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Chapter 79: Strawberry Crepe

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

When they reached H City, it was noon. Of course, they received Mama Shen’s warm welcome again: an entire table full of delicious dishes.

Grandfather Shen kept craving Lin ShuYi’s Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, but it was better to leave that kind of grand dish for Lunar New Year’s Eve, so the dish was put inside the fridge. It could be reheated up the next day; luckily, the taste of that kind of stewed dish wouldn’t be affected much even if it sat for a day. Instead, the flavors would even blend a little bit better.

As for the grand meal that Shen Mama had prepared, it was a table full of western-style delicious foods. Caviar salad, thick and buttery chicken mushroom soup, orange-soaked salmon, bacon asparagus rolls, and foie gras sautéed in red wine. Of course, there were also Lin ShuYi’s favorite desserts: cranberry cookies, strawberry crepes, and cinnamon apple pie.

Since most of the people in the Shen family didn’t really like to eat dessert, most of the ones prepared by Shen Mama had light sweetness but still ample milky flavor. However, Lin ShuYi – who was addicted to sweets – actually felt like some of the desserts were even tastier because they weren’t that sweet. For example, the strawberry crepe, with its thin crepe skin, the low fat whipped cream that was milky enough but not overly sweet, and the tasty sour and sweet fresh strawberries in the middle. The pleasant flavors mixed together, turning into an exceptional deliciousness.

Shen Mama felt extremely pleased with herself to see Lin ShuYi so happy. She was a master chef in the western foods, and she was the best at desserts. But none of the Shen family liked to eat sweets, leaving her with no way to use her natural gifts. Now that she had Lin ShuYi, who loved sweets, she could relax and boldly make them from here on out.

Papa Shen, whose wife ignored him the moment the daughter-in-law arrived, had a stepmother’s expression on his face.

After dinner, they all sat together, drinking fruit tea and chatting. When Lin ShuYi brought up what happened with Old Man Yang, Grandfather Shen also felt very surprised, but in the end he was still a little happy for him. However, he couldn’t help but also feel a bit sad amidst the happiness. They were both the same age, but how come the other guy could still get a second spring? Grandfather Shen had to stay here messing around with the little brats, wiping their butts after them. Grandfather Shen felt sad, but he thought that he didn’t show it.

However, older brother Shen had long since seen through him. He looked over and asked Mama Shen, “Are there any old ladies who are the same age as grandpa?”

Mama Shen was confused. “Ah?”

Ah, what ah? It was almost spring, it was time for love.

At night, Lin ShuYi went to go sleep in Shen Fu’s room as usual, but when he saw Shen Fu walk on his own towards the guest room, Mama Shen went up and grabbed him.

Shen Fu: “En?”

Mama Shen felt a little shy. Was she a little too old to say this to him? Even though Mama Shen didn’t appear old at all, as tender and beautiful as a flower bud. “This is your own home, why are you being so restrained? It’s not like we don’t know.”

Shen Fu: ??

“It’s not even the first time anymore, why are you being so shy?” When Mama Shen saw that Shen Fu didn’t understand, she probed a little more.

Shen Fu: ??

When he still didn’t understand even after she said that, Mama Shen gritted her teeth. “It’s not like this is your first time, didn’t you two live together at Xiao Yi’s place? Why are you two still sleeping in separate rooms in your own house? Relax, Mom isn’t old-fashioned. You two can openly sleep together, we won’t say anything.”

Shen Fu:…..

When he saw Mama Shen’s anticipatory, eager gaze, how could Shen Fu have the nerve to say that before it was all just to trick Grandpa Shen? He and Lin ShuYi simply hadn’t had a chance to do anything together yet.

The two of them stared at each other for a while before Mama Shen grew impatient. “Hurry and go, why are you being so bashful?”

As she spoke, she tugged Shen Fu and went to knock on Lin ShuYi’s door.

“Please come in.” Lin ShuYi had already changed into his bathrobe, and he was preparing to wash and go to sleep. When he saw that it was Mama Shen who had knocked, he was a little puzzled, thinking she had something to tell him. But Mama Shen only poked her head in and smiled briefly at Lin ShuYi before she pushed Shen Fu inside the room.

Shen Fu:….

Lin ShuYi:….

Now they were staring at each other.

