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Chapter 56 (Part 1): Mutton Dumplings

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Xiao Liu finally determined on one thing. Lin ShuYi’s brother had hostility towards him. The intensity of the hostility was directly related to the distance between him and Lin ShuYi. If he was close to Lin ShuYi on that day, the hostility of that man would be off the charts, and he would started attacking him indiscriminately, resulting in heavy casualties.

Xiao Liu’s cheeks were streaming with tears as a result. Who the fuck knew that he had a brother complex?!

Thus, it was only later that Lin ShuYi found out, “Has that architect been hiding from me recently?”

Shen Fu crossed his arms as the the corner of his mouth raised, “That can’t be. He must have been busy recently.”

Lin ShuYi eyed Shen Fu from the corner of his eye. He always felt that Shen Fu had something to do with it. Nevertheless, Lin ShuYi did not care much because what had to be done was almost completed. It did not matter even if Xiao Liu intentionally avoided him.

When Shen Fu was asked to buy things, he would surely bring back things from the best-known brands and the price would not necessarily be extremely expensive. In any case, it was really value for money. Everything was installed on the day they bought them back. The kitchen was almost finished and there was nothing much to tidy up anymore. Thus, Lin ShuYi asked Shen Fu to come buy the decorations of the side lounge together.

There was a huge home furnishing market in the city. It was the most economical to buy from there if one were buying things like home decorations. Lin ShuYi intended to go there. Yet, Shen Fu mysteriously said not to and that he knew a better place with better looking, unique and cheaper things. Lin ShuYi was rather dubious, but he still followed him in the end.

Shen Fu was the one usually driving the car. Lin ShuYi had always been interested in this, but he had not been able to spare time to learn. Shen Fu was actually confident and bold enough to teach him. However, Lin ShuYi was really a good citizen who obeyed the law. He was determined to never drive on the road and become a highway killer before he got his driver’s license. As there were no open spaces near ChaoYang Street for Shen Fu to teach him how to drive, they could only put this aside for the moment.

Shen Fu still drove to the city, but it was not to that big home furnishing market. Instead, he drove to an inconspicuous street. There were only a few shops along the street and it looked more like a residential area.

Lin ShuYi was full of doubts. Yet, Shen Fu had stopped the car before he could ask. Shen Fu smiled and pointed to the house next to him that did not even have a shop-front, “Here it is. Go in and have a look.”

After doing half a day’s intellectual work in his mind, Lin ShuYi determined that Shen Fu was not playing with him. He got out of the car and walked into the house. Not only was there nothing special outside, there was also nothing special inside. A few calligraphy scrolls were hanging on the wall. It looked pleasant, but it did not match up with what he wanted to buy.

A young child lifted the noren curtain and walked out. He looked up at Lin Langyi and asked, “What do you want, Big Brother?”

Lin ShuYi was unable to reply. Although he knew what style he should buy, none of the things that he wanted were displayed. How could he say what he wanted to buy? What’s more, this did not seem like a place that sold anything.

“Don’t look down on this place.” Shen Fu had closed the car door and came in at the same time. He stood behind Lin ShuYi and he lowered his head slightly when he spoke. His hot breaths blew onto Lin ShuYi’s ear, making it red and itchy. Lin ShuYi turned to glare at him with hate in his eyes.

Shen Fu paid no mind and continued, “I’ve gotten many good things from here.” Then he turned to looked at the child. “Cheng Zi, tell your grandpa that we’re here.”

The eyes of the kid called Cheng Zi widened when he saw Shen Fu. Then he suddenly jumped into Shen Fu’s arms. Shen Fu patted his head as the child in his arms hugged and gave him a kiss, “Uncle Shen hasn’t come for a long time. Grandpa is waiting upstairs for you.”

The child dragged Shen Fu upstairs. Shen Fu pulled Lin ShuYi along as well, “What are you staring blankly at? Follow me up and see what you want. The things that you want to buy are on the second floor.”

“Is this brother your friend?” The child looked back at Shen Fu and asked before he sized Lin ShuYi up.

Shen Fu: “…”

One was a brother and the other was an uncle, don’t make the generation gap so big…

Although Shen Fu was thinking this in his heart, he still nodded as needed at the appropriate times, not missing a single moment. If he was to be called uncle then so be it. Although he was very old, luckily his features were still young and tender, Shen Fu thought shamelessly.

Lin ShuYi went upstairs with them and jumped in fright as a result. If he did not see this, he would not know that the walls of the entire second floor had been knocked down. It was not walled up like the first floor and there was no other architectural objects except a few pillars. Though there were no architectural objects, there were many tables. Each table had something distinctive and exceptional displayed on it. Small pieces were placed on the table, while some large pieces were placed directly on the ground. At first glance, the place looked like a chaotic merchandise market.

Cheng Zi began to shout as soon as he went up, “Grandpa, Grandpa! Uncle Shen is coming with a guest.”

