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Chapter 54: Cheesey Pizza

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Since the renovation was near its end, it was time to shop for decor. As for the paint, it was all environmentally friendly and unscented. Even though it cost more, it was worth it because it meant that the restaurant could go into operations faster and it helped the eco-friendly standard of the restaurant.

Before he left, Lin ShuYi talked with the designer about the theme of the decor. For things like chairs, tables, and lacquer screens (or wooden), the big stuff, it was all handled by the designer, since they had more experience. As for the smaller decorations, Lin ShuYi wanted to buy them himself, but that would have to wait till all of the major furniture arrived. That way, he could be sure the stuff he bought would be the sprinkle on top.

Shen Fu stood outside with his hands in his pockets, not saying a word. He just turned around to look at them once in a while. Lin ShuYi didn’t feel anything, but not so for the designer. Even though it was just a week apart, he felt as if his boss’ gaze became much more menacing.

Even though he didn’t do anything, he felt as if he was being blamed for something… “Umm…Your brother’s a bit intense.” The designer whispered quietly into Lin ShuYi’s ear and then felt the temperature around him drop even lower.

“Hm?” Lin ShuYi turned around confused, but all he saw was Shen Fu’s smiling face.

When Shen Fu saw him turning around, he asked, “Done?”

Lin ShuYi nodded, he said everything he needed to so there was nothing more to say, but considering that the designer just said he was a bit ‘intense’, he waved him over, thinking he just needed to communicate more.

Shen Fu walked over innocently but the designer backed off a bit.

“What do you need?” Shen Fu asked.

“The stuff in your car, can you bring it over? We’ll share it with everyone.” When Lin ShuYi bought them, he had the workers in mind. It was a reward and to make sure they put more effort into it, thus, when they arrived, he got Shen Fu to bring his car as well.

Shen Fu nodded and brought everything over. Seeing that there were presents, the designer went up, all smiles, and called the other workers over as well. Everyone said their thanks with a smile as they took the gifts and went back to work. As for Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi, they were preparing to go home.

It had been more than a week since they left and, because they didn’t tell old man Yang about their return, they needed to do some cleaning first. Lin ShuYi opened the door and Shen Fu followed him in, pouncing on the sofa almost immediately. Chen Fang’s bed was so soft, so comfortable yet he kind of missed this sofa he used as a bed!

Lin ShuYi first put all their stuff into the cabinets and then rolled his sleeves up, taking all of the blankets out onto the balcony to sunbathe. Shen Fu also got off the sofa and the two began cleaning the house.

The house wasn’t big and it was old, but no one minded it. Although Shen Fu would have preferred a proper bed, the sofa was soft, but because it was too soft, it wasn’t good in the long term. However, if he could turn Lin ShuYi’s bed into a double, he wouldn’t mind squeezing in with him.

Lin ShuYi turned and frowned at Shen Fu. He didn’t understand what he was doing, thinking and smiling was fine, but he would turn and look at him once every while. It was hard not to notice it.

Once the room was fully cleaned, Lin ShuYi realized that this house really had nothing. This probably wasn’t even comparable to a kitchen in Chen Fang’s luxurious house. Even Chen Fang’s house was like that, Shen Fu’s couldn’t be worse. Really, what was wrong with him to stay in a place like this for so long and even coming back for seconds. As he thought, he couldn’t help but unconsciously smile.

“Let’s buy a electric oven.” Lin ShuYi suddenly said.

Shen Fu had been lying on the sofa, with his arms across his eyes ready to nap before hearing Lin ShuYi’s words and hazily opened his eyes, “Umm?”

“Let’s buy an oven, I think it will be really useful.”

Shen Fu nodded, “Then buy it on Amazon, if we order today, it’ll probably arrive by tomorrow.”

Lin ShuYi’s lips curled up, “Can you have it delivered immediately?”

Shen Fu blinked.

“I remember you saying that Aunty Zhou’s pizza was delicious, I got her to teach me. If you can have it delivered immediately, we can have cheese pizza tonight.”

Shen Fu finally came around and was ecstatic. He actually remembered him saying he liked Aunty Zhou’s pizza, looks like his hard work had not been in vain. As for having it delivered immediate, that wasn’t even a problem for Shen Fu.

“Is there anything else you want?” Shen Fu smiled as he got up and pulled out his phone. Then he asked Lin ShuYi, “Didn’t you like pastries as well? We might as well get a toaster, a mixer and all the baking supplies as well.”

What Lin ShuYi didn’t think of, Shen Fu thought of for him, thus he nodded heavily and said, “Buy it. If you buy it, tomorrow morning we will have date flavored toast.”

The dates old man Yang bought were massive and very sweet, with a lot of meat, perfect for making toast. Shen Fu called and made the order with a smile.

Watching Shen Fu’s back, Lin ShuYi felt from the bottom of his heart that Tian Chao’s delivery service was wonderful.

He didn’t know how Shen Fu did it, but like he said, around five in the afternoon, the stuff he ordered arrived. The delivery man was a young man with an electric cargo motorcycle and he was panting heavily. Once he handed everything over to Lin ShuYi, he took a few more looks before leaving with a face of respect.

Lin ShuYi then opened everything with a smile. Recently, he seemed to have understood why women liked shopping so much. Even though he didn’t like shopping, but the feeling of opening and assessing a newly bought item he loved, without being a women, was unbelievable.