Lin ShuYi hadn’t heard what the two of them had been talking about, but he more or less understood Mama Shen’s intentions. No matter how calm and collected he was, his face still reddened. At first, Shen Fu wasn’t thinking about that at all, but once he saw Lin ShuYi’s red face, he suddenly felt that – how could he face his own mother if he didn’t use such a good chance?

As a result, Shen Fu flipped the lock on the door with a twist of his hand, smirking as he walked slowly towards Lin ShuYi. “It looks like we have no choice but to sleep together.”

Shen Fu was taller than Lin ShuYi by an entire head. Lin ShuYi, who was typically never afraid of Shen Fu, inexplicably felt as if Shen Fu’s height gave him a sort of pressure. And Shen Fu even deepened his voice, provocatively peeling off his sweater, before he unbuttoned his shirt one button at a time right in front of Lin ShuYi. As he unbuttoned it, he stared at Lin ShuYi, his intentions self-evident.

When Shen Fu saw Lin ShuYi had started to become completely rigid, he felt like he truly used up all his strength in order not to attack him. However, it was still best to go slowly the first time. After he undid the last button, Shen Fu tugged off the shirt from his body, revealing his inverted-triangle figure and his firmly outlined abs. Lin ShuYi, who had seemed stunned, suddenly averted his face, his earlobes bright red.

It’s not like he had never seen Shen Fu’s naked body before, but he had never felt so erotic or burning hot when he saw it before. Most likely because he finally knew what was about to happen next, Lin ShuYi suddenly didn’t feel so nervous anymore. Instead, his chest loosened. But when he remembered what he saw on the internet before, a vain desire to rush out the door and flee rose in Lin ShuYi again.

But clearly, it was completely too late for that, because Shen Fu’s hands had already reached his pants. He turned to look at Lin ShuYi, the smile on his lips evident. The desire in his eyes were even more vividly depicted. “I’m going to take a shower. Together?”

Lin ShuYi turned away. “No.”

Shen Fu let out a low chuckle. If Lin ShuYi had really agreed to go with him, he would be more surprised then.

Actually, all the way up until Lin ShuYi went to shower, Shen Fu kept thinking about whether or not he should cherish this opportunity and just completely devour the person he had longed for for so long. Demon Shen Fu naturally supported him devouring Lin ShuYi until there was nothing left, but Angel Shen Fu at least felt like the first time shouldn’t begin with such a surprise.

However, when Lin ShuYi finished showering and came out dripping wet from the bathroom, all the wild imaginings in Shen Fu’s head instantly changed into one thought: do him, do him, do him.

The cheeks which had always been fair were slightly reddened because of the steam, his eyes were damp, his nose held high. His lips were pressed a little nervously together, and the bathrobe was only tied around the middle, so it revealed his exquisite collarbone, which were still stained with water droplets.

Lin ShuYi couldn’t be considered very tall, but he didn’t appear delicate at all with his wide shoulders and narrow waist. His fine hair, long and narrowed eyes instead gave him the feeling of a beautiful bishounen from a manga. Shen Fu thought, What the fuck am I still speculating for? Wasn’t he purposefully seducing him? If he didn’t jump him, then he was definitely impotent!

Lin ShuYi was given a scare by Shen Fu’s eyes, so dark that they were shining. Especially since Shen Fu was already lying on the bed, his bathrobe undone and tossed to the side. The blanket only covered up to his waist, his upper body bare. Shen Fu beckoned to him. “Come here.”

This was the first time Lin ShuYi felt like Shen Fu’s smile was both enticing and scary. Even though he had made many mental preparations in the bathroom just then, now that it was about to happen, he still felt as if perhaps they should wait a few days and see what happened from there. The tiny bit of mental preparation he had done was completely useless, ah.

Even though he was thinking that, his body involuntarily walked forward, sending him ‘to his death.’

In particular, his mind kept replaying the multitude of information and positions that had been forcefully poured into his brain earlier. Lin ShuYi felt like his entire body was beginning to heat up. Before Lin ShuYi could walk over to the bed himself, Shen Fu suddenly rose and dragged Lin ShuYi onto the bed before he flipped over and pressed down on top of him.

“Are you ready?” Shen Fu’s voice was already extremely hoarse. If it weren’t for the last thread of his rationality still straining to keep in place, he would’ve long since been unable to hold back.

