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Chapter 237 Four Methods

Translated by Yuanyulin

“Excuse me big brother, do you know what happened here?”

Although You XiaoMo could roughly guess what happened, he felt that it was better to ask what had happened from the beginning so he could grasp the situation better. He then asked another unknown youth. The youth looked like he was around twenty five or twenty six year old; he wrapped both of his arms in front of his chest, and stood at the arena’s borderline. He was looking at the two people on the arena with a playful expression. People were pushing around here and there, but no one dared to touch him.

When he heard this question, the youth was clearly surprised. He then moved his head to one side and measured You XiaoMo with one eye, and asked him with a faint smile on his face, “Are you asking me?”

You XiaoMo nodded hard, this man gave off a feeling that he was no ordinary man, and he looked like he had great taste. He has a very handsome face, but that pair of phoenix eyes looked a little violent, making his overall facial features have an impression that there was a hint of evil. It seemed like it was better not to provoke him.

Seeing him nod, the youth raised the corner of his mouth and asked, looking like he was interested in him, “Are you a student from Block One or 2? What is your name?”

You XiaoMo answered, “I am a student from Block Two, called Xiao Hei…”

“Xiao Hei?” The man mulled over that name once more from his mouth, changed his sight toward his body, and then stroke his own chin and said, “This name really doesn’t suit you.”

I know, you don’t need to say it!

You XiaoMo seriously said, “My body was given by my parents, so was my name.”

The youth stared at him for a long time, and then made a joyful smile, “You are right.” After he said this sentence, he moved his gaze towards the two men in the arena, “Do you want to know why both of them are fighting?”


After he grumbled with that word inside his heart, he immediately nodded, “Yes, can you tell me please?”

The youth curved up the corner of his mouth, “Of course I can, the one with blue clothes is called Sun Zhe, ranked nine in the top rank Block One. His strength is moon level seven star peak level, he almost has had a breakthrough into star level, while the white clothed one…”

When he heard him talking about Ling Xiao, You XiaoMo’s heart suddenly became excited. He stared at him with big eyes, trying hard to prick up his ears, “What about him?”
(Yuan: uh-huh, somebody is so excited when his hubby is mentioned. I call it hubby complex :P)

“He is called Ling Xiao, he is a freshman who just entered school today, a very wild man. People say his strength is sun level, but…. I don’t think so. He most likely hides his true strength. Otherwise, it is impossible for him to dare challenge Sun Zhe while knowing that he is better than him.” The youth said, with a hint of admiration in his voice.

You called this wild? You haven’t seen Ling Xiao when he truly acts wild.

You XiaoMo continued to ask, “How did they clash with each other?”

The youth said, “Sun Zhe was looking for trouble with the freshmen. He was trying to cow them into submission, and this freshman opposed him, and it became like this.”

You XiaoMo, “………” Turned out the other party was giving Ling Xiao a reason to rampage voluntarily.

“But this freshman called Ling Xiao is very smart. For most people, two hundred points is a lot, and Sun Zhe’s total points are only three hundred. When he loses two hundred points all of sudden, it would be so devastating for him, hehehe.”

Why did he speak as if he already knew that Ling Xiao would win?

You XiaoMo looked at the youth with doubt in his eyes, and couldn’t help but ask, “How can you be so sure that he can win?”

The youth grinned, showing a hint of evilness in his smile, “Because… When I said he can win, he definitely can win.”

You XiaoMo twitched his mouth, this one is another arrogant fellow. After he thought about that, he asked, “Can two hundred points be used to rent a single room?”

The youth’s playful eyes suddenly moved to him, “Are you a freshman?”

You XiaoMo rubbed his nose. He knew this question would easily reveal that he is a freshman, so he admitted it, “Yes.”

The youth said, “No wonder you asked such a stupid question.”

But he didn’t get mad, because Ling Xiao called him stupid everyday.
(Yuan: *cough* that is hubby’s love whip, what do you expect?)

The youth said, “Two hundreds points can not only rent a single room, but it can also rent a small pavilion for around half a month. The spiritual aura concentration in the small pavilions are much higher than a single room.”

Two hundred points for only half a month, it looked like the small pavilion should be the best out there.

But he didn’t know that there was a small pavilion on top of a single room, probably more than one person could live inside the small pavilion. You XiaoMo couldn’t help but think about BaiLi XiaoYu and Tong YueXu. Probably the room that their brother rented out for them was a small pavilion instead.

“Thank you for explaining me all these things. That’s right, what is your name?” You XiaoMo looked up and thanked him, all his questions were already cleared up.

“Me?” the youth looked at him with a smile showing a hint of interest, “You will know it later.”

A person who could talk with this tone usually is a person with impressive background.

You XiaoMo didn’t care about it anymore, since he didn’t say it, he wouldn’t ask it again. Although he didn’t intend to be low profile anymore, it would be better to avoid that kind of person. But in order to not let the youth see the real thoughts in his heart, You XiaoMo feigned a surprised expression. That surprised expression successfully made the youth very satisfied, he didn’t stare at him anymore and moved his gaze towards the two people at the arena again.

