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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lin Han subconsciously drew back his hand in a flash. He even thought he had misheard. But he couldn’t touch the other hand again to verify whether those words were true or not. His image of He YunTing was haughty and unsympathetic.

Lin Han had heard that he was the top Alpha of the empire, and there were many Omegas who had shown him affection, but he ignored them, and sometimes wouldn’t even give them a look. In addition, after he had listened to the other party’s recording once, this impression was even more stereotyped in his mind.

But what he had just heard had completely overturned all of Lin Han’s perceptions of He YunTing’s establishment. He thought back in a very short time, and if he heard correctly, He YunTing said exactly that.

His own rut hadn’t arrived, inhibitors were used every time, so it was reasonable to say that it was impossible to smell his pheromone at all.

Are the General’s olfactory cells in his large hands?

And he ‘wants to mark’ or something… 

Thinking of this, Lin Han, who was good-tempered, cooled his face.

“Excuse me.” He put his white gloves back on and took another step back, taking his eyes off the other man’s perfect face.

But the words of the General’s heart still lingered in his ears and didn’t leave. Although there were many Alphas in the Institute, Lin Han had heard many strange inner voices before when he first awakened this ability, but not as straightforward as this one now.

Even if he smelled good, and the other got hard… Lin Han was speechless.

For a moment, Lin Han even wanted to move his eyes down.

He really wanted to see what was under this General’s uniform.

Lu AnHe nervously observed the atmosphere between the two, and he thought Lin Han must be a polite person, but didn’t expect that when the two hands shook hands together, the youth withdrew first.

But there were still many people around, so Lu AnHe could only interrupt, “General, Mr. Lin, can we take a step out to talk? It’s not good to have people watching.”

He YunTing, who didn’t know what was going on, gave him a disgruntled glance, saying something to the effect that it was just talking about a mecha, so why change places?

Lin Han was indifferent, and even began to regret for the seventh time why he had agreed to this invitation.

Lu AnHe pretended to flinch at He YunTing’s gaze for a moment, then coughed lightly and said to Lin Han, “Then Mr. Lin, this way please.”

Compared to He YunTing, Lin Han had a much better impression of this adjutant, so he didn’t immediately brush off Lu AnHe, he just avoided his gaze from the statue in front of him and nodded his head to follow him.

Lu AnHe took the two to the side hall a few steps away, “Wait a moment, I’ll get you a glass of champagne.”

Lin Han nodded.

Even though there was a couch behind him, He YunTing still stood meticulously straight.

As soon as Lu AnHe left, the awkward atmosphere between the two rose up again. There was a big clock in the side hall, which also stood silently like them, with only a mechanical sound indicating the passage of time.

But Lin Han wasn’t going to stay any longer.

When he regretted saying yes to this invitation for the eighth time, he decided to take the initiative and leave this uncomfortable place. He began to miss the starry sky he saw from the Institute’s terrace, and the lifeless but peaceful metal. Even though, just a moment ago, he had thought that the color of General’s eyes was better than that sea of stars.

“General He.” He smiled.

“?” He YunTing inclined his head at his name, his blue eyes fixed at him.

If I didn’t know how to read his mind, Lin Han thought, I wouldn’t even be able to resist the urge to look into his eyes a few more times.

Unfortunately, he could.

Lin Han didn’t often show a less than happy expression, he even felt his expression was almost stiff when he coldly lowered his face. He asked, “Do you want something?”

“?” He YunTing frowned for a moment, as if he didn’t understand why the youth who was smiling gently just now suddenly changed his expression. But the young man had already withdrawn his hand, and the cool touch was fleeting, and he had a rare feeling of frustration and confusion.

He YunTing hesitated for a moment but opened his mouth, “Something is wrong.”

His voice didn’t rise and fall, still with a coolness, “This time I asked you to come to discuss the details of mecha M2742.”

Lin Han, “…?”

He didn’t expect that.

But the question involved mecha, and he first questioned the general’s comprehension for a moment before replying, “Your mecha is now in my hands for repair, do you have any questions?”

Lin Han’s tone wasn’t too good, but He YunTing seemed to not really hear it and continued, “There’s a problem.”

Lin Han, “…Tell me.”

“It’s a two-pilot mecha.”

“I know. But aren’t you the only one driving it?”

“I cut off the right arm.”

“I heard your message when I removed the data box.”

“It’s heavily damaged.”

“Please rest assured of this, I will do my best to fix it.”

When Lu AnHe got the waiter to bring in two glasses of champagne, he heard the two carry on this conversation.

“This mecha is very important.”

“The general doesn’t trust our institute?”

“I’m just concerned that the mass-produced ones are all single-pilot mecha now.”

“…A double-pilot one can be repaired as well.”

He YunTing raised his eyebrows, and his azure eyes looked at him lightly.

Lin Han finally couldn’t stand it anymore and repeated what he just said, “General, do you have something else to say?”

He YunTing’s expression finally loosened a bit, seemingly not quite understanding why Lin Han had to ask twice, but still decided to be patient and arrogantly answered again, “Yes.”

Lin Han, “……”

“Boss!” Lu AnHe almost lost his plate holding the champagne flutes, his eyes went black, and in his haste, he didn’t even use the salutation, and only after he blurted this out did he amend it, “…General, champagne.”

He YunTing took a flute, Lu AnHe hurriedly handed another flute to Lin Han, trying to make him understand the fact that his boss was really clueless about human affairs in some aspects, “Mr. Lin, champagne.”

