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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


“Cavaldien? Is that you?” Augusta blinked his eyes hard to dispel his drowsiness, “Oh, it turned out to be Kyfayar…”

Kyfayar was stunned. How could Augusta mistake him for Lord Cavaldien? In his opinion, there was no resemblance between them in appearance, physique and voice, and no matter how lame their eyes are, they will not admit their mistakes! Was it because Augusta had just dreamt of Lord Cavaldien, so he got confused with his dream and reality? But if he had a nightmare, why did he dream of Cavaldien?

“What can I do for you, Kyfayar?” The magician’s voice awakened the young werewolf from his complex thoughts.

“Er… That… It’s time for dinner.”

Augusta sat up with difficulty, and Kyfayar grabbed several cushions to place behind him.

“I think I just had lunch?”

“That’s because you’ve been sleeping.”

Augusta nodded, signaling Kyfayar to serve. Dinner was still thick soup for the weak magician, since he needed something easy to digest. During the meal, Kyfayar sat dejectedly on the chair beside the bed, his ears and tail drooped feebly, and even Augusta could see through the gray atmosphere.

“What’s the matter with you?” The magician put down the spoon and placed the soup bowl and tray on the bedside table to show that he had finished his meal. He didn’t have much of an appetite anyway. “Why are you so sad?”

Kyfayar grabbed the corner of his coat, “You just… How could you mistake me for Lord Cavaldien?”

“I wasn’t completely awake.” Augusta said lightly.

Kyfayar was hit hard by his calm tone. How could this kind of thing be dismissed so easily?

“That’s why you’re upset?”

“Why can’t I be?” Kyfayar kicked off his chair, threw himself on Augusta’s lap and beat the mattress angrily. “I’ve been taking good care of you! It’s me! But you mistook me for someone else! How can I be reconciled!”

A hand fell on his head and rubbed his hair and furry wolf ears. “I know it’s you.”

Kyfayar, with moist eyes, looked up at the magician, “You know?”

“I just had a cold, I’m didn’t become a vegetable.”

“Then you also… You still regarded me as someone else…”

Augusta looked away from his gaze and stared at the curtain in a meaningless way, “I said I wasn’t awake…”

“You dreamt of Lord Cavaldien?”

“Mn, I guess. I dreamt of the past.”

Kyfayar’s ears popped up. “What is it?”

Augusta pinched his fluffy ear and pushed him away. “Do you like to pry into other people’s private affairs so much?” 

Kyfayar called out, “Ow, ow, ow,” covered his ears and jumped back to his chair. “How can it be considered a private matter?” He said discontentedly, “It has something to do with me! I want to know! No, I have to know!”

His hands were on his knees, in a ‘if you do not tell me, I will entangle you for life’ posture. 

Augusta pretended to cough twice and said helplessly, “Old things are not worth mentioning. I went to college with Cavaldien. Our university and another college nearby hold friendship rowing competitions every year, and I was on the same boat with Cavaldien. The boat capsized during the race, and I couldn’t swim. When I fell into the water, I was so scared that I forgot the mantra. Cavaldien saved me. At that time, well, like now, I was sick for a few days, and Cavaldien took care of me until I recovered. That’s what I dreamt of.”

Kyfayar was even more troubled. He knew that Augusta was as famous as Cavaldien, and he had heard that they were good friends in college, but he never expected that their relationship was so close. Was his dream of Cavaldien a good one for him? With this in mind, he could not help but feel more gloomy and heavy.

“You’re so close,” he said dejectedly, “I thought you were just ordinary friends…”

Augusta’s face suddenly changed. “Who is friends with that bastard?!”

“He not only saved you, but also took care of you when you were sick,” Kyfayar swallowed back the words ‘you still remember this after so many years.’

“That’s all in the past!” Augusta snapped. Kyfayar didn’t know which scale he had touched on Augusta that made him furious. This kind of anger was not ‘irritated by the unicorn’s venomous tongue’ or ‘angry at Kyfayar’s stupidity.’ It was about hating a person from the bottom of his heart and wanting to cut him to pieces. Lord Augusta, what’s going on? Just now you just recalledthe precious friendship between the two people, and suddenly it turned into a feud?

Kyfayar, stupefied, watched the magician throw away the pillow and retract into the quilt.

“In the end… What happened?” He asked as though standing on thin ice, “If you don’t want to say it, I won’t ask…”

“Nothing to do with it!” Augusta clenched his teeth. “It’s a good thing that one more person will know that guy’s despicableness and treacherousness.”

“Despicable, treacherous? You mean Lord Cavaldien?”

