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Chapter 269: Thousand Illusion Cat Ball

Translated by Rara of Exiled Rebels Scanlations
To refresh people’s mind before reading, here is a reminder (Do pay a visit to the dictionary of honorific post):
t/n: Shidi: younger brother disciple/junior.
Da shixiong: the eldest senior brother / the first to become the disciple
Shishu: uncle but in the form of master-student form, disciples call masters other than their own master as ‘uncle’
Shifu: master, teacher,…

Qiu Ran frowned as he stared at his own little shidi.

Truth be told, he was caught by surprise by the sudden news about his shifu taking in a new disciple, because after his second shidi went missing, his shifu had once said he would never accept another disciple.

Qiu Ran remembered, his shifu told him this… twenty years ago.

In the end, fifty years had yet to pass and without any warning, Shifu had taken in a third disciple. Not only so, this new disciple of his had stomped on Teng ZiXin not only once but multiple times.

“Tu Er, Tu Er?” Seeing You XiaoMo not uttering a word, Duan QiTian shook him a few times.

You XiaoMo then regained his thoughts, he smiled with a bit of embarrassment, “Da shixiong…Hi.”

After that, his eyes stayed fixed on Qi Ran. The Heavenly Soul Scripture was one thing, but this great master right here was a level ten mage, which meant his first time meeting gift must be nowhere less than others, and he was really looking forward to it.

Qiu Ran lifted his lips without giving any trace of moving.

No wonder shifu would break his word and take in this disciple, such a personality really was fit to shifu’s… taste.

You XiaoMo didn’t know him being thick-skinned and asking for gift had mislead Qiu Ran into thinking this was the reason Duan QiTian had accepted him as a disciple. But even if he knew, it didn’t matter, because getting a gift from a level ten mage was certainly never a loss.

Since Qiu Ran didn’t expect shifu would accept another disciple, he didn’t prepare any gifts beforehand.

Nevertheless, You XiaoMo was his little shidi, being a Da shixiong himself, it would be too stingy if he didn’t give him any gifts, so he had no other choice but to take out the gift he had prepared for his own disciple.

“I don’t have anything good to give it to you, however, this is a high level beast, Thousand Illusion Cat Ball. Even though it is only at level five, it’s potential is high. Let’s see this as my welcome gift to you.”

You XiaoMo “…”

Thousand Illusion Cat Ball, its name had the word “Cat” in it, yet, in the reality, its shape didn’t have a slightest relation to a feline. Well, only the name at most, but not the bloodline.

Thousand Illusion Cat Ball was a high level demon beast that had the shape of a sphere, giving it some imagination, and it looked like a basketball covered with a layer of fluffy white fur, with eyes, nose and ears carved on it. This was the Thousand Illusion Cat Ball ‘s appearance, but its size was only one fifth compared to a basketball.

Right now, it was on top of Qiu Ran’s hand and looked at You XiaoMo with a pair of wide opened, glistening cat eyes.

This was clearly a type of demon beast that used to curry girl’s favor, You XiaoMo twitched his mouth while thinking.

Although his inner thoughts were screaming, on the outside, he calmly received the Thousand Illusion Cat Ball while giving his gratitude, “Thank you da shixiong.” If Qiu Ran knew he was the indirect culprit for his stolen Heavenly Soul Scripture, he wondered if Qiu Ran would regret this.

“If little shidi likes it, then everything is fine.” Qiu Ran calmly nodded.

Duan QiTian looked at the Thousand Illusion Cat Ball in You XiaoMo’s arms, and satisfyingly nodded. If he remembered correctly, this demon beast was originally a gift Qiu Ran prepared for his own disciple, but now it was given to his little shidi instead. This welcome gift didn’t seem too shabby at all. And he knew Qiu Ran treated his disciple well, so the gift he had been prepared shouldn’t be any less.

Since they had finally met You XiaoMo, Yan Fa and Qiu Ran then left one after one. They themselves had other business to attend, the reason they would spend time to pay a visit was because Duan QiTian insisted on introducing them to his new disciple.

Once their figures had completely vanished, Duan QiTian then happily said to You XiaoMo, “Tu Er, Tu Er, their gifts to you, you must treat them with care, especially the gift from your Da shixiong Qiu Ran. He gave you a Thousand Illusion Cat Ball. Don’t you see that this beast has no attack power. Let’s wait until it has leveled up into a high level beast, it will be very useful in the future.”

You XiaoMo gave him a nod. Although he hadn’t seen any information about this demon beast mentioned in the scroll about demon beasts, but judging from Qiu Ran’s position, if this beast didn’t have its use, then he wouldn’t take it out as a gift.

“Oh, by the way, remember to take it out for a walk frequently.” Duan Qi Tian mysteriously said.

“Erm…” You XiaoMo twitched his mouth, “Why should I need to take it out frequently?”

Duan QiTian cunningly smiled, “Why, to let Teng ZiXin admire it a little bit, ah.”

You XiaoMo didn’t really understand his meaning, he gave an innocent look back at him.

