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Chapter 293: The Insidious You XiaoMo

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The third round of the competition was also based off a points system.

Therefore, even if You XiaoMo and the group of four won the round, they would still need to decide on the placements among them.

After everyone figured this out, they looked towards the five people gathered together on top of the competitive stage. Under these circumstances, most people would ‘become enemies’ right?

Feng ChiYun said, “The three of us contributed the least, so it doesn’t matter to us how you want to allocate the points out.”

His two comrades who heard this also nodded. They would not have any objections even if You XiaoMo and Tong YueXu took the places which were worth four and five points.

Tong YueXu looked at You XiaoMo. It also did not matter to him.

You XiaoMo grinned, “Since you’re all going to listen to me, then I’ll start to allocate the points out. I’ve thought of two options, you guys can see which one you like and use that option.”

All who were looking at You XiaoMo’s expression of excitement had no clue about what he was up to, and could not help but look at each other in dismay.

You XiaoMo said, “The first option is: Five points for Feng ChiYun, four points for Tong YueXu, two points for me, and the remaining four points and one point will be given to Feng ChiYun’s two friends. In this way, one of them will be able to enter the top ten. The second option is: Five points for Tong YueXu, four points for Feng ChiYun, three points for me, but Feng ChiYun’s friends would not be able to enter into the top ten.”

As the two’s scores in the first two rounds were not high, they would not be able to enter into the top ten with just an addition of one or two points.

Tong YueXu realized what You XiaoMo was up to after he finished speaking, and did not to know whether to laugh or cry.

No matter which of the two options were taken up, it would result in Chai Zheng and Qing Qiu being squeezed out of the top three. You XiaoMo’s plan made it clear that he did not intend to let the two enter into the top three.

To think You XiaoMo actually bothered to think out such a plan, however… …to be frank, he quite liked this.

Tong YueXu smiled gently, “Any option is fine with me, and I have no objections.”

Feng ChiYun and his two friends were struck with shock and disbelief by You XiaoMo’s words. What in the world is his head made out of?

No matter which method was used, the ones who would benefit from this would be them. Moreover, if Chai Zheng and Qing Qiu knew about this plan, they would probably be able to vomit blood.

Feng ChiYun had also guessed You XiaoMo’s intention, but he still hesitated, “In this case, the ones who benefit the most from this would clearly be us, right?’

You XiaoMo said, “I feel this way is very good ah. You guys just pick one bei. I suggest that you guys choose the first option, because this will allow one of your two friends will be able to enter into the top ten.”
bei: modal particle indicating indicating lack of enthusiasm or that things should only or can only be done a certain way.

Feng ChiYun looked at his two friends. Both of them were his bros, and it was hard to choose.

The two men who were as close as brothers looked at each other and one of then stepped up to say, “We are thinking of taking up the second option as we are currently not strong enough. If we tried to get into Ward A now, not only can we not keep up, it would also be slightly unfair to the other participants.”

You XiaoMo felt that what they said sounded reasonable, and asked, “Are you all sure you want to take the second option?”

The two brothers nodded in affirmation, they absolutely would not regret their decision.

The fact that it was unfair to other participants was secondary. The main point was that no matter which one of the two entered into Ward A, they would feel guilty towards the other. If it was such, they might as well remain in Ward B together, and enter Ward A together in the future.

You XiaoMo said, “All right, then we’ll do it this way.”

Thus, everyone walked off the competition stage one by one in accordance with the sequence, and the competition drew to a close in this manner.

The chins of the crowd of people watching this scene nearly dropped. They had thought that they would be able to see a fierce battle between giants. Instead it was resolved in such a strange and peaceful way. This resolution was just too peaceful ah!

However, when the Fifth Elder announced the results of the competition, everyone was slacked-jawed.

The list for the top ten participants was soon released, and the participants in the top three placements were contrary to everyone’s expectations.

Chai Zheng and Qing Qiu had been forcibly squeezed out, and were replaced by Tong YueXu and Feng ChiYun.

Finally, the spectators understood why they would peacefully end the competition in this manner. This was practically showcasing You XiaoMo’s naked contempt towards Chai Zheng and Qing Qiu. As for Teng ZiXin, she had dropped from the fourth place to sixth place.

This year’s tournament, whether it was for the competition for Ward one or Two, had all ended dismally for the Chai Family and Teng Family.

You XiaoMo hobbled toward Ling Xiao.

Although his injuries were still a little painful, he felt very refreshed when he saw the constipated looks on the faces of Chai Zheng and his group.

I let you join forces, and let you plot against me, but this uncle is not easy to bully!
t/n: Uncle: a rather colloquial way of saying “yours truly” but in ore-sama manner, as if to assert one’s authority.

You XiaoMo put his hands on his hips, and loudly laughed, “How was my performance?”

BaiLi XiaoYu and Jiang XiaoFeng both gave him a thumbs-up, “Really awesome!”

You XiaoMo proudly smiled. His gaze shifted onto Ling Xiao with sparkling eyes. He would prefer and had been hoping to get praise from Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes slightly, “Well done. If you didn’t get hurt, it would be even better.”

