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Chapter 279: Tournament

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Early in the morning, You XiaoMo was woken up by the crushing weight of PiQiu and CatQiu on his chest.

Ever since CatQiu entered the Qiu team, PiQiu seemed to have consumed stimulants and would be clustered around CatQiu from morning to night. They had played around in the entire pavilion. If not for the fact that they could not freely enter and exit the pavilion, the two would have probably run around playing until they were gone forever.

Waking up and discovering that Ling Xiao was gone, You XiaoMo asked PiQiu who was still sitting on him, “Where is Ling Xiao?”

PiQiu in beast form childishly said, “Downstairs.”

As You XiaoMo opened his quilt and got out of bed, PiQiu and CatQiu immediately jumped onto his head and stuck there like toffee.

From the mirror, You XiaoMo saw the figures of the two beast sticking to his head, one on the left and the other on the right. His lips twitched, “What are you guys doing? Come down now, I want to brush my hair.”

CatQiu cutely blinked its eyes, “Miaow~” I don’t want to!

PiQiu said in the tone of one negotiating terms, “We won’t come down unless Master agrees to bring us to watch the tournament.”

You XiaoMo bared his teeth, this little brat actually dared to threaten him!

“I still haven’t collected your debt from when you betrayed me before, and now you want to talk terms with me? Do you take me, your Master, as an ornament?”

CatQiu and PiQiu looked at each other and nodded their head in sync.

You XiaoMo, “… …”

Although the two did a shameful deed before, their skin was especially thick. Should he not agree to bring them to the tournament venue, they would not come down even if faced with death. Seeing that time was running out, You XiaoMo did not have any other choice but to promise to bring them along.

When he went downstairs, Ling Xiao was all ready and waiting for him. Today was Block One’s competition, as it was a battle royale, shouldn’t take too long to end. However chaotic battles made it hard to get along with others.

Before they left, PiQiu and CatQiu were worried that he would go back on his word. Thus when You XiaoMo bent down, one after another, they suddenly jumped onto his shoulders. You XiaoMo could even feel four paws tightly grabbing onto his clothes.

XiaoHei, who was in the midst of cultivation, opened his eyes. Seeing the two beasts and one person, he pursed his lips in displeasure, “Idiots, only knowing how to play.”

Though his words sounded like he was scolding PiQiu and CatQiu, but deep down, You XiaoMo felt that the word Idiot might also include him. This was because, if XiaoHei did not mock him every once a while, he would feel itchy.

Standing at the door, Ling Xiao said, “Let’s go!”

You XiaoMo hurried over to Ling Xiao. Before leaving, he turned to XiaoHei and the two beasts that remained behind to look after the house and said, “If someone comes looking for me, tell them that I’ve gone to Block One to watch the competition.”

In response, XiaoHei immediately closed his eyes and continued to cultivate.

Every year, the festivities for Block One’s competition were just as grand as Block Two’s. When the two arrived, the scene could be described as a sea of people. The competition had not yet started, but there were people everywhere. Besides students from Block One, plenty of Block Two students could also be seen. Many of the people were here to help out the participants they were supporting. The noise was tremendously loud, and You XiaoMo was confused and disoriented with a single glimpse at the bustling crowd.

You XiaoMo followed Ling Xiao to the seats at the competition zone/area which had been prepared for the participants.

Ling Xiao randomly found a chair to sit on. Patting his thighs, he said with a smile, “Come sit here.”

Black lines appeared on You XiaoMo’s face.

At this moment, Yan group’s Rong Xuan and Qin Zhang walked over with Liu Yue following behind them. Sometime before, Liu Yue had told him that he wanted to participate in the competition, not for the purpose of entering the top ten, but to temper himself. He had broken through the Sun Realm not long ago and became a Moon Realm practitioner. One could see that Rong Xuan and Qin Zhang had looked after him rather well.

When Liu Yue caught sight of them, excitement flashed across his face, “Young Master, Boss!”

You XiaoMo smiled, “Right, you must do your best in the competition!”

Liu Yue vigorously nodded, “I will put in my best effort.”

Rong Xuan and Qin Zhang greeted them with a smile. Ever since You XiaoMo occasionally sold them high-grade magic pills that could boost their strength , Yan group’s overall power rose to a new level, attracting many to join Yan group. Currently, there were faint signs that the group was strong enough to compete with the Five Great Powers.

As the start of the competition drew nearer, more and more people arrived and the seats around them were gradually filled.

Although the seats were for the participants, You XiaoMo shamelessly occupied one seat.

Some had realized that he was a student from Block Two, but as You XiaoMo was a celebrity in Ward B, no one said anything even if they knew that he was not a participant. If they were sitting nearby, they may even get the chance to build some connections, as You XiaoMo’s status of being Great Master Duan’s disciple was weightier than his potential.

