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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


After putting on the jewel, Sixth Cub looked at the tailpiece on Fourth Cub’s tail. Fourth Cub slowly moved his tail to the side and tried to hide it. He was very torn, as the tail ornament was one of his treasures that no other dragon could touch, especially after Second Cub chewed the last one.

If… If Sixth Cub really wanted it, he could lend it to her for half a day… One day, no more. But Sixth Cub just looked at it twice, and didn’t ask Fourth Cub for it. She ran away and flew around in front of Seventh Cub and Second Cub to show them the jewel she was wearing around her neck.

Seventh Cub gave an “aowu” to praise the gem and flew around with Sixth Cub. He had just learned to fly a few days ago, and wasn’t skilled enough to fly too high yet, and since his stance was too wobbly, Second Cub followed him nervously.

Seventh Cub and Sixth Cub were very young, so when they got their new toys, they couldn’t help but show them off, and when they met ordinary dragons, they also wanted to show them.

Ordinary dragons didn’t understand this at all, they only knew that the two young magic dragons wouldn’t let them go, so they obediently crouched in the same place and waited for them to leave. Everywhere they flew, they were followed by not only Second Cub, but also Fourth Cub.

Second Cub looked at Fourth Cub, who was also nervous, and asked him, “Why are you following me?”

He was watching over Seventh Cub, completing the difficult task that Ning Chu had given him, so what was Fourth Cub doing here?

Fourth Cub stammered, “I… I’m afraid that Little Six will lose my gem.”

The purple gem was so hard that even Sixth Cub’s teeth couldn’t chew it. Fourth Cub wasn’t worried that the gem would be destroyed, but he was afraid that Sixth Cub would play with it and forget where she had left it.

Sure enough, Sixth Cub stopped in front of him, lifted her hind legs and scratched her neck. She loved the jewel, but now it was too heavy to wear, not convenient when flying.

Sixth Cub saw Fourth Cub approaching and asked him to take it off for her.

At that moment, Seventh Cub also scratched his neck.

Second Cub was nervous, the fur wasn’t easy to fix, he and Fifth Cub worked together for a long time to make this collar, but Seventh Cub wouldn’t be like Sixth Cub, he wouldn’t dislike it after wearing it for half a day.

The good thing was that Seventh Cub only tidied up a few white hairs that were blown by the wind and adjusted its position.

Second Cub got visibly relieved, worthy of the little dragon cub he had taken a fancy to. If Seventh Cub dared to take it off so quickly, he would have to beat Seventh Cub up for the time Fifth Cub had spent making it.

After taking off the jewel, Sixth Cub had little interest in flying around with Seventh Cub, and yawned as she headed back to take a nap.

After wearing the jewel all morning, she felt a little tired, so she climbed onto Fourth Cub’s back without any further ado, and very skillfully laid down and let herself be brought back.

Fourth Cub said goodbye and took Sixth Cub back, leaving Second Cub and Seventh Cub alone in the forest. Seventh Cub looked at Second Cub’s neck hair, then looked down at the collar he was wearing around his neck, and his tail kept wagging behind him when he looked at Second Cub.

Seventh Cub was smarter or more precocious than the young dragons born at the same age, and he knew what Ning Chu’s words meant in the morning. He was now supposed to be Second Cub’s little brother, learning from him how to be a qualified dragon on the island!

Sensing Seventh Cub’s expectation, Second Cub got up and flew around a bit, letting him follow him.

For the rest of the day and every day from then on, Seventh Cub hung out with Second Cub. He woke up with Second Cub in the morning and followed him to the back of the mountain.

Each day the adult magic dragons would take turns to be responsible for each meal. Second Cub would also take Seventh Cub with him when it was his turn. Of course, only Second Cub would do this, while Seventh Cub would just watch and learn.

Second Cub also prepared food for Fifth Cub every day, alternating between oat grass and alfalfa grass, or sometimes asking Fifth Cub what she wanted to eat first.