Duan QiTian lifted his chin, proudly stated, “Don’t you have a grudge with her? When she knows that her shifu gave the suppose-to-be-her-gift to you, don’t you think she might be angry to earth?”

Duan QiTian might have never meddled in the academy’s matters, but his information source was more reliable than anyone else’s. After he did some digging into his little Tu Er’s tale, he vaguely heard about the grudge between them.

Although Teng ZiXin was his Tu Sun, but between his own disciple and the disciple of his disciple, no doubt he would choose the first one. Shielding one’s shortcoming was a trait that had long carved into Duan QiTian’s bone, even if he just took in this disciple for a few days.
t/n: Tu Sun:martial grandchild, the way to call the disciple of your disciple.

“You are right, if she knew her shifu…” You XiaoMo slapped his thigh, and when he about to reach the exciting part, his voice stopped abruptly, “Huh? What did you just said?”

One moment of distraction, and he almost shouted out in his previous life’s dialect.

Duan QiTian raised his eyebrows, “I said Teng ZiXin, ah!”

You XiaoMo looked at him and blinked, “…You said Teng ZiXin’s shifu is Da Shixiong? The Thousand Illusion Cat Ball was supposed to be a gift for her?”

Duan QiTIan asked with surprise, “You don’t know about this?”

You XiaoMo’s face immediately filled of blood, “You didn’t tell me before.”

Now that he recalled about it, he then finally remembered, back then when they there were at the Mage Association, Gao-dage certainly had said about Teng ZiXin having a very powerful mage as her shifu. However, he only thought that her shifu might just be some prestigious high rank mage but not Qiu Ran himself. Second of all, he didn’t meet up with her more than a few times, so he never took it to the heart.

Thinking back, so many coincidences, ah.

Teng ZiXin’s shifu was Qiu Ran, and now, Qiu Ran became his senior, destiny really had its way into everything!

Not only that, You XiaoMo also found out another interesting fact, if Qiu Ran was his Da Shixiong, and Teng ZiXin was Qiu Ran’s disciple, wouldn’t that mean he was Teng ZiXin’s shishu?
t/n: when you study under the same master, your relationship with other disciples is like a family, master is your parents, and the other disciples of your master are your siblings, thus, the disciple of the disciple is your nephew/niece, and you are the uncle/aunt. Just see this like a big family chart.

You XiaoMo felt that even in his dream he would still be able to laugh out loud.

“Shifu, if next time I stumble upon Teng ZiXin, then she should call me shishu, right?” You XiaoMo’s expression twisted, he needed to ask the old geezer about this first, so that next time he could make Teng ZiXin call him shishu fair and square.

Duan QiTian gave him a very firm and positive answer, “Of course she has to. Or else it would be very disrespectful towards master, such person doesn’t ‘t deserve to be this Duan QiTian Tu Sun.”

You XiaoMo heartfully hugged Duan QiTian, “Shifu, you are too good!”

Duan QiTian was very happy inside, but pretended to be serious, “So now you finally see how good I am huh? Next time, do your dare not to want to be my disciple?”
Ra: shifu, you are sooo cute beyond words.

You XiaoMo immediately answered, “I won’t ever again, so, shifu, when will you be ready to pass on to me your secret knowledge?”

Even better if you quickly pass on to me the heavenly soul scripture, then I won’t need to hide it anymore.

However, Duan QiTian had some business today, so he told You XiaoMo to come here again tomorrow. His place was right behind this meeting room, by a stream in front and a hill at the back (t.n: nice view), It was a courtyard that had a magic herbs field. Even though he hadn’t been back there for a long time, people came to clean the place everyday without failing, so he didn’t need to clean up anything and could move in directly.

After You XiaoMo had confirmed the location of the courtyard, he then said goodbye to Duan QiTian and left the meeting room with joy, he wanted to quickly tell this good news to Ling Xiao.

He didn’t know if Ling Xiao encountered Yan Fa and Qiu Ran when they left the room.

When he left the room, he saw Ling Xiao was leaning against the pillar and closed his eyes to rest, but by the time he walked out, Ling Xiao immediately opened his eyes.

“So?” Ling Xiao saw his face was full of a pink aura, and he revealed a smile.

You XiaoMo gave him an OK hand gesture, he didn’t bother if Ling Xiao could understand its meaning and just blissfully ran toward him. “A bunch of pleasant surprises, I will tell you after we go back. Right, did you happen to see two people walking out of here?”

Ling Xiao recalled, “You mean the one with the mustache, and the other one with an expression as if he just ate a fly?”

The mustache one was certainly Yan Fa, so the one with ‘just ate a fly’ expression must be Qiu Ran. The more he thought about it, the happier he was, “Yup, it was those two, the man with the long mustache is Gao-dage’s mentor, Yan Fa, and the other is Qiu Ran. See this, this Thousand Illusion Cat Ball was his welcome gift to me.”

Ling Xiao saw the demon beast in his arms and couldn’t help but lift his mouth and laugh. *hehe*, “Very suitable for you.”

Not a single smile appeared on You XiaoMo’s face. “Suitable where? This is clearly a girl’s pet.”

Ling Xiao said, “I mean, it is suitable for your ball team.”

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