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Gail Chapter 50, Part 5

He shook his sword and ran outside the field. Jin Kwang Yao screamed behind him, “HuaiSang! HuaiSang! This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

When he tried to continue, Nie MingJue commanded with a cold voice. “Stop!

Jin Kwang Yao stopped in his orbit and turned around. Nie Mingjue, knocking his anger, knocked him, “Are you still planning to come?”

Mr Jin Kwang Yao answered with a voice saying: “I knew it was a mistake.”

We, Wuxian, have a face – it’s bigger than me.

Nie MingJue, “Did you recognize this error?”

As Jin Kwan Yao said, the disciples who brought the medicine replied, “Lee Foung – Head of Unit, Young Master, closes the door and nobody leaves.”

Nie MingJue says, “I’ll show you how long I can connect with myself. How do you challenge me?”

Jin Kwang Yao spoke kindly to his disciples. “Thank you, pour me medications, I will take him to him.

He took a bottle of medicine. After everything remained, Nie Mingjue went to him: “Are you here?

Jin Kwang Yao, “Old brother, have you forgot? That’s when I play Gukin to you.

Nie MingJue gave him a direct answer: “There is no debate about the question of Xue Yang, I do not need to make it peaceful, it does not work at all.

Jin Guayayao: “First of all, I’m not scaring you. Second, if it does not work, brothers, why do you worry?

Nie MingJue was silent.

Jin Kwang Yao: “I’m sorry, but you’ve gotten harder in Huayang recently, is it a wise spirit?”

After a break, he continued: “Huaikou still do not know the Sabbath?

Nie Mingjue said: “Why should I tell him soon?

Jin Guangjao said, “Huai Sang is used to damage, but he can not be the non-lethal second masters of the boy in his life. One day he will realize that you are doing it to him, my brother, I will do to you how I noticed what you are doing”

Wei Wu Xian, Bravo, Bravo. I could not say that, although it has two lives, but Jin GuangYao can adjust its signal so that it does not speak at all. It’s like an ear.

Nie MingJue: “If you really understand, please bring me Xue Yang’s head in your hand and come to me.”

However, Jin GuangYao immediately answered “Yes.”

Nie MingJue saw him. Looking back at Jin Guangyao, repeatedly: “If you give me my last chance, yes … brother, in two months I spoke to see you with Snow Yan’s head with your hands.”

Nie MingJue, “If you can not do this?”

Jin Kwang Yao’s voice was a signature that “if I can not do this, brothers, you can do whatever I want.”

Wei Wuxian almost arrived to follow Jin GuangYao.

He was always afraid of Nie MingJue, but eventually he could use many dictionaries to give Nie MingJue another opportunity. On the same night, Jin Kwang Yao again played a sound of clarity in his uncle’s kingdom.

His oath was so marvelous as I did. However, Nie MingJue could not wait for two months.

One day, QingheNie Sect hosted a martial arts concert. Although Nie MingJue accepted one of the attachments, he suddenly heard some confusion. Probably Jin Guangyao. But secondly, he heard another well-known voice.

Lan Xicens said: “The brothers decided to swear to you, so he confirmed you.

Jin Guangjao said sorrow: “Brothers, but you have not heard of what he said on an oath, every phrase means something more, accusing Multekos Senbon fingers,” It obviously warns me, I should not tear from the limbs, limbs, I so far I have not heard such an oath ”

Lan Xicen answered with a gentle voice. “If not,” told me, but do you think this is not the case? Otherwise, why are you so cared about? ”

Jin Kwang Yao: “I do not want, but my brother has already decided what I should do, so what should I do?”

Lan Xicens: “He always loves his talents and hopes you will choose the right path.

Jin Guangjao said: “It’s not that I do not know exactly what is right and what’s wrong, but sometimes I really can not help, but I’m worried if it’s anyone else. I did not know if I would violate my eldest son? Brothers, did you also hear what you called me?

Lan Xicens hurt, “His anger is not enough for an avid brother to compare what he had before, just to think before he speaks. He does not have to assume these last days, he was deeply worried about Saber Spirit, and HuaiSang once again consulted with him, however they have not done it yet.

Jin Guangyao little if he thinks about me everyday, and then can he say something when he is angry? “Since my mother could not choose his destiny, I could mislead my people in my life, I ask if I could choose my background” Is this so, have you seen me as brothers, or are people different? After all, when I do the sole sentence, “I do not care who is the prostitute’s son.”

Jin GuangYao complained to LAN XiChen now, he played the old baton, spoke with Niie MingJue, last night he was very soft and innocent. Knee Min, who heard that Jin Kwang Yao spoke badly, burnt in her anger and opened the door. Her head flooded the flame through the body. The air resembles noise that resembles noise.

When he arrived, Jin Guayayao quickly panicked and threw behind Lanxi behind him. Lan XiChen, who lived between the two, could not even talk about burning Nie MingJue at Saver, who caught the skin. Ranxi stole this assault with a sword shouting: “Get Rid!”

Jin Kwang Yao has left. Nie MingJue insulted Ranxi sh, “do not go in my way!”

He was also harassed outside. When he walked through the long corridor, he suddenly saw that he was walking through Jin Guowao. He washes it with a sword and immediately burns blood. But Kim Guangjao apparently ran in his life. How did he recover such free time? This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

After the strike, Nie Mingyou go one step further. When he reached the place, he lifted his breath. We asked how fast his heart was defeated.

Jin GuangYao!

All the people walking on the field were in the form of Jin Kwang Yao!

Nie MingJue has already made a mistake!

