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Chapter 10: Husband

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA


The mop fell across the wet ground that had just been cleaned. The boy who had used it was being bullied by the other. As their lips and tongues crushed and licked each other, the oxygen in their mouth gradually became thin, and the flexible tongue scraped on the sensitive oral mucosa, making Hu Yu gasp.  

After the kiss, Hu Yu had tears hanging from the corner of his eyes, looking like he had been ravaged.  

“Do you want to give birth to my child? Eh?” Fu Anli completely removed his cold personar, and was now a big tailed wolf. “Do you like me so much?”  

Hu Yu, however, is the kind of guy who gives him a little sunshine. When Hu Yu found out that Fu Anli liked him, he didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. He doesn’t want to ‘cut off the relationship’ with the other. Now he rushed forward, “I like you! Especially like! Super like!”  

Fu Anli was happy, but on the surface, he had to pretend to be indifferent, “Oh, but I only like you a little. What should I do?”   

Confined between Fu Anli’s arms, Hu Yu grabbed his lapels with both hands and thought for a moment, “I don’t know… Can’t you like me a little more?”   

Looking at Hu Yu’s wistful eyes, Fu Anli steadied his mind and said, “It depends on your performance.”  

“What performance?” Hu Yu looked at him without blinking.  

Fu Anli coughed and a blush appeared on his face, “If you are obedient, I’ll like you a little more.”  

Hu Yu, who was dazzled by happiness, didn’t find his statement unnatural. He said, “I’m very obedient.”  

“Then…take off your pants first,” Fu Anli said, carrying the man to a nearby desk and sitting down.  

Hu Yu was stunned for a moment, but then slowly unbuttoned and took off his trousers, “Is that all?”  

The boy’s slender, symmetrical legs were exposed to the air and were pink with shyness.  

Fu Anli swallowed, “You need to take off your underwear, too.”  

Hu Yu hesitated and whispered, “In the classroom?”  

“Being disobedient?” Fu Anli rubbed Hu Yu’s red and swollen lips with his fingers. “Don’t you want me to like you a little more?”  

“Yes.” Hu Yu shyly removed the last piece of cover from his lower body. “Is that okay? Do you like me a little bit more?”

“Yes.” Fu Anli’s eyes were heavy. “Now open your legs and let me see.”  

Hu Yu’s eyes widened for a moment, then bit his lower lip. Fu Anli’s burning eyes were on him as he bent his legs into an M-shape, and touched his asshole with trembling fingers.  

“Wait.” Fu Anli suddenly stopped him. “Wet your fingers first.”  

Originally, Hu Yu thought that Fu Anli would come in himself, but he hoped in vain, “Mmm.”  

Just as he was about to put his finger in his mouth, his wrist was held and a hot and humid tongue licked Hu Yu’s white fingers. Hu Yu’s hand trembled, “Don’t…” 

Fu Anli lowered his eyes and licked his partner’s trembling fingers with erotic slowness. He also put it into his mouth and went in and out like his penis, licking his fingers until they were wet. Hu Yu’s face was so red as if it was going to explode and steam was about to come out A familiar feeling rose in his body.  

“You’re hot.” Fu Anli happily looked at the snow-white ears popping up on Hu Yu’s head and a hairy tail behind his buttocks.  

“Mn…” Hu Yu put his fully lubricated finger into the back hole. As soon as the finger reaches in, it is wrapped by layers of soft flesh, and the cavity automatically begins to secrete  liquid, allowing his fingers to pull and insert smoothly. 

“Ah, ah!” His fingers accidentally touched a certain point, and Hu Yu’s waist went soft and his whole body shook.  

“So obedient again.” Fu Anli dropped a few soft kisses on Hu Yu’s flushed cheek. “I like you a little more.”  

Hu Yu was overjoyed, his fingers pulled and inserted more vigorously, and he was constantly groaning. Fu Anli felt that he was almost done, so he asked Hu Yu to take out his finger and replaced it with his own penis. The full glans pressed against the mouth of the hole, blocking the flow of the obscene water.  

“Call me husband.” Fu Anli still held a grudge about the last rejection. “If you call me husband, I’ll feed you my cock.”  

Hu Yu’s tearful eyelashes trembled slightly. After a long time, he whispered, “Husband.”  

The boy’s voice is low and soft, listening to it made Fu Anli’s heart melt, “Good.”  

