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Chapter 3: The Demon Warlock

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

A few days later, the Demon King moved the full-length mirror to his desk. He held the mage’s hand with his lower left hand, while his two upper hands slowly read the ancient books under the guidance of the mage.

There were a lot of documents about the dragon blood gem, and each book was very thick. The mage said that he didn’t need to read all the books, which made the Demon King a lot more relaxed. The Demon King read the index first, and then Arlette told him which part to focus on.

“You don’t have to read the rest?” asked the Demon King.

“Not for the time being,” said the mage. “Everything should be prioritized, the most urgent thing is dealing with that Warlock. As for the rest of the literature, if you have free time in the future, can you read it for me?”

“If you have time, of course.” The Demon King didn’t promise since reading is boring, and in case he didn’t want to read it in the future.

A few days passed and the Demon King heard that humans spend half of their time sleeping every day, which was so wasteful and incredible. However, the mage Arlette doesn’t sleep so much, he has been elaborately preparing magic arts and designing demon items that can compete with the dragon blood gems. When tired, he lies down for a nap, and when he wakes up, he continues. It seems that he only slept for a little more than ten hours.

Sometimes, he would fall asleep whilst his hand was still being held by the Demon King. The Demon King would hold the human’s hand with his left lower hand, the left upper hand and the right hand would be busy playing with various demon items. He would be surrounded by scrolls and items that Arlette had provided him.

The mage said that the way that demons use weapons and armor was too simple. It basically relied on gems with power. Human mages have many different spells that can permanently integrate different magic effects into weapons and items. After being strengthened by the mage, even if the demon city did not have the dragon blood gem, it can compete with the demon warlock’s army.

With the help of the Demon King, the mage’s understanding of the dragon’s blood gem became more and more profound. He said that he could design a scepter for the Demon King. In the future, as long as the Demon King recaptures the gem and puts it on the scepter, the gem will never leave the Demon King’s side. Under the effect of the scepter, the gem will stop protecting the enemy and reflect all the beneficial effects back to the demon city army. By then, the demon city army will have the help of human’s spells and the blessing of the dragon blood gem. The superposition of the two will be irresistible.

The Demon King was very happy. He held Arlette’s hand to his lips and gave several kisses. The mage was stiff and wanted to take his hand back, but the Demon King refused to let go.

“Is kissing some sort of etiquette there?” the human murmured uneasily.

“It’s not an etiquette,” said the Demon King frankly. “It’s just my pleasure.”

“Come on. I’m human.”

“The purgatory does not stipulate that demons cannot kiss humans.”

“I’m a male human.”

“Do male humans die when they are kissed?”

“That’s not true.”

Before he could finish, the Demon King kissed him on the back of his hand and pecked the palm. “It’s all because that damned summoning magic was not successful, otherwise you could stand in front of me. Then I will not only kiss your hand, but I really want to kiss your face too.”

“Is this the way demons express gratitude?”

“No, it’s a way of expressing love. As far as I know, humans do the same.”

Arlette sighed, “You’d better not. I am not a good-looking man, and I may not be as beautiful as the servants around you.”

“The servants around me are very beautiful. It’s natural that humans are not as beautiful as we are. I know that, but it doesn’t matter,” said the Demon King. Then he kissed the inside of the human’s wrist.

Arlette was silent for a moment. His expression hidden behind the mirror. “Mn, as you will…” Finally, he said helplessly, “but I have to take my hand back. I’m going to craft the scepter.”

“Good. Oh, wait a minute.” The Demon King unfolded the mage’s hand, palm up, and placed a clear crystal cup with a lid on it. The cup was heavy with round black and red fruits in it.

“You said that only demon items can be delivered across planes, and normal objects will be damaged,” the Demon King said. “I put a spell on the glass. You can take it back. It won’t break.”

“What is this?” asked the human.

“The fruit of a certain tree. It’s only available in Baku purgatory. Creatures other than demons can eat it. You won’t be poisoned, it’s delicious and refreshing.”

“Oh… Although I don’t need to refresh my mind, I’ve heard of this,” Arlette seemed to laugh, “We call it purgatory cherry. The roasted powder can be used as a catalyst for demon drugs.”

“You use this delicious fruit as a catalyst for demon drugs? You humans are so wasteful.”

The mage took the cherries. Before he left, he asked the Demon King to wait. A few minutes later, he reached out again from the mirror, holding the crystal cup in his palm, filled with lumps of brown, small, fluffy, round, and hard to distinguish….things.

“In return,” He gave it to the Demon King, who picked it up and sniffed it. The little thing had a sweet and greasy smell.

“What is this?”

“It’s called chocolate cake. What I made may be ugly… No, it must be very ugly.”

The Demon King didn’t know what a chocolate cake should look like, so he couldn’t tell if it was really ugly. He tasted it, the cake was too sweet and burnt in some places.