After the meal, Second Cub took Seventh Cub to the stream to clean up. He didn’t use to be so tidy, he would just roll around in the grass and rub it off. Now that he was an example for a small dragon cub, he restrained his behavior a lot. However, Second Cub’s nature couldn’t be suppressed for more than two days, and it gradually revealed itself.

At the beginning, he still took Seventh Cub here and there, flying and swimming together, or going to the playground, and several other Dragon Islands, teaching him how to command ordinary dragons to do things for him. But every day was really boring, and Second Cub had nothing more to teach Seventh Cub after a while.

He wanted Seventh Cub to go play with Eldest Cub for a few days, but Seventh Cub didn’t want to.

After wearing the knitted collar for a few days, the white fur was already missing half of it, but Seventh Cub still wore it around his neck every day and would only take it off before going to bed. When he saw Second Cub telling him to go find another dragon, he thought he didn’t want to play with him anymore and looked at him pitifully.

So, Second Cub started to rack his brain on how to relieve his and Seventh Cub’s boredom.

There was only one way… The only way to have some fun was to take the initiative.

On the same day, Third Cub passed by and was called by Seventh Cub, asking him to do him a favor.

Third Cub was wary, but didn’t refuse.

He followed Seventh Cub all the way to the back of the mountain. Seventh Cub was tired of flying, so he landed and walked in the grass, and Third Cub also walked with him to keep up eith his speed.

The two little dragon cubs came to a wide grassy area, when the ground in front of Third Cub suddenly became empty. His front paws sank into the grass, while his bottom was in the air, as if a hole had been dug by someone and covered by grass leaves and twigs.

Third Cub reacted quickly and opened his wings to fly up, but a pair of yellow paws reached out from the grass and dragged him into the pit. He fell into the pit with a thud, while the culprit quickly flew away and threw a pile of grass and leaves all over Third Cub.

Third Cub’s first thought was who did it,as  he angrily lifted the leaves and flew out of the bottom of the pit, but there was no one around, and Seventh Cub was gone.

He ran so fast? Third Cub didn’t let down his guard and flew around in mid-air. He caught a glimpse of a place with an oddly shaped grass and leaves cluster, which looked a bit similar to the pit just now.

So this was where he was hiding! Third Cub made a dive and tried to go in and drag Second Cub out. He fell headfirst into the thick mud under the blades of grass, and his horns and scales got covered in mud.

Jeers rang out behind him, as Third Cub pulled his horns out and turned his head. Second Cub emerged from another pit behind him, his four claws covered in mud with a lot on his body as well, all from the mud he was digging out earlier.

Second Cub laughed at Third Cub for looking like a vulture, when Third Cub opened his mouth and spit a ball of fire at him. Second Cub ducked into the hole and escaped before Third Cub came after him.

Seventh Cub was also in the pit, and when he climbed up slowly, Second Cub and Third Cub were already fighting.

The two little dragon cubs didn’t allow either one of them to get away. Second Cub was fast, but Third Cub was no match for him, so they pounced on each other and rolled around in the mud pit. When they finally got tired and stopped, Second Cub’s neck hair was covered in mud and couldn’t be shaken off.

Third Cub, unperturbed, spat out a ball of fire and walked through it, making the mud on his body baked and dry, which then he promptly shook off into crumbs. Second Cub was extremely mad. The mud on his body wasn’t a big deal, as he provoked Third Cub not once or twice like this, but he felt that he had lost face in front of Seventh Cub.

At that moment, Seventh Cub trotted over to him and sniffed him.

Second Cub awkwardly clenched a cluster of grass and wanted to clean himself immediately.

However, the next moment, Seventh Cub let out an “aowu” and followed Second Cub’s and Third Cub’s example, rolling into the mud puddle several times until he was covered in mud.


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Amusing 🤗
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Sounds like fun 😄😊 lovin’ the cubs playing ❤️ thank you ❤️

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Seventh cub is an adorable child 😭💖 such a good baby.. He fits so well with second 😅

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