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Chapter 76: Salt Baked Chicken

Translated by Kollumceti Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Fortunately, there were less people at the restaurant on the second day. The reason there were so many people was because yesterday was the first day they had re-opened. Although there were still many people on the second day, it was obviously not as busy and this was incomparably in line with Shen Fu’s intention. However, Lin ShuYi was also considering the need to recruit a few more people even if there weren’t so many customers, and there were some dishes that were very troublesome could not be supplied endlessly. He intended to limit the supply of some complicated and difficult dishes on the first come, first served basis. This would save time and he would not be so busy.

His original intention of earning money was to let Old man Yang live a better life. Although he was still thinking about his and Shen Fu’s future, he would not make earning money the only thing in the end.

Shen Fu thought it was right to think this way. If Lin ShuYi put all his mind and energy into running a restaurant every day, Shen Fu would really cry.

Lin ShuYi discussed his ideas with Old Master Shen and Old man Yang. They all thought it was very good, especially Old Master Shen. Old man Yang just thought it would lessen the burden on Lin ShuYi more. However, Old Master Shen said that it was also a good marketing strategy.

A thing was valued if it was rare. Those delicate and time-consuming dishes were more troublesome to make and the cost would naturally not be low. If there was no limit on the supply, firstly, there would be an increase on their burden; secondly it would no longer be as attractive if there was more. This would form a subconscious thought that the item was very popular if there was limited supply on a first come first served basis. If the customer could not eat this time, they would keep thinking about eating it, creating a virtuous circle. Furthermore, things with limited supply would always make people feel that it was more mysterious. Even if there was no previous interest in this dish, they would still rush to try give it a taste based off the justification that it was in limited supply.

Old Master Shen felt that Lin ShuYi was rather business-minded. Then Lin ShuYi brought up the need to recruit a few more people. Old man Yang said to leave this matter to him and went to look for people after eating.

The next day was not really busy because opening day was over. So Lin ShuYi decided to close up earlier in the evening, and treated everyone to the meal that he had promised them yesterday.

Lin ShuYi had prepared the dishes long ago since the restaurant closed early, and some of the dishes that needed to be prepared in advance were already on the stove. Lin ShuYi said that he did not need Mother Shen’s help with anything this time and he could do it himself. Tang Shuang was left to help him in the shop while the rest of the people were brought out by Shen Fu for a stroll.

In fact, the number of people invited could neither be said to be a small or large number. With the addition of those fellow villagers who were good friends with Old man Yang, it was a total of only two tables. Furthermore, this could be considered as a meal together with their own people.

Many villagers had expressed doubts regarding the arrival of the Shen family, but once they saw how similar Shen Fu’s appearance was with Shen Yan and Father Shen, they could immediately tell whose family they were.

Old Master Shen and family did not drive a flamboyant car when they arrived. It was just a slightly larger SUV which seemed to be worth several hundred thousand dollars. So for those villagers who seldom read the finance and economics section, they just felt that Shen Fu’s family seemed to be a little well off. No one could imagine that this Shen Family had near total control of the economic lifeline of the whole H City, and was equivalent to a character that could make H City tremble with a stamp of their feet.

However, based off the friendly and down-to-earth conduct of Old Master Shen and his family, it was estimated that few people would believe such news even if it was said. This was because on the second day of their arrival, Old Master Shen had a fight with the old men and old ladies here.

Shen Fu took five people out and came back alone.

Lin ShuYi was wrapping something in tin foil when he came back.

Shen Fu sniffed and the corner of his mouth raised as he asked, “It smells really good. What are you preparing?”

Lin ShuYi did not see Shen Fu come back. He only turned around when he suddenly he heard Shen Fu talking. It was only then did Shen Fu see that Lin ShuYi was wrapping a chicken up.

The chicken was covered with a layer of ginger-colored powder. He had not even began making it but the chicken was already producing the fragrances of the seasoning.

“Salt-baked chicken. Didn’t you go out for a stroll with them? Why did you come back alone?”

Shen Fu shrugged his shoulders. “Somebody chased me away, ah.”

In fact, this was not the case. At first, all six of them were walking together. ChaoYang Street was not big, but there were many alleys. Everyone had a good relationship with each other and when they were free, they would gather together to drink tea and play Xiangqi or something. So when passing by a group of people, the sharp-eyed Old Master Shen saw them playing Xiangqi and could sit still no longer. He was extremely fond of Xiangqi, but that old fellow Wen liked everything but playing Xiangqi. Shen Yan and Shen Fu were much more interested in that Western international chess than in Xiangqi. So Father Shen was the only one playing xiangqi with him. Yet, Father Shen’s skill in xiangqi was really ordinary. It was too easy for him to win every time that Old Master Shen was no longer interested.

Old Master Shen could not restrain himself when he saw a group of elders gathered together at this time and killing each other till the sky went dark and the onlookers being all excited.

Old man Yang saw what Old Master Shen was thinking with a glance, and he laughed, “Does Brother Shen also like xiangqi?”

Old Master Shen nodded.

