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Chapter 28: Newcomer Warm-up

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo wants to hug Gu YuMian


Gu YuMian put the sweet and sour spare ribs onto the plate and sprinkled them with white sesame seeds and sliced scallions. Using his knife skillfully, he carved a radish rose embellishment next to the plate of sweet and sour pork ribs.  1

——The crispy pork ribs under the light sparkled like a red jujube crystal. The sweet and sour juice cooked with ice sugar was fragrant. It was placed on a white porcelain plate neatly and delicately. They could imagine the tender, sour, sweet, and mellow taste from the outer crispy pork ribs from just looking, let alone the strong fragrance that made them greedy.

The little snow leopard entered the view, but the director didn’t say anything, so Gu YuMian continued. Gu YuMian lifted the plate, and the little snow leopard lowered his head and sniffed. Then he pressed his paw on the man’s forehead to express his satisfaction. Gu YuMian’s eyes softened, he picked up a chopstick and fed him a bite, “Darling, be careful, it’s hot. Remember to spit out the bone after eating.”

After a few seconds of dead silence, the internal discussion group began to send out crazy messages!

[Puppet Cat is Never a Slave (logistics): Ah ah!!!!]

[Little Lulu (Assistant Photographer): I hate holographic devices!! Do you know the feeling of seeing, smelling, but not eating? The camera is less than half a meter away from him and his dishes!!! TAT]

[Blue Blue (logistics): Really Intense… It’s too embarrassing for anyone to hear my stomach rumbling.]

[A Salted Fish (props): I was just beside Director Na, and I watched as she was about to shout. When the ribs came out of the pot, she shut up and sat down slowly! Amazing!!]

[Fish like birds (lights): Huh? She was going to call cut? I think the effect is really unprecedented!!! And I have a hunch. There’s still high energy ahead. Let’s see how he is going to deal with the filming.]

The plate of sweet and sour pork ribs was finished, but the recording was not complete.

The assistant director looked at it, and suddenly there was a flash of inspiration in his brain. He said in a hurry, “Switch the perspective. Don’t use God’s perspective in this section. Change it to that baby’s perspective!”

Director Na, “Ah?”

Assistant Director, “Director Na, don’t be confused!!! I’m here.”

After that, the person in charge of filming almost grabbed the control device to pop up the light screen and began to adjust the parameters on the spot. The ultra-micro camera soon moved to the little snow leopard, and the perspective started to switch.

The angle of view was soon switched, and two seconds later.

Director Na and Assistant Director: “!!!!”

Two people initially wanted to argue, but the words were caught in their mouth and disappeared.

——Their sight hadn’t been cleared yet. The first thing they felt was the amazing feeling at the entrance of sweet and sour pork ribs.

The ribs were still a little hot. When they bit into them, it was even crispy and delicious. The ribs with delicious meat were fried with sweet and sour sauce to make it taste just right, even and tasty. It was not old or chewy. The tart, sweet, and natural ice sugar and rice vinegar was boiled into a sweet and sour sauce that added some brightness. Because the spare ribs lacked a lot of meat, one mouthful was not enough, and they even wanted to suck the sauce from the bones.

Although they didn’t actually eat it, and it was just the feeling of data simulation, the director and the director of photography still swallowed their saliva unconsciously.

They thought this was enough. However, it was not over.

Gu YuMian put an empty glass on the counter, and the kitchen system automatically injected light honey water into it. After tasting the crisp and mellow taste of sweet and sour pork ribs, the honey water thoroughly washed away the little bit of greasiness left. The feeling from throat to stomach was very fresh.

Gu YuMian held the little snow leopard gently, which was a very safe posture. The little snow leopard raised his head and squinted its eyes to rub Gu YuMian’s chin.

“Is the sun setting?” Gu YuMian scratched the little snow leopard’s ear, “Hmm?”

The snow leopard lazily closed his eyes and leaned a little closer to Gu YuMian’s arms to express his acquiescence.

The kitchen system timely decreased the transparency of the floor to ceiling windows, and the golden-red sunset entered without reservation. Lying in Gu YuMian’s arms and basking in the sunset feeling, it was comfortable enough to relax all the tense nerves in the whole body.

Outside the high-rise buildings were the city’s bustling lights, and in the distance was the ocean and the mountains that had stood for thousands of years. Before the sunset, the stars had climbed to the corner of the sky.

——The holographic device faithfully reflected all the feelings, and the substitute feelings of all the onlookers were stronger than ever before.

