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Chapter 108: Extra 5: Feb. 14th. wedding

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo is excited to witness the wedding

The wedding was broadcast live all over the galaxy. In fact, there was no mandatory requirement for all citizens to watch, but as early as an hour before the start of broadcasting, tens of billions of people were in front of the light screen in advance. Bullet screens could not be sent in the official broadcast.

But micro-blogs and forums were discussing in real time, which didn’t prevent everyone from whining and kowtowing together. The list of hot searches from the first to the tenth was undoubtedly all about this grand wedding.

#The CP I kowtowed is really married, His Majesty = Xue Tuan?! #His Majesty, Mian, looks like he’s wearing a wedding dress.

These discussions also included the Academy of science.

“@ Academy of science V: Many children may not understand the royal wedding customs. Taking advantage of this opportunity to give you a general introduction today. The ceremony will be held in Winston Cathedral of Capital Star’s Upper Urban District, according to the past customs…”

Winston Cathedral was a very special place. In fact, the royal family doesn’t believe in religion, and “church” was just a general statement. It was even half open-air, which could accommodate nearly 100000 people.

Thousands of years ago, when the visitors of Ancient Earth took root here, the first monarch ascended the throne in this very place. 

An Emperor would hold three ceremonies here in his life.

——The succession, the wedding, and the funeral.

From start and end.

Twenty years ago, Shuo Han came back triumphantly. Under the cheers and witness of countless people at the scene, a man walked through the one hundred steps and was sworn in.

[Semi cooked cheese: I can solve this problem! In the royal wedding ceremony, the monarch will first step on the rostrum where the throne is, wait for his partner to come up from the first step, and then the partner will kneel and kiss the ring of the monarch’s ring finger to show his love and loyalty (image)]

The image was a picture of the late Emperor and the late Empress Dowager when they had gotten married decades ago. The Empress Dowager, dressed in white gauze, half-knelt to the Emperor.

The power and majesty of the monarch was superior to everything. The monarch’s partner was also the subject of the monarch. Even if they form a family, accompany each other and share the glory of the royal family, this fact cannot be changed.

Especially in the past, when the royal marriage was mostly based on the consideration of interests, it was not even important whether the monarch’s partner had love, it was more important to “swear and submit”.

[Cherryl: Huh? I didn’t know how cruel the ceremony is QAQ]

[Lulu: + 1]

[baabaabaa: I think it’s OK, after all, it’s been such an old custom, and we all know that His Majesty loves MianMian to the bone — aaaaaah! In a blink of an eye, it’s coming out and coming out!!! ]

All the warm discussions and expectations of the whole Star Network, the comments and laughs of the audience on the spot, all stopped at once.

Outside the church, fireworks were being burst, and flowers were crowding the streets. As the etiquette officer began to recite the written prologue, all the noise gradually faded.

At last, it was completely quiet.

The lady of noble birth arranged her hat for the last time, and the choir was in place, and the atmosphere gradually became serious from exultation.

“… We have the honor to witness with the sun and the moon. “

At the same time, the etiquette officer read the last sentence.

It’s was a light stroke of the hour, another stroke——

There were hundreds of micro suspension devices set in advance to ensure that every second could be recorded from every corner. According to the tradition, after the monarch hugs and says goodbye to his relatives, he goes directly to the rostrum via the suspension device, where he looks down and waits for his future partner.

The Royal suspension device stops and the door opens.

The ceremonial officer bowed in awe. The nobles and the people present all looked down. They did not look up until they heard the instructions of the etiquette officer… Exceeding one’s expectations.

Gu YuMian was standing on the platform, hugging and saying goodbye to his relatives.

As early as on the suspension device, the pandas cried a lot, although it was not a sad thing.

The fox, Guo Er Shisi and husky were standing next to him. Gu YuMian leaned down and kissed the children’s forehead in turn.

“QiuQiu, YuanYuan, Er’er.” He called the names of the children, his eyes bent.

The young chief of the Academy of Sciences stood on his tiptoes and seriously sent the bouquet to Gu YuMian’s arms. Guo Er Shisi seemed excited and mixed with feelings. He couldn’t help wiping tears from his eyes and led the silly little boy, Er’er, to hug Gu YuMian.

Finally, as the representative of the pandas, Guo Shi’san, sniffling and holding back his tears, said, “Ancestor, wishing you happiness.”

In fact, he knew that they all knew Gu YuMian would be happy.

It was just that there would be no giving up. In the future, someone would share half of his life with Gu YuMian… Fortunately, that man was Shuo Han.

Gu YuMian nodded solemnly. Under the guidance of the butler, the children and the pandas walked to the family’s viewing platform. Gu YuMian also stood on the site.

The tailored shirt dress was white, decorated with medals and tassels on the chest, with excellent texture. The trouser tubes were tied into the boots along the straight and slender leg lines of the youth.

He was gentle and handsome, with a noble center. Gu YuMian was silent for a while, his right hand in white gloves slightly folded up and was placed lightly in front of his left chest.

