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Chapter 278: Registration

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

After that day, You XiaoMo had quite a few ‘accidental encounters’ with Qing Qiu.

Qing Qiu always said that she was there to buy magic pills, but even You XiaoMo himself had discovered that Qing Qiu had an ulterior motive. Ling Xiao, not to mention SheQiu and the others had long discovered her ulterior motives.

However, this time, the one who tattled was not CatQiu but PiQiu.

“Who would have thought that after experiencing so many things, our Master would actually usher in spring.” SheQiu lazily rested his chin on his hand while looking perplexed.

Although SheQiu was a demon beast, that didn’t mean that demon beasts did not understand emotions. That woman called Qing Qiu frequently had ‘accidental encounters’ with their Master. Based on her actions, it was impossible for her not to have an ulterior motive. However, who would have thought that she would actually come to harbor feelings their Master? In their opinion, it was an unfathomable thing!

You XiaoMo was a little unhappy and said, “SheQiu, what do you mean by that? Don’t tell me that I cannot have… …”

Ling Xiao suddenly leaned over, “Cannot have what?”

You XiaoMo jolted in shock. Turning his head, he saw Ling Xiao was smiling at him and immediately corrected himself, “Nothing! I’m just saying that SheQiu said it well. It was wonderfully put.”

Ling Xiao gave a noncommittal ‘En’, and immediately said, “Next time, you should let BaiLi XiaoYu or Jiang XiaoFeng man your stall. The competition is just around the corner. For the next five days, just stay in the pavilion and concentrate on cultivating. Don’t go anywhere, understand?”

You XiaoMo instantly nodded, “I understand.”

Ling Xiao hugged You XiaoMo around his waist and said, “Since there’s not much to do in the afternoon, let’s go out to inquire about the tournament.”

Hearing him say this, You XiaoMo then realized that his match with Teng ZiXin was soon approaching. The annual tournament in Ward B would be starting, and he was really excited!

The Ward B’s annual tournament was actually a competition with a bunch of level six mages.Of course, though there were plenty of level five mages who came to join in the fun, compared to level six mages, there were fewer level five mages participating. Moreover, even those with the right social connections may not necessarily be given the chance to sign up. The main point was, it was almost impossible if a level five mage wanted to win the tournament.

Therefore, to reduce unnecessary expenses, mages below level six were generally not allowed to register for the tournament. The only exception for them to have a try was if they had a recommendation from their teacher.

In the afternoon, the two left the pavilion.

This time, You XiaoMo did not bring any of his Qiu team with him. PiQiu was being punished and had been made to stand while facing the wall.

You XiaoMo was clearly the master, but PiQiu actually dared to tattle to Ling Xiao!

The first place they went to was Block One, as Ling Xiao was also competing in the tournament. The annual tournament organized by Ward B was basically divided into two divisions – one competition for Block One and another for Block Two. But to increase the lively atmosphere, the competition times for the two divisions were staggered.

However, the tournament for Block One and Two were a little different. For practitioners, victory was not guaranteed for those with high cultivations – fighting skills and experience were also an important factor.

Just as You XiaoMo had witnessed before on the Life and Death Street, there were some practitioners whose cultivation levels were obviously very low, but they were still able to defeat those with high cultivations. This showed that one also had to pay attention to fighting skills!

Hence, for Block One’s competition, in addition to the top fifty ranked students who could directly participate without restrictions, those below the top fifty who also wanted to participate could also register.

There were many who came to register every day although the competition had not started.

When You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao arrived at the registration point, there were already a lot of people queuing up inside.

You XiaoMo gave a cry of amazement, “Whoa, there’s a lot of people!”

Ling Xiao grabbed his arm to avoid You XiaoMo being squeezed away by the crowd and then said, “Let’s go in.”

Though there were a lot of people rushing to the registration point, not all were there to register. Some were simply there to enjoy watching a bustling scene. Thus in no time, it was their turn. After Ling Xiao registered his name, the teacher let them proceed to one side to read the rules of the competition.

In the previous years, there were some students who did not understand the rules, which lead to troublesome situations often occurring in the end. Thus, to combat this, the academy put up a board detailing the competition rules at the registration point.

The rules for the competition for Block One were simpler, and the competition format adopted was a point based system.

The competition was divided into two rounds. The first round was a battle royale, where participants had to kick each other off an arena. Kicking five people off gained the participant a point and this would continue until there were only twenty participants left.

However, if during the competition a participant gained points, but was kicked off the arena midway, the participant would be eliminated, and the points gained would not count. Thus, while gaining points, participants would have to ensure that they would not be kicked off the arena. Otherwise all would be for naught.