You XiaoMo suddenly felt remorseful. He already knew that this matter would vex Ling Xiao, and quickly walked up to his side, gently and cautiously stroking Ling Xiao’s chest, attempting to explain, “There will inevitably be unexpected things happening during a competition ma. Furthermore I’ve already gotten my revenge. On a different topic, the two of us are holding the first places in Block One and Two, shouldn’t we celebrate a little?”

When he finished speaking, You XiaoMo discovered that BaiLi XiaoYu and Jiang XiaoFeng’s line of sight were focused on his hand that was stroking Ling Xiao’s chest.

You XiaoMo guiltily shouted, “What are you guys looking at?!”

BaiLi XiaoYu and Jiang XiaoFeng immediately looked away, “We’re not looking at anything!”

You XiaoMo did not believe them. The expression in their eyes said that they were clearly looking at something that was rather hard to swallow. BaiLi XiaoYu and Jiang XiaoFeng promptly found an excuse to run. You XiaoMo wanted to chase after them, but Ling Xiao grabbed him by the waist, and carried him back. You XiaoMo plaintively looked at the backs of the retreating two. At least… …they should wait for him ah!

Ling Xiao patted his cheek and chuckled, “You are right. We should have a little celebration.”

You XiaoMo, “… …”

After the end of the placement announcements, You XiaoMo did not even have the chance to greet Tong YueXu and the rest before being dragged away by Ling Xiao. The direction he was dragged to – their pavilion!

With a look at Ling Xiao’s posture, one could tell that he was preparing to have a thoroughly good ‘celebration’ with You XiaoMo. You XiaoMo could not refrain from protesting. In this situation, no matter how one looked at it, the one to lose out was him.

After they left, an acquaintance came out from the corner. Astonishingly, it was Qiu Ran. He inscrutably looked in the direction of the two who had left. After staring for a long while, he shifted his gaze away, and turned and left.

When he was being carried into the pavilion, You XiaoMo finally recalled something.

You XiaoMo hastily exclaimed, “Wait, we forgot to claim the prize for taking first place!”

Ling Xiao turned his head and laughed, “It’s the same even if we collect it tomorrow.”

You XiaoMo bent his leg, “Aiya, my shoulder hurts a lot.”

Ling Xiao looked back at him in askance, and said, “If your shoulder is hurting, why are you bending your leg?”

You XiaoMo replied, “… …My leg is also hurt.”

Ling Xiao said, “That reminds me. After this competition, I feel that there’s a necessity to raise your ability to react and your ability to deal with the dangers you face.”

You XiaoMo uneasily asked, “… …How to raise them?”

Ling Xiao gently smiled, “You and me, duking it out.”

You XiaoMo promptly held Ling Xiao’s hand, and delicately and charmingly said, “Hey man, can we change it?”

Ling Xiao replied, “We can.”

You XiaoMo’s eyes lit up.

Ling Xiao continued, “I’ll attack you, you’ll resist.”

You XiaoMo wilted in a split second. What is the difference between this and the two of them duking it out? Oh, there’s still a difference, it had changed in him being unilaterally beaten up. This may be worse than before.

Although it was casually said, Ling Xiao became more convinced that this approach was feasible as he thought over it. Thus, You XiaoMo’s protests were all refuted back no matter how he objected. Ling Xiao had even eventually decided on a time. His training time was for an hour every morning, right after he got up.

That very evening, You XiaoMo took a bath in his spiritual water. His shoulder and knees were healed in a night without even needing to consume magic pills. The next day, he was lively bouncing around like he had never been injured, and headed out with Ling Xiao early in the morning.

The prize for Block Two’s competition was more generous that Block One’s. The points awarded for first place was two thousand. If he did not want points, he could exchange it for a low-grade high level skill training manual. However, You XiaoMo did not need one at this moment as he had just learnt the first seal of his Sumeru Seal. Thus he chose a stalk of level nine magic herb as his prize.

The level nine magic herb awarded was one of the main magic herbs required in the Noble Pill recipe.

The Noble Pill was the pill recipe that Ling Xiao had stolen from TianXin Sect before they left. Until now, he had only found one magic herb that the recipe needed – a stalk of Emperor Blood Grass.

However, rather than a fully-grown/mature magic herb, You XiaoMo preferred the immature ones. It was even better if there were seeds, but he did not dare to openly say such things out loud.

DaoXin Academy’s magic herbs were stored in the Magic Herb Pavilion. It was rumored that there was an extensive collection inside, and anyone looking at it would be tempted. But there were heavy wards both outside and inside. The wards were very strict, once any strange movements were detected, the person would be immediately transported out.

You XiaoMo originally planned to go over to the Magic Herb Pavilion to take a look, but the Magic Herb Pavilion was not based in Ward B. As most of the magic herbs inside were high level herbs, it was located in Ward A instead. If he wanted to collect his magic herb, he would need to enter Ward A.

Not long after, You XiaoMo received some news.

The top ten students in Block Two and the mages who had broken though the sixth level would be leaving for Ward A Two days later, together with the students from Block One.

The teacher who notified them advised them to rest well together for the reminding two days. He would notify them of the place to gather after two days had passed.

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