Lin ShuYi, who was being pressed down underneath Shen Fu, just had to move slightly to feel the hard, scalding thing poking into his thigh. As a result, he grew so stiff he went motionless, and all the mental preparations he made before collapsed entirely.

Shen Fu felt Lin ShuYi’s panic, and he laughed lowly before he pressed a light kiss on Lin ShuYi’s lips. “I will be very gentle.”

His blood rushed up to his face at once. Lin ShuYi stared into Shen Fu’s eyes, and he nodded his head once as if he had been bewitched or possessed, even though he knew very well what was about to happen.

But if things continued like this, Shen Fu probably wouldn’t be the only one who wouldn’t be able to take it. Because even though Lin ShuYi was rigid all over from nervousness, the fire in his body and his constantly rising body temperature reminded him that – not only did Shen Fu want him, he also very much wanted Shen Fu.

Lin ShuYi wasn’t actually a coy person, so even though he was so nervous he could die, he still nodded slowly once, under Shen Fu’s bewitching gaze.

Shen Fu’s pupils shrank abruptly, before he came crashing down, kissing him from his forehead to his eyes, his nose to his lips, before he finally moved to his neck and went down from there.

The gentle and soft kisses alleviated Lin ShuYi’s nervousness one at a time. From the moment the first moan overflowed from his mouth, the quiet moans and gasps in the room didn’t stop once.

Finally, for the first time in history, Shen Fu woke up even earlier than Lin ShuYi.

Shen Fu got up and pushed open the window curtains, and the sunlight suddenly cast itself inside. Lin ShuYi only knitted his brows, still with no signs of waking.

The room was a complete mess, and there was still a faint musky scent in the air that hadn’t dissipated yet. Shen Fu started to smile. It felt entirely too good to finally devour the person he had desired for so long. If he hadn’t been concerned about Lin ShuYi’s first time, he would probably want even more after holding back for so long.

He swiftly showered before he changed and came back out. Lin ShuYi finally opened his eyes. He first stared, dazed, at Shen Fu for two minutes, before his face swiftly reddened at Shen Fu’s smiling expression.

Shen Fu walked up and pressed a light kiss against his lips. “If you don’t feel well, no need to get up. I’ll bring breakfast up for you to eat.”

Lin ShuYi still wanted to sit up, but it affected his overexerted behind, making his mouth grimace. It didn’t actually hurt that much, since Shen Fu had restrained himself last night, so careful that he had nearly crumbled. Instead, it was a sort of sore, swollen discomfort. Even though it wasn’t very extreme, because it came from that embarrassing place, it made him notice it the more he didn’t want to, making it even more uncomfortable.

But discomfort was one thing. If he didn’t go down to eat and told Shen Fu to send breakfast up to him instead, wouldn’t everyone else know?

“Clothes.” Only when Lin ShuYi spoke did he discover that what was the most obvious wasn’t actually his behind, but his voice, which was already so hoarse that it didn’t sound like his original voice anymore.

Shen Fu burst out laughing. Of course he knew what Lin ShuYi was bothered about. “Mom already knows. Do you think the others won’t know if Mom already does?”

Lin ShuYi glanced at him before he finally buried himself in the blankets, his heart like dead ashes. He said, smothered, “Then, you can bring up breakfast for me.”

Since everyone else already knew, the wisest method was to not go down at all.

When they finally finished last night, Lin ShuYi had been so tired that he couldn’t be bothered with the stickiness across his skin. It was Shen Fu who had tenderly helped wipe him clean before cuddling him to sleep, which was why there weren’t actually any suspicious sticky marks left on the blankets. They were dry and clean, which made Lin ShuYi smile.

It was far from what he had imagined it would be like. It seemed that, sure enough, fujoshis’ imaginations were way too much. However, if Lin ShuYi knew that Shen Fu had only used not even a tenth of the energy that he had wanted to use because he was worried about Lin ShuYi’s first time, what kind of expression would he have?

Who cares about making people cry from coolness? Making someone cry from being fucked was what real men did.

They hadn’t even tried anything but vanilla yet, yet here Lin ShuYi was, underestimating the ability of Shen Fu’s beep— that absolutely wouldn’t do.


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