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Chapter 52: Handmade Sachima

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

This skill of breaking in a horse was taught by Lin ShuYi’s greatly respected teacher.

Although Lin ShuYi was adopted by his teacher when he was young, he did not know the ins and outs of his teacher’s background. Lin ShuYi only knew that his appearance was unlike a person from Da Yan and he knew a lot of things. Including taming a horse, his teacher taught Lin ShuYi most of the things he knew, except for cooking.

A nobleman stayed clear of the kitchen, and his teacher generally favored this thinking, so he never cooked unless it was a last resort. Due to this, the things he made could barely be considered as edible. This was probably one of the reasons why Lin ShuYi had such an obsession with eating.

The taming of horses was one of his teacher’s top fortes, and he had taught it to Lin ShuYi in the end. However, Lin ShuYi could only tame one horse at a time, while his teacher was more impressive than him.

So Lin ShuYi felt that he was far behind his teacher. Yet did not realize that in Tian Chao/Imperial China, where horses and horse ranches were increasingly rare, horse taming was such a rare cheat-like skill that even Shen Fu was completely stupefied.

“Such skill is… really in defiance of the natural order!” Chen Fang stared at Lin ShuYi and the horse in front of him as he walked over. Though he did not see the beginning, he had seen the end. So now he was totally shocked, okay?

Lin ShuYi had planned to mount the horse and ride another round on it again. In the end, he was actually frightened by the expressions of the two men. Was this something amazing? Didn’t these people also have a racetrack? They actually can’t even tame a horse?

It was only then did Shen Fu recover from his stupefaction. “Who was the one… who taught you all these?”

Lin ShuYi cocked his head, “What’s wrong? Neither of you know how to do this?”

Shen Fu and Chen Fang looked at him silently, expressing ‘How could everyone know such a difficult skill?’

Lin ShuYi suddenly reacted. He forgot that this was not Da Yan. No one would know such amazing and exotic horse-training tricks. So had he been exposed?

Looking at Lin ShuYi’s wide eyes and his flustered state, Shen Fu suddenly went forward to hug Lin ShuYi as the corner of his mouth lifted, “This means I really found a treasure ah.”

Chen Fang: “…”

Can you stop deliberately letting me see such obvious flirting? Although Chen Fang knew Shen Fu did not want to dig excessively into Lin ShuYi’s matters, using such a method still made him feel rather irked, okay? Single dogs are saying they’ve received tons of damage, okay?

This racetrack was very big, so except for the youngster who took Lin ShuYi to see the horse, very few people saw this scene. That youngster was currently running over with two people in a panic.

All who came here were wealthy and respectable people and he was just working here temporarily. If anything happened, he could not afford to take responsibility for it. So he promptly called the management office and asked for a horse trainer when the horse rushed out, hoping that nothing would happen while running over.

However, he began to feel a bad premonition after he called them and ran over to the racetrack. What met his eyes was the sight of the handsome young man who had caused him such anxiety being held in the arms of another man who looked like a noble young master. There was totally no problem at all, and the scene he created even made people blush and their heart skip a beat.

The two men he brought with him also had ‘what the fuck’ written on their faces. Wasn’t it a critical situation? Was this such an emergency? They’re the rescue team. Were they being taken as the Kiss Now Team? Regardless of how beautiful the scene was, the rescue team still did not dare to look at the two Tall, Rich and Handsome men.

The three people had the pinched look of a hungry person. Why did they come here for nothing when they have go back again?

“Where are our horses?” Lin ShuYi, who reacted first, pushed Shen Fu aside and called out to the three without a hint of resentment in his voice. Chen Fang had also finally turned around and remembered that he did not come to see them make a public display of their affection.

When the youngster who sent the horse saw Shen Fu’s face, he gasped. It turned out to be Young Master Shen! It was unexpectedly Young Master Shen! When he thought of this, he could not help but glance at Lin ShuYi again as he bowed, “They’re coming right now, coming right now.”

Although he did not know what was going on, he understood it somewhat when he remembered the scene he had seen just now. He rejoiced even more in his heart. It was fortunate that this person was skilled, and luckily nothing had happened. If anything had happened, it would really be the end.

