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Chapter 210 – Hei Yin Village

Remembering that in the next room was the bearded guy, this sound surprised You XiaoMo.

If it was like any other day, You XiaoMo would have definitely ignored the sound but that bearded man was in the next room over and he was also on the same transport circle with them.

Ling Xiao lifted his eyebrows, “Someone wants to kill him.”

Just when You XiaoMo was about to ask who wanted to kill that guy, the fighting sound from next door also stopped. After a while, when everything was still completely silent, he hurriedly asked Ling Xiao, “Did they stop fighting? How is the result?”

Ling Xiao glanced at him, “Why are you so concerned about that man?”

You XiaoMo shook his head, “Nah, I was just curious, after all that man is also leaving here with us.”

This explanation was acceptable enough, “He didn’t die, all he has is some slight injuries. Also, the one who ambushed him is more or less the same level as him. They were probably sent by that brat who he had that fight with earlier.”

“Such a petty man.” You XiaoMo sighed.

It was that lad’s fault at first. You Xiao Mo didn’t expect that just because that guy had a little dirt on the face, he would immediately want to kill people. It looked like that lad was not anything like a good guy. You XiaoMo thought of Tang YunQi, his enemy, the same arrogant and bossy type, who had been spoiled too much.

Ling Xiao walked forward, directly hugging You XiaoMo and leading him into the bedroom. “Don’t mind others’ business. Let’s just go to sleep.”

From inside the bedroom came out You XiaoMo’s protest, “Don’t take off my clothes, I will do it myself!”

And then Ling Xiao’s laugh echoed throughout the room, “If you still want to be able to leave this bed tomorrow, then you better behave and be obedient.”

That threat completely lit his rage.

The next morning, when You XiaoMo got up, he found out that the bearded guy had left, and it seemed like he had been gone for a while. You XiaoMo hastily ate his breakfast and then left the tavern with Ling Xiao.

When they arrived at the transportation zone, there were a lot of people gathered. It was even more crowded than the previous afternoon. It looked like all the transport circles would open today.

You XiaoMo found the register point from yesterday where the attendant was already waiting for them.

Seeing the two come over, the attendant first expressed a happy face, then he became petrified as he saw the man beside You XiaoMo, Ling Xiao.

Not until they stood in front of him did the young attendant finally recover with a surprised expression. “This, you two…”


If it was not for him vaguely remembering You XiaoMo’s appearance, and the clothes they wore, he almost didn’t recognize them.

You XiaoMo didn’t explain, he just directly gave the two badges to him.

The young attendant received them, taking a look. There was no doubt that these were the two badges he gave them yesterday. After all, everyone had a secret more or less, and strictly speaking, they were allowed to only check badges.

When he made sure everyone had arrived, the young attendant led them to the transport circle.

You XiaoMo took a peek at the bearded man. It seemed like there wasn’t anything abnormal and it looked like he didn’t get injured yesterday. He also looked at the lads group, their faces didn’t show any sign of happiness, especially that spoiled lad. He looked at the bearded man with ruthless eyes like he wanted to devour him. You XiaoMo was disappointed. It seemed like he came a step too late and had missed a good show.

That lad seemed to sense his glance, he suddenly turned and looked at him. He ferociously growled, “What are you looking at?”

You XiaoMo averted his eyes, such a hot headed temper!

But that lad didn’t intend to let him go, as he needed to vent his anger. But when he was about to go and trouble You XiaoMo, the old man next to him suddenly pulled him back.

The lad unhappily said, “Elder Fan, what are you doing?”

Elder Fan lowered his voice, “Don’t cause trouble. We are not here to play.”

The lad followed Elder Fan’s line of sight and he saw a handsome and bewitching man with an exquisite, magnificent appearance with an arm on that boy’s shoulder. They seemed to be in the middle of a conversation. He didn’t know what they were talking about but whatever it was made the boy blush red all the way to his ears.

The man seemed to be aware he was being watched and he reluctantly looked in the lads direction. Those two indifferent eyes, so cold like the frosty twelfth lunar month, directly aimed at him, exerted so much pressure on him it made him unable to breathe.

The lad was surprised and he quickly averted his gaze. He didn’t dare to look at them anymore, even one look could give off such pressure. This man’s strength was definitely not low at all. Knowing that he had almost provoked big trouble, the lad stopped.

