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Chapter 262: They Probably Need to Pee

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

As always, the sales point for the magic pills was bustling with noise and You XiaoMo did not have any room to advertise his pills.

You XiaoMo only opened his stall every two or three days. Therefore, to avoid wasting points, he would go to Elder Wan’s place to rent a lot for one day before setting up his stall. Although the process was a little troublesome, but he did not mind going the extra mile to save some points.

This day, You XiaoMo went to rent his usual lot. Because it was one of the Four Dead Corners, he did not have to worry that his spot would be taken by others. Furthermore, many knew that was the location for his stall and if they did not want to be drowned in the saliva of his customers, he believed that no one would be retarded enough to take his lot. However, to his great surprise, his assumptions were violated.

“Did you say that that lot was rented by someone else?” You XiaoMo who was in the midst of taking out his card suddenly paused.

“Correct, you were slightly too late.” Elder Wan said as he stroked his grey beard, “Half an hour ago, there was a youngster who came here to rent the lot that you normally use for a block of days. Moreover, he rented it for ten days straight.”

To those ostentatious people, twenty points were like pocket change to them.

You XiaoMo asked in astonishment, “But that lot is one of the Four Dead Corners, why would someone rent that location?”

The person also just happened to pick the booth that he always used. Though it may seem like a coincidence, he could not discard the possibility that the person took a shine to his customer base due to the fact that his reputation has gradually grown in the magic pills sales area.

Many people knew that one of the Four Dead Corners was where You XiaoMo’s stall was located. In addition, since the quality of his magic pills was assured, the foot traffic in the corner had increased.

Once the foot traffic increased, it spurred the sales of the other stalls in the area. So those stall owners who were envious in the beginning, now welcomed him to set his stall up in the area. If someone else snatched his lot, the other stall owners may even voluntarily advise that person to leave.

You XiaoMo was used to using that stall. It was really a little difficult if he had to change to a new stall location.

“This old man is also not very clear on this matter, but I could tell you the stall owner’s name.” Elder Wan said. If the one standing in front of him was someone else, even supposing that person took the initiative to ask for the stall owner’s name, Elder Wan would not reveal it.

“Many thanks to Elder Wan, so may I know what is the name of the stall owner?” You XiaoMo hurriedly clasped his hands in thanks.

Elder Wan waved his hand and said, “It’s a practitioner called Xu Yun.”

A practitioner renting a stall from the magic pill sales area? It looks like something fishy is going on.

Once he heard that name, You XiaoMo immediately realised the cause. After thanking Elder Wan again, Ling Xiao and he left the building. Although he did not manage to rent his original stall, but the silver lining was that there was an empty stall in the area. But as it was not a dead corner, the rental cost was four points. You XiaoMo only rented it for one day.

At the same time, Xu Yun, who snatched You XiaoMo’s stall, went over to the stall location with some people.

Even though he was a practitioner, he was part of the Dao sect, one of the Five Great Powers in Ward B.

The Dao sect mainly specialised in refining pills, and while the Xu Family’s standing in the Dao sect was not the highest, he was still able to take some magic pills out to sell. Despite the fact that Xu Yun was in opposition with You XiaoMo, he did not dare to occupy the stall just to spite him, so he used the excuse of selling magic pills to rent it.

When Xu Yun brought some people over to the stall that You XiaoMo usually occupied, the people loitering around were surprised. Those who were sent to find out if You XiaoMo was opening for business were all bewildered, and some immediately sent out some people to notify their leaders.

Everyone’s eyes were clear and bright. The proud smile on Xu Yun’s face was evidently full of malice. If they could not understand what was happening, they would have lived in vain.

Most people there found Xu Yun’s appearance displeasing.

But as Xu Yun and his group were under the name of the Dao sect, they did not dare to say anything.

However, after Xu Yun opened his stall, not a single person bought magic pills from him. Occasionally there were a few unsuspecting people who walked to the stall before they discovered that the stall owner was not You XiaoMo. Xu Yun was not willing to let these lambs, who took the initiative to send themselves for slaughter, go and used the Dao sect’s name to force them to buy. This made each and every one of them extremely livid.

Half an hour passed like this before You XiaoMo finally arrived.

Once You XiaoMo appeared, Xu Yu was immediately notified, and he was excitedly waiting for You XiaoMo’s reaction when he saw that it was Xu Yun who snatched his stall.

But his expectations were destined to come to nothing, as he would never have expected that Elder Wan would reveal his name to You XiaoMo.

After arriving, You XiaoMo did not give Xu Yun a single glance before walking to his new rental stall location, which was two stalls down from Xu Yun. In actual fact, his new stall was located quite close to Xu Yun’s.

