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Chapter 259: Cohabitation

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The truth of the matter proved that You XiaoMo’s guess was pretty close.

Ling Xiao had spent a lot of effort to attain the privilege to live together with You XiaoMo.

His previous actions could be used as an example. Ling Xiao went about challenging the people ranking above him, and set extremely high stakes for their duels. In the end, no one was willing to fight him. This became a tacit understanding in Block One, and everyone rejected his challenge with the excuse of closed door cultivation.

Thus, within Block One, a bad reputation was beginning to be attached to Ling Xiao’s name.

You XiaoMo planned to go to the sales area for the magic pills, but he was waylaid by Ling Xiao and dragged to Elder Wan for the purpose of settling their accommodations. The density of spiritual energy in a single person pavilion and a two person pavilion was the same. Therefore, it was more cost-effective to rent a two person pavilion. In fact, there were many with roommates as the cost of rental was only ten points per person.

Rumours about Ling Xiao had reached Elder Wan’s ears. Without needing Ling Xiao’s to take out his Purple card, Elder Wan bluntly said, “You guys already know of the rental rules, it will cost eleven points to end your lease…”

“Please do not bother yourself, we are not here to rent a two person pavilion.” Ling Xiao interrupted him. He did not get this Purple card for the purpose of renting a two person pavilion with You XiaoMo, but to move into You XiaoMo’s current pavilion.

Elder Wan raised an eyebrow in surprise. What does that sentence mean?

You XiaoMo blushed, and did not know how to explain the situation to Elder Wan. He had already guessed that since there were going to live together, Ling Xiao would refuse to sleep separately from him. Rather than wasting eight points to cover up their intentions, they might as well enlighten Elder Wan. But confessing such a thing required courage.

Ling Xiao put his arm around You XiaoMo’s shoulders, and his mouth let out a hint of a smile, “To save some points, we decided to sleep in the same bed. The bed in the pavilion is big enough anyway.”

A trace of suspicion flashed across Elder Wan’s face, but the reason that Ling Xiao gave was quite justifiable.

There were some practitioners who were living together in a single person pavilion to save some points. The relationship between them was either that of lifelong sworn friends, or brothers/sisters.

However, the feeling that these two gave him was a little weird.

But he could not seem to figure out, and since it did not concern him, Elder Wan put it out of mind and just helped Ling Xiao to settle his check-out procedures.

Although You XiaoMo knew that if Ling Xiao lived together with him, he would be ‘bullied’ badly, but he was unable to reject Ling Xiao. It was not easy for Ling Xiao to get the Purple Card. If You XiaoMo dared to refuse him, he would die a miserable death.

Thus, their life of cohabitation began.

After leaving Elder Wan’s place, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao headed off to the sales area for the magic pills.

Ever since he opened his stall, many who bought his magic pills had experienced their benefits and most of them became repeat customers. As a result, it took less than thirty minutes for a flood of people to arrive for the purpose of purchasing his pills. Seeing him selling level five magic pills, they were all stunned for a moment, but soon they shook it off and began fighting over the pills.

You XiaoMo was selling the TianLing pill and Mental Purification pill. His price was slightly lower than the other stalls, and the effects of the pills refined by him were quite good. It would be strange if they didn’t fight over the pills. Furthermore, if his reputation started to spread in the future, there would be more and more people buying from him. When that time came, they were uncertain if they could manage to buy the pills.

When You XiaoMo packed his stall, BaiLi XiaoYu slowly arrived.

You XiaoMo thought that BaiLi XiaoYu would complain about being left behind, but unexpectedly, he did not. Instead BaiLi XiaoYu patted his shoulder with understanding, as if he was consoling You XiaoMo.

After inquiring about his actions, You XiaoMo found out that BaiLi XiaoYu gathered news about him from others, because he did not believe that You XiaoMo would stand him up without a reason or cause.

You XiaoMo did not accompany BaiLi XiaoYu to set up his stall. Instead, he went to the magic herbs sales area to look for Tang YuLin to buy magic herbs. Though he was currently a level five mage, a couple of level four magic pills were still selling very well and he did not intend to stop production. If there was a chance later, he would just refine other pills that had buyers.

Tang YuLin was still the same. After a few days of interacting with him, You XiaoMo roughly understood the type of person he was.

He previously thought that Tang YuLin was treating BaiLi TianYi that way on purpose. But he later discovered that it was just part of Tang YuLin’s personality. Tang YuLin looked indifferent, but was actually a little stupid, and did not understand complex implications.

But this sort of slow person, without BaiLi TianYi constantly helping him in secret, would probably have been swindled by others long ago.

Thinking about this, You XiaoMo felt that BaiLi TianYi had it hard too. He wanted to help Tang YuLin, but could not openly help him. He could only secretly manoeuvre behind the scenes, then let Tang YuLin get the magic herbs for his stall from a ‘well-timed’ channel.

