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Chapter 202 – The End of the Show

The Tian Xin Sect and the Qing Cheng Sect’s war, because of Ling Xiao intervention, was finally put to an end.

The biggest loss was on the Tian Xin Sect’s side, the Qing Cheng Sect’s side barely had any casualties, at the most, there were only some with light injuries.

Even so, Luo ChengYuan still took his people back home. The one whose strength was even higher than the master of the Paradise Realm, he couldn’t find any reason to advance anymore.

On the surface Ling Xiao may not be a disciple of the Tian Xin Sect, but the one he protected was, well, barely. As he is unsure about the man’s standpoint right now, Luo ChengYuan didn’t dare rush into action, otherwise his corpse might lay next to Tang Fan’s.

When the Qing Cheng group finally left, the crowd also dispersed as there was nothing left to see.

In less than two hours, the square had almost emptied, the rest were the Tian Xin Sect’s disciples, they didn’t dare to leave as they looked up to the sky toward Ling Xiao with respect and fear.

Yuan Mo hesitated a little, but he still came forward, looking at Ling Xiao, he said, “From now on I will call you Lin Xiao, today Tang Fan has been killed by you, since you also found the one you were looking for, there shouldn’t be any grudges left between you and the Tian Xin Sect, right?”

Which literally implied, can you overlook the Tian Xin Sect.

With his age and status, to say these words is not easy.

Ling Xiao, toward this Great Elder, held a bit of appreciation. For the Tian Xin Sect’s future, Yuan Mo even disregarded his self-esteem, if you can hold it then you can discard it.

Ling Xiao had no intentions toward the Tian Xin Sect in the first place. Even if he wanted to, You XiaoMo wouldn’t let him either, or else. Ling Xiao touched the teeth marks on his cheek, he had a feeling, You XiaoMo was going to bite him to death.

Thinking about this, Ling Xiao said, “Great Elder, rest assured, I won’t do anything to the Tian Xin Sect, but as you said, Tang Fan is dead, the grandmaster seat is now empty, I expect there shall not be a second Tang Fan appearing.”

Yuan Mo was startled, immediately, tentatively asking, “What do you mean?”

Ling Xiao’s finger pointed toward Zhou Peng standing not far away, “Zhou-shidi is young and can be considered a talented person compared to his peers, it would be fitting to let him take on the head seat.”

Yuan Mo didn’t expect he would nominated Zhou Peng, he knew Zhou Peng’s personality, although he is not the most suitable one for the grandmaster title, it was not like letting him on was not ok, only… “His level is not enough for people to submit to.”

Ling Xiao already guessed he would say so and he calmly said, “What if he has a contract with a level 9 demon beast, then how about it?”

Yuan Mo’s heart moved a little, “Seriously?”

Ling Xiao nodded, “Sure.”

Before, when he told Tang Fan “Tang Zhen was murdered by him” that was a lie, at best he only heavily injured Tang Zhen, the one who really killed him was Zhou Peng and his demon beast. Previously when Ling Xiao said he wanted to give Zhao Peng a big gift, he meant this level 9 beast. This was when he pretended to be Elder Li, he found some excuse to leave for a while, it was in order to capture this one.

Yuan Mo immediately expressed he would support Zhou Peng for the grandmaster seat, he was worried that when Tang Fan died, the Tian Xin Sect would have one less Imperial level martial artist and that the Qing Cheng Sect would take advantage of it. But if Zhao Peng became the grandmaster, then it should be enough to make up for the loss from Tang Fan’s death.

And the most important thing is, he saw Ling Xiao seemed to be interested in promoting Zhou Peng, if he can get Ling Xiao to stand on Tian Xin Sect’s side, then there was no need to be worried about if the Tian Xin Sect could grow strong or not, this is what he had long intended.

Of course, it was not like he had never thought of Ling Xiao putting Zhou Peng on the seat so that he could turn the Tian Xin Sect into his possession. But such a strong person like himself, not to mention he also said he only came here to find someone, so that possibility is relatively low.

Following Tang Fan’s death, it marked the day the Tian Xin Sect would undergo a big purge.

Those parties once led by Tang Fan, with Yuan Mo’s underhanded method, gradually disintegrated.

And replacing them were those parties that had a long time ago been against Tang Fan’s party. It was the bunch of people that Zhao DaZhou had told You XiaoMo about before, even though some of them still opposed Zhou Peng becoming the head, they were all suppressed by Yuan Mo.

With Yuan Mo’s method, even if they were unwilling, they still had to obey. Nominally, he is the only Imperial level martial artist of the sect, but if in the first hundred years, he could support Tang Fan onto the seat, then a hundred years later, he can still support Zhou Peng.

With pressure here and there, those who wanted to stand up already stood up. Tian Xin Sect’s atmosphere grew into a new color, some people were sad, but naturally some people were content with it. After this big wash was over, the most notable change is Earth peak, most of the cheer is also from there.

You XiaoMo, although he was kicked out by Tang Fan, his disciple position was restored by Yuan Mo.

When he came back to the Earth Peak, he was immediately blocked by three people as he went to enter his room, three different angry faces stared at him.

You XiaoMo shallowly laughed, Ling Xiao was dragged away by Yuan Mo to help Zhou Peng take the seat, so he was not here to help him.

