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Translated by Aphelios of Exiled Rebels Scanlations
Editor: KarateChopMonkey

Xuan Wuzi had been distracted just now. After watching Lord Zhenbao’s ascension, he too had a thought, but it wasn’t about the ascension; rather it was: “who wrote Brother Xiaoshen’s speech for him?”

It was obvious that the words he uttered right before his illusions were not his usual manner of speech.

Under Brother Xiaoshen’s influence, everyone in Yuling began to advocate the usage of vernacular language. Thus, when the water clans came, they were puzzled at the informal manner of speaking, and in the end, Brother Xiaoshen himself ended up using formal language instead!

Wasn’t this a joke?

Xuan Wuzi suspected that Brother Xiaoshen wanted to shock these Water clans into submission and thus had Bai Cangnian and the martial uncle help him write the speech. Xuan Wuzi focused on this question for a long time and he didn’t even notice the atmosphere around him.

The result of being distracted was that he was frightened by an elderly turtle.

Xuan Wuzi felt that his heart was stuffy and he almost couldn’t breathe. He looked up in panic and searched around for help….The big bearded crabs and fierce-looking carps, one by one, all revealed a thick blush on their faces.

As was mentioned before, all those who can come to visit Yuling were masters and kings of their own territories. Their cultivation level were not to be scoffed at and they were up there in years, thus at the very least, they had to maintain a majestic presence. It was exactly these groups of cultivators who had surrounded Xuan Wuzi with blushes on their complexions.

Xuan Wuzi:“…………”

He was in a trance. I was only lost in thoughts for a moment….What had happened to the cultivation world….

The elderly turtle blinked: “What’s the matter child? Are you feeling unwell?”

Xuan Wuzi averted his gaze and replied: “It’s nothing. Let’s go this way.”

He bumped into Daomi, who was guiding Bai Cangnian to his seat, on the way and grabbed him to ask, “Do you know what made all these water clans sport blushes on their faces?”

There was no mystery to this – it was simply a phenomenon known as subordinates following their superiors. However, Daomi merely snorted in reply, “Go ask someone else.”
He never had a good relationship with Xuan Wuzi and didn’t know what Xuan Wuzi was doing just now. Everyone was observing Brother Xiaoshen’s each and every move to the point that Mr. Bai too didn’t move his eyes away from Brother Xiaoshen and was carefully recording every single word he said.

Xuan Wuzi: “What are you doing this for? We’re all on the same side and I was at the imperial palace that day too.”

They were on the same side in a double sense, even though he still didn’t know why he was called to the Dragon Palace to participate in the discussion of official business.

“Who’s on your side?” Daomi gave a scornful smile and haughtily said, “You are you and I’m me. Mynas doesn’t partner up with chickens.”

Xuan Wuzi:“……”

Again with this! Who was the chicken??

Bai Cangnian: “……..”

Xuan Wuzi took a look at Bai Cangnian and suddenly he himself was quite fortunate.

The banquet was completely handled by the Yuling Sect. The proud field handlers in the sect had set up spells whereas crops grew on their own and while ingredients weren’t completely inexhaustible, it was still plenty enough for the numerous visitors.

There were an abundance of dishes at the banquet, and because Xiaoshen especially enjoyed the dishes made from Dao herbs and the Life-giving Lingzhi and frequently grabbed from these two plates, the water clans too rushed to eat these two dishes. The moment they were replenished, it was all gone again.

The Life-giving Lingzhi was a temperamental dish, thus in the end, everyone who partook heavily in this dish were all red in the face, as if they had just finished a fight. What made it even more weird, was that they were all already purposely sporting a blush earlier.

As he observed this scene, Xuan Wuzi finally got a lead on why those water clans were sporting two disgusting blushes earlier….

It was enough that they were imitating this…

At the dinner party, Xiaoshen and Shang Jiyu sat together and added dishes to each other’s plates, and gave off an appearance of loving affection.

As soon as the water clan saw this scene, they thought that the imperial consort was very favored.

Speaking of which, the imperial consort was also very famous. Yuling’s number one fighter…no, master. His highness was truly his highness and stood out from the masses. Unlike their favored consorts at home who were merely just beautiful – beautiful fish, lovely snails, etcetera.

