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Chapter 9: Live Barbecue

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo is a Slave to the Little Ancestor Snow Leopard


Unprepared, Gu YuMian was shocked by the sharp rise in the number of people.

Of course, 10,000 people was not a huge number as it was a hot broadcasting time. The most popular live broadcast could reach 100,000 or even millions of viewers, but Gu YuMian was satisfied.

South China Tiger Will Never Blind Date: Clock in! Scatter flowers! Put me to sleep!!

Brother Flathead: Secretly, I came over from the Capital Star to explore! QAQ

I love rolling: Over the wall + 1, I’m secretly watching a live broadcast of a human anchor, saying so would have me laughed at by my classmates… But that little video is really on top!

Meinianda: Can the host cook? Looking forward to it.

Gu YuMian watched the barrage for a while before he realized that the increase in his audience was because of a fan who sent the footage of his last live broadcast to the Capital Star. Many of the audience said that they hated humans. But in fact, they quietly played the video in a circular way and finally touched the Takk Star Network to explore.

He was in a bit of a funk.

“Ah, I won’t talk much nonsense, Xue Tuan is hungry,” Gu YuMian scratched the chin of the snow leopard. The little ancestor was impatient when he waited for him to greet the audience. Then he went to the prepared tools. “Let’s start.”

The line of sight went black. Then, the audience switched to the view of the snow leopard.

Many people hadn’t noticed it from the God’s perspective earlier. Only then did they realize that the live broadcast location of the anchor was outdoors. It was a garden with a large space and one could see the sea and sky in the distance at dusk. There was also a swimming pool beside it. Haiyi Yueju’s duplex was the most expensive new building in Takk and only a few people recognized it and couldn’t help admiring it in their heart.

Gu YuMian set up small wooden tables and stools, a square box, an iron bar, a metal net, and a pile of black things. He neatly stacked raw materials aside and prepared a wooden sign.

Looking at this fragmentary pile, the audience couldn’t help wondering. What was the host going to do?

Gu YuMian prepared synthetic mutton, Kobe beef, rabbit and chicken offal, as well as vegetables and fish. He washed his hands and put on transparent gloves. He held a knife in one hand and cut raw materials into small pieces neatly. His long, white fingers moved flexibly and strung small pieces on wooden sticks.

“It’s a way of eating in my hometown. It’s called barbecue,” Gu YuMian said with a smile. “It’s very convenient. You can try it when you don’t have time to cook for a long time. It’s delicious, but it can’t be eaten often since it’s not good for the body.”

The audience looked at the pile of dark things and couldn’t help wondering, was this really delicious? Because Gu YuMian had only broadcasted delicious food once, and there were only a few viewers at that time, so most of the viewers were a little worried.

Melinda: Are we going to eat the black one? Help!

South China Tiger Will Never Blind Date: I’m an old viewer. There’s nothing bad to say about the cooking skills of the anchor. Please feel at ease!

I love rolling: Still a little afraid…

However, Gu YuMian was well organized and comfortable to watch. Even if they just watched him doing things, they didn’t feel bored.

But the little snow leopard didn’t like him to focus on the food and ignore his appearance. From time to time, he sniffed Gu YuMian’s fingers, or jumped on his shoulder and disordered Gu YuMian’s hair.

Gu YuMian, “…” He had to hold the snow leopard so that he could continue to concentrate on the ingredients.

Soon, all the ingredients were strung on the skewers. Gu YuMian marinated them in the prepared sauce and began to process the charcoal.

“It’s called ‘charcoal,'” Gu YuMian said helplessly. “I bought it online no, of course, it’s not for eating, it’s for making a fire. What do you think?”

There was no such eating method as ‘barbecue’ in the interstellar era. The charcoal Gu YuMian had found was used by some noble clubs in the winter when they were trying to use a retro theme. He bought it and found that the material was the fruit charcoal once used for a barbecue on Earth. He took the safety detector and checked it to make sure it was non-toxic. Gu YuMian used it and the charcoal was neatly stacked in the pit. He lit the fire and poured a little white wine to help the fire and improve the flavor. 