On the other side, STARNet.

[passerby C: Aaaaah! Anchor Gu’s wedding dress is a little too beautiful. I have passed away repeatedly!!! When he smiles at children, the whole person is really shining quq]

[a bunch of pigs: I want to cry too. I’m very happy. I have felt the same feelings with the pandas and cubs of the Guo family. ]

[cat’s meow: There’s a sandstorm in my eyes. It’s not easy to walk this way. MianMian and His Majesty’s cubs must be happy!!! ]

[let me see: wait a minute, His Majesty is standing on the throne and waiting for his partner to come up. ]

The nobles and the people who watched the ceremony also found out the mistake, but it didn’t cause a stir, and only after a slight discussion, it was quiet.

Of course, it was a superficial calm.

There was a guess in everyone’s mind. It became more and more intense, making everyone’s heart rate unstable. Then they looked at the end of the long steps and the red carpet——

Surrounded by his subjects, the crowd separated a path.

There stood the Emperor with silver hair and gray-blue eyes.

It was hard to imagine a monarch who was born to be aloof and arrogant, raising his eyes and looking up to him seriously.

But he did.

There was no time, like in the past, to be lazy and careless. Seeing the monarch’s gray-blue eyes seeming so deeply attached, the people were frightened.

If you look closely, you will find that there was a little tension in his eyes.


The sky was shining from the high dome, and the choir sang. Gu YuMian closed his eyes. He heard the songs of the children, the cries of the pandas, and the whispers of the people watching the ceremony, but those gradually faded away. He heard the wind in the distance.

It was like the wind from thousands of years ago, passing through many days and nights, telling the rise and fall of an ancient country and its glory and disgrace, one by one.

Finally, there was the sound of footsteps.

Pa, Da.

Before the human youth stands on the throne, the light causes him to close his eyelids.

Gu YuMian opens his eyes at this time.

He looked down and saw Shuo Han take the first step.

Behind Shuo Han were countless flowers, cheering and boiling people, as well as their shared family and children who were trying to bear their tears.

The choir’s book turned a page.

One corner of the monarch’s dark red Royal cape was blown up by the wind.

With his back to everyone, step-by-step, he ascended and finally stood in front of Gu YuMian.

Gu YuMian pursed his lips, and his eyes met the young monarch.

The entire scene had gone quiet. 

With the long steps at the center, there seemed to be an invisible wave spreading around, from the aristocrats to the people without exception, everyone was bowing down one by one to salute.

This was the oath of submission to the monarch and queen of this country.

A minute later, all the people raised their heads again.

According to the past rules, the Queen will bow to His Majesty.


It was Shuo Han, half-kneeling.  

The light falling from thousands of miles of the thin sky, passing through the painted dome, gave this place a sense of solemnity that was hard to describe.

Gu YuMian had never heard of such etiquette. His pupils were slightly enlarged.

“Shuo Han.”

The etiquette officer who had been told about the process was not surprised.

But it could be heard clearly that many people in the crowd, at the same time, took a breath of cool air. Countless cameras faithfully record the scene at the same time. This wedding, this scene, would be talked about for many years.


In front of tens of billions of people, the proud monarch, kneeling on one knee in front of his only companion in this life, kisses the ring on his ring finger. It was the most silent and deepest oath, accompanied by flowers and cheers, with the attention and blessings of all people, with kisses falling on the ring, and with a brand on the heart.

The oath was:

——”I submit to you.”

It was as if a century had passed. But it was obviously an illusion. When Gu YuMian was back to his senses, the huge clock in the center of the Upper Urban District only crossed half a grid.

With the sound of the hour hand, that picture was even holy.

No one spoke.

It was not until the Emperor untied his cloak and put it on for his newly married partner that the ceremonial officer cleared his throat and planned to announce the completion of the ceremony.

Should we kiss? Gu YuMian thought, as he had never heard of such etiquette.

But it didn’t matter.

When Shuo Han stood up, Gu YuMian took Shuo Han’s hand and made the decision in the short two seconds when their eyes met.

Gu YuMian looked up and kissed Shuo Han, who was also holding his hand.




The etiquette official and tens of billions of people opened their eyes at the same time.

[strawberry candy: awsl!!!! ]

[Zhou: I passed away repeatedly. Look at both of their eyes ]

[I can’t marry MianMian: aaaaah! I’m so sweet, I’m so sweet, I’m so sweet, I’m so sweet, I’m so sweet, I’m so lemon, is that how it feels to marry someone you love??? ]

The warm atmosphere which had been a little suppressed, finally reached the boiling point! After all, there will be a wedding party, a night of revelry, and seven days and seven nights of celebration.

The cheers were like rolling heat waves, which were higher than the waves. At the same time, countless pigeons flew up to the clear sky, and flowers were thrown into the air together.

The rose petals rolled up by the wind covered the camera, and soon they floated away again, before making a turn in the sun and gently drifting in the wind.

They still had a lot of time.

… Don’t worry about anything.

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