Now that they thought about it, a truly powerful cultivator should marry someone who can fight! It was even better if it was a man!

However, it’s difficult to find someone like Shang Jiyu. It was said that he was Yu Zhao’s successor – one that comes around in a millenia – which essentially meant that he, like Yu Zhao, were prodigies who only appear every thousand years.

Still, even though there wasn’t another Shang Jiyu, the Yuling Sect was still brimming with talents.

The old turtle suddenly turned red and looked at Xuan Wuzi: “Have you found a cultivation companion yet?”

Xuan Wuzi:“…………”

This old turtle was also a prominent Lord in the water realms and an extremely strong cultivator. He was also known as the Master of Thunders and even amongst humans, he was famous.

Xuan Wuzi held back his desire to punch him and replied, “No. I don’t want to look for one.”

The old turtle questioned further, “Why not? Isn’t it good to find a water clan like your martial uncle?”

Xuan Wuzi rolled his eyes discreetly: If you all wanted to copy Brother Xiaoshen, then just say so.

“I still have a daughter at home to be married out, who’s in the prime of her youth.” The old turtle shook his head momentarily. It seemed that the more he thought about this marriage, the more he thought that if he wasn’t up there in age, he would have probably recommended himself. “His highness and the imperial consort are very deeply in love, thus we water clans should follow suit. The Yuling Sect can also contact the world’s water realms and arrange marriages, and this way, increase your strengths exponentially.”

Xuan Wuzi didn’t say a word. If they really wanted to get married with all the disciples of the Yuling Sect, they should ask whether or not the Patriarch agreed first….

At this moment, at the honored table.

Xiaoshen was reclining on his back sloppily, with any of the previous dignity in sight. Shang Jiyu held a cup of tea to Xiaoshen’s mouth.

Xiaoshen was mid-drink when he suddenly stopped and glanced at Shang Jiyu.

Well then, they switched again.

Shang Jiyu smiled faintly, “What is your highness looking at? Isn’t it more reasonable for me to come out on such an occasion?”

If Xiaoshen insisted on making a clear distinction,, then he was the rightful imperial consort.

Xiaoshen glared at him, drank the rest of the tea, and then pushed his hands away.
“With so many people watching, your highness surely can’t make them feel that you are tired of the imperial consort right?” Shang Jiyu drawled, and brought another piece of cake toward Xiaoshen’s mouth, and seemingly in a loving manner, said: “Your highness, why don’t you have a bite?”

Xiaoshen: “……”

Was Brother Xiaoshen the type of dragon who succumbed to threats? Then let everyone learn how the Dragon King fights with his wife after they learned lovey doveys.

He immediately reached out his hand to hit Shang Jiyu, but didn’t use too much force. After all, this was Shang Jiyu, so he only used a dragon’s regular strength.

Shang Jiyu reached out to open his fist. They were sitting really close to each other in the first place and could only dodge in the limited space provided. If one wasn’t able to dodge, then he’ll just have to take the punch. The sound of bang bang bang could be heard. It was hard for either to be completely out of danger.

Not to mention, ever since he got together with Xiaoshen, Shang Jiyu has made great progress in his cultivation, especially in terms of his physical strength.

The water clans below were all stunned at the scene. Eh, how did those two start fighting? From the looks of it, it doesn’t look like a serious fight, but those punches were too hard. Their fists occasionally hit the White Sea sand table top and left dents…If it was any of them in Shang Jiyu’s place, they were afraid they would have been beaten flat already…. The imperial consort can sure take a beating! Was it because of this that he became the imperial consort?

The old turtle could not help but turn his head and stare at Xuan Wuzi.

Xuan Wuzi:“……”

Xuan Wuzi said coldly, “The martial uncle is one of a kind. I sure as hell cannot take a beating!”

Xuan Wuzi finally made it till the end of the dinner party and finished his tasks, before he was notified by Jin Qianzi that he would have to go with the group to the Rong Country in two days’ time.

Xuan Wuzi felt very gloomy. Why is it that I have to serve on deck when I don’t even have an official position?

“Xuan Wuzi, how’s your progress on the spell research? I wouldn’t be able to take Yuyi with me again this time around?” Xiaoshen beckoned to Xuan Wuzi.

Xuan Wuzi mumbled, “Um, probably….It’s rather….well, there are some difficulties….”