The oven was a blackish red, pretty big, and should be able to fit a lot of stuff inside. No wonder Amazon was the number one online shop. Not only did they deliver the oven, there were also a lot of accessories as well. Like oven gloves and baking trays.

Since the oven arrived, Lin ShuYi started to make the pizza. He did know Shen Fu liked it and because of that asked Aunty Zhou to teach him. He just didn’t know if using this for the first time would have any effect on the pizza itself.

Lin ShuYi was smart, so he remembered all those steps just by watching Aunty Zhou do them once. Now that everything was ready, he could start making the pizza.

Kneading the dough, making the sauce, putting them together than topping it off with sausage, corn, diced onion and bacon. Then finally it was the shredded cheese, which was often used in western cuisine and put on top of the toppings. Once it had gone through the heat of the oven, it would melt, creating that cheesy pull when eating.

Cheese pizza was both simple and delicious. The cheese’s sweet aromatic flavors, with the sauce and meat’s salty savoriness, was a perfect blend.

It didn’t take long for Lin ShuYi to make this, but the end result was so pretty it surprised Shen Fu. Just by seeing it once and hearing the steps, he could completely replicate the pizza and it was the first time he used an oven. There was no way Shen Fu wouldn’t be shocked.

Lin ShuYi really did have incredible talent for this.

He didn’t make much since, when they called, old man Yang he said he didn’t like western food. So they made a small one. The perfect size for Shen Fu to demolish it happily.

After they ate, they sat together to talk.

Lin ShuYi didn’t actually want to be so close to Shen Fu right now, because he felt that the way he was looking at him, he was going to jump on him like before. Although he didn’t mind getting kissed by Shen Fu, that should’ve been done once they established a proper relationship. That was basic moral integrity, wasn’t it?

In reality, Shen Fu didn’t pounce on him, not because of moral integrity but because he felt that if he kissed…he wouldn’t be able to hold back anymore. Thus, for the whole conversation, Shen Fu couldn’t look Lin ShuYi in the eyes. The moment he did, he would subconsciously move towards his lips, then his desire would be out of control.

If he forced himself onto Lin ShuYi when he didn’t want it…Shen Fu knew there wouldn’t be a ‘later’. Lin ShuYi looked innocent and unable to harm a fly, but in reality…Shen Fu felt like everyone’s probably blind.

Shen Fu was leaning on his arm as Lin ShuYi laid down beside him, talking about his plans for Xi Qin Restaurant. Shen Fu answered him with all seriousness, talking about his thoughts on the restaurant while blocking out the censored images from his brain. God knows how he managed.

In the end, Lin ShuYi felt asleep first, as he was talking no longer. When Shen Fu turned around, Lin ShuYi had already closed his eyes, his lips curled in a smile and a feeling of serenity washed over him. Suddenly all those thoughts disappeared from his brain. He sighed and conceded to his fate.

Thus, he stood up, preparing to carry him to bed. Lin ShuYi had been sleeping face up, with his face slightly tilted towards Shen Fu’s side and the two were pretty close. So, when Shen Fu got up, he seemed to have noticed, although he didn’t wake up, he turned then wrapped his hands around Shen Fu’s waist. He also rubbed against him a little.

Instantly Shen Fu’s pupils shrunk. Although he knew it was just an unconscious act, it still made his heart race. In the end, he landed a gentle kiss on Lin ShuYi’s forehead.

Goodnight, my sleeping beauty.

Lin ShuYi slept till morning and the entire time, he dreamt of being crushed by a huge dog that wouldn’t stop licking his face. Lin ShuYi felt that the dog wanted to eat him or something. He wanted to turn but was unable to, much less escape. In the end, Lin ShuYi had completely given up, letting the dog rest as much as it wanted. Good thing it didn’t actually want to eat him. As Lin ShuYi thought of that, he woke up.

He blinked a few times before completely opening his eyes. Something seemed to have flashed across his eyes, but once he opened them, he didn’t see anything. Lin ShuYi stared hazily at the ceiling for a long time but suddenly realizing that this wasn’t the room he sleeps in!

With a swoosh, Lin ShuYi turned around and expression darkened. No wonder he felt that there was a dog on top of him, it was Shen Fu!!

Shen Fu was sleeping beside him and both his arms and legs were on top of him, weighing him down.

Instantly Lin ShuYi’s expression was as black as a pot. Just as he was about to kick Shen Fu off the sofa, he realized much to his horror that not only was Shen Fu on top of him, his arms were also around Shen Fu’s waist. His legs curled around Shen Fu’s other leg, meaning that they slept hugging each other for the whole night!!

Lin ShuYi: …

Seemingly awoken by Lin ShuYi’s movements, Shen Fu hazily opened his eyes. Taking a look at Lin ShuYi he said, “Eh? You didn’t go back to sleep?”

Lin ShuYi had already retracted his arms and legs. Hearing Shen Fu’s words, he thought that they had both accidentally fallen asleep on the sofa, which was why they were tangled up together. Since his arms were also around Shen Fu’s waist, he couldn’t blame him, thus he could only nod then get up.

The moment Lin ShuYi left, Shen Fu turned around and left out a sigh of relief.

My god, good thing he was smart! Ability: pretending to be asleep; max level!


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