Gu YuMian had a very light scent of sea salt and bamboo leaves. When his palm touched his skin, the too gentle touch brought a wave of light currents to their blood vessels. His body temperature and breath infiltrated with the embrace.

Being held in such a way, they could even hear his steady heartbeat, and all the restless and anxious emotions went quiet. Slowly, there were only a few voices left between heaven and the Earth.

Cicadas and sunsets, tea on the stove, and a light wind.


After a few seconds of silence, the internal discussion group of the advertising crew had utterly exploded!

[Little Lulu (photography assistant): Ah, ah, WTF!!!! It feels great!!! Why do I want to be held high by him?! This holographic device is killing me. I’m not a competent photographer. I totally forgot about my work when I watched it. I want to sleep in his palm!]

[Blue Blue (logistics): Although I don’t have a holographic device, I feel calm when I watch him.]

[Anna (make-up): It seems that I’m in love again, but he is destined to be a man I can’t get. What should I do???]

[Fish like birds (lights): I’d like to ask, does Director Na’s face hurt?? Just now, her smile was really too much. Hahahaha! If she just called cut, she would have regretted it all her life. I’m afraid of what would have happened if she had said it.]

[A Salted Fish (props): I quietly took a picture of Director Na’s expression [picture]. You know, I think her face is blue, white, red, and purple. It seems that her heart is perplexed and complicated 23333] 2

The director and assistant director were silent together, and it was a long time before they could open their eyes. The assistant director almost clapped the table and stood up. The director was in a perplexed mood, and her expression showed a blank dullness — she had just joined. She was completely immersed in the atmosphere created by Gu YuMian.

If Gu YuMian’s performance at the beginning was just satisfactory, the effect at this moment was far beyond all their expectations!

“But what does it have to do with the kitchen system?” The director slowly asked the last question.

Assistant director, “Mmm…”

At this time, the shooting was over. Gu YuMian held the snow leopard, thanked, and took the water from the staff member. The last segment of the snow leopard running over was also a temporary one. He thought about it and proposed, “Why don’t you make up a few shots and let me be the ‘system’?”

Director and Assistant Director: “!!!”

Kitchen system personification!

Gu YuMian, in the advertisement, was no longer an ordinary chef, but a personification of the kitchen’s system.

The purpose of the kitchen system itself was to improve the quality of life. At that time, the advertisement would take the little snow leopard’s perspective as the main perspective. Gu YuMian would take care of him as the ‘kitchen system,’ make a meal for him, help him drink a cup of honey water, and hold him under the sun.

The idea itself was great and innovative. Since advertisements were interspersed in games and TV dramas, and most of them were holographic. The holographic version could give full play to the effect of this advertisement.

With their keen sense of smell from being engaged in this industry for many years, it told them that this time, it was stable!!

“By the way, I made extra of the sweet and sour pork ribs,” Gu YuMian put the snow leopard down and brought out a plate. The little snow leopard couldn’t overeat since it was too sweet. Gu YuMian had done it on purpose. The crew had worked so hard for so long, but he didn’t have to work hard to cook.

“If you don’t mind, everyone can—”

Everyone: “!!”

Of! Course! We! Don’t! Mind!

Gu YuMian hadn’t completed his sentence when almost everyone rushed over, and one person after the other picked up a plate of sweet and sour ribs with chopsticks. Even the steady assistant director hurriedly went over with chopsticks, and his German Shepherd ears were exposed. This showed how delicious it was.

The feeling of holographic data and real direct eating was not the same. The assistant director was eating beside the director while praising loudly on purpose, “It’s terrific to eat, and this little anchor was so intimate. I’ll pay attention to him when I go back tonight. Tsk, the taste of this sweet and sour sauce is excellent. The ribs are also crispy.”

Director: “…” Shit, she wanted to eat.

But she had just said cruel words to Gu YuMian, and she almost threw him out when while filming — she had to admit that she was really influenced by her personal emotions. Maybe it was a trick. She was ashamed and regretful now, and thankful it didn’t lead to a big mistake.

Since the advertisement had bothered her for a long time, and something happened at home, she randomly selected someone from the list of anchors given by Starry Sky. Unexpectedly, she had picked the most hated human race. All kinds of messy things piled together, she was in a broken state of mind. From the beginning, she didn’t pay attention to him, and she was just perfunctory and didn’t speak carefully.