Putting the barbecue on the net rack, he put more than a dozen skewers on it, brushed them with oil and brushed them with a little barbecue sauce made by Gu YuMian himself. 1

He had no ultimate pursuit of food and this meal was mainly for the little snow leopard.

The barbecue sauce he made only had a little salt so the taste was not strong, and a child’s stomach could stand eating it. The main purpose of this sauce was not for seasoning, but to eliminate the sourness and elevate the freshness of the meat. He had confirmed that Xue Tuan could eat a little spicy so he sprinkled a little pepper on them to improve the color and flavor.

As for the synthetic fish, he did not marinate it in the sauce, but brushed them with the oil, and then squeezed a small amount of lemon juice on them at the end. The fresh lemon was slightly sour and complimented the fish well. 2

Some cats hated citrus, but there were also individual differences. Gu YuMian found that the snow leopard was not very exclusive, even liked it but he still paid attention to controlling the amount.

Soon a delicious smell of barbeque spread.

Barbecuing was very primitive and simple, but it was undeniable that it was really delicious. Roasted to a slightly burnt golden skin, brushed with a thin layer of honey, the inside was still fresh and delicious meat. Gu YuMian believed that the love of barbecue was written in all biological genes.

One Ice Cream: AAH!! Good smell!

I love rolling: Well, I admit it’s really fragrant. I almost bit my tongue.

There’s a Cloud: Good host, I’m late since I had to deal with something today. What is this? It smells delicious. Can you feed it quickly to the leopard?!

Meinianda: Group photo with Cloud goddess! In addition, please quickly eat!! 5555]

Like the mutton before, Gu YuMian did not roast it completely and only added one layer of honey.

It was the evening, the best time for live food was now. Gu YuMian happened to be in the recommended position of ‘heavy recommendation’, coupled with novel and high-quality content, the number of audience members was soaring.

The Star Live broadcast was divided into ‘living area,’ ‘game area,’ ‘entertainment area’ and other regions. Each region had a heavy recommended quota, which would be directly displayed on the homepage. Generally speaking, the heavyweight recommendation in the living area was the most vulnerable at this time.

However, the background data records showed that in the past twenty minutes, with the top live broadcasts of all eight districts put together, the audience growth of Gu YuMian’s cast had far exceeded that of his peers. So far, he had increased his audience by more than ten thousand, and next to him, the biggest increase was Cigarette who was only at four thousand.

What’s more, the two of them made delicious food, and Cigarette was older and had his own traffic, which made the contrast more obvious.

This confirmed the previous rumors: the appearance of Gu YuMian, a potential player of the top newcomer, was likely to shake the position of the new king, Cigarette.

It was a fact that Cigarette could no longer sit still. He wanted to see Gu YuMian, but he didn’t expect to lift the stone and hit his own foot.

Cigarette sent a gloomy message to his agent, “Brother, didn’t you say you would limit the exposure of that human before? Can you remove his recommendation now?”

Because of the special identity of humans, there were also their own considerations in the Starry Sky Live broadcast. Originally, Gu YuMian signed the contract to test the water. Unexpectedly, the response was so warm. Now it was divided into two groups: one group did not want humans to be too prominent and advocated suppressing him, the other group thought that all the anchors should be fair and speak up according to their strength.

Cigarette’s agent was, of course, the first type. At this moment, he was standing in the office of their department head.

“Boss,” the agent rubbed his hands, “what are you thinking? Ah, Cigarette is not happy. The human robbed him of his fans. I want to withdraw his recommendation.”

The supervisor stared at the light screen, and after a while replied, “I recommend heavyweights, right? Cigarette wants to get rid of him? Okay.”

The agent saw him promise so happily and immediately doubted it.

The live broadcast interface showing Gu YuMian was open on the director’s light screen, as he casually said, “I just think the recommendation of heavyweight is too inferior. I’ll withdraw Gu YuMian from there and move him to the strong recommendation list.”

A ‘strong recommendation’ was the most exposed recommendation position of the whole platform. Only a top-level anchor was qualified for it. Even Cigarette hadn’t been offered that seat.

