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Chapter 72: Tasteless Duck Neck

Translated by Kollumceti Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Lin ShuYi did not have the time now even if he had the intention to adopt a child. This was because the opening of the XiQin Restaurant was approaching day by day.

Xiao Wan had called Lin ShuYi to tell him that her Weibo had deleted the previous post, but recently there were people sending her messages asking about the recent happenings of two people and whether the XiQin Restaurant would really open.

Shen Fu was somewhat troubled. Why was this matter not over yet?

But this was also good. They could save on advertising fees and it seemed that the restaurant would attract a lot of people. However, Lin ShuYi was so busy that his feet did not touch the ground these two days.

He confirmed with the grocer what he would need every day. Although the private restaurant did not win through quantity, which dishes were popular and which were not was not decided by Lin ShuYi. Maybe today’s customers liked to eat more of this dish and tomorrow’s customers like to eat more of that dish. So he had to ensure that all dishes were available, yet not buy too much stock. Since it won’t be fresh after two days if they could not finish it in one shot.

The grocer was not impatient at all. He would give the order a once over after Lin ShuYi’s confirmation, and memorize it. This was because there were many vegetables that they did not usually sell or had never sold before.

After confirming the variety of dishes, Lin ShuYi went to finalize the signboard of the XiQin Restaurant. The inscription on the signboard was written by Lin ShuYi himself. Then he let the craftsmen carve it out and paint it black, before hanging it on the arched door. This was the best decoration for a simple and unadorned shop front.

Although each part seemed rather trivial when speaking of them, they all needed Lin ShuYi’s personal confirmation. This indirectly lead to Shen Fu’s difficulty in meeting Lin ShuYi all day long, let alone saying a word to him, if he did not go with Lin ShuYi. Lin ShuYi was usually extremely tired when he returned and would normally fall asleep the moment he lay down. Shen Fu felt heartache and sadness when he saw this.

He felt heartache for Lin ShuYi and sadness for himself.

Thus, for the last two days, Shen Fu insisted on sticking to Lin ShuYi no matter where he went.

Lin ShuYi said as a result, “It’s all been completed. We just have to wait for the opening day.”

Shen Fu: “…”

After getting such a hard-earned free time, Shen Fu thought that he had the chance to spend some time alone with Lin ShuYi. In the end, someone came knocking on their door.

Shen Fu opened the door for a look. It was Xiao Wan. She was full of excitement as she carried a bag. “I just knew that you two would both be at home. I just came back from vacation and brought delicious food for Brother Xiao Yi! !”

Shen Fu face-palmed. Ah, looks like he won’t have any chance to spend time alone with Lin ShuYi.

Especially when Lin ShuYi, that glutton, heard the the words ‘delicious food’, he came out of the room immediately, “Xiao Wan, you’re free for the weekends now? Come in and sit down.”

Xiao Wan went in happily and nobody paid attention to Shen Fu’s dark face.

“It’s just some snacks. I don’t know if Brother Xiao Yi and you will like it or not, but it’s all quite spicy.”

Lin ShuYi indicated that as long as it was delicious, he was not afraid of spice.

Xiao Wan found two bowls and opened the plastic bag, revealing the bright red and fragrant duck neck inside, as well as the duck head, duck intestines, duck wings and kelp knots.

On the plastic bag, the word ‘Tasteless’ was clearly written.

Something delicious was actually called Tasteless?!! Shen Fu felt that it was not elegant at all! But those two had already put on disposable gloves and started eating. Why did it look so fragrant?

The duck neck was dripping with spicy oil. Lin ShuYi only had one bite and it was spicy enough for him to stick his tongue out. However, the innate nature of a glutton was strong. Regardless of how spicy the first bite was, Lin ShuYi simply disregarded it and finished the duck neck before quickly reaching into the bag for a second piece.

It was only then did he realize that Shen Fu was still standing and not eating.

“You’re not eating?” Lin ShuYi asked while sticking his tongue out from time to time, “It’s spicy, but it tastes good.”

Shen Fu refused in his heart, but in the end, he was unable to resist the scene of the two eating so deliciously. Finally, he went up for a little taste. Young Master Shen who had never eaten Tasteless was conquered in an instant.

Fuck, it’s really spicy!

The spiciness spread from the tip of the tongue all way to the throat, eventually even the face was scalding and red as sweat oozed from the forehead. Yet, the duck neck became more fragrant the more it was chewed. Although it was very spicy, there was no hint of greasiness at all.

After the three had eaten all the meat, they turned their eyes to the bag of kelp knots. The kelp had absorbed the flavor of the meat. Combined with the unique spiciness of Tasteless, it was crunchy and even more addictive than the meat.

It was so spicy that Lin ShuYi’s lips and cheeks were all red and he kept sticking the tip of his tongue out. Finally, he could no longer stand it and took off his gloves to make a large glass of lemon sweetened water. After drinking the sugary water that had a bitter taste and sweet aftertaste, his mouth felt much better.

Lin ShuYi held the glass of lemon water out to Shen Fu after drinking it. Shen Fu did not take the glass, instead he drank a few mouthfuls as Lin ShuYi held the glass up. Xiao Wan was in a daze as she witnessed this.

