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Chapter 283: Refining Pills

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

PiQiu pitifully said, “Master, monster fruits.”

CatQiu blinked its big eyes, “Miao~”

You XiaoMo’s mouth twitched as he thought, shame on you guys for trying to act cute, and then he gave everyone one monster fruit. SheQiu and the two had opened their eyes and were watching them when You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao came back. You XiaoMo also gave the three one monster fruit each.

Contrary to his expectations, the three did not reject the monster fruits. This was especially so of XiaoHei who was a little bashful as he accepted the fruit.

Seeing them eating, You XiaoMo curiously asked, “Is it sweet?’

PiQiu swallowed, “Very sweet.”

CatQiu excitedly cried, “Miaowww~”

SheQiu and the two were silent, before they too nodded.

You XiaoMo bitterly frowned, “Why did everyone get a sweet fruit, but only mine had no taste? Don’t tell me that I’m the only one with such bad luck?”

The five beasts, “… …”

Of course there would be no taste if Master ate it, because monster fruits were only for demon beasts to eat. Only demon beasts were able to taste the fruit. If a human ate it, there would basically not be any taste.

Ling Xiao timely interrupted his depression. He walked over, hugged You XiaoMo around his waist and carried him upstairs while saying, “It could because your taste buds are different from theirs, that’s why there’s no taste when you eat it.”

You XiaoMo lifted his head, “Then why did you say that it was quite good before?”

SheQiu and the rest immediately looked in Ling Xiao’s direction.

Ling Xiao calmly said, “Because I dislike sweet things, so it’s just nice for me if there’s no taste.”

The on-looking demon beasts all gave him a ‘thumbs up’ in their hearts. To be able to strangle the future danger that could possibly arise in its cradle within two to three sentences, you are indeed Boss Ling, so awesome!

You XiaoMo was not even a little suspicious, as Ling Xiao really did not like to eat sweet things. For example, when they ate pastries the last time, Ling Xiao usually did not take more than a few bites.

Thus, this was how You XiaoMo had been successfully fooled.

At night, in order to prevent You XiaoMo from pursuing after the matter of the monster fruit, Ling Xiao deliberately provoked his desire.

You XiaoMo was played with until his whole body was burning up. He was unable to control the moans coming from his mouth, and his hands and feet spontaneously wrapped around Ling Xiao. Desire spurred his body on to become even more sensitive and sensual than usual.

Ling Xiao pressed him down into the bed, licking and nipping his mouth and sucking on his tongue while his hands ventured into You XiaoMo’s clothes and grabbed the thing that had been long been standing erect. Ling Xiao’s hand rubbed it up and down a few times, until You XiaoMo who was beneath him did not even have the slightest capability to resist. The moans released from time to time made Ling Xiao’s lower half swell more and more.

“I’m coming in!” Ling Xiao undid his pants halfway, and pressed his swelling thing against You XiaoMo’s entrance. Before even waiting for a reply, he thrust in all the way in a single movement.

You XiaoMo could not help but spit out a trace of an even more intolerable moan, and the familiar pleasure coursed through his whole body like an electric current. It was impossible to use words to describe this sort of extremely familiar pleasure, and the only thing remaining was his body’s incessant clamoring for more.

You XiaoMo tightly wrapped his arms around Ling Xiao’s neck, enduring wave after wave of powerful thrusts.

In the darkness of the room, the two bare bodies were like beasts in heat, unceasingly tearing each other apart, and the violent friction continuously stimulated the two’s nerves.

After such intense exercise, You XiaoMo would not be able to get out of bed for some time tomorrow.

Fortunately Ling Xiao had a sense of propriety, and after delivering a burst of violent thrusts, he finally released. You XiaoMo’s body suddenly arched backwards, and with a groan, a warm and translucent liquid splashed onto their abdomens.

Ling Xiao stopped holding himself up and rested his weight on top of You XiaoMo, silently enjoyed the aftershocks of their climax.

After a while, You XiaoMo shook Ling Xiao, and spit out a hoarse voice, “Get up, you’re heavy. I want to bathe.” After doing such activities, his body would be sweaty and sticky, making it very uncomfortable for him.

“I’ll carry you there.” Ling Xiao got up and lifted him from the bed.

You XiaoMo grabbed his arm and said, “Let’s go to my dimension.”

As water for bathing had not been prepared in the tub behind the screen, and the hour was late, they could only go to You XiaoMo’s dimension. When they finished talking, the two disappeared together.

After entering the dimension, both Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo did not come out after bathing. Instead, they spent the night in the dimension.

The next day, You XiaoMo was woken up by Ling Xiao. His body did not feel any lingering soreness or pain after bathing in the spiritual water. When he remembered that he had a competition to participate in today, You XiaoMo immediately got up.

Before leaving his dimension, he ran over to look at his lake of spiritual water. He saw the demon beast egg he had gotten from the Paradise Realm was still lying at the center of the lake, with not the slightest movement.

Ling Xiao had said that demon beasts with a high ranking bloodline would generally take a longer time to hatch. This egg had been lying in the lake for almost a year, who knew how high the rank of the demon beast inside was?

You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao made a beeline for the competition venue after leaving the pavilion.

