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Chapter 4: Sharing the Same Bed and Pillow

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


After Xia Qian’an led the two women back to Green Bamboo Courtyard, he stopped caring about them and locked himself in his small study for half a day. After all, it was just like the madam to give the seventh Young Master women. Regardless of the seventh Young Master’s reaction, Chunyu and them had to arrange accommodation for the two.

Qiu Shui led them to a room far away from the Young Master’s bedroom. Qiu Shui turned her eyes when walking in front of them. She didn’t care what strengths these two had, if the Young Master disliked them, his people would as well.

Don’t think you can get into the eyes of the Young Master. How can the Young Master, who has a light temperament, let you get close.

Qiu Shui wouldn’t admit that she was jealous. Every time they served the Young Master, they had to serve the Young Master a few steps away. So how could the Young Master let these two strangers climb his bed?

“These two rooms are for each of you. If you don’t have an order from the seventh Young Master, don’t show yourself in front of the seventh Young Master. The seventh Young Master hates contact with others, even me.” Qiu Shui turned her head, looked at them expressionlessly, said this and left.

Ruo Yi and Ruo Qing looked at each other, but they didn’t care. They had to finish the task their madam gave to them. How could they be obedient to another?


Small Study Room

Xia Qian’an fell asleep holding An Jiu. An Jiu picked up his master carefully and put him on the soft couch in the small study. Xia Qian’an unconsciously grabbed An Jiu’s sleeve. His eyebrows were slightly wrinkled and his eyes were red and swollen.

For the convenience of his master, An Jiu knelt beside the soft couch on one knee. From just now, An Jiu really understood his master’s heart. The more he understood… the more Xia Qian’an seemed to occupy his heart.

Only at this time, could An Jiu look at his master without any scruples, could put down his camouflage and uncover his ugly side. “Master…”

If one didn’t pay attention to his low voice, it would be ignored. However, there were some scruples, depression and restraint in his voice, which couldn’t be ignored or unheard.

An Jiu gazed at his sleeping master, eyes full of dark emotions.

When Xia Qian’an woke up, it was late. Xia Qian’an didn’t eat at noon, and cried for half an afternoon. After sleeping, he was hungry.

“Hungry…” Xia Qian’an sat up from the soft couch and complained that he was awakened by hunger. “Ah… An Jiu, please take some snacks to my room and I’ll take a bath.”

Xia Qian’an got up slowly and dared not look at him. He had cried in front of An Jiu. It was embarrassing…

“Master, you didn’t have anything to eat at noon. Would you like to have dinner first?”

“I’d better take a bath before eating. You can bring me some snacks to cushion my stomach…” Thinking that An Jiu might not have eaten either, Xia Qian’an added, “Well, bring more.”

“Yes, master.” An Jiu respectfully answered, then left.

Xia Qian’an was soaking in hot water, and his frown loosened. He closed his eyes, leaned back against the tub and sank down. The hot water soaked up to his shoulders.

Ruo Yi opened the door and gently walked to the screen. Ruo Yi only wore a thin layer of light gauze, her pink belly and white skin were indistinct, and the purple shadow on her face added more beauty. Ruo Yi was a few steps away from Xia Qian’an, she stopped and gave a soft cry, “Seventh Young Master.”

However, Xia Qian’an was shocked by the sudden appearance of the female voice.

“Ah!” Xia Qian’an screamed in the next second, so scared that he couldn’t open his eyes. His face turned white, his body trembled slightly, and his thin lips, which were originally pale, were red.

He was afraid of ghosts since he was a child. Suddenly he heard strange voices, and since his thoughts were still a bit erratic, the first thing he thought of was that kind of thing.

As soon as An Jiu approached his master’s bedroom, he heard his master’s scream, and there was a panic in his voice.

An Jiu, in a fighting mind, rushed to his master’s room, and saw a woman in disheveled clothes trying to get close to his master.


“An Jiu, put that… Throw it out!” Xia Qian’an’s voice trembled and he was afraid to open his eyes.

Ruo Yi didn’t know why things had come to this point, she just called out seventh Young Master, and then the Young Master suddenly yelled. The next second she was thrown out, and she didn’t see who was throwing her out.

Ruo Yi lost her image as she sat on the ground at a loss. The four maids heard the yell of their Young Master and hurriedly came to see this scene.

