luo were working together with the demons.

The reason was that when the Paradise Realm had only been opened for five days,at the Wang Ling cave, beside Xin Shiyi’s group everyone, had been killed mercilessly,there were also five unidentified bodies. Later people found out those bodies belonged to those who hate practitioners deeply. Demons.

From the traces of the fights at the crime scene, it looked like the people from Xing Luo worked together with the demons to fight their enemies. But these were not the reasons they doubted whether the Xing Luo Sect was working together with the demons or not.

The real reason was that there was a practitioner who came with them to the Paradise Realm, and he made a contract with a demon beast. That demon beast said that before they made a contract, it saw some people from the Xing Luo Sect walking together with an extravagant person, and then they killed the people from the Xiao Yao Sect.

As for how they died, and who killed them, the demon beast didn’t see it, because it was blown away by a powerful force.

This really was the biggest news!

For one of the big sects to join forces with the demons, it was disastrous.

For a while, apart from the people from the Xing Luo Sect, they temporarily compromised to set aside the prejudices between the Qing Cheng Sect and the Tian Xin Sect, and they formed an alliance to oppose the Xing Luo Sect.

The result was that the master from the Xing Luo Sect, ShenTu Dao, was forced to come out from his seclusion. ShenTu Dao stated that the people from the Xing Luo Sect absolutely never worked together with the demons, and that everything was framed by that practitioner.

For a mere independent practitioner, who doesn’t have any backup to protect him, and who is without any resentment towards the Xing Luo Sect, would he just suddenly frame the Xing Luo Sect? This argument didn’t make any sense.

Not long after, the elder from the Xing Luo Sect explained that the said practitioner once had a conflict with the disciples from their Bamboo Group, and then he held a grudge long enough to frame the Xing Luo Sect. He even brought a witness.

At first, some people believed it because after they checked it out, that practitioner really did have some grudges against the disciples from the Xing Luo Sect. But not long after, this lie was revealed.

To confront the accusation towards the Xing Luo Sect, ShenTu Dao of course couldn’t let him off the hook, and thus sent people to hunt him down. Fortunately, that practitioner’s demon beast has the ability to conceal their breath, so he didn’t get caught. Later, when that practitioner was driven into the corner, he ran into the Qing Cheng Sect and made an oath in front of many people, then he disappeared.

Because of that oath, the people who half believed and half doubted him, finally believed him. Led by the Qing Cheng Sect and the Tian Xin Sect, both big sects forced ShenTu Dao to take an oath. If Xing Luo Sect really didn’t join forces with demons, then he should take an oath.

Of course ShenTu Dao couldn’t take an oath, so it meant that the Xing Luo Sect really was working together with the demons.

Working together with the demons meant that they had betrayed humankind; this round of events, even the notably cunning person like ShenTu Dao wouldn’t expect that things would develop like this.

Ultimately, the Tian Xin Sect worked together with several other sects to oppose the Xing Luo Sect.

In less than half a month, the situation had changed dramatically. Now, several forces were discussing how to deal with the Xing Luo Sect. ShenTu Dao’s strength is at the emperor level, Luo ChengYuan and Tang Fan have to participate. After Tang Fan left, the matter about Ling Xiao and Zhou Peng were set aside for the time being.

You XiaoMo got all the news from Yang Yi.

Before, You XiaoMo didn’t understand why Tang Fan didn’t release Ling Xiao and Zhou Peng, even though it was already late. Now he knew that things had changed.

Later, he asked around where the death prison’s location was. Everything comes to the person who waits; he finally found him.

The Tian Xin Sect’s death prison has a long history. It’s located at Wan E forest, behind the Tian Xin Sect’s mountain, but was heavily guarded. The guards were Silver Armor guard, and they all were star level guards protecting the place. Besides, there was a barrier surrounding the Wan E forest. If you touch it, the Silver Armor guards would come.

The death prison was heavily guarded because they put all the prisoners inside, from way long ago until now. There were the Tian Xin Sect’s traitors, moles who spied on the Tian Xin Sect, some famous villains, and so on.

Up until now, the people inside had reached a large number, so it was necessary to keep many guards outside. Not only that, there was the Tian Xin Sect’s elder who was very famous a long time ago.

At this time, from the inside of the endless darkness, there was a flicker of fire, continuously giving out a sound, a very heart-wrenching one. That was a sound of grieving anguish, followed by the sound of beating; the painful sound becomes louder and louder, but as time goes by, the sound becomes numb.

This is the current situation of the death prison, the hidden world that resides beyond the Wan E forest, while at the same time, it’s a world that looks like purgatory.

Just by staying at the death prison for a day, anyone could become insane. It is said that even when your good friend was standing in front of you, you wouldn’t be able to recognize them.

*Ka ta ka ta*, light footsteps could be heard, coming from the death row entrance.

There was a light coming out of the flame, and the reek of fresh blood perforated the air, it smelled salty and humid. Soon it spread to the tip of the nose, enough to turn a normal person’s expression into a frightened one in an instant. Instead, there wasn’t any slight of reaction. A slow step coming out from upstairs, drips of blood flowing down from the edge of his feet.

From the side of the river of blood, there was a mountain of bones piling up, and these bones looked ‘fresh.’ The bones still had some residual flesh; dozen, hundreds of them were piling up alongside the river of blood. If it wasn’t at the death prison’s underground, which was dim enough to limit one’s vision, anyone will be scared to death just by a glance.

However, the man looked at the piles of bones at his side as if it was nothing, and continue to walk until he reached the end of the river blood.

As far as eye could see, the death prison was dyed in a deep red color, the iron bars looked as if they were burned by a mortar, each was scorching hot, enough to burn and tear down the flesh and blood.

Inside this prison, locked individually, people were bound to change beyond recognition. No one could see the appearance of a single person.

From inside the cells, several people looked at the man who was walking in front of them. Among them, there was an old man who has a distorted look and suddenly dashed out, both hand held the iron bars tightly. He wasn’t afraid of the pain from the burning irons, and uttered a mournful scream, “Tang Zhen, you demon! Just wait until the day where you and Tang Fan die mercilessly!”

“Hehe…” the man laughed softly, stopping in front of the old man’s cell. He turned around to see the old man, showing a cheerful expression with a hidden joyful smile, “Old man, it seems like your life will only last for a few more days, soon it’ll be your turn.”

After saying that, he ignored the old man and continued to walk.

Fifteen minutes later, he reached to the end of the cells. The few cells at the end were built differently from the front ones. These rooms don’t have hot iron bars, instead, the surfaces used a black spar. Although it looked like an ordinary thing, the black spar can suppress practitioners greatly. Inside here, they couldn’t use any of their power.

The man walked by, and stopped at the last two rooms, he turned his body and looked at the dark cells on his right side. There was a silhouette of a slender figure that seemed to become one with the darkness.

That man stared at the person inside, and smiled, “Lin-shizhi, how do you feel, confined for half a month?”

The owner of that slender figure walked out of the darkness, surprisingly, it was the one You XiaoMo hadn’t seen in the last half month, Ling Xiao. Although he was imprisoned, there wasn’t a hint that he had any difficulties. On the contrary, he still had the aura of elegance, just like a handsome and refined noble son. Looking at his hypocrisy, he pondered for a while, and nodded, “I’m fine.”

The man thought that he was only boasting, and said, “Lin Xiao, your qualifications are excellent, you’ll make an excellent successor. It’s a pity that my eldest brother doesn’t want a rebellious disciple. You surely know what kind of place death prison is, if you enter here, you won’t be able to go out for the rest of your life.”



Shizhi (师侄) — please look at our post for honorifics.

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