She didn’t know if anyone else saw it. Still, Gu YuMian must have, and he didn’t talk about the overall situation and shooting progress at that time. If she now ate Gu YuMian’s food shamelessly, what was the point?

The director hadn’t eaten for a long time. She was starving. What’s more, all her colleagues around her were eating. The fragrance kept floating to her nose, and she couldn’t resist it.

Seeing that Gu YuMian’s plate was only one left with ribs, the director could not help but walk over slowly and ask in a low voice, “That, can you…”

The people around still talked as usual, but their ears were all standing up one after another. They quietly paid attention to the movement with a good mood.

The next second…

The little snow leopard, who had been sleeping quietly in Gu YuMian’s arms, suddenly stretched out and jumped to the porcelain plate. He picked up the last spareribs, and the grey-blue eyes gave the director a slight sneer.

“A child can’t understand,” Gu YuMian held the snow leopard and pinched his paws, but he didn’t blame him. He smiled apologetically. “Director Na, I’m sorry.”

Gu YuMian knew that the snow leopard wanted to help him out. Although he was not polite, he did not want to blame his cub.

Yes, he was eccentric.

“… It’s okay.” The director had lost once again, and her face was burning.

Now that the sweet and sour pork ribs were all finished, she looked a little stupid standing there. She stopped, turned around, took two steps, and changed her mind. “I apologize to you. I was wearing colored glasses on purpose. I was wrong,” She turned to Gu YuMian and said sincerely, “I’m sorry.”

Everyone could hear the director, and the studio was a little quiet.

Gu YuMian’s eyes fell quietly on her face.

She was really regretful and ashamed of her actions. Because the sweet and sour spare ribs were finished, their cooperation would be over soon, and there would be no further contact in the future. If it was not for her conscience, Director Na didn’t need to slap her own face in front of so many subordinates and apologize to Gu YuMian seriously.

She was not a bad person.

After a while, Gu YuMian’s eyes and expression relaxed, and dimples appeared near his lips.

“It doesn’t matter.” He said seriously.


An hour later, at the end of the work, the director dragged her tired body away from the Star Tower and went to the parking lot to get her suspension device. She was so hungry, her front was touching her back. Just as she was about to start the suspension device, a waiter rushed over and knocked on her window, “Lady, a gentleman asked me to give this to you.”

The director was stunned. She had a premonition in her heart. After a while, she opened the paper bag and looked at it——

Inside was a small box of sweet and sour pork ribs.

Director: “…”

Tonight, she would immediately pay attention to the live broadcast of Gu YuMian and throw ten… no, twenty fireworks!!!


In a flash, ten days passed quietly.

Over the past month, a total of one thousand new anchors from all over the world gathered in Capital Star and finally settled down on this day. These new anchors were all the best on their own planet. They came sooner or later. This time, they were definitely ambitious.

[Sugar Sugar: MianMian, tomorrow will be the start of the rookie competition. I’ve handed you the documents about the competition system. Are you nervous?]

Gu YuMian, “Should I tell the truth?”

[Sugar Sugar: Just say you’re nervous.]

After a few days of contact, Sugar Sugar knew Gu YuMian’s temperament.

Gu YuMian had no choice, “Mn, I’m nervous.”

He was holding the baby panda and the little snow leopard in his arms, and he was extremely distressed, but not about the rookie competition.

Lately, he looked for an opportunity to go online to watch the advertisement with the bamboo forest, but he didn’t see it again. He was also at a loss when he thought of asking someone. He thought about going to the microblog, but he didn’t expect the microblog search to be blocked. All sorts of clues were broken again.

“I’m really not detective material,” Gu YuMian thought. “There should be something simpler, but I can’t think of it.”

He didn’t dare to discuss it with others. He came here not too long ago, was busy with live broadcasting and cubs, and he didn’t make any friends. But fortunately, after so many days, the baby panda looked happy and had gained a few pounds. Although the little snow leopard still rejected him, his attitude was much more relaxed than at the beginning. He was obviously used to the small creature.

This was Gu YuMian’s greatest relief.

On the other hand, his optical computer was still beeping.

[Sugar Sugar: By the way, Mian Mian, the ad that was shot before was launched today! We’re going to announce you one hour after the advertisement is put out tonight. Please register a microblog and send the cut video. First of all, I wish you success in the competition.]

Gu YuMian was declared by the press officer. Although it seemed to have been pressed for more than ten days, it was actually an action that Starry Sky attached great importance to. Tonight was Guan Xuan’s advertisement, tomorrow was the competition, and with the popularity, it would undoubtedly be a great advantage for him.