That’s right. Previously, You XiaoMo was always curious about how Tang YuLin got so many magic herbs. The truth was, it was all due to BaiLi TianYi’s credit, only Tang YuLin did not know about it.

“Tang YuLin you are here every day selling magic herbs. How do you normally find the time to cultivate?”

You XiaoMo discovered that Tang YuLin spent quite a lot of time minding his stall daily. Thus, he simply would not have much time left to cultivate. However, mages could kill two birds with one stone, as pill refinement a part of cultivation, and the pills attained could be sold.

Tang YuLin was surprised, “After I’ve finished selling, or when I pack up early, I will go back to my room to cultivate.”

“If it’s like that, wouldn’t there be little time available for cultivation? You come here every day to set up your stall and are probably earning quite a fair bit. Just earning enough points for daily use be should enough. Why do you keep coming here to set up your stall?” You XiaoMo took advantage of this time to ask.

Tang YuLin did not feel that he had anything to hide, and replied, “I want to exchange my points for a high level ‘mid-grade soul training manual’. But I still do not have enough points.” In actual fact, BaiLi TianYi had offered to buy the manual for him, but Tang YuLin refused his offer.

“How much does a high level soul training manual cost?” You XiaoMo asked.

“Two thousand…”

“…This is just too expensive.”

“En, I still need two hundred more to reach two thousand points.”

“That should be quick to earn. If you earn about a hundred points every day, you would only need a few more days to reach it.”

“I split my earning fifty-fifty with the person who gives me magic herbs.”

“ …How about this? I know some people who may need magic herbs. So for this period of time, just send all your magic herbs to me. I will help you sell the herbs. This way, you do not need to open your stall every day.”

Tang YuLin thought over it for a while, and earnestly said, “Thank you!”

You XiaoMo smiled, “You’re welcome.”

Tang YuLin only sold several dozen sets of magic herbs daily. Since the quantity was small, it was easier to finish selling his wares. You XiaoMo knew that Jiang XiaoFeng was probably worried about how to earn points. He might as well do him a favor with little cost, and ask him to sell the herbs for Tang YuLin.

After the finalising the arrangement, You XiaoMo cleaned Tang YuLin out, and then went to Tang YuLin’s room to buy the remaining fifty sets of level five magic herbs. After paying approximately three hundred points, his Black card still had about four hundred left. Although the points may look like a lot, but if the skill training manual that he wanted was as expensive as what Tang YuLin said, then he would need to double his efforts.

After finishing these matters, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao returned to their pavilion.

Ever since Ling Xiao changed his mask to the Ogre Mask, everyone did not seem to recognize him, as after glimpsing his mask, most quickly lost interest in him.

You XiaoMo was very pleased and smiled happily. Let’s see if you are able to attract people now!

SheQiu and the rest were momentarily surprised at Ling Xiao’s arrival and his ‘preparing to be live here as a long-term resident’ conduct. But seeing You XiaoMo grinning from ear to ear, they each took the initiative to find a corner. Even though they are beasts, they also know that it is immoral to disturb people in love.

You XiaoMo did not realize that his happy expression was misunderstood by his contracted demon beasts. But the two parties’ understanding of the issue was not that different.

Afterwards, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao agreed on some basic rules. Ling Xiao would cover for the costs of renting the pavilion. As for Ling Xiao, when he thought about how he could sleep with You XiaoMo in the same bed every night, and could do those shameful things anytime, anywhere, he readily agreed. Anyway, he had nowhere to spend the points he earned, and since he could be considered as the ‘master of the house’, he ought to support You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo, who was too excited, completely forgot about his truancy incident.

In the afternoon, Ning Jing-daoshi, who finally got tired of waiting for him to explain himself, came over to look for him.

You XiaoMo could guess Ning Jing-daoshi’s purpose for coming over. Since he had to invite her into the pavilion, when You XiaoMo climbed down the stairs, he asked his Qiu team to find a place to hide before inviting Ning Jing-daoshi in.

“It’s not that I want to criticize you, but you went too far this time.” Ning Jing-daoshi reprimanded. When the Class Three teacher told her of this matter, she was very shocked. But thinking over it, she felt that You XiaoMo was not the type who would cut class without any reason. Something may have happened to him and he would probably come over to explain it to her later. But no matter how long she waited, he did not come, so she went to look for him personally.

Ning Jing-daoshi continued, “I know you want to go to Class Four, but without following the proper procedure, rashly going to Class Four would cause misunderstandings. The teacher for Class Three is very angry right now. You had better find some time to apologise to him.”

“Daoshi, I didn’t cut class on purpose. I really got into a spot of trouble.” You XiaoMo thoroughly narrated his encounter with the old geezer to her.

When he finished, Ning Jing-daoshi’s expression changed. Without saying anything else, she hurried away. But before she left, she reminded him to apologize to Class Three’s teacher, and not to offend the old man if he met him again.

You XiaoMo was left completely baffled.


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