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Chapter 291: To Admit Defeat

Translated by Kollumceti from Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“Chai Zheng, we’ll attack together!” Teng ZiXin did not even look back as she said to Chai Zheng.

Chai Zheng immediately agreed. He became more confident with the support of Teng ZiXin. One went left and the other went right as they rapidly surrounded You XiaoMo.

The audience excitedly watched this scene play before their eyes.

Though it was a little despicable for two people to take on one, and would cause a loss of the two’s dignity, it was a competition and this sort of situation was commonly seen. In addition, in order to triumph, they would probably still have done the same even if their actions did not conform to their status.

Teng ZiXin said with contempt, “It’s only been half a year, I don’t believe that you have cultivated the Sumeru Seal.”

You XiaoMo calmly replied, “Why don’t you see for yourself? Even without using the Sumeru Seal, I can still send you flying.”

Teng ZiXin coldly snorted, “You can only take advantage of the time now to flaunt your prattling.”

When she finished speaking, she and Chai Zheng started their attack. Two sets of majestic and boundless soul force poured out in torrential storms. In a split second, it swept to the horizon, bringing with it a dreadful pressure. As they had cultivated skill training manuals, this pressure was much greater than others of the same level.

The whispering of the audience suddenly halted. The two’s vigor was too tremendous. Even those below the stage were able to feel their souls trembling from the pressure.

You XiaoMo did not hold back too. An incomparable soul force that was more majestic than the two’s violently rushed out from the space between his eyebrows. His vigor was extremely alarming, in the face of Teng ZiXin and Chai Zheng’s soul force, it was not even the slightest bit inferior in any aspects.

Apprehensiveness flashed through Teng ZiXin and Chai Zheng’s eyes, and the two quickly shared a glance as their hands immediately formed two simple hand seals. An invisible soul force instantly whistled towards You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo swung his sleeve, and an intense wave of soul force violently shot out, and collided with Teng ZiXin and Chai Zheng’s soul force. The violent impact created a peal of powerful gales, and the very air almost seemed to be tearing apart. The participants who were fighting nearby were caught off guard, and were abruptly pushed back a few meters.

After ten seconds, the gales finally stopped.

You XiaoMo had only taken one step back. In contrast, Teng ZiXin and Chai Zheng took two to three steps back before they could stop themselves.

Though it was a seemingly minor action, it had illustrated a problem.

That was, You XiaoMo was on par with the two. Not only that, he was even able to get the upper hand. Once they realized this point, the whispering of the audience grew louder and louder.

With an ashen face, Teng ZiXin told Chai Zheng, “I’ll stall him, you’ll attack.”

Chai Zheng nodded and promptly retreated behind her to being forming hand seals. The hand seals were more complicated and not as simple as the previous ones, thus he needed some time.

Seeing this, You XiaoMo immediately guessed their intention. It seemed like they had intended to finish the part that Zhong JingShan could not finish just now. You XiaoMo could not help but speculate – could Chai Zheng’s killing move be that great?

In any case, he could not relax his guard.

Facing Teng ZiXin who fiercely swept towards him, You XiaoMo took a few steps back, formed several simple hand seals and once again condensed soul force at his fingertip. This skill training technique was more ordinary, and was known was the Resonance Finger. The old geezer had taught him this, but the technique was not very lethal as it was too simple.

It was acceptable to use this to deal with Zhong JingShan. But as his opponent had changed to Teng ZiXin, this attack did not deal much damage and was only somewhat passable. However, it was still enough to bring her to a stop.

You XiaoMo took the opportunity to dash to her.

His head-butting posture suddenly caused Teng ZiXin’s face to pale slightly, and she released her soul force to build an invisible wall in front of her.

When You XiaoMo saw this, not only did he not stop, he put on more speed. In the next second, he knocked into Teng ZiXin. The two forces brutally tore at each other, and with a ‘bang’, the wall broke.

Teng ZiXin’s eyes bulged in surprise.

You XiaoMo darted to her front and sent a punch over.

As they were very close, Teng ZiXin only had time to build a simple defense.

Facing You XiaoMo’s blow which contained most of his strength, Teng ZiXin was sent flying by that vast soul force. Just as You XiaoMo wanted to pursue and attack to take the win, he heard the sound of Chai Zheng shouting. Turning his head, he saw that the hand seal had been impressively completed. An extremely majestic and boundless soul force was gathered in Chai Zheng’s palm and it caused the surrounding air to faintly warp.

When he saw You XiaoMo looking over, Chai Zheng viciously smiled, “You XiaoMo, today’s the day you die! Take this, the Great Compassion Babel Palm!”

In the wake of his roar, the soul force in Chai Zheng’s palm instantly transformed into a handprint approximately one zhang large. With a ‘bang’, it violently swept towards You XiaoMo. Wherever the handprint passed, the stone tiles cracked into chunks of broken rock.
t/n: Zhang is an ancient Chinese unit of measurement, approximately 3.3 meters or 10.63 feet.

You XiaoMo immediately retreated to the edge of the competition stage.