Although the two were not late, already huge crowds were gathering on the sidelines of the stage.

At the participant zone, You XiaoMo saw BaiLi XiaoYu and Jiang XiaoFeng. BaiLi XiaoYu also caught sight of them and he jumped up while vigorously waving at them.

BaiLi XiaoYu had planned to look for You XiaoMo, but after calling for him a few times outside his pavilion, there was not a single response. He then thought that You XiaoMo had already left, but when he reached the meeting place he still could not find You XiaoMo. Just as he was puzzling over it, You XiaoMo arrived.

BaiLi XiaoYu asked, “This morning, I went to look for you. How come you were not in?”

You XiaoMo gave an embarrassed smile, “I slept like the dead. It could be possible that I didn’t hear you.”

BaiLi XiaoYu suspiciously looked at him and muttered, “Yesterday I was too excited to sleep, and you actually slept like the dead?!”

You XiaoMo found his words strange, “I’m the one participating in the competition, what are you so excited about?”

BaiLi XiaoYu snickered, “Did you forget your promised duel with Teng ZiXin? Jiang XiaoFeng and I are waiting to see you defeat her. Look over there, she’s already here.”

You XiaoMo looked across, sure enough, it was Teng ZiXin. Coincidentally, she had also just looked over. After giving him a cold glare, she promptly shifted her gaze away, turning to say something undecipherable to Hai Lan who was next to her.

You XiaoMo promised, “Don’t worry, I will not let you down.”

The person presiding over Block Two’s competition was still the Fifth Elder. This time he started off by announcing the rules of the competition.

The placement for Block Two’s competition was based on the total points earned by each participant, and the competition was divided into three rounds.

The first round was pill refining. The academy would not provide the materials needed for refining pills; instead the participating students were required to provide the materials themselves. Thus each participant could choose what kind of pill they wanted to refine. The final assessment method would be based combining the scores for both the level and grade of the magic pill to determine the points of the participant.

But there was also a criterion.

Three points were the criterion for the level and grade of the magic pills. Low-grade pills would get one point, middle-grade two points and high-grade three points. If the total points were less than three points, the participant would be automatically eliminated. This was because this result would definitely not be enough for the participant to enter into the top ten ranking, and it may not even be enough for them to be able to enter into the top hundred ranks.

This criterion was not very strict, but every year, there were many who would be eliminated in the first round.

Next, the Fifth Elder let the participants onto the stage. Pill refining stations had long been added onto the stage, and there were more than two hundred stations on the stage. The scene of all the mages up on the stage was very spectacular. In addition, all the participants this year were level six mages, there was not a single level five mage.

You XiaoMo causally found a pill refining station, and looking around, he discovered that there were two other familiar faces besides Teng ZiXin.

One was Qing Qiu, who occasionally bought Beauty pills from him some time ago. She was a level six mage; therefore she had the qualifications to participate in the competition. The other was Tong YueXu. To his surprise, You XiaoMo found out that he actually was a level six mage too.

When they first met, Tong YueXu was still a peak level four mage. Who would have thought that in less than a year, he had advanced from a level four to a level six mage? This speed was just too wicked.

However, after thinking over it carefully, You XiaoMo felt relieved.

With the Tong Family’s strength, it was possible for them to rapidly increase Tong YueXu’s strength if they wanted to, and ever since he asked You XiaoMo to look after BaiLi XiaoYu, You XiaoMo did not see Tong YueXu anymore. He only heard from BaiLi XiaoYu that Tong YueXu went into secluded cultivation. His desperate efforts must have been for the sake of participating in this competition.

Just as he was thinking this, You XiaoMo suddenly felt an uncomfortable gaze coming from behind. He turned his head for a look, but did not discover anything. It was as if that uncomfortable feeling had just been an illusion.

The first round officially began with the Fifth Elder putting an hourglass on the table.

The time it took for the sand in the hourglass to run out was three hours. Therefore, all participants needed to refine a magic pill within this time limit. If they did not manage to complete the pill before the time was up, it would be counted as a failure.

You XiaoMo packed away his superfluous thoughts and took out his cauldron and magic herbs.

The cauldron was the one given by the Vice Principal Yan Fa. The exterior of the cauldron was red, and was almost half the height of a person. The quality was much better than the Jin Ming cauldron he was originally using.

The magic herbs used were high-grade level six herbs grown in his dimension, and the herbs gathered were the materials needed for a pill called Bone Growth Pill.

The recipe for the Bone Growth Pill was not given by the old geezer. When he advanced to the sixth level, the old geezer was not around, and You XiaoMo had not seen him anywhere the past few days. Fortunately he found a few level six pill recipes in the Paradise Realm, and the Bone Growth Pill was one of those recipes.

The Bone Growth Pill was a high-grade level six pill that could regrow missing limbs.

For example, if a cultivator lost his leg, and he consumed a Bone Growth Pill within three days of getting the injury, he would be able to re-grow his leg. This pill was much better than the Blood Circulation Pill which only treated external injuries.

With his current level of a low-grade level six mage, it was a little difficult to refine a high-grade level six pill, but it was not impossible.

Thinking of this, You XiaoMo threw all the magic herbs needed for the Bone Growth Pill into his cauldron.

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