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Chapter 216 – You Help Me Wash

Translated by Rui

When they left Emerald Court, the sky was already beginning to darken.

Although they still had things to do, for now, they had to find a place to stay first.

But what was troublesome was that they weren’t familiar with Yan City and so they didn’t know the location of any tavern or inn, if they really were to continue looking, they’d probably need to look for another one to two hours.

Ling Xiao says, “Why don’t I go and kill someone, then absorb their memories and have a look.”

You XiaoMo quickly rejects the idea, “No.”

Even though he thinks that it’s very troublesome without a map, but to kill an innocent person over such a small matter, it’s best if such sins are committed as little as possible. Who knows if there’ll be any retribution in the future!

Ling Xiao already knew what You XiaoMo’s answer would be, “Okay, then what do you say we do?”

You XiaoMo looks towards the streets that are becoming more and more deserted and suddenly sees the the back of a stooped figure that’s standing with their back facing them in a corner. His eyes sparkle and immediately he walks over to ask, “This old lady, do you know the locations of the closest taverns or inns?”

The old lady slowly turns around, a face suffused with black suddenly appears in front of You XiaoMo. When she sees him, she grins and starts to laugh, revealing two rows of teeth that are so black they look like they haven’t been cleaned for a few hundred years. She stares at You XiaoMo with austere gloominess and chuckles, “Hey young boy, my house has rooms to stay in. Do you want to go back home with granny?”

You XiaoMo becomes petrified in an instant.

Ling Xiao suppresses his laughter and walks over, facing the old person who clearly has a problem. He softly spits out one word, “Scram!”

The old granny is startled and without needing Ling Xiao to say a second word, she immediately disappears out of sight.

You XiaoMo, who’s just taken a blow, is feeling blue and lets Ling Xiao hold him. After a quarter of an hour, they find a tavern that can’t be considered to be upscale but isn’t simple and crude either. Due to the fact that there are many people who seek lodging, all the fairly good rooms have already been booked. There’s only a low class single room left, however the price is still not cheap. It actually costs ten gold coins, the same price as a top class room in NanYe City.

Ling Xiao simply pays the gold coins, he can still afford to dish out ten coins.

The room is small, as expected. It also only has a fairly small bed, but compared to You XiaoMo’s room back in the Peak, it’s not that much smaller. Ling Xiao, who’s already used to squishing on a bed with You XiaoMo, doesn’t mind.

As soon as You XiaoMo recovers from his petrification, he’s dragged by Ling Xiao to take a bath.

The tavern doesn’t have a hot spring, if one wants to take a shower, only the HaHa[1] lad can heat the water. The lad is quite hardworking and fills up an entire large bucket of hot water in no time. Taking the single gold coin given by Ling Xiao, the lad has a huge smile on his face when he leaves.

Ling Xiao just moves toward You XiaoMo and wants to help him take off his clothes. You XiaoMo immediately takes a few steps back, using his hand to prevent the other from walking over and quickly says, “I’ll do it myself.”

Ling Xiao shrugs his shoulders like he doesn’t really care and the other person turns around right away.

Just as he’s in the middle of undressing, You XiaoMo suddenly hears a ruffling sound coming from behind him, he turns around to see Ling Xiao already halfway through taking off his clothes. Startled, he asks, “What are you doing taking off your clothes?”

“Taking a bath ah!” Ling Xiao says as if it’s an obvious answer.

You XiaoMo immediately ties up the clothes he’s just untied halfway, “Why don’t… you wash first ba?”

Ling Xiao takes off the last piece of clothing on his upper body revealing a naked and sturdy chest and grins at him. “I’ll give you two options. One is you wash together with me, two is I help you wash.”

Feeling that the second option is fairly safe, however… You XiaoMo doesn’t believe Ling Xiao is so kind. There’s definitely a meaning behind it that he doesn’t know about, and so, he weakly asks, “Is there a third option?”

“There is!” Ling Xiao laughs and gently says, “We can go and engage in an ‘exchange’ on the bed first, then wash up.”

Just as he lets out a sigh of relief, You XiaoMo is frightened by the last sentence, the third option is fudging[2] more ferocious than the first and second one. He doesn’t believe that he’ll still be able to get off the bed after the ‘exchange’.

After careful consideration, You XiaoMo still chooses the second option, at least it sounds more normal than the first one. Then, at worst, he’ll consider himself a small child who… still doesn’t know how to take a bath.

After hearing his answer, Ling Xiao’s expression floated.

That’s right, it floated, eyes expressing a lovingly pink emotion floated on his body here and there, before changing into a glimmer of a prevailing smile.

Feeling that he’s just made a terrible decision, You XiaoMo sees Ling Xiao bend his back and… start to take off his pants.

“Fudge[3], why are you taking off your pants?” You XiaoMo almost bit his own tongue.

“To take a bath ah!” Ling Xiao gives an obvious answer.

“You you you… weren’t you going to help me wash up? Why are you taking off your own pants?” After he finishes speaking, he really wants to just bite off his own tongue. Isn’t this telling the other to take off his pants?

Luckily, Ling Xiao doesn’t follow through with his words but rather smiles and looks at him very treacherously. “I think you misunderstood, what I meant when I said I’d help you wash was for us to wash together first before I’d then help you wash up.”