As soon as the words were finished, the cock squeezed into the small cave, and the slow friction made Hu Yu feel that he was being occupied by his partner. When Fu Anli reached the deepest point, Hu Yu was completely owned by this person.  

“Ah! Good… My hole will be broken…” Hu Yu frowned gently and gasped.  

Fu Anli gently kissed him on the mouth, “I like you a little bit more.”  

Hearing this, Hu Yu was so happy that he ignored the tearing feeling from his asshole. He held Fu Anli’s neck and said, “How much do you like me now?”  

“My ‘like’ has increased by four points.” Fu Anli moved slowly, letting out a large amount of liquid when his cock pumped out.  

Hu Yu’s fluffy ears trembled, “How many more points until it’s full?”  

Fu Anli rubs Hu Yu’s hair, “It won’t ever be full.”  

“Why?” Hu Yu frowned unhappily.  

Fu Anli was silent for a moment, then his ear turned red, “Because I find that I like you a little more every second.”  

Hu Yu was stunned for a moment and then reacted. No matter if Fu Anli’s penis was still in his body, he threw himself forward, and his tears fell down, “Me too! I lied before when I said that I wanted to draw a clear line with you, and also when I said I was going to go find someone else. I only like you! Even if you don’t like me, I only like you!”  

Fu Anli pursed his lips and held the man hanging on him, “Stupid fox.”  

Hu Yu was upset, sniffed and said, “I’m not stupid!”  

Fu Anli, holding his fleshy buttocks in his hands, snapped, “Yes, smart fox.”  

Hu Yu felt so good that his scalp felt numb. He moved his hand and scratched a few red markson Fu Anli’s back, “You… Mn, slow down… Ah ah!”  

Fu Anli’s body had the leanness of a teenager and the robustness of an adult. His muscle lines weren’t terribly defined, but still full of a sense of strength. He can easily hold up someone like Hu Yu, which only has a lot of buttocks. Hu Yu, who was held in his arms,was stuffed to an unprecedented depth since his whole body weight was supported by the joint of their lower bodies.  

Hu Yu cried and begged for mercy. Finally, he came and vaguely stuck out his red tongue to lick the semen-splashes on Fu Anli’s chest. Fu Anli’s stomach tightened, and semen spilled into the fox’s  warm burrow. Hu Yu grunted and leaned softly against his partner’s arms with his tail dangling in the air.  

Fu Anli looked at his partner who had a totally dependent posture, and his eyes were more gentle than ever, “Silly fox, thank you for always loving me.”

The fluffy ears moved, and the corners of Hu Yu’s mouth slightly curved.

You are welcome! But why did Fu Anli hate foxes?

Fu Anli grew up in a single parent family, and his parents divorced when he was six years old. At that time, Fu Anli was still a young boy who was ignorant and innocent. Fu Anli asked his mother, “Where is Dad going?” when his dad moved out of the house with a suitcase.

Mother Fu had red eyes, but her face was expressionless, or Fu Anli, at that time, could not understand that expression. “Your father has run away with a fox spirit.”

He heard his mother say that.

Mother Fu is not a strong person. She is used to relying on others. However, after Father FU left, she still raised Fu Anli by herself, but her mental state went from bad to worse. During the six years after his dad left, from age six to twelve, Fu Anli often heard his mother crying alone in her bedroom, cursing Father Fu and the fox spirit in a low voice.

Fu Anli, a young man, couldn’t tell whether this was actually a fox spirit or fox demon, so he secretly hated all foxes until he met Hu Yu when he was sixteen years old. He was caught off guard by his first love, but the other person was his most hated fox. Although the other said he was a fox demon instead of a fox spirit, Fu Anli thought there was no difference.

Every time the other confessed to him, he refused him severely. At this time, Fu Anli had a feeling of revenge in his heart, but he would regret it again the next second.  

After three years of entanglement, the other suddenly said that he would give up, which reassured Fu Anli’s belief  that the fox spirit is unreliable, but also a little flustered, as if something was going out of control. So he chose to take the other party as his own on the night when he found out the other was in heat.  

Later, after the two were officially together, Fu Anli told Hu Yu why he hated foxes, and was scolded.  

“Your mother said fox spirit, and I have told you how many times, we are fox demons, not fox spirits! Fu Anli, are you stupid?”  

Nowadays, Fu Anli would not show his anger at such words from Hu Yu, he would just press the person who said it on the bed and fuck him over and over until the other party could only cry in fragments.

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Alyssa Ann Pflueger
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