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Chapter 205 – Dao Xin Academy

That uninvited guest was Ye Han. It was unbelievable that he could leave Yun Shui peak to run to Earth peak to see them.

When You XiaoMo heard about it, he was shocked to death. His relationship with Ye-shishu was not that deep, he only met him a few times some months ago. After that he never went back to Yun Shui peak again, and Ye-shishu was merely a name he occasionally heard over from Da Shixiong.

But the most important thing was that, he didn’t come here for Ling Xiao, he came here to find him.

You XiaoMo had yet to have any reaction, and Ye-shishu had already gotten straight to the point. His sentence nearly made him piss himself.

Ye Han said, “I know Fang ChenLe took some of the mid-level seeds for you.”

You XiaoMo’s legs started trembling, he had known, but what had delayed exposing them?

Ye Han saw through his nervous expression, he suddenly laughed, “Don’t be nervous, I didn’t come here to accuse you. Even If I had any intention to, I’m afraid I don’t have the ability to do so.”

When he spoke those words, he glanced at Ling Xiao who was pretending to pick up the book behind You XiaoMo’s back.

The story about this man not being the Lin Xiao they knew, after that event, the truth was confirmed.

But out of fear of stronger people, no one dared to deny Ling Xiao.

In the past, people would always amicably call him two words, Da Shixiong. But now, every Tian Xin Sect disciple, whenever they saw him, they always avoided him in fear. Even the Elders didn’t dare to approach him.

Ye Han is a level 7 mage, his power is only so so, but since he had a good impression of Ling Xiao, compared to the others, he was quite calm.

You XiaoMo knew who Ye-Shishu referred to; he could only let out an awkward smile.

Ye Han looked at him from head to toe, then laughed, “At first, I already saw you were really special, and it seems like my eyes are not bad at judging at all.”

Even though those words were a little narcissistic, it also meant that he was praising You XiaoMo’s good natural endowments.

If this was in the past, You XiaoMo would have felt embarrassed from the compliment, but after what had happened with Kong Wen, he became a little oversensitive. The reason Kong Wen started doubting him was all because of what “used to be his natural ability” and that his level didn’t match. That is why he felt a little conscious about Ye Han.

“Ye-shishu, what do you need me for?” You XiaoMo tested him.

Ye Han suddenly paused, as if it was something difficult for him to say, “Do you have an emperor blood herb?”

You XiaoMo surprised for a moment, “How do you know?”

Hearing his counter-question, Ye Han’s expression was a little bit relieved. He saw You XiaoMo staring at him, so he embarrassingly said, “Nine Winged Unity Serpent is a Yin attribute beast, so he should be rather sensitive toward Yin attribute herbs, and an emperor blood herb just happens to be one of them, so, well, that was just my guess.”

T/n: Yin in Yin and Yang, Yin is the dark side while Yang is the white side.

You XiaoMo had nothing to say, turns out it was him who spilled the beans.

Ling Xiao came forward as he placed one hand on You XiaoMo’s shoulder, he smiled yet he didn’t seem like he was smiling. He looked at Ye Han, “You want his herb?”

Ye Han knew he couldn’t fool them, so he got straight to the point, “I’m collecting herbs for a recipe, and the emperor blood herb is one of them, but this magic herb is extremely rare. I have been searching for it for a long time now, but I still can’t find any. That is why I came here to ask for your herb, in return I’m willing to exchange something of the same value with you.”

Both You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao knew which recipe he was talking about.

It was probably the Noble pill recipe that was stolen before, who would have thought Ye Han had prepared the ingredients for the recipe, and it seemed like he had been preparing for a long time now.

If it was other people asking, he would certainly refuse right away.

Had You XiaoMo not owned a dimension, then that emperor blood herb would definitely be a one of a kind treasure. Even if others promised him more benefits, he would never take it out.

But who can’t say Ye Han was very lucky, because You XiaoMo had used the lake water to ripen the herb before, he even got two extra seeds in return.

However You XiaoMo didn’t want to take it out that simply.

But Ye Han, after all, was an Elder, to ask for some sort of payment seemed a little too…

Seeing him stammering, Ling Xiao calmly talked in his stead, “Exchange is not impossible, but what thing are you going to use to exchange, that can attract our interest?”

Ye Han saw they were willing to accept the exchange, he could not help but feel delighted, he thought up some words and said, “I have a level 7 recipe in my possession, I can give it to you, but it still isn’t enough, I will also give you information that I believe You-shizhi will need.”

The third floor of the library only had recipes from level 4 to level 6, You XiaoMo until now did not own a single level 7 recipe.

“What recipe might that be?” Ling Xiao asked in You XiaoMo’s stead.

“Soul recovery pills.” Ye Han said.

When he heard those words, You XiaoMo immediately revealed a very obvious happy face, he had heard about the Soul recovery pills.

Soul recovery pill is a level 7 pill, mainly used to recover the damaged soul, as long as the soul still existed, if you had this pill, no matter how injured you are, your body can still recover. Although it cannot compare to a level 8 and 9 pill, the herbs to refine this pill were much harder to find. Many people had not even heard about their existence.

But You XiaoMo had the exact herb that was used for that recipe, the Vitality herb.