You XiaoMo is at a loss for words, has he just been tricked? He really is the number one biggest idiot in the world, he just knew that there’s no way Ling Xiao is so kind hearted as to let him off the hook. Just as expected, the other dug a hole and was just waiting for him to jump down himself and yet he’s actually still taking chances. God, bring forth a strike of lightning to strike him to death!

You XiaoMo jumps up in rebellion but is still suppressed by force.

Ling Xiao especially asked the lad to get the largest bathtub the tavern has so there’s definitely no problem with its capacity to fit two people.

Not long after, You XiaoMo is completely unclothed, he sits on Ling Xiao’s thigh in his naked glory, their skin touching. Two red blooded males taking something like a bath together is really intolerable.

You XiaoMo quickly discovers that there’s a thick thing against his thigh and he immediately becomes stiff all over.

There’s a ball of fire burning in his heart, You XiaoMo can’t help but think of the last time.

At that time, although he looked like he had lost his mind, he actually still has memories of it, and they’re very profound too. So profound that it left a deep impression, and so, he instinctively wanted to shrink back.

But after experiencing that kind of wonderful taste of overwhelming ecstasy, as an overly vigorous and not very normal man, Ling Xiao thinks that no matter what, he won’t let You XiaoMo off the hook today. Plus, since last time, he hasn’t touched You XiaoMo for more than a month already.

Ling Xiao pulls his face over and immediately lowers down, kissing his lips. The other person’s first reaction is to shrink his neck, his face is all red from suffocation. Ling Xiao becomes aware of his movements, not only does he not let go of his mouth, he in fact tightly hooks his hands around his waistline. One hand pinches at his sensitive hip. Taking the opportunity of him being in pain, Ling Xiao’s tongue strongly plunges inside, catches his tongue and begins to suck.

The taste of kissing is actually quite wonderful, and before long, You XiaoMo’s tongue, that was shrinking away, starts to cooperate. The two tongues hook onto each other until he finally can’t breathe anymore and the two lips separate. The corner of the lips, wet from saliva pulls out a string of clear silver thread.

You XiaoMo is weak and panting in Ling Xiao’s embrace, feeling the wetness on his lips, his face uncontrollably reddens almost as if blood is going to drip from it.

Ling Xiao presses him against his body, You XiaoMo’s head rests on his slender shoulder. Looking down, he sees the two erect small red beans trembling on the chest, it’s seductive and cute, as if it’s waiting for him to take pity on it…

One of Ling Xiao’s hands drags You XiaoMo’s buttocks up to pick him up and flip his body over so that the two of them are face to face.

You XiaoMo has no choice but to open his two legs and sit on Ling Xiao’s body in a straddling position. It’s okay if he doesn’t look, but as soon as he does his nose feels itchy in an instant, as if there’s something that wants to come out. With his naked body immersed in water, Ling Xiao is so seductive he could be the death of people…

Ling Xiao laughs quietly, bends over and envelopes one of the red beans in front of his chest into his mouth, sucking, licking and kissing. The smacking sounds of lips accompany the gasps and moans, resounding in the small, narrow room.

You XiaoMo only feels that his limbs and bones, plus all his internal organs, are burning a raging blaze. The heat is scurrying everywhere inside him, just like that day. It almost feels like a turbulent tide is surging inside his body, from the top of his head to the tips of his toes, in the end, his entire body is weak so he can only let Ling Xiao do as he pleases.

The instant he is entered, You XiaoMo’s body tightens without his control, although it’s not so painful that he wants to die like last time, it’s still uncomfortable. He can’t control himself for a moment and opens his mouth and bites down onto Ling Xiao’s broad shoulder. He doesn’t go easy and directly bites until deep teeth marks appear.

Ling Xiao does not feel any pain at all, and instead, all the blood in his body starts to boil and he becomes more excited. The most direct reaction is that the object buried inside You XiaoMo’s body swells in size, the strength of his thrusts become more ferocious like he’s been possessed by the devil.

You XiaoMo is constantly gasping for air from being thrusted into and holds onto Ling Xiao’s neck, not even knowing which side the sun rises up from.

The dense hot steam of the water tub changes from thick to thin before disappearing in the end. A good tub of water becomes cold, but the people who are still ‘fighting’ inside the tub don’t have the slightest hint of stopping.

The next day, You XiaoMo lies on the bed miserably on his stomach and can’t get up.

Now he finally knows the meaning behind Ling Xiao’s words of “helping to take a bath,” it’s using his tongue to lick his entire body everywhere, wuwu[4], taking a bath is so brutal!



[1] 哈哈伙计 So essentially the lad’s name is HaHa which is the sfx for laughing.

[2] 特么 (Te Me) Slang way to say 他妈 (Ta Ma) indirectly as they sound similar. So in english it’s like using the word fudge when you want to say fuck.

[3] 次奥 This is also a slang for the actual swearword f*ck. The word originally is pronounced cao, so one slang is 草 meaning grass (romaji: cao but pronounced differently). 次奥 (romaji: Ci Ao) is another variation on the actual swear word, so once again, in english it’s like saying fudge instead of f*ck.

[4] 呜呜 Crying sfx

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