Old man Yang clapped his hands, “Great! I just happened to see a powerful opponent here today. I don’t know how skilled Brother Shen is, but would you like to play two sets with him?”

Old Master Shen repeatedly nodded his head. He had been waiting for these words from Old man Yang. Thus, they reorganized their teams and and played xiangqi with others.

Now there were only four people left.

Father Shen and Mother Shen were walking in front. The two were bickering and clowning around every now and then. It no longer appeared like it was Shen Fu taking them around, but rather, it was Father Shen and Mother Shen guiding him and Shen Yan around.

Shen Yan looked at the two people who were constantly showing their love in public and had a headache. They were bullying him about being the only single one there! So Big Brother Shen did not accompany them and said that he had something to do for a while after answering the phone.

Father Shen agreed without even looking back.

What a joke, it had not been easy to go shopping alone with his wife. Yet there were several unwanted light bulbs following them. Wasn’t it exactly in line with his intentions if they left? However, there was still another one and it would be even better if he could drive him away.

So Shen Fu, who was like a few hundred watts light bulb, understood the situation and swiftly scrammed with Father Shen’s increasingly sappy display of public affection. Shen Fu really to admit defeat. They were already close to fifty years of age, yet they were still so sappy to that sort of state. Deliberately banishing him, did they think he wanted to be a light bulb here? Thus he scrammed back to his own wife.

Of course, Lin ShuYi did not believe Shen Fu’s words. But since Tang Shuang happened to be doing something else when Shen Fu came back alone, he asked him to help, “Just watch the chicken for me if you’re free.”

Shen Fu smiled and nodded, “I’m glad to serve you.”

Lin ShuYi took out a light brown casserole from the cabinet and set it on the stove before lighting the gas. After warming the casserole, Lin ShuYi opened a packet of sea salt and poured in one third of the packet. Then he put the SanHuang chicken wrapped in aluminum foil inside before pouring the remaining sea salt into the casserole to cover the chicken. Finally, he put on the lid.

After grabbing Shen Fu’s hand and looking at the watch on his wrist, he ordered, “Following the time now, watch over the casserole. I’ll set the heat level. Don’t move around. Turn the chicken over with tongs in ten minutes and tell me after another ten minutes has passed.”

He still had other things to do. Since Shen Fu came back, he didn’t have to worry about it. Shen Fu nodded, indicating that he completely understood such a simple thing. Lin ShuYi was ready to turn around and do something else, before he was suddenly embraced by Shen Fu from behind.

Lin ShuYi’s subconscious thought was not to push Shen Fu aside, but to look around first. Tang Shuang was not here, right?! After confirming Tang Shuang’s absence, Lin ShuYi became angry, “Shen Fu!”

Shen Fu chuckled and rested his chin on Lin ShuYi’s shoulder as he breathed onto Lin ShuYi’s ears, “I’ve given you a hand. Quickly give me a reward. Tang Shuang is cleaning the fish and he won’t come in for a while.”

He had always been teased by Shen Fu from time to time in this manner, yet Lin ShuYi slowly calmed down this time. Crooking his head as he avoided Shen Fu’s deliberate seduction, Lin ShuYi narrowed his eyes, “A reward, right? Drop your hand and bring your mouth closer.”

Shen Fu had originally wanted to tease Lin ShuYi as he had not teased him for a long time. Who knew that Lin ShuYi would agree so easily? Shen Fu’s brain immediately became sperm and he acted faster than reason. He let Lin ShuYi go and turned him around. Shen Fu lowered his head slightly and narrowed his eyes as he drew nearer. Just when he came into contact with Lin ShuYi’s lips and was preparing to deepen the kiss, he was ruthlessly bitten by Lin ShuYi.

Shen Fu hissed, and his reason finally came back along with a breath of cold air. “Ow, ow, ow”

Lin ShuYi looked at him coolly without saying a word or relaxing his jaw.

Poor Shen Fu did not even get to eat tofu, but he was given a hard bite instead. Sure enough, he was either dead or on the way to death.

In actual fact, Lin ShuYi did not use too much strength. He just wanted to teach Shen Fu a lesson so that he would not dare to mess around later. Who knew that upon seeing Lin ShuYi not letting go, Shen Fu’s brain turned and another thought bubbled up in his heart. He grasped Lin ShuYi tightly, and in the posture of Lin ShuYi biting his lips, he stretched out his tongue and licked a copy of the shape of Lin ShuYi’s lips.

“This is also a good reward.” Shen Fu gave a low chuckle. He was totally unconcerned about the lip bitten by Lin ShuYi, and began to seduce Lin ShuYi with kiss after kiss.

Lin ShuYi trembled and released Shen Fu’s lip at once, but it was too late. How could Shen Fu, who had tasted the sweetness, bear to stop with just a taste? He grabbed the back of Lin ShuYi’s head and firmly deepen this unexpected kiss.

If the salt baked chicken in the casserole could talk, it would probably say: It’s been ten minutes!” Your daddy should be turned over now! Stop kissing! The chicken skin is going to be scorched!



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