When they were talking, Ling Xiao and Sun Zhe had already began fighting in the arena. The sound of people cheering and roaring voice passed through their ears, and everyone focused on the fight.

As the two men fought, ‘nice!’ could be heard frequently.

You XiaoMo wasn’t interested, because from his point of view, the result would be just as the youth said. If Ling Xiao lost, both of his eyes would fall out. However, since he already knew the result, he didn’t bother to look anymore.

When he saw the youth was absorbed looking at the arena, You XiaoMo hesitated whether he should say goodbye to him or not, then turned his body towards the crowd.

After he left the crowd, You XiaoMo couldn’t find Jiang XiaoFeng, because he didn’t know where he get squeezed by the crowd, You XiaoMo had to go alone and inquire himself. After nearly half an hour, he finally got to know a few details.

You XiaoMo found out several bits of information about housing. The room that he currently lived in with Jiang XiaoFeng was free of charge, but because it was free, this was why it was the worst living environment in Ward B. The difference was that not only was the spiritual energy lacking, but the facilities in the room were also another factor. Above this, there were triple, double, and single tenant rooms with rate per day as following: two points, four points, and six points.

The last would be the small pavilions. Small pavilions were divided by two people and private. Two people housing rates per day at twenty points, while private ones were twelve points. That was why the youth said that two hundred points could rent for half a month.

The rate doesn’t look like too pricey, but actually a lot of people couldn’t afford it. Because at Dao Xin Academy, whether Ward B or the Ward A, it really was hard to earn points. Situations like how Sun Zhe and Ling Xiao betting two hundred points rarely happened in Ward A.

After making sure the room rate, You XiaoMo started looking for methods on how to earn points based on the situation. In his case, there were two options, one was the single room, the other was private room in a small pavilion. For the time being, he couldn’t afford the small pavilion, so he opted for the single room, the one that costs six points. He had to make sure to earn more than six points per day to make sure he could pay the rental cost, and he decided that he could think about the rest of it later.

But when You XiaoMo was looking for methods to earn points, he found out that for freshmen to get six points every day was still a little difficult.

The first method is to attend class.

Attending a tutor’s class every day would earn two points, absence would earn nothing.

This is the set rule for every student, so most people would basically choose to attend classes, because there is only one lesson per day. Unless you have better option, you can choose not to attend class since it’s not mandatory for students to attend classes.

Second method is to run errands, like cleaning the school yard or becoming a tutor’s apprentice.

This way you could earn three to four points per day, but there was more supply than demand, so the people who really got the job either had good backing behind them, or the ones lucky enough to gain favor from the tutors.

You XiaoMo knew that he didn’t have the appearance where people would love him just by a glance, and flowers would bloom just by looking at him, so he believed it was impossible for him to get any errand jobs.

So he ruled out the second method, and looked at the third method, a competition.

Just like how students at Block One could challenge each other, Block Two mage could do this too, but most of students at Block Two didn’t compete using fighting method. Instead, they competed with their strength for refining or distilling magic herbs. At the competition arena, a student could choose between the fighting method just like Ling Xiao and Sun Zhe, or ask for a small-sized arena platform for the students at Block Two.

The competitions here were held according to each person’s will, but generally speaking, the competition at the arena would have a much bigger impact. For example, if both of them were famous; or one of them was holding a grudge against the others and wanted the other party to lose in public so they would lose their face; or perhaps to gain popularity; all of them would choose the arena to compete.

You XiaoMo felt that the arena didn’t suit him very much, so he chose to give up this method too.

In conclusion, he could only use the fourth method.

When You XiaoMo was deep in his thoughts, suddenly someone tapped his shoulder with a strength that was neither light nor heavy and startled him. When he turned his head, it was actually Ling Xiao!

People would love him just by a glance, and flowers would bloom just by looking at him
This is like a metaphor to show that somebody is extremely attractive or lovely, to the point where he would gain favor from others. Chinese people love to make many metaphors to describe beauty, just like how they describe Xi Shi (one of the four chinese great beauties) to be so entrancingly beautiful that fish would forget how to swim and sink below the surface upon seeing her reflection in the water.

Phoenix eyes
This was mentioned in chapter 231, but in case you forgot about it, here it is:
Phoenix eyes is very much an Asian thing. It a type of eye shape that is closely resemble the slanted eyes. But not to be confuse, the main difference between Slanted eyes and Phoenix eyes is the degree of slant in the eye. The Slanted Eye obviously has a greater slant but does not possess the little curve at the outer corner of the eye as in the Phoenix Eye. On the other hand, the Phoenix Eye does not slant until the corner of the eye.
Fun fact, phoenix eyes is considered as one of the most beautiful eyes for Asian.


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Relapse o' Hikari
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