Lu AnHe began to patch up the holes, “Here’s the thing, Mr. Lin, the general called you here this time really about M2742. We certainly won’t question your professionalism, but there really are some details that can’t be told in the data box…”

Lu AnHe spoke intermittently, as if he was making trade-offs in deciding what information he could reveal and what he could not, “More importantly, the operation of this mecha is more dependent on mental power, and when recasting the articulation system, SSS-level mental power verification is required to ensure that nothing is lost. So we called you here to emphasize this point,” Lu AnHe said, pulling out from his military uniform M2742’s key and a test box, “We also prepared a sample of SSS-level spiritual power for you, and want to hand it to you.”

Lin Han finally understood.

It seemed that He YunTing really cared about this mecha, which didn’t even have a name, and was afraid that the repair would go wrong, so he went out of his way to extract some of his own spiritual power for the mecha master to use for calibration and repair. If pheromones were just a kind of existence in the body, sealed in the gland, it was useless and only represented a marker of the second gender, whereas mental energy was the real weapon that could be used flexibly.

Advanced mecha had a meticulous identification system, in the case of an exclusive mecha that could even identify the spiritual power that belonged to the owner of this mecha, if he lacked this, he couldn’t even start it up.

And now Lu AnHe had something in his hand, to put it bluntly, if it was stolen by someone with the intention to use it, with the key to the mecha and a sample of mental energy, that person could directly replace the General himself and operate his exclusive mecha.

It seemed that he had specifically learned that he was a D- Omega, and only then did he give him the key and the mental power sample with confidence. This was the reason he had been invited, not to celebrate the General’s triumph, but to give him instructions on the repair of the mecha.

Lin Han wasn’t angry; there was nothing wrong with being cautious.

Even if they wanted to give this thing to him, it showed the other party’s trust in him was already high. The knowledge of this matter slightly diluted some of his dissatisfaction with He YunTing, and Lin Han’s face cleared up a little as he took the item from Lu AnHe’s hand, “I know.”

Lu AnHe finally let out a sigh of relief. Fortunately he didn’t come too late. He saw that Lin Han didn’t really want to stay with He YunTing, and took the initiative to say, “Mr. Lin wants to go back to his seat? The celebration party will start soon.”

“No.” Lin Han refused, “Since the general is here to give me the sample, now that I have it, I won’t stay long.”

“Okay.” Lu AnHe responded, “Then Mr. Lin, someone will take you…”

Before he could finish his sentence, He YunTing suddenly spoke, “You’ll do it.”

Lu AnHe immediately changed his words, “Then Mr. Lin, come with me, I’ll take you home.”

Lin Han was a little surprised that He YunTing would let his adjutant send him, but he didn’t refuse, “Then thank you, General.”

He YunTing stopped talking and just gave Lin Han a quiet look.

Lin Han was just about to get up and go out with Lu AnHe, when he reached the door, the door of the side hall was suddenly pushed open and a waiter-like person carrying champagne came in panicking, “General! The celebration feast will start soon…”

Lin Han subconsciously dodged, and coincidentally, He YunTing was standing by the door, when the man pushed open the door, the carved wooden door directly hit He YunTing’s right shoulder with force.

“Boss!” Lu AnHe exclaimed, while at the same time, Lin Han also heard a very low, almost inaudible grunt of pain.

The waiter who came in to inform him that he hadn’t expected to hit the General and was so scared that his legs went weak while he apologized, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I was in such a hurry to inform you! I didn’t expect…”

Lu AnHe sent the waiter away with a couple of words, and hurriedly glanced at He YunTing anxiously, “Is everything okay?”

Lin Han also looked up, the handsome General seemed no different from when he saw him just now, still cold, still arrogant, still expressionless. But he blinked and saw a tiny drop of cold sweat seeping out from under the brim of He YunTing’s hat.

He YunTing shook his head, his lips were cold and hard, but he didn’t say a word.

Lin Han recalled the harsh thumping sounds he heard yesterday from the data box.

Even though General’s words were slightly irritating, Lin Han couldn’t care less about the situation and he said, “Is the general injured? Is it from the Star Pirates?”

Lu AnHe didn’t expect such a detail to be seen by Lin Han, besides, he also knew Lin Han had heard the recording and didn’t want to hide it, “Yes, it’s all my fault for chasing another team at that time, which gave those damn bandits an opportunity to take advantage of us. Fortunately the general’s lightsaber cut fast enough, otherwise it really…”

“A small injury.” He YunTing interrupted.

Lu AnHe wanted to continue, “You were clearly…”

“And I was the one who ordered you to go after the D-team. You had nothing to do with it.” He YunTing added.

Lin Han saw He YunTing talking while walking to the side, as if he was looking for something.

“Fine, fine, fine, fine.” Lu AnHe agreed perfunctorily and re-turned his head to Lin Han and said, “Then let’s go.”


Lu AnHe didn’t know what other orders he had, “What’s wrong?”

He YunTing didn’t answer, just walked closer to the two.

Lin Han thought he was going to order Lu AnHe to do something, and was just about to take a step back to avoid suspicion, when the tall figure stood in front of him. Before he could say anything, he felt something over his hand.

“Dirty.” He YunTing said in a deep voice, using the clean handkerchief he found to press on Lin Han’s glove.

Only then did Lin Han realize that the waiter had accidentally spilled all the champagne in his glass on his gloves when he came in earlier.

“I’ll do it myself…” Lin Han hurriedly took the handkerchief and took off one glove to wipe it, but He YunTing’s hand slightly touched Lin Han’s fingertips just at the moment of leaving.

【He smells so good.】

Lin Han, “?”

He was wrong, he shouldn’t have suspected that he was hallucinating from the beginning.


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