Even he was at a loss. The reason for Yuyi’s sudden growth and reversion to his tiny form was still a mystery to him and he couldn’t find a lead to solving this to matter how hard he tried.

Xiaoshen was annoyed at Xuan Wuzi’s failure to meet his expectations, “What are you Yuling people doing everyday? Can’t do this and can’t do that. Can’t find my water, can’t find the spell to lift the curse.”
Shang Jiyu too unexpectedly vented all his anger from the fight with Xiaoshen onto Xuan Wuzi and ridiculed him for his incompetence.

All of sudden, Xuan Wuzi seemed to realize why he was always told to follow them…..

Xuan Wuzi was truly worthy to be known as Yuling’s most fearless soul, who would bounce back after being yelled till he wilted “Brother Xiaoshen, can I ask you a question?”

Xiaoshen: “Go ahead.”

Xuan Wuzi said weakly, “The previous speech….who wrote it for you? Mr Bai?”

Xiaoshen looked at the close by Bai Cangnian, who was currently suffering under Daomi’s chatter and suddenly sneered. His facial features were originally childish by nature, but this smile was unexpectedly similar to the ruthless indifference Lord Zhenbao gave to the humans in the illusion.

Xuan Wuzi had goosebumps from this smile.

Xiaoshen slowly turned toward Xuan Wuzi and looked down at him, “So you wanted to know who wrote it right?”

Xuan Wuzi shot a glance at the cloud that suddenly appeared at Xiaoshen’s feet and didn’t dare to nod.

Xiaoshen said in disdain, “Did you really think your human language was this hard to learn? I’ve been studying it for a few months already, and yet you think I needed to have others write these simple phrases for me? The fact that I’m an unrivaled scholar was still in question?”

Xuan Wuzi:“……”

That is to say, that after a period of study, Brother Xiaoshen was really able to become an eminent writer at any time, but he still chose to remain to his original self and actually appreciated the works of Yun Ziran???



Yuyi blocked the path with his sword outside the imperial palace as the fierce wind blew around it. Its hair and the corner of its robe spread out from the impact of the wind as if it was the white tips left at the end of a character stroke, so much so that even the body of the sword seemed to be spread.

Its eyes were so bright in the gloomy weather that they were like lightning cutting through the sky.

Xiaoshen: “I really can’t take you with me! It’s inconvenient when you suddenly turn big and small!”

Yuyi slashed its sword. Yuyi was extremely unsatisfied with the response!
There was still the issue with an illusion.

Even Xiaoshen, who had to go incognito when entering human territory, had to use an illusion. While it could be said that the human race were born in the Daoist form while demons had to achieve the Daoist form through cultivation to look similar to the human race, there were still differences and often, their demonic aura would leak out and easily differentiated.

Xiaoshen roughly guessed Yuyi’s opinion, “Then, we would need to cover you up entirely…..alright? It’s all because Xie Kurong said that you recently kept pulling out your sword out of the blue. What would we do if you scare off the mortals?”

Yuyi glared at Xie Kurong angrily.

It was unexpected, but understandable that Xiaoshen would sell him off. Xie Kurong could only laugh bitterly. He too started off as an ordinary disciple, and like the others, had tasted the ink essences’ beatings as well.

“Don’t look at me like that. If you want to blame someone, blame Xuan Wuzi.”

Xuan Wuzi:“…… patriarch!”

The ink essences have never left Yuling before since their inception, and while Yuyi now wanted to step out, it was prevented from doing so twice. After Yuyi beat up Xuan Wuzi, it sulkily stayed in Yuling and looked on reluctantly as Xiaoshen left.

Bai Cangnian only saw his highness sit indifferently on top of the spirit weapon of flight (his highness must sit on the highest place), and didn’t even look back.

He wanted to go up but was grabbed by Daomi, who said enthusiastically, “Mr. Bai, I’ve set up a cushion for you. Come on, let’s sit down!”

“No need.” Bai Cangnian’s face was stiff, “Daomi, since we’ve already left Yuling, there’s no need for you to guide me at all times anymore. I’m going to talk with his highness.”

Daomi: “Ah? But the patriarch told me to take care of your daily necessities before we left….”

Bai Cangnian pretended not to hear and went to Xiaoshen.