Ling Xiao glanced at the excited You XiaoMo, continuing by asking, “Then about the information you mentioned?”

Ye Han asked, “Are you going to leave the Tian Xin Sect?”

You XiaoMo was startled, and he looked at Ling Xiao. This is what he wanted to ask Ling Xiao about.

Ling Xiao said with no hesitation, “Of course.”

Ye Han had guessed, with Ling Xiao’s power, it was impossible for him to say in the Tian Xin Sect. Besides, he had already told everyone that he had only come here to find a person, and since that one was already found, of course he would want to leave.

Ye Han said, “I wonder, have you ever heard of the Dao Xin Academy?”

You XiaoMo was clueless, obviously he had never heard about it .

Ling Xiao lifted his eyebrows, “I have heard about it, seems like it is the most powerful academy on the Long Tian continent.”

Ye Han nodded, “Yes, and Dao Xin Academy recruits students every three years with no restrictions on origin. As long as you pass the test, you can enroll in, I have received the information. Two months from now will be Dao Xin’s three year enrollment time. I think You-shizi should go and register there, if you can enter the Dao Xin Academy, it will be a good development for his future.”

Toward the Dao Xin Academy, Ling Xiao only had some impression about its reputation, but he didn’t know that much about it.

“Tell me what you know.”

“The Tian Xin Sect, even though it’s the biggest sect in the South, it also has its limitations. If you want to become a genuine mage, you should leave the South.”

“What is your point?” Ling Xiao asked, while You XiaoMo silently raised up his ear.

Ye Han slowly said, “Some people think that a mage can only refine pills and can’t do anything else. In the reality, a true mage, besides refining pills, is one that can also initiate fighting. What a mage lacks is skill training for their soul.”

You XiaoMo rolled his eyes, he remembered the time when SheQiu killed Kong Wen, at that time around his body there seemed to have appeared a layer similar to an armor.

A genuine mage is not as weak as some people think.

The reason why practitioners think mages are weak is because most mages only use soul training to increase the capacity of their soul. Simply said they use it just to level up. But in reality, if one can learn to properly wield their soul, one could be very strong.

Like Kong Wen had done in order to defend himself when he made a soul armor. That technique is also one of them, although what he practiced is a defensive style of soul training, not the skill training. A skill training and a soul training are not the same. A soul training is equivalent to practicing the inner power, while the skill training is to practice attacking techniques like learning martial art movements, but it teaches a mage to use their soul to attack.

But even a big sect like the Tian Xin Sect only owns a low level soul training book, let alone an actual skill training technique.

When you view the whole Long Tian continent, the place that has the most soul training and skill training techniques is the Dao Xin Academy. One can only learn the techniques that everyone yearns for after they are able to enter the academy. In addition, Dao Xin Academy also has special instructors to teach students, which is much better than researching on your own.

Ye Han has long heard about how Kong Wen ignored You XiaoMo, and how he managed his recent achievements on his own two feet. But a mage is a broad and profound job, if anyone wanted to thoroughly master it by themselves, it would be impossible.

Ye Han was not sure if Ling Xiao would bring You XiaoMo there, but he believed You XiaoMo would find some way on his own. He remembered his young self who used to yearn for the Dao Xin Academy, but at that time the conditions had been rather poor, and his talent was not particularly high. In the end, he had to give up the academy…

That was still the biggest regret in Ye Han’s heart!

Although he was unable to enroll in the Dao Xin Academy, he has high hopes that You XiaoMo would go, after all this was a chance no one should miss. Or else they would have to wait for another three years.

Besides leveling up, every mage also wants to be as powerful as a practitioner. That way they don’t have to rely on another in order to survive.

You XiaoMo was truly fascinated by that information, but a skill training technique was just one of the things he was aiming for.

Why, you asked? Well because previously when he was stuck in the bottleneck it made him aware of his lack of understanding at this mage job. So after he listened to Ye-shishu’s words, he suddenly had a new aim in life, to enter the Dao Xin Academy.

You XiaoMo looked at Ling Xiao with eyes full of expectation.

Ling Xiao thought a little, “This information is worth the price, I accept!”

Ye Han let out a sigh of relief, while showing a happy smile, he had been really worried that they would refuse.

After the exchange was finished, Ye Han immediately left Earth Peak with You XiaoMo’s emperor herb, as to how to refine Noble pills after one finishes collecting all the herbs? Well, that is his business.

T/n: A little explanation to soul training and skill training.

Soul training: to train your soul’s capability, quality and quantity.

Skill training: to train how to wield the soul power.

=> both of them train your soul, but the goal is different. Soul training increases the power of your soul, but a skill training will teach you how to use your soul power to fight.

Rara note: Dropping a quick rant here. For those who keep posting complaints about Addis’ editing being terrible, sorry son, it was me who did the terrible translation, ok? I’m not a native English speaker, nor was I born in an English speaking country, and between Chinese and English, there is a big valley of cultural differences. Grammar, vocabulary, idioms and everything. There is a lot of stuff that makes sense in Chinese but means shit in English, vice versa. And I don’t have a vast knowledge in English like a true native. So, if you find my translation too terrible to read, oh well, pls proceed to the raws, or find us a new translator.

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