Gu YuMian was very grateful, “Thank you. Sorry for troubling you.”

Of course, Starry Sky was also in line with their own interests. This opportunity gave Gu YuMian the ability to maximize his interests. Not to mention the first, Gu YuMian would be the top three seed players in this rookie group, just missing a chance to go to a bigger stage to shine.

The rookie competition was his chance.

That night, Gu YuMian signed up for a microblog, and Starry Sky soon added a “V” to him.

He really had a good personality, and obviously, many fans were in his audience, but he had been procrastinating to register. Before, he didn’t use microblogs on Earth. At this time, he was holding his optical computer and didn’t know how to use it. The official side tagged his official microblog, which he needed to forward. Gu YuMian thought for a long time before entering:

[@Starry Sky Live – Gu YuMian V: Hello, I’m Gu YuMian, a Starry Sky anchor. Please give me more advice later on [love] / / @ Starry Sky live V: New anchor @ Starry Sky live – Gu YuMian V, the official rating is A-rank (there are less than 50 A-ranked anchors in Capital Star) [picture] [stick]. The representative work here [Video], no matter how you look at it, the public lord have drooled.]

Unexpectedly, Gu YuMian, as a whiteboard with no followers, had just sent out his microblog, but the number of comments began to explode geometrically.

[Cat’s Meow: Oh, oh, oh!! He’s here, it’s MianMian!!!]

[Hamster likes eating melon seeds: Are you the leading actor of that kitchen system advertisement? Ah, ah, ah, I bow!! I just ordered that kitchen system. Although it’s a little expensive, I can live a fairy life in the advertisement when I think of buying it! Ah ah!!!]

[Vita lemon tea: awsl, I was trying to catch up with the drama. After watching the advertisement, I immediately felt that the drama was boring. I’ve been waiting to see the ads on my optical computer (I’ve seen the ad ten times in just an hour). I am not crazy, right?]

[Muli Lovesickness: I’m crazy, too. The advertisement is so beautiful. It’s amazing. I’ve placed a passionate order for the kitchen system. I want to ask if the system will really become the person in the advertisement. If not, when I buy the system, will I be sent the anchor?!]

[Warming Cup Medlar: Who came up with the anthropomorphic idea of the kitchen system? It’s immortal. What’s the perspective? It’s also very novel.]

It turns out that just one hour after the advertisement was put into use, there had been a lot of discussions. The idea of systematic anthropomorphism was indeed relatively innovative, coupled with the holographic perspective of the first person. A lot of people were initially using the holographic mode to watch dramas or were playing games, and they wanted to skip the advertisement. Unexpectedly, they suddenly tasted the crispness and sweetness of the sweet and sour pork ribs on the tip of their tongues. No matter what the state of such a dish was, they suddenly thought it wasn’t dull.

It was just a series of critical strikes before it slowed down.

Tender and sentimental embrace, sunset and cicada chirp, proper food, and honey water delivered in time, mostly when the handsome man in the kitchen system mimicked the beauty of immortals and revealed small dimples with his eyelids hanging slightly, and called out “master.”

Girls’ hearts exploded in a second. And regardless of gender, the comfort of watching the advertisement was not fake. This strategy had achieved tremendous results. In just one night, the sales from the advertising popularity and the kitchen system had been growing crazily. Gu YuMian’s new microblog had also taken advantage of this trend, and overnight, hundreds of thousands of fans rose.


The next day was the official start of the rookie competition.

Gu YuMian got up, as usual, prepared food and materials, thought of the newly registered microblog yesterday, and went in and looked over it for a while… huh?

He rubbed his eyes and then again.

He was very slow to accept the fact.

Sugar Sugar sent a message to remind him that he needed to be ready. Gu YuMian was just about to close his microblog when suddenly, he was attracted by another hot search.

——#Ershisi Guo seriously ill?#

Gu YuMian was stunned, “Twenty-fourth Wok?”

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  1. Radish flowers: Large and small radish flowers with carved cucumber - Stock Photo ... 
  2. It means “laughing,” just like “lol” or “:D.” It is from the No. 233 emoticon from something called the Mop forum, which is one of the biggest forums in China. That emoticon is a laughing figure. Chinese people on the Internet also use 23333 or 233333333333333 to express the happy emotion. Thicc Genji Photobombing - Overwatch


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