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Chapter 69: Salt and Pepper Shrimps and Ribs(椒盐排骨虾)

Translated by rARA of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The items that Chen Fang gave Shen Fu, he accepted them, but he wasn’t in the rush to show them to Lin ShuYi. All in all, it was as if sperm got into his brain, but now that he thought this all over, even if he didn’t wait until Lin ShuYi reached twenty, he should at least let Lin ShuYi mentally prepare first. Furthermore, he didn’t have time to give the items to Lin ShuYi anyway, because they had to go back to S city. However, it wasn’t just the two of them, they also brought father Shen, mother Shen, old master Shen. The whole family went together, except Shen Yan.

Shen Yan had to look after the company since there was a big project recently, and if he didn’t do it then his father must. And of course, in the end, he was unreasonably left behind by his wife-con dad because he was single.

The entire day before the departure, Shen Yan’s face was dark.

Ra: “Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” – Big bro forever forgotten, 2k19.

Their stay was too short and the promise from Shen Fu to treat him to Fruit Wood Roast Duck hadn’t been met yet. Even his lovely brother-in-law was taken away, everyone had a pair and only he was single. In short…Brother Shen felt desolated.

Mother Shen was heartbroken when she saw Shen Yan walking around with a black face, fading into existence. She said, “Yan Yan, how about you go with us? We can leave the job to your father.”

Father Shen’s smug smile was instantly petrified. He then turned around looking like a middle-aged giant dog and looked at his wife with tears as if he was wronged. His face was written over with, ‘Do you have the heart to do it, do you, do you?’

Mother Shen was put in a difficult spot.

The more he knew about this family, the more Lin ShuYi felt that this family was moe to death. Who would ever think that the all-powerful, fearsome old master Shen, in reality, was a very protective person who shielded one’s shortcomings.

The gentle but tough fisted father Shen was actually a wife con, or could be referred to as a hen-pecked husband. The dignified, beautiful and outstanding mother Shen was actually an adorkable person. The rich, handsome with an overbearing chairman aura brother Shen was actually a bro-con. Everyone in this family was such a treasure – thought Lin ShuYi as he felt so lucky to get a chance to meet them.

In the end, Shen Yan still stayed behind because, according to old master Shen, father Shen was more appropriate to go than Shen Yan since this trip was to introduce the head of both families.

Thus, two cars, one after the other, left the Shen family house. Before leaving, Lin ShuYi gave old man Yang a call.

Knowing the Shen family wanted to come to S city in person, old man Yang was overwhelmed and couldn’t believe it. Although he knew that Shen Fu’s family wasn’t ordinary, he had never asked about it. It wasn’t until he heard from Xiao Wan’s grandma that he found out the Shen family couldn’t be described with a “family with money.” Don’t even think about coming into contact with them, old man Yang had never even thought of meeting one of them before.

Back then, when he learned about the matter between Lin ShuYi and Shen Fu, he was worried that Shen family would put Lin ShuYi in a difficult spot, but now, seeing the Shen family all came to the S city for Lin ShuYi, it was clear to the eyes how much they treasured him, and enough to see how much care Shen Fu gave to Lin ShuYi. Nevertheless, old man Yang felt that it wasn’t his position to accept the betrothal gifts, despite the fact that both of Lin ShuYi’s parents had gone. He found himself unable to accept it. But he was still very moved by this heart of Lin ShuYi’s, because this action of his was like telling everyone old man Yang was his family.

After hanging up the phone with Lin ShuYi, old man Yang hurriedly called Xiao Wan’s grandma over.

“Slow down, slow down, what’s the situation?”
Old man Yang spoke to Xiao Wan’s grandma while opening his wallet, “Hurry, help me see whether my house is messy or not. Xiao Fu’s family is coming over soon but my house is so worn out, I can’t possibly let them think of me as a messy person. I want to buy food but I don’t know what they like. Maybe I should just buy one of everything? Or maybe I should call them to ask…” Old man Yang obviously looked a bit nervous, fidgeting as he kept holding up every object, he was completely at lost to know what to do first.

Xiao Wan’s grandmother’s first reactions was stunned because she didn’t know who old man Yang was talking about. After a while, she finally understood. She patted old man Yang’s arm and smiled, “Don’t be nervous, they are only coming to greet the parents of their son-in-law. And your house, there is nothing in need of cleaning. You love to clean everyday, how can there be dirt? If they want to come, let them. You don’t have to get yourself all tensed up.”

Old man Yang was still muttering to himself about the surroundings, “It’s not the same ah. For them to come here means that they are very fond of Xiao Yi, and I can’t let Xiao Yi down because of my place. Having that said, Xiao Yi sees me as his grandpa, so, as his grandpa, I should also help him properly arrange everything. What about Xiao Yi’s house? Should I clean it too?”

When Xiao Wan’s grandma saw how nervous he was, she stopped teasing him and said, “You already cleaned it yesterday at noon. It’s very tidy and doesn’t need to be cleaned anymore. I will go with you to buy food and whip up something tasty. And when they arrive, there will be a hot meal ready.”

Old man Yang nodded. “Yes, yes, buy food first. Buy food first.”

By the time Lin ShuYi’s car arrived in the city, old man Yang had finished preparing. The stew had been prepared, a stir-fried dish could be done within the minute they arrived, and as soon as they stepped in the house they could start washing their hands to eat.