Xiaoshen looked at him and asked, “Where’s Daomi? What isn’t he by your side? He’s goofing off again?”

Bai Cangnian repeated his reasoning from before again.

Xiaoshen said with a smile: “It’s fine; just let him serve you. You’ve been withdrawn from the mortal realms for so long that it’s better to have him tend to you.”

Bai Cangnian couldn’t help but say, “Your Highness, Your subject, I really don’t have anything in common to talk with Daomi.”

Even Yun Ziran was much better in comparison. Daomi was really noisy and weird, and after interacting with him for a while, every time he opened his mouth, Bai Cangnian could feel a major migraine surfacing. Furthermore, if he had to listen to another allegory from that myna’s mouth, he knew he would throw up.

He had lived for many years, yet he didn’t know that there were so many double entendres in this world. If he occasionally heard a sentence or two, he would probably find it interesting, however, it was suffering when he had to listen to it every single moment of the day from Daomi.

Bai Cangnian even suspected that Xie Kurong stuffed Daomi onto him on purpose….but they neither had grudges in the past nor were on bad terms. Moreover, it was said that Daomi had served Xiaoshen before, so his suspicion wasn’t valid.

“Daomi is just a little noisy.” Xiaoshen said in Daomi’s defense, “If you look carefully, he’s quite adorable.”

Bai Cangnian looked at Daomi’s direction. It happened that Daomi had one eye on the birds flying on the left, and one eye on the right side, towards them.

Bai Cangnian: “……”

With a stiff smile, he changed the subject, “I think it’s a very rare phenomenon for Yuyi to embody the spirit of the sword. Perhaps, if given the chance, Yuyi might be able to take the Daoist form?”

“That’s not likely.” Xiaoshen said, “I heard that this ink essence was the legacy of Chang En, and was born with wisdom and cultivation. It is a spirit of heaven and heart, and yet, it is difficult for Yuyi to advance any further.”

Bai Cangnian: “Really? I saw that it had more humanity than the other ink essences and thought Yuyi was different.”

Xiaoshen didn’t seem to care, and pulled a puff of cloud onto his head as he absentmindedly said, “I don’t know…Aye, don’t be a busybody. Why don’t we think the fun stuff we can do at Rong Country.”

Bai Cangnian laughed as he looked at Xiaoshen’s playful and childish appearance, and thought internally that the dignified manner in which Xiaoshen portrayed himself in front of the water clans were merely from the influence of his childhood. He was still a youth at heart, and easily distracted. Naive….

The dark azure eyes were penetratively refreshing; with a gaze that can see through everything.

Bai Cangnian softly said, “While your highness and the imperial consort shared loving moments, you both also frequently fight with each other. If this goes on, aren’t you worried that you both would change from a happy couple to a bitter one?”

Xiaoshen didn’t say a word, but sighed heavily. He was helpless in front of that imperial consort as well.

Bai Cangnian asked again: “Is it because the imperial consort is your highness’s first bride that you’re so indulgent towards him?”

Xiaoshen seemed to have been reminded of something and sighed again in melancholy, “Mr. Bai, let’s not talk about this anymore. I was originally in quite a happy mood.”

“Of course, it was your subject, my mistake. Indeed, we finally had a rare opportunity to relax.” Bai Cangnian pitied himself as well; oh how difficult it was to get rid of Daomi…albeit temporarily.

“Mmm.” Xiaoshen turned to Bai Cangnian and asked, “Mr. Bai, are you not married yet at this age?”

Bai Cangnian held in a smile, his white eyelashes trembled. His face looked even more graceful as he was about to speak….

Xiaoshen added, “If you ask me, there are some good candidates amongst the water clans who visited. You can pick an armored clan and see how that works out. A Baiyuan’s bloodline is extremely rare, so as long as it’s an armored clan with shells, it should be okay. Easy to get along with too, unlike your imperial consort, who’s too fragile. Like Daomi said, fish should find fish, shrimps should find shrimps, and a Wangba should find a turtle to marry.” 1 Wangba can mean both tortoise and bastard. Oftentimes, the latter definition is used more. 2

Bai Cangnian had a bout of nausea: “……”

The author has something to say:

Water clans: “A true warrior should be like his highness and find a man!!

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