Then she suddenly remembered that the two men were really together and it was not like the nonsense that other people posted on their Weibo. Xiao Wan, who had realized this in hindsight, asked, “I didn’t bother you, did I?”

Shen Fu’s expression totally said ‘what do you think?’

Xiao Wan hid her face and ran away.

Lin ShuYi did not understand, “What bother? Why did she run?

Shen Fu touched his chin profoundly. It seems that even Xiao Wan had secretly done a lot of homework. It would be good if Lin ShuYi, this blockhead, could take such initiative.

In fact, Shen Fu did not know that Lin ShuYi was also secretly doing homework. He had always been brooding about it ever since he nearly shot accidentally while polishing his gun, and had another erotic dream that same night.

As long as he was with Shen Fu, it was inevitable that he would shoot accidentally while polishing his gun. So he must ensure that at the very least, he knew what to do the next time when there would be two people accidentally shooting their guns while polishing them at a time where there was no one to disturb them.

Thus, Lin ShuYi directed his study goals towards the Internet. He felt that the omniscient Du Niang would tell him everything without reserve.

t/n: Du Niang, aka Mother Du, is another name for Baidu, a Chinese search engine.

However, he overthought. Regarding all the questions about gay sex, Du Niang gave him the same reply: “The website you’re visiting is suspected of illegal content, it cannot be displayed.”

Lin ShuYi: “…”

So Lin ShuYi, who was bored to death and at his wit’s end, was directed to Tieba from a suggested post.

Lin ShuYi has never played with this stuff like Tieba. Although he knew that there were all sorts of people on it and all kinds of topics discussed, he did not chase stars or people and had nothing to ask advice on. So he was not very curious about Tieba. In his opinion, it was no better than a fun game for passing time.

Later, he also became a big hit on Tieba because of Xiao Wan’s Weibo and the photo. However, he had heard about all these from Shen Fu and just thought they were crazy and had no other feelings about it when he saw these.

Today, when Lin ShuYi registered his account, he entered this Tieba called ‘Fujoshi, right’.

Lin ShuYi felt that ‘crazy’ was no longer enough to describe his feelings. He felt like his whole outlook on life and the world had been rewritten.

Who can tell him what the hell was a man-beast? What the hell was ABO? What the hell was up with the horny dogs that go into heat and fuck everywhere at anytime, anywhere, and any place?!

For the first time, Lin ShuYi felt that being too smart was not a good thing. Especially so when this Tieba had an explosion of porn that was beyond replication. Lin ShuYi felt that what he knew of this world was only the tip of the iceberg. It turned out that fujoshi were such terrible, powerful and unrivaled creatures.

Lin ShuYi, who was indoctrinated with a whole brain of pornographic thoughts, felt a bad premonition. He finally knew that such things could still have so much variety. This young student has learned much.

When Shen Fu came out after taking a bath, he found that Lin ShuYi had actually returned to his room and locked the door securely.

Shen Fu: “…”

What on earth was he trying to hide by acting like three hundred silver taels were not hidden here? “Are you sleeping?”

Lin ShuYi’s voice seemed like it was underneath a comforter as a muffled hum drifted out, “En, I’m sleeping.”

Shen Fu was even more curious, “Why did you go to bed so early today? Are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere?”

Lin ShuYi sounded a little strange, but Shen Fu couldn’t really tell much through the door, “I’m not feeling uncomfortable. You should go to sleep too.”

Shen Fu rubbed his hand through his hair and sat on the sofa after confirming that Lin ShuYi did not want to let Shen Fu see him. He was suddenly suspicious, why did Lin ShuYi’s voice sound a little hoarse? And like he was panting? Shen Fu’s eyes narrowed sharply.

It seems that Lin ShuYi had finally enlightened himself.

It was worthy of celebration! The day that he would eat Lin ShuYi clean was probably just around the corner. But Shen Fu thought that since Lin ShuYi was ready to be eaten clean, should some things be put on the agenda ahead of time? Such as replacing the bed at Lin ShuYi’s home be done first?

Shen Fu thought about it as he took out Lin ShuYi’s property deed from the drawer.

There was only Lin ShuYi’s name on the property deed. Lin ShuYi was not even of age when he inherited the house. As Shen Fu thought of who knew how much Lin ShuYi had suffered when he was alone, Shen Fu felt his heart ache. He should have appeared beside him earlier. It was a little late now, but he would be twice as kind to Lin ShuYi.

Even though this person who could only give him the property deed had not told him many things, Shen Fu firmly believed that one day, Lin ShuYi would willingly tell him everything. Then what he should do now was to think about how to change this house.

They could temporarily move to the small house at the back of the restaurant since the XiQin Restaurant had been completed. It was enough for the two of them even though the place was relatively small, before they would move back when the house was ready. Since the property deed was in his hands, of course Shen Fu had the final say in how to deal with it.

Shen Fu turned over and put the property deed back. Although he did not know if this would be the place where the two would live in the future, it naturally had to have the taste of home since it was their home.

Lin ShuYi liked children so much. If they adopted one, they would also be a family of three. Shen Fu could not help but smile as he thought about this.

Duck neck (绝味鸭脖)
Kelp knots (海带结)
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