“My three shixiong, we should calmly discuss this matter.” You XiaoMo secretly glanced at the door, trying to find any figures of those from the SheQiu bunch. Your master is in big trouble now, where the hell are you?

SheQiu, just like the others, thought “Solve it yourself!”

Zhao DaZhou was the one who lost his patience first. He fiercely stared at him, “You XiaoMo, you did so well hiding this fact from us. Now look how glorious you are! To think we were touched from your kindness earlier, you have already contracted with a level 9 beast.” Of course, this is not the reason for his anger, what he is angry about is that You Xiao Mo didn’t tell him anything at all, which clearly indicates he didn’t trust him.

You XiaoMo could only smile obsequiously, he didn’t mean it though.

Fang ChenLe, seeing his grievous little face, sighed and said, “Xiao-shidi, I understand your idea. I cannot blame you completely, but you should be honest with me. The one who saved me at the Paradise Realm, was he also ‘Lin Xiao’? ”

You XiaoMo nodded, since it had come to this, he didn’t have to hide anymore.

Fang ChenLe’s heart finally calmed down, “I should have guessed this sooner, then so the Dead Soul demon beast, is also ‘Lin Xiao’s’ masterpiece?”

Remembering that Dead Soul beast’s strange behavior and speech, they were full of doubt before, but if this was ‘Lin Xiao’s’ doing, then things started to make sense. Although they knew if it was not for You XiaoMo, ‘Lin Xiao’ wouldn’t bother helping them.

“Xiao-shidi, you treat us too well.” Zhao DaZhou grouchily said to hide his shyness.

You XiaoMo touched his nose, and laughed, “It’s because you are also good to me, ah!”

Fang ChenLe couldn’t help but pat his head, this Xiao-shidi’s personality, he knew. If other people repayed him with double kindness, he would repay back ten times better. In fact, the lucky ones were them.

“That’s right.” You XiaoMo suddenly slapped his head, he took out from his magic bag a thin book and handed it to them, “This is for you guys, good stuff ah.”

Fu ZiLin took the book, he didn’t show any expression but directly opened it to see. When he swiftly looked over it, his eyes instantly opened wide into two big dots. This is only the second expression people had ever seen on his face.

Zhao DaZhou was tickled by the sentence, he came over to take a look, and his reaction was the same as Fu ZiLin, the only difference is that his expression looked more stupid.

Fang ChenLe also got curious. When he looked at it, he couldn’t take a breathe, not for a while. He finally reacted and said, “Xiao-shidi, this this this….this book is not our sect’s soul training, right ?”

Although the writing was awful, that didn’t stop them from reading the book.

Compared to the Tian Xin Sect’s soul training book, this Heavenly Soul Scripture is no doubt a higher level.

But they did not expect You XiaoMo would give this to them, this is way too kind to imagine.

Of course, they didn’t know You XiaoMo was feeling guilty, that was why he thought of giving this Scripture to the three of them for them to practice it. After all, he was the one who killed their shifu, Kong Wen, although he never treated him right, but them, he didn’t treat them badly.

Moreover, Ling Xiao didn’t say he could not give it to others in the first place, and the worse of it, he never told him that he stole it….

After some explanation, the trio finally knew this soul training scripture was given by Ling Xiao.

All kinds of envy and jealousy arose, but after all, they had all lived longer than You XiaoMo by a few years, their thoughts were much more subtle.

Fang ChenLe, as the representative, firmly warned him not to casually take out a soul training book like that, even in the future if someone is nice to him, he shouldn’t feel touched out of nowhere and then take it out, or else it will bring unexpected trouble.

You XiaoMo was “gently” taught a lesson from top to bottom, he even nearly swore to not to take it out ever again.

But right now, he didn’t expect that this soul training scripture would later bring him major trouble.

After talking about the main business, Fang ChenLe suddenly remembered one thing. He hesitated before asking, “Xiao-shidi, if that business with the Tian Xin Sect is over, are you and ‘Lin Xiao’ going to leave here?”

You XiaoMo was petrified, he never thought about it, “I don’t know, I want to know his intentions first…”

As he finished the sentence, he couldn’t help but shed a tear, why did he have such an abnormal thought “Ling Xiao? Go where he goes?” Why does it sound like the idiom ‘married to chicken, follow the chicken, married to dog, follow the dog’?

t/n: A woman should follow whatever her husband orders

Fang ChenLe sighed, why did he have a feeling his little shidi was sent off to his husband’s house.

In fact, even Zhao DaZhou and Fu ZiLin also felt that way.

Between their brotherhood, it turned out the youngest one was the first “to be married.” Wait, this logic seems to be a bit off.

Fang ChenLe no longer forced him, he patted You XiaoMo’s miserable face, and said, “Xiao-shidi, in the future wherever you go, remember not to forget us, and we will always remember you.”

You XiaoMo immediately said, “Shixiong, rest assured, I can forget Ling Xiao, but I certainly will never forget you guys.”

Fang ChenLe and Fu Zilin, “…”

Zhao DaZhou weakly inserted a word, “Seventh-shidi, next time, before you say those words, remember to check behind your back first.”

You XiaoMo, “…”

Behind him was standing a shadow, and that one was Ling Xiao!

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