At the same time, his hand rapidly moved. Each and every hand seal was incomparable complex as they quickly appeared between his ten fingers. The whole process was not the least bit jerky, and was completed within a few breaths.

Nearby, Teng ZiXin who had just recovered her balance saw this scene. Her eyes suddenly widened, and a hint of incredulity could be seen in them.

“How can it be? Why is his speed so fast?”

With the completion of You XiaoMo’s hand seals, soul force that was more forceful and powerful than Chai Zheng’s slowly wound between his palms. A soul pressure that made one feel fear engulfed the entire competition stage in a flash.

The faces of those who were fighting paled when felt this pressure, and one after another, they retreated to a safe distance. Only then did they look in You XiaoMo’s direction.

They could only see that a golden-colored seal was whirling and spinning between You XiaoMo’s palms. Yet, that astounding pressure was emitting from that seal which was half the size of a palm.

Not only were the participants shocked, the audience were aghast and gasping in disbelief as they looked upon this scene. Such a horrifying skill training technique, was this from the skill training manual that Teng ZiXin wanted to get from You XiaoMo?

You XiaoMo toothily smiled at Chai Zheng who stood opposite him. Chai Zheng seized with terror. When You XiaoMo finished his hand seals, he immediately pushed the Golden Seal within his palms out, and the seal slammed into Chai Zheng’s Great Compassion Babel Palm.

The seemingly small soul seal that faced off against an incomparably huge Great Compassion Babel Palm was like a small boat rolling in the gigantic waves. However, looks were deceiving. Invisible soul force swept out from the point where the Golden Seal smashed into the Great Compassion Babel Palm and the resulting shockwaves turned the stone slates into dust. In the blink of an eye, the intact competition stage was filled with criss-crossing gorges as far as the eye could see.

Just at this moment when the two forces were equally matched, a blinding aureate radiance bloomed from the small Golden Seal. The devastating soul force fiercely drilled into Chai Zheng’s Great Compassion Babel Palm. One crack, two cracks, three cracks. The cracks grew and when the Great Compassion Babel Palm was covered with cracks, it instantly broke into pieces with a loud ‘bang’.

However, things were not over yet. The remaining soul force in the Golden Seal stilled for a second before it violently swept towards the fearful-looking Chai Zheng.

After Chai Zheng released the Great Compassion Babel Palm, his internal soul force reserves had dropped by ninety percent. If he was hit by You XiaoMo’s Golden Sumeru Seal, he would probably be dealt a debilitating injury. Chai Zheng had also realized this, thus he immediately shrieked in alarm, “I admit defeat!”

At his shout, an Elder who was at the edge of the competition stage stepped in to deal with the situation.

A force hit the Golden Seal just as it was about to slam into Chai Zheng. The Golden Seal released a humming sound before it dissipated a few moments later.

You XiaoMo’s Golden Seal had depleted eighty percent of his reserves. As he did not cast it often, it was lacking in strength and thus was easily dissipated. But the aftershocks of the Golden Seal were still heading towards Chai Zheng, whose face had instantly paled.

A minute later, the situation on the competition stage had finally cleared up.

The spectators witnessing this scene were instantly huffing and puffing.

Looking at the pallid Chai Zheng, the Elder who had stepped in calmly said, “Since you’ve admitted your defeat, then you should step down.”

The competition had one rule – if the participant voluntarily surrendered, the Elders around the stage would step in. This was considered as a measure to protect the participants.

With unwillingness written all over his face, Chai Zheng walked down from the competition stage.

He did not gain a single point as he had voluntarily surrendered.

Although You XiaoMo was not able to inflict serious damage on Chai Zheng, this situation still made him feel very satisfied.

You XiaoMo was panting. After getting rid of Chai Zheng, the only one left was Teng ZiXin. However, one Golden Seal had taken up eighty percent of his soul force reserves. There were less than thirty percent remaining. It was a little difficult if he had to deal with Teng ZiXin who still had ample soul force, unless he used his spiritual water.

“XiaoMo, watch out!” At this time, Tong YueXu’s anxious voice suddenly sounded.

Even before he raised his head, You XiaoMo felt a strong soul force attacking from his left. He subconsciously dodged, but was a little slow, and his shoulder was grazed by that soul force. A ‘ka-cha’ sound rang out as his shoulder bone broke into pieces. An unbearable and piercing pain spread throughout his body in an instant, nearly causing him to screech in pain.

When he fell down, You XiaoMo could not refrain from cursing loudly. He did not even need to guess who it was that had dared to perform a sneak attack on him. It was apparent that he really had overestimated Teng ZiXin, who knew that she was such a despicable person?
t/n: Resonance Finger is 灵犀指, more widely known as LingXi Finger, which is where you gather spiritual energy into your fingers and use it to do stuff like shoot it out as a bullet or catch a sword between your fingers. 灵犀 (literally spirit rhino) refers to a rhino’s horn, which was thought to be able to sense emotions and resonate with others spiritually, and therefore used to describe empathy and understanding. 指 is just finger.

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