“Master, your subordinate has already thrown that person out.”

“An… An Jiu, come and help me. I can’t get my legs up.” Xia Qian’an’s voice was trembling, his face was pale, and he obviously couldn’t stand.

“Yes, master.” An Jiu approached the tub, hesitated for a moment and stooped to help up his master who was still sitting in the tub.


An Jiu had hard calluses on his hand, and they touched Xia Qian’an’s delicate skin, which made his body tremble. The soft and sticky voice overflowed from his mouth. He quickly closed his mouth, and his ears were slightly red. Xia Qian’an, who had never had much physical contact with others, thought that this kind of feeling was strange, so strange that it made him afraid and want An Jiu to touch him more.

The sudden strange feeling made Xia Qian’an ignore the fear in his heart.

“Master, I have offended you.” An Jiu closed his eyes and murmured. Then he quickly picked up his master from the tub, dried the water on his body, and then helped him to put on a coat, taking only one minute.

After dinner, Xia Qian’an didn’t want to go out for a walk to eat. He was scared. When An Jiu went to the dark place, he couldn’t help but think of something terrible. When he thought about it, Xia Qian’an was trembling. “An Jiu, I think I may not be able to sleep tonight. What can I do?” Xia Qian’an said pathetically.

“Master should sleep in peace, for this subordinate will be by your side.” An Jiu’s words reassured Xia Qian’an a lot. He closed his eyes just opened them again a few minutes later, with some fear in his eyes.

“An Jiu, will you sleep with me?” Xia Qian’an looked at the man standing beside his bed with tears on his face. He had a desperate fear of ghosts. He thought that when he was a little older, his symptoms of this fear of ghosts would be weakened. He didn’t expect that such an incident would happen, bringing back his fears.

An Jiu was startled for a moment, “Master, it’s not right…” 

“But… But I’m afraid of ghosts. I can’t sleep.” Xia Qian’an said in a hurry without waiting for An Jiu’s refusal. Originally, he just mentioned it casually. Now, the more he thought about it, the better the idea was. Xia Qian’an said in a tone that sounded like he was wronged, “An Jiu, you won’t listen to me?” 

“No, master, this subordinate…” An Jiu quickly denied, but before he finished, Xia Qian’an had moved over on the bed, patted the space with his right hand, blinked, looked at him expectantly, and finally An Jiu compromised.

Xia Qian’an was facing the edge of the bed, holding on to An Jiu’s clothes beside him with two hands. They were close together. To be exact, Xia Qian’an unconsciously moved towards An Jiu after falling asleep.

By this time, Xia Qian’an was already sleeping soundly. An Jiu was lying on the edge of the bed, neither falling easily nor occupying too much space. He was as stiff as iron. An Jiu quietly listened to his master’s gentle breathing, eyes open, black and bright, like midnight, but he still did not want to sleep.

As a shadow guard, the average sleeping time was one or two hours, and they sleep light, so that they can get up quickly any time.

“An Jiu.” Xia Qian’an closed his eyes and murmured. His voice was a little low and his pronunciation was a little fuzzy, but An Jiu could hear him clearly.

“Yes, master.” An Jiu turned his head to answer, his voice was very low. His master was sleep talking. An Jiu thought irresistibly, he was in his master’s dream.

An Jiu focused on his master’s face, eyes and nose, and then his pale thin lips. The moonlight was a little bright tonight, and An Jiu was bewitched. His body was sideways, and his head slowly leaned over. An Jiu felt his master’s breath slightly on his face.

The next second, the two men’s lips touched. An Jiu felt the soft flesh, and his heartbeat missed half a beat, but he also came back to himself. Knowing what he had done, An Jiu hurriedly moved, and he seemed to fall into an ice cave, unable to stop being cold.

He had… Desecrated his master? How can I… What was I doing?

“Master… This subordinate is guilty… But… this subordinate… Doesn’t want to leave you…” An Jiu closed his eyes and murmured. His voice was so low that one would not hear it.

“Mn…” An Jiu heard his master’s voice, and his body instantly froze. Had his master discovered his error?

Xia Qian’an had just whispered unconsciously, and then rubbed his head against An Jiu.

Knowing that his master didn’t wake up, An Jiu was relieved.

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An Jiu,…. Bad boy. First he has weird thoughts, then he touches his naked skin and now he’s kissing him!

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