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Chapter 38: Homemade Sandwiches

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

For the first time, Lin ShuYi started to question who Shen Fu really was. No matter what, it seemed to be drastically different from what he initially thought.

That was because the next day someone came to find Shen Fu. Seeing Lin ShuYi’s curious gaze, Shen Fu seemed troubled. He told the other person to wait for him outside and they proceeded to talk about something Lin ShuYi didn’t hear.

Once that person left, Shen Fu came back as if nothing had happened and told Lin ShuYi, “Yang Xiao’s probably going to be staying in jail for a while, and it probably won’t be easy for him. I feel like he needs someone to tell him how to live as a proper human again.”

Lin ShuYi had no objections to it. It was clear that they were updating Shen Fu on the situation. Also, that person looked over at Lin ShuYi oddly quite a few times.

He wanted to ask Shen Fu, who was he actually, but then thought against it. If he wanted to, he would have told him already, if he didn’t want to, then he wouldn’t ask.

Seeing that Lin ShuYi simply nodded and had no intention of inquiring further, Shen Fu became depressed. So him trying to be mysterious didn’t even garner one bit of attention from Lin ShuYi?! Why does he feel so pitiful?

Today the two weren’t in any hurry to get up because the Xi Qin Restaurant got trashed. It wouldn’t be starting up any moment soon. At first, Lin ShuYi was worried that old man Yang would be sad when he knew, but in reality, he seemed as though he didn’t take it to heart at all. Instead, he started comforting Lin ShuYi, saying that it was fine, they could take the opportunity to rest for a few days.

Since they didn’t need to prep for the opening, the two stayed at home and made breakfast. Lin ShuYi didn’t have any fancy appliances in his house, only a frying pan and a pot, so they just made some homemade sandwiches.

This was also something Lin ShuYi had before. For the things he eaten before, he had a perfect memory and even tasting it once, he knew how to replicate the flavor.

The kitchen was very small, if two people were inside at the same time, neither would be able to turn around. Thus, Shen Fu leaned against the door and watched the handsome young man wearing an apron. In the gradually brightening kitchen, his ivory hands were cutting up the ingredients and the ray of light from sunrise went past the window, casting a golden hue on his face. It was as if he suddenly became untouchable. Shen Fu swallowed inaudibly, truly a masterpiece!

Shen Fu’s gaze was so apparent that even if Lin ShuYi didn’t understand the meaning behind it, he got angry. Turning around he looked coldly at Shen Fu, “If you have nothing to do then go wash the vegetables.”

Shen Fu gladly took the basket from his hands and went to wash them.

Since there wasn’t a toaster, Lin ShuYi could only use a frying pan. Using low heat, he warmed the bread brought by Shen Fu and then fried a few pieces of bacon, and a few eggs. These together would be able to make a delicious sandwich.

A piece of toast, a bit of salad dressing, then a piece of lettuce, a piece of bacon, another piece of bread, a fried egg, then finally adding on a bit more dressing with a final piece of toast, the sandwich was complete. It was quick and simple.

It had to be said, once coming here, Lin ShuYi discovered a lot of new things and the one who brought him along was Shen Fu. Lin ShuYi had a very high tolerance for these things, in fact, it was so high that even Shen Fu couldn’t tell he had never seen these things before. It was probably his ‘straight A student’ special ability.

Homemade sandwiches plus milk warmed up in a pot, it was both delicious and nutritious.

Shen Fu felt satisfied.

After they finished, they packed up one to bring to old man Yang. Even though yesterday’s events didn’t hurt old man Yang physically, Lin ShuYi was worried that it would leave a mental scar.

But to their surprise, before they even entered, they could hear old man Yang’s laughter. Lin ShuYi subconsciously smiled as well, opening the door he asked, “What got grandpa so happy?”

Inside was quite a few people, from old man Yang, to old man Chen, to Xiao Wan’s grandma and a few Lin ShuYi couldn’t name.

Old man Yang sat in the middle and was laughing. There wasn’t even a hint of an expression that would’ve gotten Lin ShuYi worried. He then said, “Xiao Yi, Xiao Fu, you’re back.”

Old man Chen looked at the bag in Lin ShuYi’s hands and teased, “And you brought breakfast, I see. Why so little? We hadn’t eaten either.”

Shen Fu laughed, “We didn’t know you would all be here. We’ll go buy them right now.”

Xiao Wan’s grandma quickly stopped him and said, “He’s just joking around. We all ate and came here to chat, that’s all.”

Old man Yang took the bag with a smile. It was still warm, clearly they made it separately just to bring it to him. His smile deepened as he said, “Then I’ll be enjoying it myself, don’t get jealous.”

Everyone smiled at that. The friendly atmosphere got them all happy from the bottom of their hearts.

Once he finished breakfast, old man Yang then told him why they gathered here so early in the morning.

Xi Qin Restaurant had been trashed, they never got back old man Yang’s money, Yang JianGuo called to say he divorced Zhao XueMei, Yang Xiao was in jail, and Zhao XueMei got hospitalized, probably due to the mental shock of everything. Now all of old man Yang’s business was taken care of, they were discussing going on vacation together.