You XiaoMo, of course didn’t know Ling Xiao had ‘solved’ some big trouble for him.

People followed the young attendant to the transport circle location.

The ground they were standing on was a huge square. The square was as big as a hundred basketball courts and in the central point was a beautiful round stone platform. The stone platform was about 10 meters wide and was engraved with complex ancient patterns. It was also surrounded with fist-sized spirit stones which contain an enormous amount of energy. This was the transport circle they were about to use.

The young attendant called them up one at a time to step into the circle. Since their destination was quite far, the transport time would be longer, they would need two whole days to complete the trip.

To let the energy focus, the young attendant let them all stand inside the circle.

The lad rushed to the center in order to steal the center spot, then he ignorantly looked at You XiaoMo and the bearded guy, clearly intending to show off.

This kind of childish action made it so You XiaoMo couldn’t help but smirk. He did no effort to care about the lad.

The bearded guy was even more extreme, from the beginning, he had already ignored the brat, and didn’t pay any attention to him.

That reaction was noticed by the lad, but he remembered what Elder Fan had said, so the only thing he could do was only breathe in and out to tolerate it.

When the ancient pattern under their feet began to dance like musical notes, You XiaoMo could feel a different kind of energy rising up. This majestic energy was coming from the circle under their feet. It started to flow out, quickly covering everyone.

Two days’ time was not long, but it was not short either. You XiaoMo’s five senses had fallen to a numb state, if you didn’t have a certain mental strength then you wouldn’t be able to handle it. That is also the reason why people don’t want to use long distance transport circles.

Although this was the first time he was sitting in the transport circle, and for such a long time and that, You XiaoMo did not panic the slightest.

Because he could feel Ling Xiao by his side, since he had now confronted his true feelings, he felt rather calm now.

Together with a man? Then so be it, as long as his feelings are true, screw what other people think. The most important thing is to follow your heart, he could feel that he couldn’t separate from Ling Xiao anymore.

Two days later, that weightless feeling dispersed and their feet finally landed on the hard ground. You XiaoMo opened his eyes, a warm atmosphere immediately blew at his face, and the bustling crowd instantly shocked him.

This is a region surrounded by a black lake, the size is several times larger than an average city but it cannot be called one, because it has a rare name, that is, Hei Yin Village. (T/n: Hei = black, Yin = mark, seal, stamp). The Hei Yin Village’s architecture was all built using black stone, this stone is said to possess a strange ability that could make demon beasts stay away.

The black lake is a major feature of the north border, famous for having many demon beasts, ranging from low to high. If your strength is so-so than you shouldn’t be crossing the black lake alone. The black lake is covered in dark and muddy black fog, excluding demon beasts, this type of fog could erode away a practitioner’s spiritual defenses.

The Hei Yin Village is located right next to the lake, every practitioner who wants to enter the North would have to pass here.

Due to the potential dangers of the black lake, most people normally wouldn’t be able to leave here right away. Moreover, the black lake is also quite large, it is said that even a 5 star spiritual level warrior in full force would still need three days to pass through, adding in the danger, the difficulty is even higher.

On the contrary, Ling Xiao could take You XiaoMo out of here and not even need half a day. But this would make people suspicious of them and they don’t want to be in the spotlight.

The most important thing was that the two of them are not familiar with the North, even if he could fly out of there, he still needed to find a way to Dao Xin Academy.

Fortunately, Hei Yin Village has continued to develop till the present day, and has long since found multiple ways to leave here.

Since the registration time for the Dao Xin Academy was still months away, they didn’t have to rush. After reaching this decision, the first thing You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao wanted to do was to find a place to rest. After two days of continuous transportation. You XiaoMo needed some time to find his land feet.

However, this was their first time here, they didn’t know the situation of the Hei Yin Village, that was why after they got out of the transportation zone, some people could see they were rookies here, and soon they began to keep an eye on them.

To be able to pay for the transport fee, your body must have some gold coins on it.

Hei Yin Village is not a peaceful area, because it’s an independent village, there is no so called governor, and the cost of living here is particularly high, money here comes and go every day. To have a few gold coins inside your pocket would make anyone shameless enough to resort to anything. That was why there were dozens of robberies and bandit incidents that took place here everyday.

T/n: The twelfth lunar month is the coldest month, usually falls somewhere between late Dec – Feb. Since the lunar calendar based on the moon phase, when converted into Gregorian calendar, there is no fixed day.

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