From the corner came an energetic yet low holler, “You know there’s a guest, yet you’re still not behaving!”

Cheng Zi stuck out his tongue and ran towards the corner.

Shen Fu also followed in that direction, yet he was pulled to a stop by Lin ShuYi. Shen Fu looked back at him and saw the uncertainty on Lin ShuYi’s face. He explained, “If you want something special and unique, you’ll probably be able to find it here.” Then he smiled and stroked Lin ShuYi’s face as his lips crooked up, “Don’t be afraid. I won’t sell you, ah~!”

Lin ShuYi: “…”

“Since you’re already here, what are you whispering sweet nothings over there for? You’re still not hurrying over here?”

Shen Fu pulled Lin ShuYi along and laughed as he walked over, “We’re coming. What’s the rush, elder?”

An old grandpa with white hair and beard stood in the corner. Although his hair and beard were white and he was no longer young, he still looked rather energetic. He held a brush with a spirit that was trembling with excitement as he vigorously wrote with great flourishes and good penmanship.

Lin ShuYi thought of the paintings and calligraphies that he saw below. They must be this grandfather’s work.

The two men walked up, yet the elderly man did not lift his head to look at them. It was not until the last stroke of his calligraphy was finished did he hold up his sleeve and put the brush down. Then he sized Lin ShuYi up before looking at Shen Fu, “It’s been a long time since you’ve last came. What are you here today for?”

Shen Fu grabbed Lin ShuYi and pushed him forward, “It’s not me that wants something today. He’s the one that’s here for something.”

“Oh?” The elderly man carefully examined Lin ShuYi again before waving his hand, “Then pick it by yourself.”

Shen Fu laughed, “Elder, you can continue writing. I’ll come over to settle the bill when we’re done selecting.”

Then he pulled Lin ShuYi away to search for the things in the hall.

The decorations of the XiQin Restaurant were simple and unadorned. The choice of ornaments should not only complement each other, but should also be the crucial point that brought the subject to life. He never thought that a restaurant should be plain and stark. On the contrary, he felt that the environment was even more important than the taste of the food.

This was why Lin ShuYi had thought of such an unconventional gambit to make the XiQin Restaurant a private restaurant with its own distinguishing features. Therefore, the decorations were very important.

There was a wide range of both large and small things, including simple and unadorned gold and silver utensils, porcelain ornaments with exotic patterns, and all kinds of strange and interesting little trinkets. Lin ShuYi took a fancy to many items at a glance.

For example, the vase with a wide mouth and middle, which had the images of a few ink plum blossoms and was half the height of a man. Lin ShuYi thought that it would look good at the entrance of the lounge on the second floor if he put a bundle of asparagus fern inside it.

And the bay ceramic horse with a black mane, which seemed to be raising its head for a loud neigh. It would definitely be beautiful to display it at the cash register on the first floor.

There were also those couple of simple and unsophisticated gold and silver cups, which could also be used to add the finishing touch for each side room.

Lin ShuYi pointed out the things he wanted as he walked along. He was truly pleasantly surprised and felt that Shen Fu had really found a good place. Everything here was suitable for the XiQin Restaurant.

Shen Fu beamed as he followed behind Lin ShuYi, remembering what Lin ShuYi had pointed out to inform an attendant to pick those up.

“Why is each object different?”

Except for the pairs of objects which had their respective half, each one really was different from the other.

Shen Fu smiled and pointed to the elderly man in the corner with his finger as he laughed, “Because these porcelains were made by this elderly man himself.”

Lin ShuYi had a whole new level of respect for the elderly man at this time. There were so many porcelains here. They were all made by the elderly man himself? Moreover, Shen Fu seemed to be very familiar with this elderly man.

“Are you done choosing?” The elderly man suddenly spoke. Lin ShuYi looked at what he had chosen and nodded. He was almost done. Anyway, it was all right even if he had too much or too little, as they were used to put the finishing touch on the decoration. However, he unconsciously chose a lot of them because many things really matched his vision.

Shen Fu looked at Lin ShuYi. Lin ShuYi nodded. Then Shen Fu hollered at the elderly man, “We’re done!”

“Come and pay since you’ve chosen it.” Cheng Zi said as he squinted his eyes and smiled while continuing the conversation in lieu of his Grandpa.

Lin ShuYi and Shen Fu walked over together. The elderly man did not even spare a look at the things that Lin ShuYi selected and just carelessly quoted a figure.

He stretched out three fingers.

Shen Fu squinted his eyes, then he laughed after a long pause, “Elder, you didn’t mean it, did you?”

Lin ShuYi did not know what price the three fingers the elderly man stretched out represented. He looked at Shen Fu, yet Shen Fu did not appear to have the intention to explain. Lin ShuYi then decided to ask the elderly man himself.

Who knew that the elderly man would look at him and say, “Write a inscription for the painting of this fan for me, and I’ll give you these things for free.”


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Levisticum Officinale
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