He only knew that he deliberately killed, killed and killed the killing, killed Jin Guayayao. He attacked someone I met. A scammer around the neighborhood. Suddenly, Wei Wuxian heard someone cry: “Brothers!

Nie MingJue yelled when he heard the voice was a bit big. Although he turned, he could eventually make another face out of the unprofitable golden features of GuangYao.

Nie Huysan, who held the wounded hand, tugged his back and desperately moved to Nie Minya. Nick Huai Sang saw an outbreak: “Brothers, brother, is it me!” Put your sword, that’s me! ”

However, before Nie Huai Sang moved, Ni e MingJue fell to the ground.

Before he fell, Ni e MingJue’s eyes finally were saved and saw the true Jin GuangYao.

Jin Kwang Yao stood at the end of the corridor. There was no trace of his blood. He looked at two teardrop streams and poured out his eyes.

The red is red in the red chest, but he seems to have laughed instead of him.

Suddenly, Wei Wuxian heard a voice calling him from afar. The voice was very deep and cold. The first call was quite lazy. It sounded as if it were far off, between reality and confusion. The second call was much more specific. He could even distinguish between a vague voice of insecurity.

And with the third call he heard it loud and clear.

“Wei Ying!”

We listened to it, Wei Wuyi detained herself!

He was still a thin bug, fastened to the helmet and sealed Nie Miny’s head. He tried to release a knot that grabbed an iron shield in the eyes of Nie MingJue, opened his bloody eyes and spread into his anger.

It was not that long. He must immediately return to his body!

He flew as if he was a butterfly and was shooting soldier’s clothes. But he painted the curtains and saw someone standing in the dark corner of the secret room. Jin Kwang Yao smile. Do not make any words, he pulled out a soft sword from his waist. He was a famous sword.

When Jin Guangyao later hid behind Wen Jiabao Ruo Han’s work, he often folded the sword off his waist, protecting the sword in his hands to use it at moments that He was. The Hensheng blade seemed to be extremely soft, attacking the antique movement, but it was actually blood and angry. After blades winds the opposite, Jin GuangYao uses it with mysterious spiritual power and quickly and quickly destroys the sword, despite its gentle appearance. Some famous swords were defeated by a similar explosion. At that moment, the sword blade was attacked as a serpent with silver scales, pretty much did not hesitate. Lost focus for 1 second, Wei WuXian will be caught with a fist!

Lord Wuyi attacked the paper here with agility, but this was not my body. After a few moves, he’s almost cut off at Henshon’s end. As it continues, he will surely be imprisoned.

Suddenly, he saw a sword calmly laid in one of the walls of a wooden compartment from his corner of the eye. Nobody has polished the sword for a long time. The swab’s body and the belts around it were covered with dust.

There was nothing other than his sword of the past, Suibiano!

WuXian jumped into the closet and began violently with Suibia curtains. When you play, it tries to move from the hall, looking at the order!

Suviano flew sharply and began to fight the Hensen’s smooth sword. Looking at it, the blow thorns Jin Guayayao’s face. He quickly recovered his connection and cut his right groove. As a vineyard, Hensheng wrapped around Suibiano’s white straight edge. He left it at once, fought alone with two thieves. With his left hand he threw weapons Wei Wu Xian. The man exploded on the way and exploded in the fire. Wei Wu Xian was able to feel the warmth when he approached. Using the black line of the two swords fighting against him, he quickly released his sleeve and fled from the room!

This time was over. Wei Wu Xian could not fly in the apartment in the house in all sorts of ways, worried about hiding. Occasionally Lan Wang Ji went to open the door. And with a brutal foot he fell to Lan WangJi’s face.

Wuyi hit a paper like glue on the face of Orchid royal family. It seemed that he was afraid. Lan WangJ’s eyes were covered with two wide sleeves. He swam at him, shook his excitement by storming it.

After a moment when his soul returned well, Wei Wuxian breathed deeply. He lifted his head and opened his eyes and suddenly arose. However, he did not think he was still worried, so he was pushed forward. Looking at it, Lan WangJi caught them in their hands. We, Wuxian, raise his head and head over the Ranjana chin. When it is a tail, both are painful. Wei Wu Xian rounded his head with one hand and felt LAN Chin Deputy Wang Ji in another “Wow! I’m sorry if you’re right at LAUN, are you okay?”

He rubbed his jaw several times, and the Ranch family handed Wei Wu Xian’s hands, slowly shaking his head. Wei Wu Xian painted her: “Go!

Lan Wang did not give too much information. He got up and finally said, “Where?”

Wei Wu Xian, “The Fragrancy Palace!” Bronze mirror is entering the secret room, his wife found her secret about him, he dragged him in, she should still be there! Red Mine – there’s also Takashi’s head!

Jin Kwang Yao undoubtedly hides Nie Miny’s head and moves it to another place. However, even if he moved his head, he could not move his wife Qin Sook! Eventually she was the owner of the Tower Koi. For a moment she attended the party. If someone else suddenly disappears, nobody can doubt anything. Those who took this opportunity were able to use the speed to help Jin Guayao make the above hide and avoid the time to hide Qin Su!

Two people were attacked with terrible power, the person who tried to stop them by lifting the side. Jin Kwang Yao trained his disciples around Cracking Castle more than thorough things. As someone yelled, they cried out their attention, even though they could not defend what they could alert the owner of the Fragrante Palace. However, people have often become victims of their own wisdom. The disciples’ warnings were stronger than the disciples, but Jin Guayao was more complicated. This is because so many confessions have been gathered today.

A squid came by and ate the rest of the fake text. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

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