“Good or not?” asked the mage.

“Bad.” The Demon King replied honestly.

After hearing this, the mage was not sad. Instead, he laughed and said, “I think it’s terrible. I baked a lot of it, but it didn’t seem to work. I wanted to use it for breakfast, but it was so bad that I didn’t want to eat it.”

Demon King swallowed the whole cake, “Give me another one.”

Soon after, demon city was equipped with new demon magic potions and defense amulets. All weapons and armor were attached with a spell, and the interior was filled with Dharma oil. The Demon King not only recieved the new scepter but also strengthened his armor. As the war was imminent, he was busy training soldiers and adapting to new weapons. For a period of time, he didn’t go back to the palace, so he didn’t chat with the mage every day.

The Demon warlock didn’t look for the Demon King’s army. With the help of the dragon blood gem, the Sorcerer’s strength had greatly increased. Now he could make the land burn hundreds of miles around him, and could summon thunder and lightning all over the sky to kill the whole army. His soldiers were full of fighting spirit, their eyes were red, their muscles were tight, and their clothes were not neat. They were just waiting for the soldiers of the demon city army to be raped.

Before the war, the Demon King said to the mage Arlette, “The enemy once told me he would kill all my wives and concubines and rape my soldiers. This greatly reduced the morale of my soldiers. What should I do?”

The mage asked, “Is he just talking, or is he serious?”

“Serious, their soldiers don’t even wear pants now .”

“Then you will send out your words too, that is, you will castrate their soldiers and rape their commanders.”

“How nice! But shall we kill nothing?”

“When it’s time to kill, you should kill them, but don’t say it in advance. Let them live and suffer and lose everything. That’s more terrible than being killed.”

The Demon King pondered about it and thought it was very feasible. He held a meeting with the Propaganda Department of demon city. Within a few days, the whole city heard of the Demon King’s cruel plan. The group of demons began to pay close attention and waited to watch the unprecedented terrible war.

Not long after the war started, the two armies seemed to be evenly matched, but both sides knew that each other was only testing and did not exert all their strength. Finally, one day, when the demon warlock led his troops through a pass, the troops of demon city ambushed them. The Demon King went out to fight in person. He mounted a purgatory rhinoceros, picked up a long gun wrapped in black energy, and charged the Warlock’s chariot with all his strength.

The demon warlock prodded a huge amount of shaping energy and threw it at the Demon King one by one. To his surprise, the Demon King suddenly seemed to have a resistance to magic. Whether it’s fire, ice, electric shocks, or strong acid; nothing could hurt the Demon King. At most, they only scorched his hair and scratched his armor.

The Warlock was no match for the Demon King. Soon, according to the guidance of the mage Arlette, the Demon King removed the scepter from the Warlock’s hand and installed the dragon blood gem onto it.

“Then I caught him, took his tail, and lifted him up on the battlefield.”

After the victory, the Demon King excitedly told the war situation to the mirror, “Just like you said, the dragon blood gem gave our army more strength. We had your help in the beginning. With the precious stone, the other side was defeated! Of course, we also lost a lot of soldiers…”

The mage hesitated and asked, “Did you lose a lot? Are they all… did you?”

“No, those words are to shake the morale of the army,” said the Demon King, holding the mage’s hand with a smile. “They’re killing each other. Who can think of doing that?”

“Have you not castrated their soldiers?”

“No, that’s too much trouble. We have to go to them one by one. Unless you have a group castration spell or something.”

“There’s no magic for that,” the human seemed to be amused.

The Demon King went on, “Then the warlock surrendered to me, and I didn’t accept him…”

“And then you… put your…in him?”

“No!” For some reason, the Demon King was worried by this question, “He’s a half-dragon iguana… demon! No prisoners are left in the purgatory of the hundred caves. They are all slaughtered.”

“Ah,” said the mage Arlette, “so he has no chance to hurt your soldiers and your wives and concubines.”

“What wife and concubine?”

“Did you not say that he had intended to rape your soldiers and kill all your wives and concubines? In fact, this is a little strange. In human wars, these two things are generally the opposite…”

Once again, the Demon King was a little worried. He didn’t understand how to explain, ‘Kill all the wives and concubines and rape the soldiers.’ “If you don’t say that, you won’t feel like a rival. If you don’t feel like there’s parallelism, then it doesn’t look like a formal threat. In fact, I don’t have a wife or a concubine, so who will he kill?”

The mage asked, “Why, the demon lords of purgatory don’t take wives and only keep slaves?”

“Is it the same thing to be a slave and a wife?” said the Demon King.

“I mean…” Arlette thought, “don’t you have a pet princess or a lover….”

“No,” the Demon King looked at the human’s hand with a smile. “Would you like to be one?”

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