Agent: …

The agent’s boss’s chair turned around, and the agent saw a fluffy fox tail behind his ass. His eldest brother was staring at the ‘barbecue’ in the human’s live broadcast on the screen, and his eyes were drooling.

Agent: …


After brushing on the honey, he roasted it for a while. Gu YuMian filled the tray with the finished skewers, and put new ones on to continue to roast them. Gu YuMian didn’t feed the snow leopard immediately because it was very hot just after roasting. He let the wind cool it first.

He was afraid that the little snow leopard would be burned if he were to eat now, and he was afraid that he would be impatient, so he held the little snow leopard. Gu YuMian stroked his throat and neck from the back of the snow leopard, and gently touched his chin with his index finger bent on the side of his neck.

Gu YuMian’s hand just touched the lemon. The fresh and slightly sour fragrance mixed with the sea salt and poured into the nose. The shirt pulled to the elbow showed the white and beautiful arms. There was a kind of nostalgic temperature and touch, just like the audience said, they wanted to be held high by him.

A lot of viewers came here and only watched it secretly. They still felt ashamed to watch the live broadcast of a human.

It was not until this moment that the burden was laid down.

Wizard of Oz: Absolutely a God!!! The host is so gentle!! 555!!

I don’t like taking a bath: I regret not knowing about this until today. How much did I miss before?!

Crak: All the gifts have been given to the host. QAQ It’s so carefree and comfortable. It seems that I came back to my childhood.

Even more remarkable was the food behind the leopard.

Just then the kebab was at proper temperature not cold, but not too hot. Gu YuMian carefully fed the little snow leopard some mutton.

The audience, from the first angle of view with the little snow leopard, could immediately feel the entrance of the kebab. The outer skin was roasted to a crisp, and the specially prepared sauce washed away the fishy smell of the meat, leaving only the pure fragrance, and then he took a bite inside. The inside was the texture that was fresh and tender to satisfy the taste buds.

The aroma of the fruit charcoal, with its fleshy texture, was not greasy at all. And because it was on a stick, they were not finished after eating only one.

Silk White Moon: Although I have eaten the food made by the host before, I still think the taste is amazing!!! Great!!

Cat’s Meow: WTF!!! It’s really delicious!! 5555

Catalogue Love Letter: The new audience is totally shocked by the host’s technology!! WTF, what kind of immortal host is this?!

There’s a Cloud: Thank you, host. I think I’m living the emperor’s life.

The Emperor, “…”

At this moment, the barrage was completely crazy, all kinds of gift effects exploded, and the audience swarmed in like a tide. Gu YuMian limited the interval between the two rounds, but it didn’t help. He simply gave up and concentrated on serving his little ancestor.

Lamb kebabs were followed by grilled fish. Lemon juice dripped on the golden surface, inside was soft, no fishy smell, and delicious enough to swallow your tongue.

Although the little snow leopard didn’t say anything special, the speed of eating gradually increased, and the long tail swept over the human’s wrist to express appreciation. Gu YuMian observed the response of the little snow leopard. After feeding a few kebabs, he picked up the lemonade and handed it to the little snow leopard’s mouth at the right time. 3

He added a small piece of ice to the water, which would not be too cold for the stomach. It had a refreshing feeling as it washed away the greasy taste with the lemonade, and it was a wonderful match with the barbecue.

The night wind blew, from here one could overlook the sea at dusk, with the unique fragrance of seawater in the wind. From the view of the little snow leopard, the audience seemed to be able to hear a distant song in their ears. The night flowed by quietly, and they could see the tiny stars above their heads.

The delicious food in their mouth was not too greasy, and Gu YuMian’s gentle and patient company was beside them.

——As some viewers thought it was really a fairytale-like day!

Countless barrages and gifts directly put Gu YuMian’s live studio on the ‘Hot List of the Day’. At this time of the day, when the traffic was the largest, Gu YuMian’s popularity was growing higher and higher with this wave of wind, and new audience members were constantly pouring in, and soon he was in the top ten list.

Gu YuMian took good care of the little snow leopard. It took him more than ten minutes until he could look up.


150,000 people were watching?!

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