Next was the second round, which was in a match-up format.

The remaining twenty participants would draw lots to decide who they would be matched up with. Every participant would have two matches and winning one match gained the participant a point.

Finally, the total score would be calculated. The top ten students with the highest scores would have the qualifications to enter Ward A. Furthermore, the top three students would be given a reward by the academy, and the rewards were fairly attractive.

However, the board did not state what the three rewards were.

Next they proceeded to Block Two’s registration point.

Block Two had less people registering than Block One, and they did not even need to queue before their turn arrived.

Nonetheless, they did not know if their luck could be called good or bad to have encountered Teng ZiXin and her groupies. A group of beauties piling together was very easy on the eyes, and the eyes of many male mages were involuntarily drawn towards them.

As Block Two had less female mages compared to males, Teng ZiXin and the beauties were awfully popular in the congregation of males. When the beauties walked in, they were surrounded by an escort consisting of both practitioners and mages.

You XiaoMo was facing away from them, so he did not take immediate notice of the group. Only once a man’s voice came from behind him, did he turn around for a look.

The one who called out to him was a young practitioner. He had fairly normal facial features, but You XiaoMo did not quite understand the words he was sprouting.

Seeing that You XiaoMo had no reaction, the youth repeated what he said with slight impatience, “Could you give way?”

You XiaoMo was astonished and asked, “Why?”

He did not understand why this person could use such a ‘as it ought to be’ tone to say those words. Did he not see that You XiaoMo was preparing to register?

Then he caught sight of Teng ZiXin who was surrounded by a crowd, looking especially aloof and remote. At her side was the beauty called Hai Lan. Ever since she found out that her feminine wiles would not work on You XiaoMo, the beauty would grimace whenever she saw him. Naturally, he did not care about what she thought at all.

“Did you not see that Miss Teng also wants to register?”

The youth was particularly impatient. From the start, he did not notice the ridicule in the eyes of the crowd. Since he dared to use that tone to talk to Great Master Duan’s disciple, he clearly had not recognized You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo said, “No…”

The youth burst into anger. He had intended to show off in front of Teng ZiXin, and felt that an opportunity had arisen. He completely ignored the expressions of the crowd and raised his fist in preparation for a punch. Unexpectedly, a gust of demonic wind suddenly blew from his opponent’s direction. The burning gale hit him in his face and swept him off his feet, dropping him in front of Teng ZiXin.

Standing at You XiaoMo’s side, Ling Xiao gave a slight smirk and gently admonished, “If you want to speak then talk nicely. Don’t you know that fighting is prohibited here?”

The crowd simultaneously blushed with shame. Didn’t you already deal the first blow?

You XiaoMo glanced at Teng ZiXin and said, “This is my first time hearing that the Shishu must give way to their Shizhi. If Shifu knew of this, would he not find it quite ridiculous?”

“Shishu must be joking. How could ZiXin ask you to give way for her? It was all due to this person acting on his own initiative.”

Once he had said his piece, Teng ZiXin could no longer stand on the sidelines to watch the drama unfold, and she promptly walked out to explain. Her words put all the blame on the youth. The youth may have been acting on his own initiative, but from the very beginning, Teng ZiXin did not shout for him to stop. Instead she obviously gave tacit approval to his actions.

You XiaoMo knew that Teng ZiXin did not wish to become a laughingstock . He also did not want to blow up this matter and would be satisfied if he could deflate her arrogance. Suddenly, You XiaoMo laughed, “I’ll believe that you did not do it on purpose. But next time you have to manage your own people properly. As the saying goes, a dog’s behavior would resemble their owner’s. Of course, I believe that Shizhi is not such a person”.

When he finished speaking, You XiaoMo turned to register his name. Then he left with Ling Xiao while ignoring Teng ZiXin’s furious expression.

The rules of the competition for Block Two were different from Block One, and would not be announced in advance.

Only until their figures had walked out of sight did Teng ZiXin’s face twist in fury. Her expression was so ferocious that it scared the people around. Once again, You XiaoMo had come out on top and she was left in the dust.

With a deathly pale complexion, the youth stood up from the ground.

Teng ZiXin cursed at him, “Scram, you waste of space.”

Rolling and crawling, the youth scrambled away.

Hai Lan insinuated, “ZiXin, don’t be angry, he can only run rampant for a few more days.”

Once Teng ZiXin thought of the tournament in five days’ time, her anger was slightly appeased.

The five days passed in a blink of an eye and Ward B’s annual tournament had finally begun. In order to let all the students watch a spectacular competition, the competitions for Block One and Two were held at staggered times.


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