Lin ShuYi’s horse was completely black, expect for four white socks. It was a first-rate SiTiXue (四蹄雪), with a pure bloodline. It was just that it was hard to tame. There were only a few horses of this breed on the whole ranch, and all had a character that was relatively obedient. Shen Fu’s horse was also a SiTiXue. He was a frequent visitor to You Jian, so it was not surprising that they had horses which he often rode. However, Shen Fu’s SiTiXue was different from Lin ShuYi’s. Lin ShuYi’s SiTiXue had just arrived from outside and it was hard to tame it’s wild nature at this moment. That was why it was so difficult to handle. SiTiXue horses would usually be broken in under the long-term guidance of a horse trainer thereby becoming more gentle. At the very least, it would not be like the one that Lin ShuYi rode, which had bucked and dashed out as soon as the fence was opened.

As long as the manager of the ranch knew that Shen Fu had come, he would also know that Shen Fu would want that horse. The youngster who lead the horse out sighed in his heart. No wonder that person’s skills were so outstanding and he could subdue the horse in such a short time. It turned out that the one beside him was Shen Fu.

A reddish brown SiTiXue with four white socks was lead out. With a stride of his long legs, Shen Fu swung up the horse, and then waved to Lin ShuYi, “I never imagined that you were so skilled. Shall we go gallop around for a few rounds?”

Faced with Shen Fu’s provocative smile, Lin ShuYi mounted his horse, pulled the reins and unhurriedly walked the horse to Shen Fu’s side, “If you want to go for a gallop then let’s go.”

Then, the excited horse galloped out with a flick of its reins.

Shen Fu smiled as he looked at the figure far in front of him. Finally, he flicked the reins and chased after him.

Chen Fang patted his obedient solid bay horse and beamed as he straddled it. Then he patted its neck gently. The horse gave a long neigh and lifted its hooves as it began to leisurely wander around the ranch. Chen Fang narrowed his eyes in contentment, “Those two are completely crazy. Let’s walk slowly and ignore them.”

The three men were sweating profusely after four hours at the racetrack. All had cheerful expressions when they came out.

Shen Fu’s equestrian skill was personally taught by Old Master Shen. It was one of his favorite fortes and he had trained till it was brought to the point of perfection. In the end, he meet his match in one Lin ShuYi and this made Shen Fu have a whole new level of respect for him. Shen Fu really felt that he had found a treasure. If both husbands had the same interest, they would not be afraid to disagree in the future. Despite this, he was rather curious at why Lin ShuYi knew how to ride a horse.

In Tian Chao/Imperial China, much like golf, horse riding had become an aristocratic sport symbolizing status. Although Shen Fu did not have the slightest intent to look down on Lin ShuYi, the fact that Lin ShuYi could ride a horse really made Shen Fu curious.

However, Lin ShuYi looked like he did not want to talk about this so Shen Fu did not ask even though he wanted to know.

The three were drenched in sweat after four hours of exercise, so they turned around and went to have a soak in a hot springs near the racetrack. H City was not a place in Tian Chao/Imperial China that had many hot springs, thus there were only three hot springs in the entire city. One of them was You Jian. Whether it was the environment or price or some other factor, the You Jian hot spring could be considered as one of the best.

When the three changed into their swimming trunks to enter the hot spring room, Chen Fang said that he forgot to take something and asked them go in first. Yet he never reappeared again after he left. It was not known whether Lin ShuYi was slow or he was determined to treat it as if nothing had happened. He did not look the slightest bit awkward and just openly changed into his swimming trunks, walking up and down in front of Shen Fu with a bare upper body.

Shen Fu: “…”

This was really not a good idea.

The air was filled with the slight sulfuric smell of a natural hot springs, which was rather pleasant to the nose. While Shen Fu tried his best to school his muddled train of thoughts and concentrate, Lin ShuYi had already gone to soak in the hot springs.

The perfect temperature accompanied by the steam that carried a slight scent of sulfur made Lin ShuYi so comfortable that he immediately squinted his eyes.