They told him that if they didn’t get out now, they may never get another chance to, since they weren’t getting any younger. As old man Yang was talking, his eyes were getting red. He knew everyone was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to get over everything so they wanted to accompany him on a trip. Even though he didn’t have a good son or grandson, he had a bunch of good friends and these two good children.

“Actually, I figured it out. No one truly lives their lives for someone else. Even if it is a son or grandson. Eventually they would become independent and live their own life. So, even if I don’t have them now, it’s not important. I’m not sad, because even without them, I still have you guys. Don’t worry.” Old man Yang truly thought it through this time, because ever since the beginning of the whole affair, it was the first time a genuine smile appeared on his face like this.

Everyone needed to take responsibility for their own actions and he didn’t need to punish himself over other people’s failures. He needed to live a good life so he could face his wife in the afterlife.

“So, grandpa is thinking of going on a vacation with them?”

Old man Yang nodded, “All of the cash in the house was taken. That was what I prepared for JianGuo and them, but who would’ve thought… However, I still had another card, it doesn’t have much, but it is enough for me to go on a trip. I’m planning on going with them, after all, all these years I stayed in this restaurant, and never gone out once.”

Lin ShuYi smiled, “Okay, then you guys go have fun. I’ll stay with him at home looking after the house, waiting for you guys.”

Standing there, Lin ShuYi was almost taller than he was. Along with Shen Fu, they were like the pillars of his life. Old man Yang eyes became a bit watery. Actually, it wasn’t just Lin ShuYi relying on him, he was also relying him. Ever since this child came into his life, he knew for the first time what heartwarming felt like.

Once Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi went back, Lin ShuYi suddenly said, “Does it still count? What you said last time?”

Shen Fu was confused, he didn’t know what he was saying, “What?”

“You said I could borrow money from you.” Lin ShuYi said as he tilted his head to look at Shen Fu. The slight glisten of water in his eyes made Shen Fu’s mind wander.

“I’ll pay you back.” Lin ShuYi continued.

Shen Fu sighed. This person was a master at ruining the atmosphere. “Of course it counts. Everything I say counts, but didn’t you not want to before? Why do you want to borrow now?”

Lin ShuYi turned around and nodded, “I want to give grandpa back the money for buying the restaurant so that he can go on vacation in peace.” Shen Fu nodded to say he understood. Then Lin ShuYi continued, “I still need to reopen the restaurant.”

“Of course,” Shen Fu said as his hand crossed behind his head, “Isn’t the restaurant already in the rebuilding phase? It’ll open again.”

Lin ShuYi shook his head, “No, I want it to be bigger.”

Shen Fu suddenly remembered what he said that night and chuckled, “Like the ChengTing National Banquet (盛庭国宴)?” (the seven star hotel restaurant)

To his surprise, Lin ShuYi shook his head again, “No, it needs to be as big as the National Banquet.”

Shen Fu felt like he couldn’t catch up to Lin ShuYi’s thoughts anymore.

Lin ShuYi walked forward a few steps and said, “Grandpa’s all alone now. He gave Xi Qin Restaurant to me, even though it was sold to me, he never thought about asking me for the money. He’s getting older, he’ll eventually get sick and get even older. I don’t want to not be able to take care of him by then. He doesn’t have any family, I’ll be his family now.” Lin ShuYi’s voice was light and gentle, with the slight roughness of a teenager, but it sounded more mature than a lot of adults Shen Fu knew. For example, grandpa Yang’s disappointing grandson.

But, Shen Fu didn’t quite understand the emotions Lin ShuYi had towards old man Yang. From his perspective, it was an emotion stronger than mutual support.  

Shen Fu felt a warm glow in his heart, this Lin ShuYi was more amazing and he liked him even more. Just as he was about to say yes, Lin ShuYi turned around and asked with hesitation, “Oh right, do you have that much money?”

Shen Fu, “……I do.”

Lin ShuYi nodded with an expression that said, ‘now I’m relieved’.

Shen Fu:……

That’s it? He didn’t want to know anything else? Shen Fu felt his heartache, other than him telling him straight up, it looks like this person would never ask himself. But confessing…some parts are really embarrassing though.

For the next day, Lin ShuYi helped old man Yang pack up as he watched the elderly group talk about where to go and which tourist group to go with. They couldn’t figure out whether to go see the maple leaves or go to the hot springs. It wasn’t until Xiao Wan’s grandma stepped in did it get settled, “First, let’s go see the maple leaves then go to the hot springs.”

With that, old man Yang’s vacation was happily decided. By the time they were ready to leave, old man Yang opened the backpack where he kept snacks only to find a card. It was a card that he was very familiar with because it was the one he took Lin ShuYi to the bank to get. The password was set by Lin ShuYi but before he left, Lin ShuYi told it to him.

“Old man Yang what are you looking at?”

Old man Yang rubbed his eyes and put the card back.


He had met a wonderful kid.

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