You XiaoMo was a little embarrassed in the beginning, after all he was occupying the seats of other people. However, when he saw Teng ZiXin and her groupies openly sitting in the participants’ seats, he was instantly unperturbed.

Not long after, the host for the tournament arrived. Shockingly, it was Fifth Elder Dong Lin.

When he appeared, the competition zone fell silent.

Elder Dong Lin was a very concise person. After saying a few words to explain the situation, he let all the participants onto the stage. The stage was colossal, and You XiaoMo visually estimated that it was about the size of a football field. The scene of more than a hundred participants on the stage was quite spectacular.

There were several teachers standing around the stage to supervise the scores and prevent people from cheating. Although cheating rarely occurred, it had happened before in previous years.

Elder Dong Lin announced the start of the competition when all the participants were on the stage.

When the signal for the start of the battle sounded, the hundred and more participants immediately unleashed their vigor and looked around vigilantly, painting an even more spectacular scene. From where he was seating, You XiaoMo could even feel their tremendous auras.

For such chaotic battle, the ones in the most danger were the stronger participants.

This was because there were some who would fear the strength of others, and temporarily join hands to oust the stronger participants.

But some others would have alternative means, that is, they would form a team with other participants in advance. In order to ensure that they would be able to remain standing in the end, they would join forces with some people and force the weaker participants off the arena. Such a method was not counted as a foul.

Thus even the top ten ranking students in Block One who were participating could be forced off the stage during the chaotic battle.

You XiaoMo’s gaze nervously followed after Ling Xiao’s figure. He was not worried that Ling Xiao would be kicked off the stage, and would be contented if he did not kick all the others off. What he was curious about was how many points Ling Xiao would get.

The rules for the tournament stated that kicking off five people would constitute as one point. If the competition ended with the participant having ousted less than five people, no points would be awarded.

The people on the stage did not let the audience wait long. The person who made the first move was unknown, but soon after, a variety of unceasing attacks came out and participants were continuously kicked off the stage. After half an hour, the fractions on the stage were starting to become more distinct.

You XiaoMo wiped his sweat, and black lines appeared when he discovered that Ling Xiao was the only participant in a league of his own.

He was not the only one who had realized this. The fractions currently left on the stage were mostly made up of the top twenty ranking experts, such as Rong Xuan and his group.

Liu Yue had already been kicked off the stage. Though it was somewhat unfortunate, he was not participating for the purpose of advancing a level. Furthermore, his current strength would be unable to carry him through to the second round, so Rong Xuan and Qin Zhang did not make a conscious effort to protect him. Their fraction consisting of four people occupied a section on the stage. As two of the four were the top ten ranking experts, none of the other fractions dared to aggravate them.

Then there were other fractions, such as the children and disciples from the Four Big Clans, and several who had formed a team at the last moment. Due to the stage being circular in shape, most of the fractions were scattered at several edges, and were mutually vigilant of each other. After a moment of chaos, they quieted down instead.

Soon enough they noted Ling Xiao’s presence. Conspicuously standing alone at the periphery of the stage, Ling Xiao was in a league of his own when compared to everyone who had their own fraction.

The first to react were the people from the Teng Family and Chai Family. The eyes of every one of them flashed with a hint of wickedness.

You XiaoMo was their enemy, naturally they would recognize Ling Xiao who was always with him. If they could kick this man off the stage now, it could be regarded as a good way to retaliate.

Although Ling Xiao was ranked as seventh, they had the first and third ranked students in their teams. Including the other people in their fraction, they were not afraid that they would be unable to deal with a single person.

When they thought about this, the people from the Teng and Chai Family could not refrain from sharing a glance. Through that glance, they each seemed to have gotten the information they wanted from the other. Their location was not far from Ling Xiao, in a moment both had surrounded him by heading in Ling Xiao’s direction at the same time.

Rong Xuan and Qin Zhang who were opposite had clearly discovered the Teng and Chai Family’s intentions.

Qin Zhang asked, “Rong Xuan, should we help him out?”

You XiaoMo had friendly relations with Yan group. They could see how close Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo were. Surely You XiaoMo did not wish for Ling Xiao to be ousted from the stage.

“Wait and see. I keep feeling that things are not so simple.” Rong Xuan frowned. He had been keeping an eye on Ling Xiao’s situation all along. From the beginning till now, it seemed that none could enter within a two meter radius of him. Although he had not yet gained a single point, but Rong Xuan always felt that this man was somewhat strange.

Right now, there were less than fifty people left on the stage, and twenty more had to be kicked off.

Though Ling Xiao was only one person, every person who could be kicked off counted, and the chances remaining on the stage would be higher. Therefore, no one stopped the actions of the Teng Family and Chai Family.

Looking at the two fractions that were moving closer and closer towards him, Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes and started smiling.

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