“Yes, he is! He was my best friend but he betrayed me! We broke up once, and I still can’t forgive him even though he thinks we are now reconciled!” Augusta clenched the quilt, as if he thought of it as Cavaldien, and had to crush it to death. “That guy! You also know that he has a bad character, which is ‘ambitious to suit with his taste’, and ‘unscrupulous in order to achieve his goal that even his relatives and friends can be used at will, regardless of their feelings’. At first, I didn’t see through his true face. I thought he was a decent and good man. I was so blind…”

He cursed Cavaldien incoherently, and only when he was done did he find his logic. “I have to start from the beginning. Cavaldien and I were classmates. I was born into the Hollic family. After that, he was born in a very ordinary family. It is said that his parents still think he studied economics in University. After the boat race, we became friends. Cavaldien is a brilliant young magician, and considering his background, it is not too much to say that he is the type of rare wizard you come across once in a century. At that time, I admired him very much. If anyone ridiculed his origin, I even defended it. Until the third year of college…”

He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and then slowly spat out, “That year, there was a famous event in the magic world — have you ever heard of the magic challenge?”

Kyfayar was stunned. “I seem to have heard of it. It is a match between magicians?”

“Yes. The competition is held every eleven years. It is said that it was a trial set up by a great mage to test his disciples. Later, it gradually evolved into a competition that all magicians could participate in. You can think of it as the Olympic Games for magicians. All contestants will be dropped on an isolated island. There is a mountain peak in the middle of the island. There is a cup on the top of the mountain. The one who attains it is the winner. In other words, there may be only one winner in the competition, and there is no such thing as ‘two people are equal in strength and win the cup together’. 

“The contestants not only have to compete with each other, but also fight against all kinds of strange magic traps on the island, so they are often annihilated and no one wins the cup. When I entered the competition, I wanted to be the winner. At that time, because Cavaldien and I participated in the competition, there was even a rumor that the winner of this competition would be one of us. To be the final winner meant to be recognized by the magic world to a certain extent. It is the lifelong dream of many magicians to win the magic challenge.

“Another special feature of the competition is that all participants can only use magic in one field. If they use magic in other fields, it will be regarded as a violation and they will be disqualified. As for the specific field of magic, the organizing committee will draw lots before the competition. At that time, it happened to be the ‘sixth evil way’ — force. 

“Unfortunately, Cavaldien and I are the worst at magic in this field. So we agreed to form an alliance to fight against the other contestants and the traps on the island. When we got to the top, we would fight against each other. In theory, this was the most feasible and efficient method. And I trusted Cavaldien one hundred percent, believing that he wouldn’t stab me in the back. We went through all the way and were about to reach the mountain where the trophy was placed, when we were suddenly attacked.

“The magician who launched the surprise attack was defeated by me and was willing to admit defeat and quit the game. Unfortunately, Cavaldien was injured in the attack. Although it was not fatal, he could not move on. Even if I took him to the top and blocked any others on the way, he would not be my opponent in the final showdown. In this case, the only way left was for him to abstain. Abstainers would be taken away from the island and taken to hospital by the staff responsible for monitoring the game.

“Cavaldien was very sad. I knew he had always dreamed of winning the game, and with his strength, maybe he could even beat me. However, he was on the verge of success and lost here. I sympathized with him very much. I knew that he wanted to prove himself through this competition and prove that he would not lose to any ‘blue blood aristocrat’. Even if he is of ordinary origin, he could still become a great mage. I even wanted to, I was still young. What if I lost this competition? Eleven years later, I would only be in my thirties and at the peak of my strength. I thought I could always compete again. At that time, no one was my opponent. So I made a decision…”

Augusta dropped his gaze and his body trembled in pain. These old memories were like the devil’s claws, tearing open the scar in his heart that had healed, and letting it bleed again. No, perhaps these wounds had never healed. In the dark night, with no one aware, it was still flowing blood.

“I used a spell to heal his wounds so he could move on. However… As you may have guessed, that spell wasn’t of the reigstered field, so I was disqualified. After Cavaldien recovered, I was taken away from the scene by the staff. Later, Cavaldien beat the others one after another, climbed to the top and won the cup, becoming the first person to win in thirty-three years. His special thanks were given to me at the ceremony, saying that without my generosity and friendship, he would never have won the championship, so this trophy should be half of mine. Although I felt very sorry at that time, I was very happy for him. He finally got what he wanted. As a friend, I was also very proud. But…”



“But then I learned,” Augusta’s voice sank. Just now, he still had a little feeling and honor of recalling the past, but now only felt cold, “he did it on purpose. It was all in his plan.”


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January 14, 2021 8:40 am

I have mixed feelings about Cavaldien. Good or bad? Thanks for the chapter.

January 14, 2021 10:50 pm

Cavaldien sounds like a first class schemer. He sent his problem (Kyfayar) to Augusta to deal with, and now this story from the past. But we only know one side of the story. I think we should wait with labelling him.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

January 15, 2021 8:27 pm

Cavaldien is scum magician😡😡😡

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