When the other stall owners saw that You XiaoMo was still setting up his stall in this area, they let out a sigh of relief.

Before You XiaoMo could take his magic pills out, those had been expecting him immediately moved closer. Each of them courteously asked after You XiaoMo and the atmosphere was very lively.

It was in sharp contrast to Xu Yun’s area, which was so deserted they had to force people to buy their wares. This sight was unbearable to Xu Yun, but the most unacceptable thing to him was the fact that Elder Brother Ling actually came with You XiaoMo, and Xu Yun did not even have a chance to see him at all.

In no time, You XiaoMo sold half of the magic pills that he brought over.

As he had promised Rong Xuan that he will keep some pills for his group, he did not sell everything.

Standing behind him, Ling Xiao saw that he did not bring out the ten high-grade magic pills that he refined. Thus he asked, “Who do you intend to sell the ten high-grade magic pills to?”

You XiaoMo said, “Rong Xuan from Yan group.”

“You are that familiar with him?” Ling Xiao raised his eyebrow. He did not know about the arrangement between You XiaoMo and Rong Xuan.

You XiaoMo remembered that he had not told Ling Xiao about this and explained the whole matter succinctly.

After hearing it, Ling Xiao was aware of You XiaoMo’s intention. He had also heard of Yan group, and although the scale of their organisation could not match that of the Five Great Powers, very few dared to aggravate them.

Rong Xuan, the leader of the Yan group, was a very competent head. He was very generous to the brothers under him and always made decisions that benefitted them. If the ten high-grade magic pills were sold to him, based on his personality, Rong Xuan would be tight-lipped about this. For the sake of his brothers, he would not want other people competing with Yan group for the pills.

Rong Xuan did not leave them waiting for long. Within fifteen minutes, he arrived.

Rong Xuan’s curiosity grew when he saw that You XiaoMo had not left, and seem to be specifically waiting for him.

He quickly walked over to the stall, immediately clasped his hands and gave a modest smile, “Fellow You, sorry to make you wait.”

“It wasn’t that long.” You XiaoMo said. He then took out the remaining magic pills. Excluding the two bottles of high-grade pills, he had quite a few varieties of magic pills for sale.

Seeing that all the pills were the ones that he wanted, Rong Xuan promptly and cheerfully handed his card over.

After the transaction was done, You XiaoMo suddenly lowered his voice and said, “Rong-dage, may I speak with you for a moment? I have something to show you.”

Rong Xuan was surprised. But it was still as he wished, and the two walked towards the back of the stall.

Ling Xiao stood at the front of the stall, and swept his eyes over the crowd that was starting to get restless.

Two stalls down, Xu Yun clenched his teeth as he eyed You XiaoMo, and bitterly told the mage as his side, “They are definitely talking about some top-secret things. Do you have any method to eavesdrop on their conversation?”

The mage let out an expression of reluctance. But he was still very curious about what they were saying, and replied, “Let me try.”

He was a high-grade level six mage, and held a high position in the Dao sect. He had previously practiced a low-grade middle level skill manual, which allowed him to diffuse his soul power throughout the air within a range of ten meters. Using his soul power as a medium, he could use the vibrations transmitted through the air to hear what others were saying, no matter how softly they were talking.

But this method had a drawback. That is, the further away from his location, the weaker the effects would be. The reason he was so reluctant was because You XiaoMo was just at the edge of the range of ten meters. He was not certain he would be able to hear the contents of their discussion. But one never knows until they try.

Thinking of this, he immediately closed his eyes, and carefully diffused his soul power. He did not dare to make a move that was too visible, as he could see that You XiaoMo was a level five mage. If You XiaoMo’s sensitivity was high, his actions would be discovered.

Ling Xiao suddenly opened his eyes. Underneath the mask, profound eyes akin to a black hole turned towards the level six mage, and a strange smile was slowly revealed.

This scene happened to be discovered by Xu Yun, and his heart skipped a beat. An uneasy premonition swept through him, and a stifled groan was heard from the level six mage beside him. Xu Yun turned his head and stared in horror. The face of the mage had paled, and it seemed as if he had suffered a great trauma.

Meanwhile, You XiaoMo and Rong Xuan had finished their discussion.

The former was beaming, and although the latter also had a smile, with careful observation, one could see a hint of repressed excitement hidden in his eyes. After bidding farewell to You XiaoMo, Rong Xuan and his group left.

You XiaoMo was just packing up his stall when he discovered that Xu Yun and his group were gone. They appeared to have left in a hurry and You XiaoMo could not help but ask in surprise, “What’s up with them?”

Ling Xiao casually glanced at their retreating backs and said with a gentle smile, “They probably need to pee!”

The corner of You XiaoMo’s mouth twitched. He would be a fool to believe this reason.

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