The moment their car entered the alley, they could see old man Yang squatting at the front door with his eyes half-closed. When old man Yang saw Lin ShuYi in the front seat, he immediately walked over.

Lin ShuYi and Shen Fu both got out of the car first. They greeted him as soon as they saw him. Old man Yang was beaming. After a while, old master Shen walked out of the car with a cane in his hand.

In the end, old man Yang was still a little nervous. Lin ShuYi went over and held his hand.

Old master Shen stood beside them. Before Shen Fu opened his mouth to introduce him, he reached out his hand and smiled, “I’m Shen Fu’s grandpa. I have asked Xiao Yi, the two of us are not really far apart in age, so let’s skip all the formality and just call me Shen DeShan.”

Old man Yang’s nervousness was reduced by half thanks to that sentence, but to call him by name naturally was something he couldn’t do. Old master Shen looked younger than him, but Shen Fu was already this big, old man Yang didn’t dare to see himself as older. So he asked, “May I know how old are you this year?”

Old master Shen smiled, “Seventy-six.”

Old man Yang was a little surprised. Old master Shen was already seventy-six, older than him by five years, but he looked so much younger. However, seniority couldn’t be decided by appearance, so old man Yang smiled back, “Old master Shen, you are five years older than me, calling you by name is a bit distant, I will call you Shen-laoge instead.”

Old master Shen didn’t mind old man Yang’s friendliness, instead, he looked very happy, “Good good, I will call you Yang-laodi.”

t/n: laoge: big bro, laodi: younger bro.

Father Shen got out of the second car, and when he saw his old man, who was so old but still like to call each other brothers, he covered his darkened face. When he finished covering his face, he took mother Shen to old man Yang to say hi.

“Uncle Yang.” In front of old man Yang, father Shen, in his suit, and dignified mother Shen gave old man Yang a very respectful greeting.

Old man Yang was shocked, he quickly said, “You don’t have to be so polite.”

Old master Shen was not happy, “We’re not, this etiquette shouldn’t be forgotten no matter what the circumstances. This is my son and daughter-in-law, Shen Fu’s parents, we all came together.”

After the introductions had been made, Xiao Wan’s grandma gave them a shout. Old man Yang finally remembered and told them to hurry into the house.As soon as they entered the house, they could smell a delicious aroma.

Xiao Wan’s grandma walked out with a clay pot and, unlike old man Yang, when she saw them she wasn’t nervous at all. “Both Xiao Fu’s parents are here ah? And this must be, …Xiao Fu’s grandpa? I have heard about you coming. Come, come and have a sit.”

After another round of introduction, everyone finally sat down.

Once everyone was seated, old man Yang couldn’t stop peeking at the expression of the members of Shen family when they looked around the house. He feared that they would find this house terrible. But it didn’t happen like he had imagined. Even though everyone was looking around the house, not a single one of them had a disgusted expression.

On the contrary, after looking around half a day, old master Shen finally expressed, “I haven’t lived in this kind of house with a yard for many years. It’s great to have a place where you can grow whatever you want to eat. I remember when I was young, I was brought back to my hometown by my parents. There was a big pear tree in the yard of my old home. The pears on the top were so sweet. Later on, the tree was cut down and, since then, I haven’t had any pears as sweet…”

The words of old master Shen completely opened up everyone’s mouths. Everyone sat and chattered nonstop, they didn’t look like they had just met earlier.

Both father Shen and mother Shen were born in the city. They didn’t have any common topics, but they were still listening carefully. They’d reply from time to time, even if there was nothing to say, they didn’t make the atmosphere awkward.

Old man Yang couldn’t help but think that it wasn’t only just because they were fond of Lin ShuYi, but also because the Shen family’s upbringing. Even when they came from a different world, it didn’t put him in an uncomfortable position.

And after a meal, old master Shen also fully understood whst type of person old man Yang was. An ordinary and simple man who was good to Lin ShuYi from his heart, who was all nervous because of their arrival but didn’t show a bit of flattery. He was neither haughty nor humble, this was similar to Lin ShuYi. And the most important thing was, old man Yang made delicious food. Although they were all homely dishes, but the taste was definitely at the top, each of every dishes were made with heart.

Both sides were very satisfied with this meeting.

In the evening, old master Shen accepted old man Yang’s invitation to stay at his house. Old man Yang’s house had three rooms in total, which he had all cleaned. One room for old master Shen and one room for father and mother Shen.

They were simple rooms, clean and tidy. Although it wasn’t a fancy house, old man Yang wanted to make them understand his intentions: that he saw Lin ShuYi as his grandson and treated him well.

Lin ShuYi and Shen Fu naturally returned to Lin ShuYi’s home. For the first time, Lin ShuYi felt that his room was too small to stay.

“You finally understand ah?” He had felt this for a long time, thought Shen Fu.

While laying the blanket down, Lin ShuYi said, “I didn’t feel it before, but now that I think about it, there is no place for visitors to stay over and I can’t bother grandpa Yang every time. It seems I need to renovate this house.” After he had the money, thought Lin ShuYi.

Shen Fu looked around and flopped down to the sofa.

No, not only did the visitors have nowhere to sleep, even he also had nowhere to sleep. Not only did he want to renovate the house, but he also wanted to change the bed into a stronger and more durable one that was big enough to roll around on.

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Blizzard passing by said hey~
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