He remembered that the place where he and his teacher lived in seclusion also had a large hot spring, and it was also a naturally occurring spring. Water filled the spring through natural water pressure. Bubbles appeared at mouth of the spring from time to time, gurgling like it was boiling. With the layer of steam on the top of the hot spring, one could mistake this place for heaven from a distance.

Lin ShuYi squinted his eyes as he was lost in thought, when a person suddenly came into the water with a ‘splash’ and sat opposite him.

Lin ShuYi wiped the water that had been splashed onto his face and looked at the man smiling smugly within the mist. Then he splashed water at the man’s face without saying a word, only to unexpectedly hear Shen Fu coughing. It was only then that Lin ShuYi laughed.

Shen Fu was unwilling to be outdone after he reacted. The two men even childishly had a water fight in the hot spring pool.

They only stopped the match when one tripped over the other.

The way of ending the match was rather awkward, because the person who had tripped was Lin ShuYi. He could fall dead anywhere else, but he just had to fall on Shen Fu’s body and pushed Shen Fu down too. His lips were only one finger width away from Shen Fu’s lips while his hands were on Shen Fu’s fair and white chest. Lin ShuYi could feel the prominent point in the palm of his hands without even moving.

Lin ShuYi: “…”

Shen Fu slowly raised his lips to reveal a wicked smile that harbored malicious intentions. Lin ShuYi intuitively felt that he was in deep trouble, but it was too late.

With such a good opportunity in front of him, could he still be considered a man if he did not cherish it? Moreover, he had waited for such an opportunity for a long time. Although he really had not planned for this situation to occur, Shen Fu still kissed Lin ShuYi’s lips without hesitation.

Shen Fu withdrew after a brief taste before Lin ShuYi recovered. He grinned as he reached out to pinch Lin ShuYi’s nose, “Be good, open your mouth.”

Although the opportune time had not arrived, it should be all right if he asked for some benefits, ba. He would get kidney failure if he kept restraining himself.

Lin ShuYi’s processor had completely crashed. Was it because Shen Fu’s lips were too soft or the atmosphere here too hot? Why did he feel like his whole body was about to burn up?

His lips and tongue were brushed over inch by inch. The feeling of limpness and numbness trembled through his lips and tongue to his nerves, before spreading to his limbs and bones. Lin ShuYi stared with wide eyes and was kissed by Shen Fu till his whole body softened. It was no surprise then that the distance between the two people became so intimate that nothing could come between.

This was really worthy of celebration.

“Young Master Shen, the wine and snacks that you…”

Oh my fucking god…

The attendant walked into the hot springs while carrying a plate and did not see the scene clearly due to the steam in front of him. When he saw it clearly, he hated that he was unable to dig his eyes out. See no evil ah! Would he grow a sty because of this?!

Before the two could respond, the attendant had already put down the plate and fled out of the door.

Lin ShuYi finally collected his wits. He sorely wished that he could dunk this person who was wantonly laughing before him under the water.

Shen Fu knew what he was going to say. He looked down provocatively and gave an extremely infuriating smile, “Your hand… Have you touched enough?”

Lin ShuYi looked down at the hand that was still pressed on Shen Fu’s chest. As he thought about this, he felt that he might as well dunk himself under the water instead.

A low laughter came from Shen Fu. He took Lin ShuYi, who had been shamed into anger, into his arms and sat at one side before reaching out to put the plate brought by the attendant into the water. Following the water current, he pushed it before Lin ShuYi.

“You Jian’s handmade sachima. It’s very sticky and crispy. Have a taste?”

Finally, even gourmet food could not quench Lin ShuYi’s resentment. He threw two piercing glares at Shen Fu and used the mouth that had been sucked by Shen Fu till it was thoroughly red to say, “Fuck your taste.”

Just like this, the first time in Lin ShuYi’s history that he had swore was thus dedicated to Shen Fu.

Shen Fu, however, laughed till he was beside himself. He suddenly felt that his chances of winning had become much bigger again. The day the was able to completely eat Lin ShuYi clean was just around the corner, wasn’t it?


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